Update 3: Those Which Reap All

...So, it was then, with the rest of my companions felled, that I took Lutefisk--
Lutefisk? Like that disgusting food?
It's...my name for my lute. Anyhow, I took Lutefisk, mustered all of my strength, raised it above the baboon's head, and--
Wait, if there's only a baboon left, why not just...run away? Why fight it?
...Erm, yes, well, you see--
Q-Quixote, please, can you...not be so sudden?
...Oh no.
Emmett, my good man, if you go on these sorts of adventures, you really should invite me along! I feel as though you and I would make for the bravest of bosom buddies! Your songs and strength scare all of the littler monsters away, while my mastery of terror topples the biggest threats!
A-ah, well--
Actually, while we're here, allow me to regale you with the tale of Lord Quixote versus Clan Locke!

...After my fight against the dreaded Master Locke had concluded, I found myself grateful that Raquel Edelweiss's Energy Drain ability is something that actual vampires are not availed of!
...Huh? Raquel Edelweiss?
The main character of my one-stop compendium to all things vampire.
Emmett? Quixote? It's time to-- Emmett?!
...Please... Save me...
I know we technically can't rest at the mansion, but it's really stupid that our guild has an entire goddamned mansion yet can't stay there.

With that petty complaint out of the way, let's get back to the actual game.

Perhaps biting on its claws will instill fear in this overgrown mantis!
Perhaps we'd get to hold onto our lives if you'd just actually follow the rest of us.
Reaping Shades aggro on us the moment we enter the room, and have a slightly odd movement pattern. They take one step towards us for every step we take--however, on every third step, they will instead do nothing, before resuming.
The first two patterns of this aren't too bad.

Hugging the bottom wall will consistently get us to the door safely.

This next room is smaller, and has two Reaping Shades in it.

For such developed monsters, I'd think they could chase us when we're just running in straight lines...

Surely someone deliberately designed these rooms.
How would they have done that? Not saying you're wrong!
I...have no earthly idea, but do you have a better explanation for these past three rooms?
Three Reaping Shades and an even smaller room this time. To make things worse, there's two chests at the end of the room.
Leaving the room itself is easy. I've never been able to come up with a strategy for grabbing the chests that didn't involve bailing out or getting into an encounter, though.

Four Woodflies, one of which was a rare breed, gives our party a level up.

You might notice that Judith's build is different. I changed her over to axes to show those off because why not. She also has three points in ATK Up, for the purpose of unlocking War Cry, which she has four points in now.

I don't want to increase the TP cost of any of the Bites yet, so Sigrid puts a point in ATK Up. I dunno, maybe Boost Up'll be useful.
Raging Edge grimoiiiiiire

I want Analysis as strong as possible as soon as possible.
It'll become very useful soon enough.

Emmett's build is extremely one-track.
Personally, I'd have a level or two in the currently available Preludes just to have extra attack buffs to throw out.

Quixote immediately maxed out Curse Mastery, so I could start putting points in the Evil Eye tree.
Give it a little bit and this skillset will become absolutely terrifying.

Right. This room.

Doing this gives me enough leeway to get the top chest, at least.

10 ATK, 30% base chance to inflict blind on normal attacks. Ew.

This is liable to happen.

Don't really know how to get this bottom treasure without running into the mantises a bunch.

Lucky Scarabs guarantee that, if the user has a Grimoire Chance active on the turn of use, they will generate a Grimoire Stone.

It was at this point that I needed to go back to town to heal, and actually equipped Judith with a damn axe.

Again, we're just hugging the walls...

B3F C1 Mine Point
We'll need some Andradite for a quest after we finish B3F.
Getting early rare gathers is a pain in the ass without gathering skills at a sufficient level.

At this point, I would like to note, for those of you familiar with EO2U: you do not immediately learn what's on a Grimoire when it's generated, just a vague indication of what might be on there, and the levels. Unidentified Grimoires also take up space in your inventory, which is really nice and by nice I mean "Atlus you had to intentionally do that what the fuck were you thinking."
This is probably the major downside of farming for Grimoire Stones in bulk, since you can't really tell when you're done.

