Update 21: Guild Tenebris vs. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Corotrangul)

Eyy, Rosa.
May I have a little of your time? I would like to talk to you about something.
Hit us. Metaphorically.
It is about the summons by Master Sheldon for me to return to Ontario... I have officially turned them down.
Did you, now?
The mansion is important to me, but Logjammin is more important to me now. Also, I want to continue supporting all of you in your adventures into the Labyrinth. This cordial is to show my thanks to all of you. Please, enjoy. My grandmother said I should make this recipe for only the people I hold dearest to me. Members of Tenebris... I hope to continue being of service to all of you.
Now then, is there anything else you would like me to do?
Yeah, fix us up some... Uh, what's a good rich food... Ayy, fix us some caviah!
...Vince, two things. One, it's pronounced "caviar." Two, and pardon me for being blunt, but you actually enjoy that garbage?
Hey, ain't that what rich people eat, the garbage parts'a da food?
I forgot to pull up the menu, but this unlocks the Elderevenge cordial, definitely the best cordial for the endgame and postgame, and okay for the midgame. It activates on any party member dealing damage, and restores 3% of damage dealt as HP, and 1% of damage dealt as TP. Once your damage dealers get really going, this provides an incredible amount of sustain. For now, though, it's still a bit outclassed by the static max HP/TP boosters.

She says, just before she takes Elderevenge to Corotrangul.

Ohhhhh, why me, why the front again, ohhhhh...
...Oh dear.
Great, what happened, Doc?
I...appear to have brought the wrong types of bandage.
Wrong how? You didn't bring, like, casts or whatever, right?
No, no, nothing of the sort. I...appear to have brought my supply of bandages for children.
They have cutesy patterns all over. Hearts, horses, rainbows, pastel backgrounds, I'm sure you know the sort.
Doc please don't put any'a those on me, I beg ya', I have a reputation t' maintain.
...Can you save the heart ones for me?
Oh, of course.

There's a random chest room before the boss room, containing this. Corotrangul deals enough ice damage that this can help, but it won't keep you completely safe.

It's useless for me, since I have good ol' Vince.

Even with your experience thus far, the presence is stronger than anything you've faced. Are you ready for anything? Have you prepared yourself to confront any creature? If you have confidence in your skills, then open the door and meet your fate!
I'm iffy on the confidence part, but let's go anyway.

As you continue through the brush, you come across a vast expanse of water. It's as if an ocean was suddenly transported to the middle of the forest. Within the blue-tinted oasis, you see a distant shadow. It must be the inhuman girl you met once before. You can walk towards her if you want.

Trespassers from the Sealed Lands! By what right dost thou desecrate our sacred ground?
Because we are--or were, rather--unaware this is sacred ground.
Thy presence here violates the ancient pact between our peoples! I have warned thee, but thou paid me no heed. Face then the guardian of our holy land!
Uh... Quinn...didn't mention anything like that, right? Like, I wasn't dozing off when he mentioned that, right?
If you slept through it, then I must'a too.
And I'm fairly sure I've never seen either of you asleep in--
With this, the inhuman girl gives a sharp, high-pitched whistle. The sound resonates through the forest, and a huge creature appears in response.

I don't like the sound of that.

...That's actually very silly-look-- Urgh...!
Emmett... I cannot...breathe...

Such is the girl's cry before vanishing into the forest, but you have no time for pursuit!
Alright, bard boy, get offa Doc, time t' fight.
The monster that flies through the air as easily as swimming is about to attack!

Good lords, Emmett, at least save that for when we're alone.
...It's a joke, calm down.
Didn't know the doc was capable'a jokin', much less when there's a giant murderous manta ray right in front'a us.
Emphasizin' what's right in front'a us is your thing now, eh?

Corotrangul always opens with Ice Breath, so Ice Wall's the obvious choice.
Honestly, Ice Breath and Flood are the two biggest threats so I usually end up spamming Ice Wall for the entire fight anyways.

Warrior Song is Emmett's obvious opener.

I don't expect to die with Vince around, but a Boosted CPR never hurts to have.

Boosted Analysis is to Katya what Warrior Song is to Emmett.

And I have run out of things to say.


E-E-Even through the shield, that's cold!
I-I kinda hate to agree with bard boy's whinin', but... Yeah.

Come get your cushioning bandages, everyone.

I'm more scared of either of Corotrangul's ice attacks than Tackle or normal attacks, so Vince is just gonna spam Ice Wall for the rest of the fight.

After damage buffs, the next thing for Emmett to do is increase enemy vulnerability.
This is actually something I wish that I had for this fight. This composition is highly ideal for handling this encounter.

Thierry casting Delayed Heal whenever he can is a pretty decent idea too.

If you couldn't see these coming, I dunno what to tell you.

Okay that thing's got some beef in it. Oww.


Y'know, that tea wasn't half bad.
Notice the heals Ladette received--those are from Elderevenge.

On the last one, that 14 TP heal is from Recharge. In effect, Ladette casted Fire Rounds three times, but only had to pay for one of them (plus an extra 2 TP). Elderevenge is powerful and Recharge is powerful.

