Update 36: Melody of Eternal Parting

Oh, hello, Quixote.
Good morning, Sigrid.
Woke up lucid today, huh?
Mercifully, yes.
Well, I was about to do some quick fencing warmups, so if you'll excuse me...
Do you...mind if I observe?
I...don't see why not, sure.

Hah... Alright, that should be...good... Quixote, are you alright?
Ah, yes, I'll be quite fine. Let's...hurry to...
Are you...crying?
I'll... I'll be... I'm sorry, I need a moment... Oh, Sancho...
W-What's wrong?
I'm... I must apologize, Sigrid. I had thought... My son, Sancho, he adored fencing. Ere he ever had a spare moment, he was off at the Fencers' Guild, looking for a partner to fence.
I had...thought I'd come to grips with his untimely passing in the Labyrinth... But... I suppose I haven't...
I fear this alter ego madness has taken its toll on me, for I have...forgotten his face. It has been so many years... I'd hoped observing a fencer practice on their own would jog my memory. Alas, however... I-It seems...
You remembered him.
It's been... It sounds like decades since he died. You can, and should be, forgiven for being unable to recall his face.
More than that, though... You remembered him. You cared for him, and you're honoring his memory by keeping it with you, even when your brain is flitting between you and the Hexer within. I somehow doubt my parents would've...done that for me... O-Oh, look, now I'm...crying too...
I... I... Aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhuhuhuhuhu...! How long must I put up with this accursed alter ego, before I am free to see my family again?!
I-I don't...know... But, look at--*sniff*-- Look at it this way. Wherever Sancho is, I'm sure he's...happy that you're conquering that which he...couldn't...

...You're... You're right. I'm certain he is. And I will not stop until every monster in the Labyrinth has paid for those amongst them who took my son.

Hmm... I wonder if these doors will open now...

Let's go to the first one.

Everyone get in, I guess.

So that's how people of the old world travelled these floors.
Ding. Twenty-second floor, menswear.

This event triggers automatically.
It might be nice to take a short break whilst you gaze at the view outside from the nearby window.
I don't hear any monsters around.
Everyone get to relaxin', then.
You decide to gaze at the buildings you can see from the window as a way of taking a rest from your arduous journey. You sigh in wonder at being inside such a large building, with many more like it visible in the distance. The view seems to have been perfect for relieving your tension, since you notice less tightness in your shoulders now.

Feeling greatly refreshed, you decide to continue exploring the building.
Good call, Ladette.

Time to go deeper.

Sigrid? Are you okay? You're shaking.
Y-Yes, I'm fine, sorry. Those...elevators, I guess, they just...make me nervous. What if whatever's moving it snaps and we all fall down?
Better than gettin' mauled by a depressed bear.
...I find myself unable to disagree.
Ding. Twenty-third floor, electronics.

If you're playing along at home, remember to mark this shortcut.

Well, that was a hell of a bust.

Hopefully this one isn't as pointless.

Soggy godsdamn ass.
Echoing that.

I don't have high hopes for this floor...

At least these hallways are relaxing to walk through.
When we're not getting attacked by monsters, I assume.
R-Right. Yes.

'Kay, let's see where this one goes.

I've got a good feeling about this.
You can tell it's for real, 'cause Jude never gets good feelings about anything.
You-- You--! You know, you're not wrong.
Ding. Twenty-fourth floor, quest objectives.

I did not miss...bees...

Alright, yeah, we seem like we're on the right path.

Surprise, motherfucker.
Fuck me.

I predict this isn't going to end well!
Yes, thank you, Loud Quixote, really wanted my ears ringin' before I get beat up on.


Move move move hurry!



Oh, look, I finished this quest.

Ah, Angel Wings... No wonder she said they were like angels.
It's literally in the name.
Using something with such a lovely name will surely keep her brother safe from danger. On top of that, they were collected by great adventurers. It has to work. The client will be able to send her brother off with a smile.

