Update 32: Sigrid Goes to Space, Even Though She Doesn't

C'mon, Rick, let Sigrid be.
Eugh, now I'm covered in wolf slobber...
[Worse things to be covered in.]
[You think that, and then it stays in your hair.]
[Worse things to get your hair ruined by, too!]
[...Thank you for the optimism, Afon. I think I'll go find a towel though.]
[Get two.]
Aha, ahahaha, Rick, that's enough R-Rick, oh there's so much wolf slobber...!

Gods, this entire building being made of crystal makes me tense...
Well, what if it shatters? Even if the floor holds, there will still be sharp fragments everywhere...
P-Please don't!
O-Oh, sorry, I was expecting you to... I don't know, yodel very loudly and break all of the crystal to scare us.
...Is that truly what my alter ego would do?
It's plausible.

'Kay, that thing looks big, and it looks mean.
[Okay, if we make ourselves as scarce as possible and stay near the edges, maybe--]

[...Big whoops.]

Oh, so that's...what being hit with ice feels like...

Afon, why...

A less than optimal situation.
That's one way to put it...

Not the most pleasant way to go...

...Run, Rick.


I get the oddest sense that something terrible happened.
Noooooo. What could've gave you that idea?
Gah! Where the hell did that thing come from?!
Oh, hello, Rick.
You know this wolf?!
He's Elowen and Afon's pet.
Okay, y'know, I had no clue they had a wolf for a pet, but if anyone would have a wolf for a pet, it'd be those two.
...Good boy.

'Kay, that thing looks big, and it looks mean.
[Okay, if we make ourselves as scarce as possible and stay near the edges, maybe--]

[Rick's scared. I'm not sure why.]
[Gee, you think it might be that Afon was trying to rush a giant ice mantis?]
[You were trying it too!]
[Was not!]
...I never thought I'd see the day a wolf would be the voice of reason.

In any case, good boy, Rick!

So, the way Ice Claws work is that, if they are not aggroed on you, they will idle at the nearest Chop point. Once you step within a certain area of them, however, they will pursue you at a rate of 3 steps for every step you take.

Since we're a sufficient distance from the Chop point nearer to the door, we can pass without issue.

[Aw, c'mon, why'd it have to chop all of these up?]
[Some of the plants are...damp?]
[I assume it's secretions from laying eggs.]
[...Okay, I'm very glad I didn't touch them now...]
So, one thing about Ice Claws: they also fuck up any Chop points that they nest on, and turn them into this:
B22F B2 Chop Point - Post-Ice Claws
By the way, that Glacier Ootheca thing? We're gonna need one of those for a quest later.

They cap out at 8% chances. On the B25F Chop points. Most of the points before that vary between 2% or 3%, with the odd 6% thrown in as well.
the first time i played this game it did not click that severed plants sold for 1 en and i should toss them

cue me very nervously staring at 23 severed plants while trying to figure out what to drop for monster materials
I got multiple Oothecas very quickly. I have luck for the strangest things.

Just my luck.

My awful luck has been counterbalanced.

[Hey, Elly? Afon? You two alright?]
[Oh, yes, sorry, we're just...looking at the expanse. Thinking about how people used to live.]
[I mean, I'm mostly thinking about how much valuable stuff is still in those buildings on the ground.]

Well, that's not the right way forward...

