Update 6: Guild Tenebris vs. Okami (Fenrir)

'Ey, Jude, uh... Ya got a sec?
I've got all the time in the world for Vicious Vinny. What's up?
So I've gotten myself in...somethin' of a predicament.
A predicament Vicious Vinny can't fight his way out of or outlast? I'm surprised.
It ain't dat kinda predicament. ...How good're ya at talkin' t' gals, Jude?
...Vince, how old are you?
M-mid twenties. Why d'ya ask?
Aren't you a bit old to be reacting this badly to a crush?
It-- It ain't like dat. I'm dealin' wit' a kinda delicate--
Vincent. Please drop the accent. I know it's a show.
...Is it that obvious?
No, I'm just good at figuring these things out. Now, who're you crushing--
It's not a crush! ...I, uh, might've told a little lie that a dangerous woman might've heard. Really dangerous. Also, it might be more than one lie, and they might be a smidge bigger than "little" lies. But I wanna keep the lies going to everyone but her! So she'll stop scaring me every time I have to bluff again.
...Gods, Vincent.
You might be looking at the party and, justifiably, wondering why the fuck Katya and Ladette are in the front row. To that, I respond that all will be clear in due time.

Judith's fully prepared to scream at the others to buff up their attack.

Katya's build is still all-in on Analysis, and my strategy with her for Fenrir can best be described as "fuck longetivity, go for maximum possible burst damage."

I should've given Ladette the Hakenbuchese we got from that quest. C'est la vie. Her build's still mostly boring, she just has Fire Rounds at level 4 for Fenrir.

I don't have anything special to say about Vince.

Sigrid has one job in this fight, and that's to use Viper 10 with Boost active, resulting in Viper 15.
This is gonna be a massacre.

Generally, before boss fights, it's worth your time to Defend a bunch against some B1F encounters, to let your characters max out their Boost gauges.

...I feel like I should question why Fenrir looks like he's wearing eyeliner.
I'm more drawn to how his legs all seem to lack any muscle whatsoever.
Hey, ladies, how's about we quit gawkin' at the wolf and get to snuffin' him?

Finally, a chance to cross "punch a wolf" off my bucket list...!

I recommend watching the video, if only because I clown Fenrir so hard that it's kind of funnier in motion.

Bring it on, Oversized Tail.

Yell for us, Judith.

Katya will figure out where the optimal place to punch Fenrir is.

That explanation for Analysis at the top there is horrendously misleading, by the way.
Misleading tooltips is kind of a recurring problem that this game has for some reason.

Ladette doesn't really have any amazing uses for Boost right now, so I just use it on getting a higher chance of binding Fenrir's head. Her odds of doing that under these circumstances are about 25%, incidentally.

Hit the wolf with your pointy stick, Vincent.

This is so stupid.

Sigrid has a 93% chance of pulling this off, by the way.
This is gonna be a massacre.

Don't know why I needed a whip for that...
Not the biggest fan of whips?
I'm a sword woman, I've been training with them for years. Whips also remind me of...unsavory characters.
What, those vampire hunters out in the west? What were they called, uh... Oh, yeah, the Montebelles!
Fenrir's dead.

Going by what I know about makeup, the best place to punch this idiot...is its eyelashes!
Hey, you do you. I'll stick t' trying to put a nice hole in its--

Really startin' to grow a dislikin' for the animals in this place.
Again, 25%. Not unexpected.

Vince, maybe try stepping forward next time you thrust. So your spear, you know, reaches Fenrir.
What, you never heard'a tactical errors?
That doesn't mean what you think it means.

Did ya really hafta scream right in my damn ears?!
You bet she did! I feel pumped up, more than I've ever been! My muscles are gonna--
Can we...go back to the wolf? Please?

Fenrir always opens the fight by preparing to cast Howl--effectively giving you a free turn.

The hell did ya infect dat overgrown dog wit'?! There's blood n' poison comin' out of its...pretty sure those are ears!
I was told it's a standard Dark Hunter poison...
Fenrir has 3372 max HP, remember.
Fenrir's dead.

Party's back to normal rows now.

Judith's got nothing to do but use Raging Edge now.

While screaming some more, I guess.

Vince'll make Fenrir waste its turn.

Sigrid's job is done. Might as well have her try to bind Fenrir's head. She's got a ~21% chance of doing it.

Let's light this wolf on fire.

With Sigrid trying for head binds, I might as well have Ladette switch to weakness damage.

I think that permanently destroyed its hearing.