Random unlocks. Everyone likes those.
Failnaught (+121 ATK, +2 TEC) is made from 1 Giant Wing (King Dragonfly rare). Costs 24550 en.

King's Spear (+147 ATK) is made from 1 Space Claw (King Dragonfly normal). Costs 33000 en.

Rune Tunic (+47 DEF, +20 TP) is made from 2 Gold Furs (Gullinbursti rare) and 3 Red Bloods (Dire Wolf rare). Costs 9620 en.
The Rune Tunic's pretty decent. +20 TP is nice, although, it's not something I'd take over ultimate armor.

We should maybe look at where the bottom button goes to...

...Am I seeing things, or are the crystals more...solid down here?
I think we're getting near the source.
A reasonably safe bet!
Quit...fuckin' shouting, I swear to the gods.
Welcome to the final floor.

Or, well, a very small bit of it.
Ding. Twenty-fifth floor, boar hell, suffering, and climactic final battles.

You listen closer, perplexed at hearing a melody here, and realize that it is no ordinary tune. It sounds as if someone is singing...! Before you have recovered from your surprise, the singing voice fades... As eerie as it seems to contemplate, could there be someone nearby...?
There's no way that could be, like, ghosts...
A-Are you sure about that?
It is definitely ghosts!
Fuckin'... Look three steps in front of us, people.

Where could that voice have come from...?
...I guess we'll have to come back later.

Told you this was a very small bit of B25F.

More'a this garbage, huh?
No, seriously, what are these things? Are they a common household item that the party can't comprehend? Was this building occupied by kemetic practicioners? Are they even the kind to own just, ankhs? I don't know, and it's bothering me! Rea please get to the postgame while I read up on kemetism and ankhs so we can figure this out.

Hhhhhhhhello, big boy!
S-Sorry, I was just...startled. Elephants? Down here?
Afon and I are still trying to figure out how that works, yes.
Sigrid is terrified of ivory.
I'm wonderin' if I should hide that notebook from him.

How did this even happen?!

Hey. Elephant. Move already.

Great. We're stuck.
Hello, FOE scripting bug. I guess if you run into an elephant and escape from it, it fucks up these two elephants' scripts, meaning I have to warp out to proceed.


Fifty-seventh level, incremental level-ups.

I'm gonna rest Judith before we go through B25F because man axes suck in random encounters.

Also, I guess I just...forgot to invest Ladette's SP. Somehow.

B24F C4 Take Point
That ambush chance. Ow.

Boy oh boy, encounters are getting very mean.

Thankfully, Elowen and Quixote can shut down one row of enemies before they act.

Rock...hard... Rock...
Can't disable them all, though...

Zzz--?! Dammit...

I don't think I've seen you be sing-song before.
When you're stressed, gloat over the corpses of monsters. It's cathartic.
happy sigrid makes me happy

There we go, that's better.

Okay, seriously, what are these things.
Okay, ankhs do have a link to kemetism, being its symbol. It wouldn't be too farfetched for practitioners to keep some around. They're known as the representation of life, and goths have also adopted it because a movie about vampires had it once. The ankh is thought to be a representation of the gods' life-giving power (dammit Angel, you're repeating yourself), as is the night and day cycle, and it's often pictured being held in the hands of the gods.

Congratulations, EOU, you sent me into a hyperfocus trying to figure out any reason these ankhs would be here. Conclusion: Either kemetic practitioners or a bunch of goths lived here.

I didn't post screenshots of the elephants, because it's not exactly hard to see where the game intends for you to sidestep elephants to proceed.

Anyway, what's up with B23F before we proceed?

Open this shortcut, like I told you to earlier.

Before we move on, let's check in with the town.
I can't even imagine what would happen to this place if he never returned...
Here's a hint: nothin'.

The same as ever, honestly.
I'm really lookin' forward t'seein' what y'find next... Good luck!