Beetle Lord

HP: 660STR: 49TEC: 28VIT: 38AGI: 30LUC: 28
EXP Given: 5400

Damage Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
  • Cleansing Ray: Purges all buffs from all party members. Fast.
  • Cleansing Ray: Purges all buffs from all party members. Has a 120% speed modifier.
  • Beetle Lords increase their chance to use Cleansing Ray based on the number of buffs the party has.
  • If the party has no buffs, Beetle Lords have an extremely small chance to use Cleansing Ray anyway.
  • If the party has buffs, and Cleansing Ray has not already been used:
    • 5 or more buffs: 39% chance to use Cleansing Ray.
    • 3 or 4 buffs: 29% chance to use Cleansing Ray.
    • 1 or 2 buffs: 19% chance to use Cleansing Ray.
  • 7% chance to use Cleansing Ray.
  • 93% chance to Attack.
  • Cleansing Ray: Purges all buffs from all enemies. Fast.
  • Cleansing Ray: Purges all buffs from all enemies. Has a 120% speed modifier.
  • Normal: Gold Shell. 45% chance. Sells for 439 en.
    • King Aspis (+41 DEF): Made from 1 Gold Shell. Costs 9000 en.
    • Aulos (+80 TP; Troubadour only): Made from 2 Gold Shells. Costs 4000 en.
    • Golden Sword (+127 ATK): Made from 3 Gold Shells. Costs 25000 en.
    • Blood Mail (+64 DEF): Made from 3 Navy Fluids (Pylon Crab rare) and 3 Gold Shells (Beetle Lord normal). Costs 13300 en.
Beetle Lords, if you don't rely heavily on buffs, are just sort of There. They resist phys damage, I guess.

If you do rely on buffs, they can make some encounters utter nightmares, although it is worth noting that they'll only cast Cleansing Ray as a response to buffs once per battle.
Why do they drop Gold Shell? Their shell is clearly gray. With a few yellow splotches on it, I guess. Maybe the inside is more gold.

I require science.
These things mostly just kind of annoying. They take too long to kill.

Ooh, that one made a really fun crunch when I kicked it!
Thank you.

No, Rick, bad boy, don't take after Quixote.

[Blech. What's all this black gunk on my spear?]
[...Hexfrog blood?]
[I mean, I can't rule out that their blood is black because evil spirits or some shit, I guess.]
[There's no way that's the answer... Right?]

B22F C3 Chop Point - Pre-Ice Claws
That Mystic Rod's pretty decent.
If I'm not mistaken, the description for the Gummy Wire implies that it's a cable. That's interesting as hell. I like looking at the descriptions for all the gathering materials, there tends to be interesting stuff in there.



[Afon, Afon, it's alright, we're safe--!]
[Oh, I know. It's just nice to scream longer than necessary every now and then.]

Well, that's annoying.

Now is really not the time--!


Less...than ideal...

Oh, don't worry, Rick, everything'll be fine again soon.
Optimistic little pup. I kinda admire that.

[You've got a lot of good ideas, don'tcha, Rick? Yes you do, yes you do!]

If the Ice Claws is on that Chop point, you can advance safely.

It looks from your perspective like an Ariadne Thread, an essential tool for explorers like yourselves! It seems the Ariadne Thread could be claimed simply by reaching up for it...
Someone remind me why we'd reach for that when we already have a Thread...?
Maybe if we didn't care about our security...?
Having no shortage of Ariadne Threads at the moment, you decide to leave.
This actually isn't a trap, but, well, I was playing it safe after that last game over.
I believe you get a gathering material from this floor if you take it. Apparently you mistake some spooled-up copper wire for an Ariadne Thread.

And we're...done? Sort of? There's still large chunks of the floor to explore, though...?

[...That was way too short.]
[Should we just keep going?]
[Fine by me.]

[Anyone wanna bet on this leading to a dead end?]
[Is there even a chance of it not being a dead end?]
[Probably not, I just wanted to see if I could get a few en.]

[Well, it's a dead end, but it's a dead end with a spring.]
[I'm not gonna complain, I'm thirsty as hell!]

So yeah, this is nice, even if it's a little bit out of the way.