Armadillos that have learned to always roll.
Maybe it's time to stop questioning this place, for your own mental health, Judith...


HP: 100
STR: 10
TEC: 8
VIT: 11
AGI: 5
LUC: 7

EXP Given: 110

Grimoire Skills:
  • Defense Shell: Uses the head. Increases the user's physical defense for 4 turns. Has a 120% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%
Bring an Alchemist or a Gunner (lol) if you want to have an easy time dealing with Rollers.
They're honestly not that threatening, either way. They don't hurt much at all and don't support any other enemies.

Your ears are ugly and ice is outdated magic!
Might I inquire how you terrify and shut up monsters that don't understand us?
I am The Hexer, Quixote! That is how!
Quixote has a Grimoire with Harsh Buzz level 5 on it. It's better than Cranial Curse at this point, and faster, so...why not?
There's a couple enemy skills out there that can easily serve as an equivalency for a player-based skills. The only problem is finding out which ones those are.

You're playing incredibly quickly, there.
That is the invigorating power of my mystical compositions!

And who said that shell made ya impervious to my Gauntlets of Power?!
Exactly, because it's not true!
I'm...sorry, Katya, I don't follow.

That...used things a lot more.
When will people learn that weapons are nothing?! Terror is the ultimate weapon!
Sigrid. Can you please keep Old Man Quixote there under control?
I'm already trying...

And the skilled hunter Emmett fells yet another mark.

A good Shock to the System, to toot my own horn!
That's a weird name for running in front of the enemies, slapping them a bunch.
Where's the fun in fighting without weird names?

We've already met these two in Story, but this is the first time they show up in Classic.
Hello, arbitrary Ariadne Thread tax!
Who's there?!
The adventurers appear to be veterans, and have made no move to lower their defenses. Perhaps they'll relent if you tell them that you are also explorers from Etria.
W-we're just explorers! Please, put the katana down...
Once you inform them you are explorers, they nod and lower their guard ever so slightly.
Ah, Etrian explorers. Didn't the Radha notify you?
The katana-wielding woman, realizing your ignorance, shakes her head in dismay.
We have orders from the Radha to guard this place. I am Ren, a ronin, and she is Tlachtga, a hexer.
The other girl cautiously peers at you from behind Ren.
Return to town at once and get the details from Radha Hall.
Ren barks these cold, sharp words, then lapses into a silent glare. It seems you should ask the Radha official for details regarding the situation.
Do you really have to be so cold...?
Well, they're blocking the way forward. Don't have much choice here.

I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to postpone your investigation for now.
It appears that there are dangerous wolves prowling the lower reaches of the grove. We're considering issuing a mission calling for the extermination of these troublesome beasts. Until the lower floors have been confirmed as safe, abandon all further exploration.
We're perfectly capable of fighting any wolf!

Come on, what do we have to do to go further?
You accept, then? Very good. Now then, let me give you the details. Beyond the 3rd floor, there have been many sightings of forest wolves. This in itself poses little danger...but they seem to be organized by a leader. That leader is Fenrir, their alpha wolf, and he awaits explorers on the 5th floor.
I'd make some comment about how alpha pack mentalities aren't actually real, but this isn't really the time.
Our own warriors are capable of defeating them, of course. I believe you've met them. But we can't overrely on Ren and Tlachtga, or newcomers will have no chances to grow.
Then, um, why did you ask us to stop investigating at first?
Their current orders are to provide support to the young explorers. We ask that you use their help in defeating Fenrir.
...I'd like an answer, but okay...

Townspeople now have special things to say in the wake of us accepting this mission. They also had stuff to say before, which I'll put in quote boxes.
I have sent help for those who have taken on this mission. It must be completed before you continue exploring.

