[So. Why were you hiding in town?]
[I'm sure you've had moments where you're overwhelmed, and need to either talk to someone, or be alone.]
[Eh, a few times. I take it you went for being alone?]
[Well, without Dr. Hannighan or you around, I didn't have much choice.]
[Yeah. Sorry for, uh... Sorry for kissing you and then bolting.]
[It's alright.]

[Is that forgiving me for the kissing part, or the bolting part?]
Heh ha. [I thought you getting all embarrassed around me a bunch plus asking Momoe for advice meant you liked me.]
... [Is that what it is?]

... [Uh, for me, it'd be. I dunno about you, though.]
[I... I thought I was allergic to you, for a bit.]
[Can I please laugh a little?]
Bwwwwwwwwwahahaha! [Man, first time I've heard someone mistake love--well, what seems like love--for being allergic!]
[I went to Dr. Hannighan about it. When I told him my suspected allergy was towards you, he took me on a walk and talked about--]
... [About?]
[I'm-- Seizing-- Up.]
[Say it, then. I can lip-read.]

L-l-l-l-- Love. [But that doesn't make any sense.]
[Why not? Seems pretty sensical to me.]
[There's no point in loving other girls.]

[Huh? No point?]
[Liking people of the same sex gives no survival benefit. It's pointless.]
... [Is that something your dad taught you?]
[No. I came to this conclusion myself.]
[Alright then. Lemme ask you a question.]

... [Kissing another girl feels nice, doesn't it?]
[I...] ... [I can't deny that.]
[Alright then. Now, lemme actually ask you a question. You ever considered that there's more to life than survival?]
[Life's about a lot more than just getting through it, Elly. What's the point in any of the survival stuff you know if it isn't to keep having fun with life?]
... [You don't have to answer now. But... C'mon. Let's at least give it a chance.]

... <Okay.>
[Hee-hee, I knew you'd say that! Rick always said I was a smooth signer.]
[Can we stay here a bit longer? Thierry's probably out looking for us, but... This is a nice spot.]
[Hell yeah it is! You can see way into the not-Labyrinth forest from here! Pretty nice view of the river, too.] ... [Oh, uh, yeah, let's stay here for a bit.]

[I'm... I'm looking forward to... Dating you? Is that what this is?]
[Yup. Same to you, Elly.]

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