Ohhh, I feel weird muzzling this thing...
Hey, there we go.
This is pretty much a perfect storm for an Alchemist to do damage this early on.

That's fairly respectable for only 6 TP.

Burning Double Eyelash Smash, hell yeaaaaaah!
You're real embarassin' to be around some--nah, a lotta the time.
Case in point. War Cry and Analysis don't fuck around.

Don't you start too.
...Ahem. Apologies. Shouting gets me...worked up, sometimes.

Turn 3.

This is eerily reminiscient of the Chimaera fight in my EO2U LP.
Poison typically shatters the early game in these when it's available. Unless it's EO3.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we win.
well, that happened

R-I-P, weird no-muscles probably-wolf!
'Ey. Katya. Sigrid. Nice job. I've got some advice f' ya both, though.
Don't go musclin' in on my turf.
O-oh, did I do something to--
I think someone's just jealous they didn't do as much.
...Shut it. No-one asked ya.
Fenrir, everyone.

You have succeeded in carrying out the Radha's request to slay Fenrir! You are free to see what lies beyond or return to town now to report your victory to the Radha.
I say we go see what's coming up next. Might as well just pop in and pop out if we're going back to town soon anyway.
I like this idea!

I'll get that small secret area I missed later. For now, though...

Welcome to the most boring stratum in the series.
Primitive Jungle's pretty bad. There's probably more boring ones in my opinion, but this one's certainly not a winner.

With the most boring music.
I won't dispute that point. It's pretty meandering and never goes anywhere.

I don't think your scarf and your really fluffy outfit're doing you any favors.

Now that we've got our initial complaining outta the way: the hell is this thing?
As you gaze upon the enigmatic scene, you hear someone descend the stairs behind you.

Well done, Tenebris explorers. Rid of the wolves, the Emerald Grove again knows peace.
Grim satisfaction is evident on the warrior woman Ren's face as she gazes into your eyes.
In overcoming hardships and growing stronger, you honor the Explorers Guild. After defeating Fenrir, you will be known as high-ranking adventurers of Etria. We salute your hard work. May your continued exploration go as well as it has thus far.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard this kinda stuff before. Get to the good part: what is this?
The pleasantries thus dispensed with, Ren points to the unearthly light behind you.

Truthfully, no one knows what created it, or for what purpose, but its power is formidable. Touch it, and you will find yourself elsewhere. The Radha's Chieftain pioneered its use. Though you must be eager to explore a new Stratum, I advise you to return to town first.
Way ahead of you on that plan.
Ren and her flame-haired partner brush past you and approach the pillar of light.

Is this the power of the Geomagnetic Field? Ren's words stay with you as you continue...
Geomagnetic Fields are the same as always. You can use them to warp into specific strata from the Forest Entrance, you can use them to warp out of the Labyrinth and back to Etria, and make permanent saves while in-dungeon.

Anyway here's that thing I missed.

Hunting Horns, essentially, force a Grimoire generation roll for the character that uses it. They're fairly useful for grinding Grimoires, as you might imagine.
It works well with the appropriate guildkeeper bonus, but it still doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll get what you want. We also can't actually get the materials for these for a while.

I thank you all. I thought you to be common novices, but you've grown into fine adventurers.
It's maybe a bit early to say that definitive--
Quiet, Judith, the rest of us like being praised!
It always lifts my spirits to see young adventurers growing stronger. Continue working hard to explore the forest while improving your skills. Ah yes, I almost forgot. For defeating Fenrir... We present a small reward to show our gratitude for all your hard work.

If the average Byeah trip didn't make this much, I'd be impressed.

Every person in town now has two things to say to us: post-Fenrir dialogue, and B6F dialogue. Quinn's dialogue for both is the same, for some reason.

And then there's a weird third bit of dialogue that precedes the two that's also post-Fenrir in terms of topics. I don't know why.
Now that this obstacle has been eliminated, you can now proceed to the next Stratum. The Labyrinth's appearance changes as you go deeper. Always stay on your guard as you proceed...

Might as well get some Raging Edge levels.
There's honestly not much else the sword tree is doing around this point. It's probably a decent period to start moving into Tornado if you're interested in some extra utility.

Vince is still getting the Walls up to level 4.

Sigrid's almost certainly going to switch back to swords after this, so this point's kind of pointless.

Analysis is now maxed out, putting its duration at 6 turns.

Ladette's close to unlocking Action Boost.

That's where the real adventure begins! Prepare yourselves with a good night's sleep!
At places that aren't here, sure.