To tell you the truth, I don't even know for sure if he's man or woman, old or young. Nothing.
Could be nonbinary, too. We got a few enbies in the Montereys.

My Master also seems to be worried about the Chieftain's disappearance.

...It's really strange. Even though they say he's in the deepest part of the forest, something tells me he's okay. I know the Labyrinth is a dangerous place, but... I just can't imagine this town without him.
What is with the hero worship of Visil around here?!

Odd-clothed mixer:
You're all still young, and yet you've grown so strong in such a short period of time. I've been teaching a young one, too, but youth really is a treasure. I've been working hard, and I just need some Venomous Gel before my Poison Gas is complete... This town has been so kind to me.
Gloomy hunter:
Hm? Oh, you wanna talk with me? I've heard the recent rumors. It seems you're a really strong guild... Maybe you'll be able to make it. Let me talk about a monster. I hear information about monsters from the depths is hard to come by in town... Let's see. Do you know about the Babirusa? It's an enormous monster. It uses its giant body and tusks to charge furiously at you. A simple attack, but incredibly powerful... And it can involve the entire party. When you run into it, make sure your guys in the back are careful... I'll be waiting.
Do not make me think about Babirusas any more than I have to.

Here we are: the final quests of the main story.

Lost pet; reward offered:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The young man at the inn made this request. His pet Tree Rat ran away. Her name is Latche, and she has a ribbon on her tail. That's about all you have to go on. He said she ran off while he was taking her for a walk. Latche has a habit of going deep into the forest... Can you search the deeper sections of the forest for Latche? The client gave me some of Latche's favorite cheese. She should come out if you put it on the ground near her. If you need more cheese, ask me.

You like tile hunts, right? No? Too bad. This is what that is.

Hidden treasure:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This is from a treasure hunter. He says he's looking for an egg laid by a mantis with ice claws. You can ask him for more info yourself. He's drinking over there.
Fffffffffffffffffffffffuck. This is gonna take forever to complete. I didn't even bother talking to the hunter yet.

You guys are about to make every explorer's dreams come true. Best of luck to you, Tenebris.
...Thank you.

It's just my theory...but I think that is what the Chieftain wants.

Anyway, if you haven't noticed, the reason I was perseverating on this shortcut earlier...

Is because this is the only elevator that takes you into the real B25F.

Well, here we are.
Prepare yourselves for anything.
You say that like I haven't been prepared this entire damn adventure.

Since we're at the ground floor of whatever building in Shinjuku we're exploring, the view outside the windows has changed.

Encounters aren't too mean yet.

No ribbon. Not our rat.
You decide that whatever that was, it wasn't Latche.
If you pick the wrong places to put the cheese down on, you'll have to fight a souped-up Tree Rat named, weirdly, a Francois Mouse.

Wwwwwwwwwwwell, that could be worse. They could have a Silkbinder with them.

No ribbon.

A lot of this floor is corridors.


Good ear, Elowen.

Gods, that boar is huge. Too huge.
I'm not eating that one.