All I can do is make sure the inn is ready for anybody... We'll have food and room ready whenever you need it. Please be careful.
We don't even need this place any more, though!
(We totally still do, but lemme have my fun.)
Oh, were you told by the Radha to halt your explorations as well? I've been kept busy due to so many guests coming back from the Labyrinth. If I'd had a little warning, I might have been able to deal with this better... Ah, well. No use complaining.

Shilleka's still talking to us about the quest, but I have the power of access to internal text archives.
Y'goin' to enter t'at monster hunt? T'en I'll be rootin' for you! When t'ere's fewer of you goin' down into t'Labyrint', us workin' folks lose our business...
Y'hear what t'Radha said? T'ey won't let as many folks down in t'Labyrint'. How'm I supposed t'get me supplies? *sigh* I hope t'ey fix t'at soon... I wanna make some more new weapons!

Kodachi (+47 ATK) is made from 1 Bronzite (1st Stratum Mine 2). Costs 550 en.

Hide Vest (+13 DEF) is made from 1 Gum Hide (Roller normal). Costs 170 en.

...He warned me that there is a dangerous monster in the Labyrinth right now. Please, be careful.
Rosa, for some reason, still tells us the pre-mission dialogue before shifting to the real stuff.
NPCs in this will bank some amount of TALK messages if you haven't read them yet. It's kinda weird and sometimes it's inconsistent.
Please make sure that you are well-prepared before entering the Labyrinth.

There are a lot of novice parties that aren't being allowed in the Labyrinth. Get the job done for their sakes.
I'm a bit surprised we're not considered novices.
I just heard from the Radha that they're going to be restricting the number of adventurers in the Labyrinth. What will I do with all these quests? Ah, well. There must be something dangerous for such drastic measures. You kiddos should be careful, you hear?

Even the Radha have deemed the enemy to be extremely dangerous. You'd best watch yourselves down there.
Well, we already watch ourselves quite closely, so...
I hear there are some dangerous beasts in the Labyrinth. This might be a chance for a newcomer like you to earn fame.

There, we took the mission. Can you please let us move forward now?
I see you've been to the Radha and accepted that mission. Then we're no longer needed here. I bid you good luck.
Thank you.
The women stand aside, as the severe ronin offers a final word of advice.
The wolves are resilient enemies. We'll help you as best we can, but be careful.
Considering this, you gaze into the forest and wonder if you shouldn't stock up in town.
No, I'm well-prepared, thank you very much.
They really aren't that resilient...

B3F D1 Mine Point

When you look up, a bear twice your size is standing there!
A challenge, from a towering bear? Your cubs will--
I advise heavily against this!
But it has either not noticed you or has no interest in you, since it is occupied with something at its feet. If you fear that the enormous bear will turn its attention on you, you are free to make a swift retreat.
In the interest of not being mauled by a bear, let's run.
Reasoning that it would be foolhardy to stay, you immediately flee. There is no sign of the bear chasing after you... You sigh with relief and resume your investigation.

Please don't scream, please don't scream, please don't scream.


HP: 102
STR: 11
TEC: 12
VIT: 10
AGI: 10
LUC: 12

EXP Given: 120

Grimoire Skills:
  • Corrosive Aura: Uses the head. Reduces all enemies' physical defense for 4 turns. Has no speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
150% 100% 100%
150% 50% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%
100% 100% 50%
Mandrakes can make physical-focused enemies more annoying to deal with.

That's about it.
Good thing that's not really a threat for most of this stratum! These guys are pretty pathetic, really. Assuming you don't run into them in tandem with some enemies later on...

Okay, phew, no screaming.

Anyone up for burned plants for dinner?

...I must know that animated stone's secrets.
Dare I ask why?
Because my heart is racing from fear right now!

Getting real tired of these things.

Most of the preset grimoires in this Stratum are pretty underwhelming. Generally, the good part of them is being free high-slot grimoires, but you don't get a lot of those here.