Whirling, Fwooshing Kick of Cyclonic Butchery!
I'd like for Katya to have a higher level of Inferno Formula, but it would deplete her of TP far too quickly.

Aaaaaand Emmett is out of useful things to do for a bit.

Well, that's...worrisome.
Am I crazy, or did the purple parts'a it get redder?
Welp, gonna purge that next turn.

I'm...surprised I did even that much.

Much like I just said, gotta purge Freeze Aura, or I'll pay dearly for it.

CPR and repeatedly casting Delayed Heal aren't cheap, and I want to make sure Thierry's always at the ready.

Son of an ass, of all the people to target with that.
This is potentially a game ruiner depending on who gets hit by it. If your Protector gets it, get ready to get slammed.

Aaaaaaaaand I didn't bring any Theriaca As.

And Unbind doesn't purge all binds yet.

Hey, I'll take that over any other attack.

Okay, that...should do for now.
GAH-HUUUUUUH! How do any of you breathe when that happens?!

Second verse, hopefully-not-as-interrupted as the first.

One heart bandage, specifically for you.

[insert Big Enough screaming here]
Alright, that's Freeze Aura taken care of.

Man, I hope this hunk'a junk doesn't rust...

Uncomfortably close survival there!

Ooh, sweetly refreshing.

What, you couldn't spare me a bottle of the better stuff?


Oh, come on, that one burns my throat when I do it...

You know, there's something to be said for your uncanny ability to constantly survive what should be fatal attacks.

I remember Corotrangul being a lot harder than this...
That'll happen when you bring a counter to almost everything the boss can do.


Justice has been served!
...Justice for what?

Um... Uh... Justice...for all the times you got tackled?
Yes, that'll do.

The shadow behind the collapsing horror has apparently already escaped. But where it lurked, you find a stone tablet engraved with a mysterious language. If it came from the unknown shadow, it may be a useful clue. Radha Hall might know more...

So, uh, where's the Labyrinth gonna go from here?


Aw man, this place's gonna be a pain in the ass t' trudge through.
You ever try walkin' through sand in heavy armor?
Welcome to our next type of forest: a petrified forest. With sand.
Hey, it's my favorite stratum in the game!

I'll assign the Radha's best researchers to it. With enough study, we may gain insight into this girl's nature. We'll keep the tablet safe at Radha Hall. You should continue with your investigations.

Man. I like having ancient artifacts in our backpack.

Levels! Yay!

Ocean King Glove (+20 DEF, +2 TEC) is made from 1 Huge Fin (Corotrangul normal). Costs 3080 en.
Ooh, piece of equipment with TEC on it. Love those.
This thing stuck around in my run until a good ways into the 5th Stratum. It's really good.

And sure enough, I hear you've made a great discovery. Congratulations on discovering the new Stratum.
Much like every other new Stratum, all of the town NPCs have two bits of dialogue for us.
There are many guests at the inn who are challenging the new Stratum now. I feel that the Radha isn't properly dealing with the matter, though... I wonder if anything's wrong.
Honestly, somethin's always wrong in that place.

I hear y've stepped into parts o' t'forest t'at no soul's reached before. Y'can't imagine how excited I get t't'ink I'll get t'see materials even t'last shop owner never saw!
Is now a bad time t'mention I have no clue what you're saying, ever?
Vince perhaps you could be a bit more tactful good lord.

Y'found t'new Stratum, but... T'ere's somet'in funny goin' on in t'Radha, if y'ask me. I'm no philosopher or not'in', but I t'ink y'should follow y'heart. In the Labyrint', t'only trut' is what y'see witcha own eyes.

...I am very glad that I have been fortunate enough to serve you.
Aww, thanks, Rosa!

I love creating things that take a long time to make, like cordials and jam. The way the kitchen becomes filled with the aroma... It's very soothing.

You're tellin' me.
I guess that's to be expected. I mean, you reached the 4th Stratum. ...It's quite impressive, really. I've seen a lot of explorers come and go, but no one quite like you. Remember, though. You kids might be strong, but you're still human. I'd hate to see you make silly mistakes. You come back safe now, you hear? Promise me!
We promise, we promise!

The Labyrinth seems to go on forever, doesn't it? And... The new Stratum is called the Sandy Barrens? Hmm... I hope the whole place isn't getting fragile because the deeper parts are withering. I really hope the Labyrinth doesn't fall down or anything.