HP: 1990STR: 59TEC: 36VIT: 48AGI: 36LUC: 31
EXP Given: 10900

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
75% 75% 75%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 50% 50% 100% 100% 50%
30% 30% 50%
100% 50% 75%
  • Fang Flurry: Deals severe stab damage to all party members. Average speed.
  • Fang Flurry: Deals 90% melee STR-based stab damage to all party members. The damage ranges from 250 to 299 on average. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • If the encounter is a blindside, and a Dire Wolf did not already use Flame Howl, Babirusas have a small chance to use Fang Flurry.
  • Most of the time when an encounter is a blindside, however, Babirusas will simply Attack.
  • Babirusas are far more likely to use Fang Flurry when their HP is at 50% or below.
  • If the party was blindsided:
    • If Flame Howl was not used before the Babirusa's turn, 24% chance to use Fang Flurry.
    • 76% chance to Attack.
  • If the Babirusa's HP is above 50%:
    • 49% chance to use Fang Flurry.
    • 51% chance to Attack.
  • If the Babirusa's HP is 50% or lower:
    • 79% chance to use Fang Flurry.
    • 21% chance to Attack.
  • Fang Flurry: Deals stab damage to all enemies. Average speed.
  • Fang Flurry: Deals melee STR-based stab damage to all enemies. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
  • Normal: Obsidian Fang. 50% chance. Sells for 798 en.
    • Kijin Daiou (+170 ATK): Made from 1 Obsidian Fang. Costs 44200 en.
    • Great Sword (+136 ATK, +3 VIT): Made from 3 Space Claws (King Dragonfly normal) and 2 Obsidian Fangs (Babirsua normal). Costs 30000 en.
  • Rare: Scarlet Mane. 20% chance. Sells for 930 en.
    • Trojan Helm (+35 DEF): Made from 1 Scarlet Mane. Costs 8200 en.
    • Blood Breastplate (+60 DEF, +1 STR): Made from 3 Red Furs (Dire Wolf normal) and 3 Scarlet Manes (Babirusa rare). Costs 13700 en.
I have been dreading Babirusas all game. High STR, high HP, can hit the entire party, resists elemental damage. These things can cause wipes entirely on their own.
So! This asshole. If you have zero disables this thing is a monster. It's everywhere on B25F. Bring a Hexer, a Survivalist, or a Protector with Parry on them or you will be unhappy.
Hi, these things suck. A lot of encounters down here are really difficult to take down without an Alchemist... these things are difficult to take down with an Alchemist. They won't do much damage to them, and even through backrow melee resistance, if a Babirusa brushes an Alchemist with any attack they'll automatically implode. And they have a really high resistance to stoning and instant death, so you can't even pull out Beheading Cut or Stoning Curse! Good luck, Rea.

At least I have the extremely potent Quick Step -> Hexer combo.

And Sigrid can lop off a lot of damage at once.

I didn't kill it before it got this off, sadly. Yeah, uh, make sure your front line has a lot of HP.

Ugh, I'm gonna be feelin' that stab wound for weeks...

Well, at least this floor isn't gonna be boaring, huh?
I'm trying to cope!



Thank you.
You're welcome!

They seem to be swarming over something, but you cannot tell what might be at the center of the pile. The only way you can see to do so would be to defeat the monsters and inspect the area when all is at peace.
I don't think we're going to be able to escape quietly... Attack!
Thinking that it would be best to make the first move, you draw your weapons to charge into the fray!

Alright, that's not bad.

For lo and behold, the commotion of your struggle has attracted other beasts now arriving on the scene! The only way out is through combat! Prepare yourselves and fight for your lives!

Annoying, but could be worse.

Intent on finishing the battle this time, you drop your shoulders and dash towards the beast!

Ugh... At least it's just the Babirusa.


Go the hells away.

These must be what caused the beasts to swarm here... You can try eating the nuts to replenish the stamina lost in the battle.
We earned these, we have the right to eat them.
They look safe enough.
When you taste a nut, it is so delicious that you can easily see why the beasts were so attracted. All your weariness from the battle is quickly forgotten!

There are no other ripe-looking nuts here, but over time, the smaller ones will grow and be ready to eat. You decide to note the location of this place before proceeding further into the building.

Yay, shortcut.

I'm seein' red. Too much red.

Still no ribbon...

These treasure boxes are really underwhelming...
When did we last get somethin' good from 'em?

What I'd give for Katya.

I'm still really confused at what the architect of this place was thinking.

Went back to town to save, you know the drill.
Space Axe (+158 ATK, +3 VIT) is made from 3 Space Husks (Plated Roller normal) and 5 Red Bloods (Dire Wolf rare). Costs 39000 en.