Plated Roller

HP: 480STR: 49TEC: 38VIT: 44AGI: 33LUC: 29
EXP Given: 4400

Damage Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100% 50% 100% 100% 100%
100% 50% 100%
100% 100% 100%
  • Iron Guard: Increases the Plated Roller's elemental defense by 65% for 4 turns. Very slow.
  • Iron Guard: Increases the Plated Roller's elemental defense by 65% for 4 turns. Has a 50% speed modifier.
  • Once a Plated Roller has used Iron Guard, it will not use it again, unless the current turn is a multiple of 5.
  • If this is the first turn, 79% chance to use Iron Guard, and set the Iron Guard flag.
  • If the Iron Guard flag is not set:
    • 49% chance to use Iron Guard, and set the Iron Guard flag.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the current turn is a multiple of 5:
    • 39% chance to use Iron Guard.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Else, Attack.
  • Iron Guard: Increases the user's elemental defense for 4 turns. Very slow.
  • Iron Guard: Increases the user's elemental defense for 4 turns. Has a 50% speed modifier at all levels.
  • Normal: Space Husk. 40% chance. Sells for 463 en.
    • War Hammer (+132 ATK, +40 HP, +4 TEC): Made from 1 Space Husk. Costs 16300 en.
    • Composite (+70 DEF, +30 HP, -2 AGI): Made from 2 Space Husks (Plated Roller normal) and 5 Giant Wings (King Dragonfly rare). Costs 16700 en.
    • Space Axe (+158 ATK, +3 VIT): Made from 3 Space Husks (Plated Roller normal) and 5 Red Bloods (Dire Wolf rare). Costs 39000 en.
  • Conditional: Cursed Leg (Kill with curse damage). 95% chance. Sells for 1331 en.
    • Curse Gem (Immunity to curse): Made from 1 Cursed Leg. Costs 7000 en.
Plated Rollers are hilarious resistant to physical damage.

That's literally all they have going for them.
Leg (Cursed)
These mostly get used as frontline blockades for more dangerous things in the back row. They're nowhere near as dangerous as lategame rollers in other entries.

Ow, ow, cramp!
[Maybe work on your form next time. Sliding with one leg outstretched and the other kneeling can stress your muscles a lot!]
[Just an observation I made!]
[I mean, yeah, but... Why were you making that observation?]
[We both do a lotta acrobatics. Might as well study and learn from each other.]

Man I love having an Alchemist around for fights like that.

You have no earthly idea what value it could be to anyone. You nudge the piece of metal with your foot; when nothing happens, you leave.
There's a few ankh things scattered across the floor; they'll be needed for a quest later.
I spent a very long time trying to figure out what the fuck these things could be, if it was referencing modern objects. Cannot figure it out. Guess they're just ankhs.

...It's not aggressive. Phew.
Anyway, back to B23F. Say hi to Desoulers.
It's not a phase, mom! I really do reap the souls of the unworthy!

And also to new nightmares.