Leggy dark hunter:
Hello... Have you been enjoying your battles?
As much as we can--
Heck yeah!
Of course I'm having fun. I've gained some new things, too... *sigh* Meaning I've gained a few pounds...and inches.
But...you look the same as--
Emmett. 'Ey, Val, some Golden Pancakes over here.
Pancakes right after she says that?
It's a comfort thing. You can't tell me you don't get that.
Ohhhh...! This fluffy cake, dripping with golden honey...! It's so sweet, it's ridiculous! My vocabulary fails! And it's got not just ice cream and fruit, but a touch of savory with broiled deer meat... My compliments to the chef. It soothes the aches I got from getting that Pressed Fur... Hmhmhm. I got it by killing a Black Boar with axes and staffs.
My guild's only staff-user is our alchemist, so it was tough. But still... This blend of sweet and savory... I shouldn't eat this much, but I can't stop!
In any case, that's...not terribly healthy. Valerie, one, ah... Mimosa Salad, was it? Over here.
Oh, you get it! This is a healthy meal, but it tastes so good! A good meal after an exploration is the way to go. I did a lot of good work today, too. Hm hm hm. See this Paralyzed Tail?! I paralyzed a Flamerat to get it. Hm hm hm. Don't you think that was good of me? I did a good job, so... I think I deserve seconds. I know it defeats the purpose of having a salad if I eat too much... But it's just soooooo good!
Odd-clothed mixer:
Will you hear me out? Something great just happened to me. Lately, there's been an adventurer who really likes to listen to me. It's really fun to talk about my techniques. I recalled something while talking with her. Have you heard of Tree Eye?
Nnnnnnnno? And I kinda don't want to?
If I had that, I could make Unihorns, which negates any status ailments. Well, it negates status buffs, too, but a lot of people would like to have it for facing certain monsters. I was just thinking that a lot of adventurers would be happy to carry that item along with them. If you're having problems with monsters weakening you, you should bring me those materials. I hope to do more business with you in the future.
Maiden in a white coat:
I hear a lot of stories where I work about disasters in the Labyrinth... One of my patients was telling me... What was he talking about? He said... A tree attacked him. Not a monster, but a normal tree. ...He did have a rather serious head injury, so he may have been confused, but... Just be careful out there.
That's pretty tame for the tree.
Angry-looking alchemist:
Fighting today, fighting tomorrow... I think I'm getting used to it, and that scares me a little. Our guild's quite skilled. Hexroots take a special stance before using Panic Scream. We try to defeat them before they can do that. It'd be a disaster if we all got confused. Just a catastrophe. Man... I can see our leader's enjoying herself, but why do we have to stick our necks out for her...?
Shivering researcher:
A little while back, I went to the Hall to fill out some forms... It felt strange there. The atmosphere was tense... Well, if anything happens, we've got the Chieftain, so everything should be all right. Knowing that the Chieftain's here to help us helps settle my stomach cramps a little.

Five new quests, holy moly. Let's come back to them later.

We, um... We know.
...I don't know why, but every now and again I get the urge to say that. Maybe it's because I've seen way too many poorly balanced parties.
It's always fun to come back after killing the superboss on B30F in EO1 to have him spout the exact same line to you that he did at the start of the game

Be careful while you are exploring.

I am sure that your paths will cross with that girl again if you continue delving deep into the Labyrinth. I only hope that any future encounters are more peaceful than the last...

Okay, these quests.

The diamond charm:
You'll take this request? It's from Lady Pompadaril again. This time she wants a Cullinan, otherwise known as the "Illusive Jewel." I've heard a rumor that you can find it by mining on the 4th Stratum. I'd like to see one of those in person myself. Good luck, everyone.
Well, that'll be-yeah easy enough.

Missing detective:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The detective's gone missing again. I want to think it's another false alarm... but it doesn't feel that way. It seems someone's broken into his room at the inn. The room's a real mess... And there's a stain on the floor that might be blood.
This note was found in there.
Belief for our ultimate return to eventual equilibrium necessitates failure." Such easy comfort only reinforces naivete. Escape relief. Has existential laziness prevented mental exercise?
...I have no idea what that means. Have you heard anything that might serve as a hint? Another customer drinking here is trying to figure out what it means, but hasn't had any luck. I'll give you the note, so why don't you try thinking it through with him?

Please find the detective. I hope he's not involved in something dangerous...
Love's uncertain promise:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The client's lover entered the Labyrinth by himself, and hasn't come back since. Perhaps you've heard of him? The skilled swordsman known as the Rainbow Warrior?
...I can't say I've heard of him.
"Rainbow Warrior" sounds like a fantastic title, though.
He's a good young man who wears a seven-colored bandana.
...Well, that's less bombastic than I'd hoped for.
He's a veteran adventurer, but his party was injured a while back. He decided to continue exploring the Labyrinth on his own until the other members of his guild healed. When he was last seen, he said he was going to explore somewhere around B16F. You might find him there. I hope he's okay... Please, find him soon.
The foreign seeker:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The client hails from a village far to the west of here, and was found passed out in the plaza from exhaustion. He said that he came here for a turtle shell. Apparently, he can't return until he has one. He was really upset about it. Please acquire one for him. The client doesn't know how to go about finding turtles, though. You'll have to ask around. Still...just a shell? What would he want it for?
Man, people keep asking us to do weirder and weirder things.
Fishing contest:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The Hall received this request from a small village a bit of a ways from Etria. They want to serve rare fish of the Labyrinth during an upcoming ritual. And when you seek rare things, you turn to adventurers. The Hall's holding a fishing tournament to fill the order. They want as many adventurers as possible to participate, so they're using the pub to spread the word. If you're interested, go to B14F. The soldier there will tell you the details. There are going to be a lot of people entering this tournament, so do your best.
Well. That's...a lot of quests to take care of. Enough that I'll split them into their own update, for next time.
I hate saaaaaaaaaaaand

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