The right way to do this puzzle is to let the upper boar charge at you, and then aggro the lower boar.

B3F doesn't have a lot going on, does it?
It's kind of an interlude between the first and second parts of the Stratum, but it doesn't really do much besides introducing the standard mantis rooms.

The map backs me up on this.

Without warning, an earsplitting scream sounds out, followed by the growl of a fierce beast. Mere yards away, a giant wolf is preparing to spring onto an unlucky soldier! The wounded soldier seems to be petrified with horror. An urge to draw your weapon and save the soldier wells up within you...

No music.

Her lips scarcely parting, the girl with the ringing bell murmurs a mysterious chant. All at once, the wolf that had stood ready to pounce stops moving, its muscles tensed... At a final word from the girl, blood spews from the wolf's jaws, and it collapses.
...We can do that? Through fear?
Tlachtga, you fool. You've doomed us.
Tlachtga foreshadowing the potential of Hexers, despite not having the abilities in her skillset.

Fixing her pale-eyed gaze upon you, the girl approaches.
You should be careful... It's dangerous to fight wolves with open wounds like his...
Hand outstretched, Tlachtga sprinkles some droplets of shining water on you.

I'll tend to this soldier. You should go on... The stairs to the 4th floor aren't far...
As she speaks, Tlachtga points you to the back of the room.
I'll stay here until you defeat Fenrir. Come back if your wounds become too severe.
Tlachtga turns away, her attention focused on treating the collapsed soldier's wounds. The way is clear to continue forth.
Tlachtga's heal point was a lot more useful in the original EO1, where you had to do all of a stratum again on each visit, with barely any shortcuts.

Aaaaaaaaand we're done.

We must return to town! I have new theories to implement...
Wait, I can guess. You're going to ask me to volunteer and sabotage his experiments, yes? Save us all the trouble?
I'll buy you drinks at the Golden Deer Pub after it's done...

When that happens, I have to ask the Guildmaster to settle accounts... But that won't happen with you, will it?
We're...not even going to use this place any more.

Bone Staff (+21 ATK, +10 TP, +1 TEC) is made from 5 Beast Bones (Clawed Mole rare) and 1 Monkey Bone (Zebratherium normal). Costs 90 en.

Bullwhip (+34 ATK) is made from 2 Gum Hides (Roller normal). Cost 340 en.

Volcanic (+41 ATK, +1 AGI) is made from 1 Mandrake Root (Mandrake normal) and 4 Enamel Legs (Venomfly rare). Costs 450 en.

Breastplate (+15 DEF, +5 HP, -1 AGI) is made from 3 Gum Hides (Roller normal) and 7 Rabbit Teeth (Forest Hare normal). Costs 230 en.

Bone Armor (+13 DEF) is made from 1 Monkey Bone (Zebratherium normal) and 6 Beast Bones (Clawed Mole rare). Costs 90 en.

Hide Ring (+2 DEF, +30% cut resistance) is made from 2 Gum Hides (Roller normal). Costs 350 en.
We needed to unlock the Bone Armor for A favor to Shilleka I.

It's tough, but flexible. Just my kind of armor! I gave y'reward to t'lady at t'pub, so go get it from her. If somet'in' else comes up, I'll post anot'er job. I hope you'll help me wit' t'at one too!
I'll...leave this armor on display, thanks.

Y'explorers are an amazing bunch, y'know t'at? Y'find somet'in new every day.

Rosa started talking to us as soon as we entered.
I received a letter from the Master back in Ontario. He requested that we send him a certain item. I tried to find a way to get it myself, but unfortunately it can only be found within the forest...

Sometimes, Rosa'll give us auto-generated "kill monsters" or "get item" quests. These increase Guildkeeper Relationship EXP, and have minor item/EXP rewards.
They can also be really annoying sometimes, but it's decent if you need some EXP on an underleveled party member or three.

Way ahead of you, Rosa.