HP: 402STR: 43TEC: 48VIT: 30AGI: 35LUC: 43
EXP Given: 4300

Damage Vulnerabilities:
150% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 100% 10% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 100%
  • Sleep Pollen: Attempts to inflict sleep on and bind the heads of all party members, with a high chance. Slow.
  • Dancing Petals: Deals heavy cut damage to all party members. Fast and inaccurate.
  • Sleep Pollen: Attempts to inflict sleep on and bind the heads of all party members, with a 45% base chance. The effective chance ranges from 56% to 74% on average. Has a 75% speed modifier.
  • Dancing Petals: Deals 120% melee STR-based cut damage to all party members. The damage reanges from 185 to 219 on average. Has a 120% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 70%.
  • Muskoids are not likely to open with Sleep Pollen when the party is blindsided.
  • If the party was not blindsided, Muskoids are likely to open with Sleep Pollen.
  • Muskoids can specifically attack party members that are asleep, and will use Dancing Petals if all party members are asleep.
  • If the party was blindsided:
    • If Sleep Pollen was not already used on this turn, 34% chance to use Sleep Pollen.
    • Else:
      • 9% chance to use Sleep Pollen.
      • Else, Attack.
  • If this is the first turn:
    • 79% chance to use Sleep Pollen.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If any party members are asleep, 69% chance to use Dancing Petals.
  • If all party members are asleep, use Dancing Petals.
  • 39% chance to Attack.
    • If any party members are asleep, 69% chance to target party members that are asleep.
    • Else, use standard targeting.
  • Else, use Sleep Pollen.
  • Sleep Pollen: Attempts to inflict sleep on and bind the heads of all enemies. Slow.
  • Dancing Petals: Deals melee STR-based cut damage to all enemies. Slow and inaccurate.
  • Sleep Pollen: Attempts to inflict sleep on and bind the heads of all enemies. Has a 70% speed modifier.
  • Dancing Petals: Deals melee STR-based cut damage to all enemies. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 70%.
  • Normal: Thorn Stem. 40% chance. Sells for 440 en.
    • Whip of Grief (+122 ATK): Made from 1 Thorn Stem. Costs 22600 en.
    • Dark Saker (+141 ATK): Made from 4 Thorn Stems. Costs 30000 en.
    • Arbalest (+116 ATK): Made from 3 Death Stems (5th Stratum Chop 1) and 3 Thorn Stems (Muskoid normal). Costs 20450 en.
  • Conditional: Doom Petal (Kill with instant death). 100% chance. Sells for 1191 en.
    • Formaldehyde (Guarantees all drops from any enemies killed on the turn of use): Made from 1 Doom Petal. Costs 3000 en.
Muskoids are a horrifying combination of effective disabler and attacker. Prioritize them before all other enemies, or you will likely regret it.
Next time we explore a labyrinth let's please pump a ton of Weed-Be-Gone in there before we go in
A classic enemy. These things are pretty much terrible in every game they're in. Treat them with extreme caution and eliminate them ASAP.

How about I just burn that one in the bud?
Oh yeah, Katya has Act First on her Grimoire. It's useful for fights like this!

[Ooh, nice chunk of hare meat.]

And the fight was over before either of them could act.

...I guess they're shy.
Or perhaps terrified of us!
Doubt it.
Desoulers just patrol a linear path, but will freeze in place if you're facing them.

B23F D4 Take Point
Not much interesting from 5th Stratum Take points. Talismans are nice if you want to exchange grinding time for conserving Alchemist TP during exploration, I guess.

Note that with Desoulers, when they have line of sight with you, they will immediately stop. They won't have a delay of one step or anything.

I'm not sure how those legs are supporting that boar's body...


HP: 730STR: 48TEC: 28VIT: 35AGI: 35LUC: 28
EXP Given: 5500

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 50% 100% 100% 50%
100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 100%
  • Raging Tusk: Deals very severe stab damage that pierces party rows. Attempts to stun hit targets, with a moderate chance. Fast.
  • Raging Tusk: Deals 140% melee STR-based stab damage that pierces party rows. The damage ranges from 267 to 316 on average. Attempts to stun hit targets, with a 30% base chance. Has a 120% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Gullinburstis are equally likely to use Raging Tusk and normal Attacks when above 50% HP.
  • Below 50% HP, Gullinburstis are far more likely to use Raging Tusk.
  • If the Gullinbursti's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • 79% chance to use Raging Tusk.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Gullinbursti's HP is at 100% to 51%:
    • 49% chance to use Raging Tusk.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Raging Tusk: Deals stab damage that pierces enemy rows. Attempts to stun hit targets. Fast.
  • Raging Tusk: Deals melee STR-based stab damage that pierces enemy rows. Attempts to stun hit targets. Has a 120% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Normal: Gold Tusk. 35% chance. Sells for 452 en.
    • Kuzunosada (+159 ATK): Made from 1 Gold Tusk. Costs 36800 en.
    • Gold Wand (+118 ATK, +80 TP, +4 TEC): Made from 3 Gold Tusks (Gullinbursti normal) and 3 Gem Cores (Burst Ooze normal). Costs 19650 en.
    • Volt Gun (+153 ATK, +2 AGI): Made from 1 Red Fur (Dire Wolf normal) and 4 Gold Tusks (Gullinbursti normal). Costs 36300 en.
  • Rare: Gold Fur. 25% chance. Sells for 591 en.
    • Fur Boot (+22 DEF, +4 AGI): Made from 3 Gold Furs. Costs 5600 en.
    • Gold Cape (+80 HP, +11 LUC): Made from 4 Gold Furs. Costs 5000 en.
    • Awl Pike (+136 ATK, +2 TEC): Made from 1 Gold Fur (Gullinbursti rare) and 5 Drywalls (5th Stratum Mine 1). Costs 27400 en.
    • Rune Tunic (+47 DEF, +20 TP): Made from 2 Gold Furs (Gullinbursti rare) and 3 Red Bloods (Dire Wolf rare). Costs 9620 en.
Gullinburstis are fast, hit overly hard, and they can inflict stun. I'd normally say they're priority targets, but then you also have to consider assholes like that Silkbinder in the back.