Oh, it's time to feed Latche...
That's my pet rat. She's very clever and quite clean!
I've heard about the Fenrir mission. Congratulations. When one of our guests accomplishes something, I don't know why, but even I feel proud of it. I'm sure you're exhausted. Please take a rest here.

T'ough I'm happy t'see you takin' care o' t'weapons y'already have, of course!

All our items at t'store are made with pride. Seein' as y'lives depend on 'em and everyt'in'! We guarantee all our products, so go ahead and buy all y'want!
Not like we got much choice otherwise.
T'anks, Tenebris! Radha Hall finally went back on its restrictions on enterin t'Labyrint'. I can finally get me supplies now! Y'gonna try to go even furt'er in t'Labyrint', aren't you, Tenebris? I'm lookin' forward to seein' all t'new materials y'bring back!

Wolf Armor (+19 DEF, +10% ice resistance) is made from 1 Wolf King Mane (Fenrir normal). Costs 550 en.
Again, if you're going for resistance to elemental damage, even small bonuses like +10% mean way more than any VIT or DEF incresae.
it'd help if anything in the 2nd Stratum used ice attacks

So...would you like some cordials?
Yes plea--
Wait your turn, we're all tired from killing that wolf.

In order to better understand adventurers, I decided to make a visit to the pub. It is a rather...lively place. I have never been in an establishment like that, so I was a bit nervous.
I'll gladly escort you next--
Congratulations on completing the mission. You all must be very capable.

You'd better listen to what the veterans have to say, and prepare for the worst. ...Well, all the veterans here look like they're all drunk.

I hear that the trees that grow in the 2nd Stratum are different from the ones above ground, and are dark green.
The kinda dark green that makes your brain shut off, yeah.
All the plants that adventurers bring back from there look strange, too. Ha, well, some of them smell very nice, so I'm always looking forward to seeing something new.
I've heard the news from the Radha. You kiddos are the ones that accomplished the mission. One of my regulars was going on about how he knew that you kiddos would be the ones to do it. Of course, I also had faith in you. Congratulations, Tenebris.

Odd-clothed mixer:
You're a regular at the store, right? I hear you've been doing well. When we have different materials, our stock changes. And when you go to a new Stratum, you get new materials. The girl at the shop gets so excited about this stuff. I mean, I am, too, of course. I can make medicine to cure ailments with Mint Leaf, and if you can get me Cross Seed, elemental oils...
Wrong! Cross Seeds make single-target Talismans, not the Oils.
And for something different, if I got Sap Lump, I should be able to create Soma. A potion that can heal multiple people... You'd love something like that, right? I hope to do more business with you in the future.
Scarred protector:
I can see you're used to exploring the forest now. Your equipment speaks well of your experience. But many monsters on the 2nd Stratum use ailment attacks. Don't let your guard down. Army Wasp's Poison Sting is troublesome... But the biggest headache comes from Sleeper Oozes. Their Sleep Breath affects everyone on an entire line. If several people in your party fall asleep, your guild will be at a serious disadvantage. You be careful, Tenebris.
This dude's right, Sleeper Oozes are the worst.

Friendly landsknecht:
Yo, Tenebris! I heard you beat Fenrir. Man, I can't believe you dealt with that beast. Looks like the rest of us need to up the ante, huh? Anyway, have a seat. I'll treat ya to a drink. Cheers to Tenebris, the rising stars of Etria!
I'd prefer not to drink, but cheers nonetheless!

Let's take on some quests. That's quite a few of them.

Request from the inn II:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This one's from the Rooster Inn. He has something else he wants from you adventurers. Why don't you go to the inn and ask him what he wants?
I have better things to do than talk to the innkeeper, so I'll do that later.

Explorers Guild job II:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. That one's from the Guildmaster of the Explorers Guild. Since you did that last job for him, he wants you to do this one, too. He'll tell you the details himself, so go see him at the Explorers Guild. He requested you personally, so make sure you do your best, okay?
In a bit.

Shadow in the grove:
Decided to take the request, have you? This one was put up by some regulars. Adventurers, like you. They were exploring the Labyrinth as usual, when they were attacked by monsters they'd never seen on B5F. They were no match for the monsters, and barely made it back to town alive. They said that the lizards they saw belonged on a floor much deeper down. You've been to B5F several times now, right?
Well, we just beat Fenrir, so...yes.
Your targets are the lizard monsters you'll run into on B5F. For the sake of adventurers younger than you, I pray for your success.
Fashionista I:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. The client this time, Ms. Meryl, is Etria's top fashion designer. Girls all over town dream of being able to wear her accessories. Her next work is going to be a ring using five Insect Eyes from Woodfly bodies...
I...can't say I'd wear a ring like that...
...I'm usually a fan of her art, but I think I'll pass on this one... Well, good luck.