Tonbogiri (+142 ATK, +3 TEC, +5 AGI) is made from 1 Chaos Eyes (King Dragonfly conditional). Costs 30300 en.
Weirdly, the Tonbogiri has less ATK than the King's Spear, the spear made from the King Dragonfly's normal drop. Sure, it has okay stats on it, but Highlanders aren't particularly interested in either TEC or AGI.

Oh. Joy.

Fang Flurry will hurt less than two Flame Howls.

Pah, hah, hah... Gods, I haven't jumped that much in ages...
Oh, yeah, Judith is specced for swords again.

Of course...

Consider that revenge.


Learnin' how to triumphantly grunt, huh?
Oh, u-um, no.
Ah, don't be embarrassed, Sig. It's fun.


Welcome to B25F! Woooooo! Party time!

Better to panic the spider, I'm way more worried about body parts getting bound than inaccurate Rending Fangs.

Case in point.

Every battle down here puts me on edge...

Oh. Hello, rare breed bear.

This is a bad idea.
The EO LP server insisted that I fight this thing.
For the record: She has no sonic bombs right now.

...Well, um... Good job, everyone.
And I...somehow got out of it alive. How nice!
You daredevil.

This room has four Bone Lizards walking clockwise in a tight circle.

Enter the circle when there'll be a Bone Lizard just below you, and you'll be fine.


...No, I'm not going to fight that elephant.

...! Ribbon!
A small rat with a ribbon on its tail races from the hole and begins nibbling at the cheese. You grab the rat and place it in a sturdy box, along with the rest of the cheese. The quest has been completed! Return to the pub to deliver Latche to her owner.

I wanted to save anyway.

Oh, that's cute. The ribbon is a nice touch. So, where'd you find her?
Bottom floor.
B25F?! I'm surprised a little rat like her was safe down there. Still, I'm glad she's okay. I'll take her to her owner.


Aw, beans, an Ice Claws.

Oh, look, a way to inflict petrification.

Screw this, I just wanna get to the final boss.

Alright. Final room. And it's...not that difficult.

You'll probably want to get this shortcut first, though.

Wait until the bear nearest you horizontally is about to walk in front of you.

Get it right there...

And bolt for the damn door. With right Desouler positioning, they'll cause the Ice Claws to have to take strange paths to get to you.

And so, we're home free.

Almost two years after I started the LP, and we're staring down the final boss.

Well, the final boss's room, but whatever.

When we try to open this strange door, this happens.
...Think this is what that weird piece'a metal Ren gave us is for?
No doubt.
You reach for its handle, but stop when a voice suddenly speaks out.
Mark well my words before you open that door.

...What do you want?
He moves to stand between you and the door as he speaks.
You have done well to defeat such skilled warriors as the forest folk, Ren, and Tlachtga. Truly, none who have traveled the Yggdrasil Labyrinth are your equals. Come with me to town, and I'll see to it you receive the fame and fortune you deserve.
The Chieftain's promise tempts you, but your gaze is still drawn to the massive door... You stand torn between taking him up on the offer, and finding the truth behind the door.
Fuck off!
We ain't stopping here.
We've travelled so far for the secret of the Labyrinth... What's behind that door?
Beyond that door...?
The Chief barks a hollow laugh, and seems to choose his next words very carefully.
Why, the truth of Yggdrasil. Will you be the ones to finally witness the Labyrinth's secret?
His tone becomes harsh, as if to reproach you for daring to ask.

What the fuck?!
But if you're not willing to stake your life on the truth, then don't waste your time.

If you enter, be prepared. In exchange for your lives, I will tell you the Labyrinth's secret.
...You won't be getting anything from us.

Your heart pounding, you think carefully before deciding your next move. There is still time to prepare in town before pursuing the Chieftain through the door...
...We need to regroup.
I'm... I can't lie, I'm really scared...
Hey, Sig, calm down, calm down, things're gonna be okay.
That's it for now.

Next time: the final boss.

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