Also, not like it matters when they can take a beating before they die.
If you have a Hexer who's not putting all their eggs in the Fear basket, invest in Stone Curse specifically for these boarholes. And if you have a Survivalist use Swap Step. No mercy for porcines.
I didn't find these things to be too bad? They mostly take too long to die; I suppose they could cause trouble to less defensive parties.

Note to self... Get armor that's more pierce-resistant...
Sometimes they just attack, though, which is still bad, but could be worse.

I'll just be taking some of that silk while I'm here.
What for?
...Secret projects.

Yum, roasted boar. Not bad for a mid-Labyrinth snack!

Oh my gosh, you're actually eating it.
'S jus' boar, buddy.
Waste not, and all that.
Does it at least taste good?

Standard halfway shortcut.

Because we technically advanced a floor, even though we didn't really do much, there's new town dialogue.
I'm glad you adventurers are able to keep your cool under any circumstances.
Ha. Haha. Whatever you say...

Oh, sorry. I had a little accident in m'workshop. Wasn't payin' attention like I should. Gotta get m'focus back, else m'predecessors won't be pleased!

War Hammer (+132 ATK, +40 HP, +4 TEC) is made from 1 Space Husk (Plated Roller normal). Costs 16300 en.

Whip of Grief (+122 ATK) is made from 1 Thorn Stem (Muskoid normal). Costs 22600 en.

Hayakaze (+125 ATK) is made from 3 Tiny Teeth (Chopper Hare normal). Costs 21950 en.

Circlet (+31 DEF, +15 TP) is made from 1 Crystal Wall (5th Stratum Mine 2) and 5 Navy Fluids (Pylon Crab rare). Costs 6750 en.

Nightcap (+37 DEF, +10 TP, +2 TEC) is made from 1 Slumber Web (Silkbinder conditional). Costs 10500 en.

King Aspis (+41 DEF) is made from 1 Gold Shell (Beetle Lord normal). Costs 9000 en.

Aulos (+80 TP; Troubadour only) is made from 2 Gold Shells (Beetle Lord normal). Costs 4000 en.

Metopon (Purges all buffs from all enemies) is made from 1 Mugwort (5th Stratum Take 2). Costs 1800 en.
The Nightcap is decent Alchemist and Hexer gear. Aside from that, eh.
A nightcap? A nightcap?! We bring you lost materials, ancient cryptid shells and monstrous silk and you make A NIGHTCAP?! Shilleka, you are a blacksmith! Not a clothier!

When you review the past, you sometimes discover something new. Hah... How ironic. Turns of history that could have gone the other way, but for minor coincidences... Haha.
Me, every time I re-read my LPs.

Seriously, these things have now spanned such a significant part of my adult life that they remind me of all the twists and turns and twists of fate that've changed it.

I think that they believe you will be the ones to find the Chieftain as well.

There are a lot of strange things down there, right? I'd like to see them for myself someday.
[Hey, it's your funeral, lady.]