Let's do the Guildmaster's Talk dialogue before we do the quest stuff.
So I hear you're going to explore the new Stratum. Do you have a good crew? If you don't, you'll regret it later.
No, we all hate each other and I can't wait to not be in the vicinity'a Quixote, and also all'a that's a gigantic lie. Do ya really need t' ask us dat?
The "you sign up a good crew?" line's going to become a recurring joke.
It's a callback to EO1, where it was the only thing the Guildmaster ever said in Talk for the entire game.
How's your investigation of the 2nd Stratum going? The different Strata have completely different appearances.
I've heard that you were the ones who defeated Fenrir. There were other guilds after its head, but you beat them all to it. Keep up the good work in the next Stratum!
Now then, quest dialogue.
Yo, you came. What I want from you this time is to take something from the 2nd Stratum of the Labyrinth. I am commissioning you to find three Mint Leaves.
For the kids again?
Not this time. These are for the previous Guildmaster. You didn't think there wasn't anyone doing this before me, right? I used to be an adventurer like you at the start. I owe a lot to the last Guildmaster for all he did for me back then. And that's that. Now, get going to the 2nd Stratum and take those three Mint Leaves.

What've you got for me in this quest, Carlos?
You accepted the quest? Thank you very much! Now, down to business. I'd like you to gather the materials to make a quilt.
Why? You making a gift or something?
Oh, no, it's not for anyone in particular. I need to get new quilts for the guest rooms. Specifically, do you know about the Skolls on the 1st Stratum? Those wolves drop Wolf Pelts. That's what I want you to get for me. I hear the Skolls live deep on the 1st Stratum. I'm counting on you.
Wolf Pelts have an 80% drop chance, which is fucking evil for FOEs if you ask me.

The lizards are strutting around this floor as if they own the place! In order to make this floor safer, you have no choice but to defeat them all. Now begin the lizard extermination!

So every fight on B5F while Shadow in the grove is active is forced to be some combination of these jerks.


HP: 236
STR: 17
TEC: 15
VIT: 14
AGI: 13
LUC: 14

EXP Given: 450

Grimoire Skills:
  • Tail Whip: Uses the legs. Deals melee STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Reduces the target's physical attack for 4 turns. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
50% 50% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100
100% 100% 100%
Longisquamas aren't as bad as their EO2U versions, but they're still annoyingly tanky jerks that can reduce party members' physical damage and make themselves take forever to kill.
With sufficient physical burst, these things aren't too bad. They can definitely wear you down in terms of resources, though. That makes this quest in particular a bit of a drag since there's quite a few.

Alright, this thing's almost--

Oh, hello there. You're convenient.

Piece of shit.

You know what, fuck it, let's take down the S1 FOEs to get them logged.


HP: 1055
STR: 17
TEC: 16
VIT: 13
AGI: 15
LUC: 12

EXP Given: 700

Grimoire Skills:
  • Baffling Step: Uses the legs. Attempts to inflict panic on one enemy. Has an 80% speed modifier.
  • Knockdown: Uses the head. Deals melee STR-based stab damage to one enemy. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 50% 50% 100% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Baffling Step's, annoyingly, all but guaranteed to land, and Knockdown's going to one-shot most classes but Landsknecht, Protector, and maybe Highlander. They're both single-target, though, so keeping the situation under control's not too hard.
This iteration of the Ragelope is moderately tanky and can hit hard, but at this point their only threats being single-target means they aren't too big of a deal.

Always remember: enemies are perfectly capable of just doing normal attacks, which often renders their turn moot.

HA! HA HA! You think you've caught me?! Well, draw your weapon, you low-down servine! En garde!
Eh, whatever.

Meteoric Thunder Striiiiiiiiiiiike!
How do you jump that high?! What am I missing here?!
Even without Boosted buffs and a head bind, Katya can still zap enemies for a lot of damage.

Hi, how are you?
You feelin'...okay in the head?
Perfectly normal. The view of the sky's quite pretty, even from down here in the--
'Ey, you two, pissed-off deer, still twelve o'clock.
And there went my primary damage dealer. Piss.
If it's not managed, Panic can easily start to snowball and suddenly over half of your party is out of commission.

Ragelope. Please stop that
Case in point.