I went right for the quests this time.

Get rich quick III:
Oh, decided to take that request? Good, I've been hoping someone would.
This guy again?
As you've probably figured out by now, this request comes from that same merchant you've worked with before. He was so thrilled with the results he got from the place you showed him last time, that he's asking again. This time, he wants you to locate a place where he can mine. You can find him here in the pub. Would you go speak with him yourself?
In a bit.

Gratitude for a beast:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The client entered the Labyrinth to gather materials, but was attacked by monsters and crippled by her injuries. She thought she was a goner, but a bear appeared, scared off her attackers, and took her to the outskirts of town.
I didn't know bears did that kind of thing.
She wants to give the bear a gift, but she hasn't recovered from her wounds yet, so she's posted this job. I know, I was surprised when I heard it, too, but she certainly didn't look like she was lying. But is a bear really capable of something like that...? Oh, sorry. Anyway, go carry out the request, okay? Here's the gift the client wants given to the bear.

Take this gift to the bear's den in the southern area of B3F. Be careful, now.
The bear lair we stopped at is where we need to go for this quest.

Explorers Guild job I:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The Guildmaster at the Explorers Guild made this request, but he didn't explain the details to me. Normally, it's my responsibility to know everything about the jobs that get posted here, but he refused to say. I'm sorry, but you'll have to speak with him at the Explorers Guild if you want to find out what to do.
Well, we'll be doing that in a bit.

I'm not gonna paste in all the dialogue for this guy because basically nothing's different.

Keep up this pace with your other quests, too, okay?

"Unlock this item" quests usually give you whatever item you just unlocked.

...I forgot to turn in Get rich quick III for a bit.

Boy taking notes:
Oh, Tenebris. Are you taking part in the quest to defeat Fenrir?
The terror of Fenrir? Fenrir does not know true terror, until it has met my detaching thumb!
What he means is "yep."
There are other powerful enemies aside from the wolves in the forest, so be careful. For example, the Giraffa Beetle. Many adventurers underestimated it, and were defeated by its Strike Up. This attack has penetration power, and can reach into the back line of an adventuring party. If a party's healers or support fall, the people in the front will be in grave danger. Please, do not underestimate the Giraffa Beetle... Or pierce attacks in general. And so ends my lecture.
I hate Giraffa Beetles so much.
Despite not being the "big" monster for Emerald Grove, they're probably the worst enemy in the Stratum.
Tired hero:
Urgh... That was difficult... How pathetic, a man of my caliber...! Ha... I'm so angry with myself!
The heck happened to you to make you talk like that?
Me, slayer of thousands of monsters... Forgetting his Ariadne Thread...!
Oh no, you poor thing...
Having to walk home, at the limits of my strength... Even the Hall avoids issuing missions that dangerous! Ha... But I faced that challenge, and I overcame it... So... That makes me... That makes me a legend!
Believe what you want to believe.

Turning in A favor to Shilleka I unlocked the next one.

A favor to Shilleka II:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. Go to Shilleka's Goods and ask her what materials she needs. She was really happy about that Bone Armor job you did for her. We'll be counting on you now, too.

Is he going back into the Labyrinth again? I really think it's too dangerous for someone like him on B3F...
Not my problem.
Not my problem.
In any case, thank you for your help. Here is the reward.

Ooh. Amritas restore 50 TP to one party member. These are in limited supply until B11F, and even then they require restocking, so every one of these we get is precious, for now.

War Cry now buffs attack by 39%, reduces defense by 15%, costs the user 10% max HP on cast, and lasts 5 turns.
This skill is so freakin good. I love it. Sadly, it's also why I tend to not run a Troubadour.

Still want Boost Up.

Analysis now increases weakness damage by 39%.
Alchemist is not a complicated class. It does the one thing and it does it big.

Warrior Song buffs damage by 29%.

Evil Eye now has a 42% base inflict chance, and Quixote also unlocked Muting Word.