Man with twisted lip:
Yo, Tenebris! Why don't you have a drink? It's on me.
No tha--
[Hell yeah!]
You sure downed that one! That's what I expected of an adventurer!
[I mean, I am extremely thirsty.]
[I don't blame you, given that we just had to stare at bears a bunch to keep them from mauling us.]
[Nah, I'm just thirsty in general.]
Leggy dark hunter:
Come to think of it, it's been a while since the Chieftain went missing. Well, fighting monsters is more important to me than him, but... Arrrgh! Things aren't going my way! Even though I've heard plenty of rumors!
Do you mind sharing some of those with us?
Huh? You want to know more rumors about monsters? I've only heard about them myself. I didn't find anything... Whatever, I'll tell you! I've heard rumors about...legs, eyes, and flowers.
Okay, first you've got to put a hex on a Plated Roller, right? And if you kill the monster using that hex, you should get yourself a Cursed Leg.
What kind of fearful hex? I have a near-infinite amount at my disposal!
...But I've only seen you use twelve or so?
You have not seen my true pow-- Thank you, Katya. Ow.
No prob!
...My alchemist worked really hard on that, but it takes a lot of patience. In the end, we didn't get it. It really bums me out... *sigh*
What about the eyes?
Oh, you want to know about Chaos Eyes? I heard you can get it by confusing a King Dragonfly before you defeat it. *sigh* Ailments are supposed to be my forte, but it's just not working for me...
From a fellow Dark Hunter: some days, the goddess of luck just doesn't give you any favors. Just keep at it.
...If you don't mind, can you tell us about the flowers too?
Ahh, the Muskoids? From what I've heard, you can get Doom Petal if you defeat one with an instant death attack... We tried that, but it just didn't work. All we got were stems. *sigh* It's a bit of a shock to find out that our skills aren't enough...
I don't really get what that last bit means. Doom Petals have a 100% drop chance.

werbear in the SA thread posited that this is referencing the leggy DH probably trying to get a Doom Petal with Climax, and that not working because of the weird way Climax functions. Unironically makes sense to me.

Friendly landsknecht:
Yo, Tenebris. I've been hearing about your work. If anyone's going to find the Chieftain, it'll be Tenebris... That's what everybody's saying. Me? To tell you the truth... I'm hanging up my weapons for now to study medicine. It's fun. I think I found my true calling! I'm good at remembering this stuff.
As long as you're not performing surgery, I don't see the harm.
For example... All Mist helps guard against elemental attacks. You need Strawberries to make it. You travel really deep into the Labyrinth, so I'm sure you want a stronger Amrita, right? In that case, you want Burnt Blood. That'll help you make a powerful Amrita. And...this is just a hunch, but I think you can make something really incredible with Doom Petal... We both started exploring around the same time, but our positions sure have changed. You keep on exploring! I'm counting on you, Tenebris!
Burnt Blood is a conditional drop from an FOE, which is fun.

Formaldehydes are pretty good, I suppose, but I've never really felt the need to use them aside from maybe Cernunnos's drop. A want to use them, sure. Need? Not really.

Man, the patrons are really talkative today.

Angry-looking alchemist:
Fighting today, fighting tomorrow... Well, not all the time. There are a lot of days where we do nothing but flee. We've been roasted by a Dire Wolf's Flame Howl... Toasted by the last one of a group of Burst Oozes exploding... I feel like my Ariadne Thread smells a little bit like smoke.
Okay, so I need to punch and kick Vince with fire a lot to get him up to speed. Got it.
[Ooh, count me in on that.]
Not that this is a rare occasion in the forest, but lately... It feels like something's missing.
Maybe it's because your leader's feeling down?
...I see now. Our leader hasn't been herself lately. Even though we're fighting so many monsters... Well, saying stuff like "Let's have fun fighting monsters!" is strange enough already, but... Hmmmm...
Gloomy hunter...just gives us advice that we already know. With a lot of words. I'll skip that.

Timid girl:
Oh, please, please. You're going to find Master Visil, right? Visil's coming back, right...?
...Can't promise that, but we'll try.