You...really got me there pal, but watch out... A Monterey never forgets...
fuck me

So, eh, Mr. Deer, before I die, I've got a lotta problems I'd like t' talk to someone about. Y'see, I might've told some stories...
This is a really terrible situation to be in.



Oh dear.
Panic doesn't fuck around. At all.

...Why am I holding this whip like a sword and WHAT HAPPENED TO EVERYONE ELSE?!
You don't wanna know.

If Sigrid can land a Viper 15 poison, then I might have a chance of pulling out of this alive.

thank you, all of the gods
And it's over.

Too close.

thank you sigrid

Baffling Step's the thing you really gotta worry about when fighting Ragelopes, since, as you saw, multiple party members getting panicked is usually a very easy way to get a game over.
It really does sneak up on you.

I procured a Wolf Pelt.

Nothing surprising for these two.

And to take care of some more FOEs...

This thing.

Boulder Boar

HP: 1503
STR: 18
TEC: 8
VIT: 13
AGI: 5
LUC: 9

EXP Given: 800

Grimoire Skills:
  • Charge: Uses the head. Increases the damage of the user's next physical attack. Has an 80% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 100% 50% 100% 50% 50%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Bring some Sonic Bombs and this thing's a complete joke. Even without a dedicated healer, you should be able to keep up with the output of normal attacks or Onrush from this thing.
It's an enemy with charges. Bomb em. Besides that, Boulder Boars are relatively tanky and can take a little bit to go down.

That doesn't mean you should ignore it completely, though. Remember, Vince is our objectively most durable character.

"Enemy is building up its strength!" is the message that telegraphs Charge.

Interrupting an interruptable action will always make the enemy do nothing on that turn.

Huh. It's easier t' shoot the head of whatever this thing is than perfectly normal, organic animals. Who would'a guessed.
Several turns of taking manageable damage later.

Won't be cuttin' any fancy gems outta you.

Can I assume that you've returned to turn in the item I've requested?

One wolf pelt, perfectly skinned.
Thank you very much. Now I can put a new quilt in one of the guest rooms.
Can we, uh, "try" it? With no expectation of when it'll be returned.
You helped me with this, so I'll give you top priority whenever you book a room here.
I'm sure you'll sleep like a baby. Or a wolf cub! Thank you for your work. I left the reward at the pub.

I heard the rumors. You were collecting materials to make a quilt? I haven't been sleeping well lately, so maybe I could use a good quilt, to. Well, that's not something you need to hear. Here's your reward.

More Raging Edge.

Now that Katya has Analysis maxed out, I should level up her actual skills.

this skill is dumb

One left on the list.

Reaping Shade

HP: 1378
STR: 18
TEC: 9
VIT: 13
AGI: 12
LUC: 8

EXP Given: 2000

Grimoire Skills:
  • Scythe Slash: Uses the arms. Deals melee STR-based cut damage to one row of enemies. Has a 70% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 70% at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 100%
10% 10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Can you survive consistent output of 76 to 87 damage on average, with Front Guard and healing? Because that's all there is to fighting Reaping Shades.
It's a little easier said than done at this point in the game. Area healing isn't exactly in high supply, so you can easily get overrun in terms of momentum. These things are pretty nasty.

Remember, whenever I reference average damage numbers for enemies, this does not account for modifiers like Front Guard.

And so...the flower wilts...
Case in point. If your healers aren't fast enough it's very common to get one-two comboed to death after taking a nasty hit, especially if the enemy in question is fast. And in this case, the Reaping Shade has a higher AGI stat than a lot of people in this party.

...Or not.
I'm never going to get used to being able to bring back the dead.

...I don't have anything poetic...to say...
Hey there, death spiral. How are ya doin?

'Ey, pal, how about you put those down for a bit?

Without that well-timed arm bind, my front line would be dead!
That probably just prevented a wipe. Pretty damn lucky.

...Okay, being killed and brought back repeatedly is an...uncomfortable experience.

Aw, there went my conditional drop.

Just wanna say, thanks for listening to me, mantide.

Now go rest in the ground.
Even at level 15, this thing proved to be fairly formidable. Late Stratum FOEs don't screw around.

Oh hey, a convenient time to demonstrate Grimoire Synthesis.

So this Song Mastery would be slightly useful for Thierry's Grimoire--the one with TP Up and Fire Prelude on it. Let's make a Grimoire with all three on it!

You need three Grimoire Stones to perform a fusion. The first will determine how many skill slots the result has. You can also choose skills from it to put on the result.