We graciously accepted your request for assistance.
Oh, so you guys are doing it...
Is-- Is there a problem?
Oh, uh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. Anyway, let's talk about the job. It's not a big deal. I just want you to bring me three Crabappless that you can take from the 1st Stratum. When you get 'em, bring them to me directly, and not to the pub. That's it. I'm counting on you.
Talk dialogue time.
So, how's the mission going? It'd be great if you could get rid of those beasts soon.
We're working on it, we're working on it!

All adventurers are allowed to access these records at any time. Just come speak to me if you want to see them.
This is outdated dialogue. From EO1 to EO3, you had to go to the "government" facility to check the Monstrous Codex or Item Compendium, but ever since EO4, those have been accessible at any time from the menu.
The compendium was also extremely useless despite being required for the 100% ending!

How'd you guess?
Let's see... I need... Um... One Andradite. I'll use it t'make an accessory t'at I t'ink you'll find useful! I'm lookin' forward t'makin' t'at one!

Bug collections.
Wahaha! They're forming up on their own!


And that's done with.

You hand him three Crabapples.
Thank you. Mission complete.
Why are we letting them--
...Ugh. I hate it when adventurers don't get told the reasons why they get hired, so I've got to explain. The Crabapples I had you fetch are for my kids. They love Crabapples. The other day, they were bugging me to get some for them. I know, I could've gone out and picked some myself, but I've been too busy with work lately. So there you have it. Thanks, Tenebris. But don't go yapping about this, okay? I've got my dignity to keep. Make this a secret to everybody! ...So, yeah. That's it. You can pick up the reward at the pub.

We also finished this thing.

I will take full responsibility of them and send it to the manor. I already have the reward for you here. Please, take this.

I'll be leaving these out of updates from now on, since they're never that notable.

Oh, yeah, for whatever weird reason, when you turn in a request, the top info box for the mansion disappears.

Hand Axe (+44 ATK, +10 HP) is made from 5 Beetle Whiskers (Claw Beetle normal) and 2 Pyroxenes (1st Stratum Mine 1). Costs 490 en.

Skarn Barrette (+5 VIT, +10 TP) is made from 1 Andradite (1st Stratum Mine 3). Costs 350 en.
All right, t'Skarn Barette's done! T'anks t'you, my shop's selection has really expanded. I've really gotta hand it to you! Y'reward's wit' t'lady at t'pub, just like last time. Go talk t'her to get it.

Keep up the pace with the other quests, too, okay?

Boosting VIT isn't really that useful for any class, in place of doing something that boosts their damage or ability to perform support tasks.
I mean, in a series with armor as paper as it is and given the lack of available options at this point...

Hey, can you tell me what the Guildmaster needed you to do?
Isn't that supposed to be between client and fulfillers?
You're right. I shouldn't be asking about something the client wanted to keep confidential. ...I need to reflect on that. Thank you for reminding me. Here's your reward. I'm counting on you if something else comes up.

To close out the update, let's take care of that bear quest.
You slowly peek into the den's entrance and see a large shadow. The bear is obviously at home. Perhaps luckily for you, the bear is sleeping. You need to consider how to present the gift to the bear.
Howzabout we just leave it outside?
You can place it inside or outside the den, but there's no functional difference between the two choices.
I think you take 10 damage or something inconsequential? I don't really recall because it doesn't really matter.
You aren't far from the den, so you decide to leave the gift where you are, believing the bear will find it. The bear is deep in slumber. There is no indication that you have woken it. The quest has been completed. All that remains is to return to the pub and report your actions.

Welcome back. I see you've completed the request. A bear saving a person, and the person then giving something to the bear in return... It's like a fairy tale. I wonder if you'll get a present from the bear in turn, since you were nice to it.
To be honest, with the feats that bear has--
Ha, I'm just kidding.
I'll let the client know her present was delivered, so you can go now.

That does it for now. Next time: B4F.

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