Nope, nope, nope nope nope. Not touching this one yet.

This one is fine, though.
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would.
The reward seems lower than normal.
You thought the reward was pretty low too, huh? I usually don't put up jobs if I think the reward isn't worth it. But...the client here is a small child.
Ah. Go on, then.
His mother has been stricken with a disease for a long time, and her medicine is less and less effective. The boy came here with all the money he had, hoping somebody could find a cure for his mother's illness. He was crying, asking for help from the adventurers of Etria... To him, this is a lifetime's fortune. I couldn't refuse him.
[So, all in favor of helping this kid? Anyone that says no is getting punched in the gut.]
[Something tells me that threatening violence is unnecessary here.]
[Never hurts to be sure, Elly.]
I'm glad you guys accepted the job. Please... help the boy's mother. However... I don't know what he needs, or how to get it. I'm sorry. I believe there's a medicine woman here. You may learn something from her.

How convenient.
Hello! Huh? You want to talk to me? What is it?
[This kid's mom's got a disease that medicine keeps getting less effective for. We wanna cure it.]
Ah, I understand your situation. I would be glad to assist you! First, in order to create a remedy, I need some ingredients from the newfound 5th Stratum. Mugwort, Death Stem, and Red Blood... I require one of each. Then I will be able to create a remedy that will work on your client's mother.
Fetch quest. Easy enough.

Of course, if he's lost in the upper levels, it means that every guild has a chance of finding him... Still. If you're a true adventurer, you would go to the newly discovered areas, and then go even further. Am I right?
I'unno. I mean, how the heck do you define a "true adventurer" anyway?

Reasonably well, thank you very much. Cretin.
You're exploring a Stratum never before seen. I'm sure there are many dangers, but you can handle them.

You touch it carefully and discover the vine is made of crystal. Shilleka would no doubt place a high value on it... You strongly consider tearing it off the wall by force.
Doesn't look like it'll budge if we pull. Leave it.
Deeming it not worth the trouble, you simply return to your investigation.
All you get if you pull it is a Shiny Vine in exchange for 60 HP from all of your party members. I'll pass on that.

<Down, boy.>

Start crossing when the Desoulers are arranged like this, keep looking north, and you're good.

B23F B6 Take Point

It has the appearance of glass on its surface, but its shape resembles that of a fruit. It may be dangerous to bite into, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained...
I can't deny that I'm a little curious.
Well, I've got emergency medical supplies, I guess...
Sigrid bites into the mysterious fruit and chews for a moment... Contrary to its appearance, the fruit is unbelievably juicy! The sour taste does wonders for Sigrid's weariness!

...That fruit had no business being that good.
A shame that it is now gone forever.
It was good while it lasted, at least.

A Gold Grimoire! Something with seven slots! Yes!
Now here's a hell of a prize. Slots are by far and away the hardest thing to generate consistently, so having one of these makes crafting a solid Stone much less painful.

...Unfortunately, bad battle timing got me stuck between a wall and a Desouler, so I had to warp out.
Mystic Rod (+98 ATK, +50 TP, +4 TEC) is made from 4 Crimson Eyes (Hexfrog normal) and 1 Shiny Vine (5th Stratum Chop 2). Costs 13100 en.

Kuzunosada (+159 ATK) is made from 1 Gold Tusk (Gullinbursti normal). Costs 36800 en.
Mystic Rod's pretty decent.

...Weird Grimoire.
[What makes you say that?]
[It's just a bunch of really basic punches and kicks.]
[Punches and kicks? Aren't you, like, the only "Alchemist" that does this?]
[Yeah, which is why this thing's weird...]

Anyway, we're now done with the first part of B23F.

Let's go back.

Is what I'd say if I didn't just sell off items, unlock nothing, and then go to the inn to save and end the recording.

So, next time: more of the 5th Stratum, and the B24F town dialogue.
WARNING: Approaching Boar Hell
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