The second Grimoire Stone just lets you pick skills from it to put on the result.

And lastly, the third Grimoire Stone determines the result's equipment bonus.
Also known as "shields or go home".

As you can see, the fusion I made resulted in me making a 3-slot Grimoire with TP Up, Fire Prelude, and Whip Mastery on it. It also lets the holder equip swords and whips if they normally can't.

This step was entirely to get TP Up and Fire Prelude on a 3-slot Grimoire.

Now I just do the same thing again, picking the Grimoire I just fused as the first, and the Song Mastery Grimoire as the second...

Et voila, I now have exactly what I wanted. Now Thierry will be slightly faster when casting Fire Prelude.

I grinded out five Woodfly conditionals for Fashionista I.

This took longer than you'd think.

Hmm... So, she'll really make these into a ring? These...on my finger... I'd rather not think about it.
Same for me...
Why don't you just leave them in the bag on the counter? And close it tightly so I don't have to see them. The whole idea just grosses me out.

Lucky Scarabs guarantee that a Grimoire will be generated if the user has a Grimoire Chance on the turn of use.

I sold off a bunch of materials after engaging in a few more minutes of lizard combat.
Sekifu (+55 ATK, +3 VIT) is made from 1 Broken Tusk (Boulder Boar normal). Costs 1200 en.

Down Staff (+40 ATK, +20 TP, +2 TEC) is made from 3 Stretchy Feathers (Longisquama normal). Costs 980 en.

Staghorn (+31 ATK, +10 TP, +2 TEC) is made from 1 Deer Antler (Ragelope normal). Costs 560 en.

Down Glove (+9 DEF) is made from 2 Stretchy Feathers (Longisquama normal). Costs 460 en.

Plume Boot (+7 DEF, +2 AGI) is made from 1 Stretchy Feather (Longisquama normal). Costs 370 en.

Cut Charm (+30 HP, +3 STR) is made from 1 Scythe (Reaping Shade normal). Costs 500 en.

Guard Sole (Reduces damage taken from damage tiles) is made from 1 Cut Feathers (Longisquama conditional). Costs 300 en.
Cut Charms are a really fucking good early accessory. Whatever DEF you're losing from equipping it over a piece of armor is more than made up for by the 30 HP.

Losing a +15 DEF piece of armor, for instance, would increases STR-based damage to party members by average of 5. We trade what is, in a sense, +5 HP for +30. Also +3 STR, which can make a huge difference early on due to how the player STR damage formula works.
The terrible secrets of EOU's equipment mechanics begin to emerge.

Several literal minutes later, this finally happens.
There should be no more worry of unlucky adventurers being attacked by these fiendish reptiles. Now you must return to the pub in order to report that you have defeated the lizard beasts.

Now young adventurers can take on the Labyrinth without as much worry. All the new adventurers will look up to Tenebris now. Thank you. Good luck on your future adventures.

Commence the Meeting of the Byeahs! Oh, yes, while you're deliberating on what you agree on, make sure to gather Mint Leaves from the jungle!
Knowin' these weird things, you probably had to phrase that command exactly like dat, eh?
Correct, my fine former-enforcer friend!

Sap Lumps.
Cross Seeds.
Mint Leaves.
B6F C4 Take Point

lol we got way more than what he requested


Thanks. Sorry I'm making you run errands for me. This is all that narrow-minded old man's fault. If you're gonna blame someone, blame him.
The guy who wants the Mint Leaves is the previous Guildmaster. He made you go get stuff from the 2nd Stratum in order to see if I've been properly raising new adventurers. He's like a bad mother-in-law, always trying to find fault with my decisions. I'm glad you're around. If I give him these, now he's got to believe that I'm a proper Guildmaster, training proper adventurers.
Proper Byeahs.
What the... Why would you start with the mushy stuff all of a sudden? Uh, well... I worry about you, too, you know. You're just one of the tender sprouts growing in my garden of adventurers! Hahah! When I give that old man these Mint Leaves, I'll tell him about you, too. I'm sure it'll annoy the hell outta him. Whoa, maybe I've said too much. If he heard me now, I'd get a real earful. The reward's at the pub, so pick it up there. Thanks, Tenebris.

He may look stern, but he's actually kind at heart. Everyone likes him. If he has a fault, I'd say it's that he puts drinks on his tab a little too often. I wish he carried more cash... Maybe he'll stop if you mention it to him...? Probably not. I think I've said too much. Now, here's your reward.

And that does it for now. Next time: something that's not B6F, followed by B6F.

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