Update 7: Guild Tenebris vs. Something Completely Different (Coeurl)

We begin with Rosa offering us a new cordial.

I opt for Gingerlife. Amalawake's kind of useless.
Gingerlife is probably one of my more preferred cordials. The TP ones are nice, but Gingerlife helps with surviving really nasty stuff later on.
Here you are. I can prepare some scones for a snack as well, if you like.
Oh, absolutely. But I doubt they'll be as sweet as-- Ngrk!
What have I said about hitting on Rosa, Momoe? ...Anyway, yes, scones sound nice.
Oh, good. I had expected that you would be eating here, so I have had some prepared in advance. Here we are... On top, we have milk mousse with strawberry gelee, cherry tarts, and calissons with seasonal fruit. The scones are on the second row, and I have apple jam and clotted cream on the side if you like. On the bottom row, there are two varieties of sandwiches: roast beef and cucumber. The pan here has a mushroom gratin that I created. It is hot, so please be careful. And, of course, there is more tea if you are thirsty. Please, enjoy.
Props to whatever writer managed to write a palatable selection of foods. Same goes for the picnic dialogue back in the 1st Stratum.
...I am so glad to see that you like a good tea break. In all honesty, I was a bit anxious when Master Sheldon bade me suddenly to go and look after explorers. I didn't know if I could be any use to you, and all I am good at is making tea...

Don't say things like that, you've been more than useful!
Oh... Thank you very much! I will do my best to aid you as well as I can.
Well, then. How about you and I maybe go for dinner at the Golden-- Uwaah!
You have training to be at.
...I'm glad to work for such a kind master. Now then, is there anything else you would like me to do?

The Byeahs got me the materials for these things.
Soma (Restores 80 HP to all party members) is made from 1 Sap Lump (2nd Stratum Take 2). Costs 700 en.

Theriaca B (Cures status ailment from one party member) is made from 1 Mint Leaf (2nd Stratum Take 1). Costs 400 en.

Fire/Ice/Volt Talisman (Deals 180% ranged TEC-based fire/ice/volt damage to one enemy; 90% speed modifier, 99% base accuracy) is made from 1 Cross Seed (2nd Stratum Take 3). Costs 150 en.
Somas are invaluable when you have Efficiency in play, and the Talismans are an acceptable substitute for leveling up Fire/Ice/Volt Formula to 5 early, and therefore bumping up the TP cost.
Somas and the advanced variants are probably the best source for party healing in the game with Efficiency, but they honestly have an edge over Salve even without it because of the normal action speed.

...And, there I was, face-to-face with the most horrifying dog ever created: Coeurl! The most agile hound in all the land, twice as tall as Fenrir, with the ability to turn himself invisible! Now, I knew I had no chance of making a precise strike with my bow, so--
I am capable of taking over from here! Now, you see, Coeurl's one weakness is LIGHT! And, as it just so happens, my robes were on fire! Knowing I had become the bane of Coeurl's existence, I threw myself at the beast!
...I'm sure the Coeurl's terrifying, but--
How do we know you two aren't just making that up?
A-ah, yes, well, you see--
I will take the five of us straight to the hound this instant!
Yes, Quixote can-- You can what?!

Oh my gods, you two were telling the truth.
Oh my gods, I was telling the truth.
[How the heck did something this big get on B1F anyway?]
[If we trust those two, invisibility.]
Please ignore the fact that this is happening on B1F and not in Gladsheim. It all makes sense, I assure you.
Time for fuckery!

Momoe needs to set up Upper Stance.

Afon makes use of Bloody Offense.

Elowen's just going to use Power Shot when she doesn't need to use items.

Warrior Song is Emmett's standard opener.

And Quixote's going to try to terrify Coeurl.

Decidedly unimpressive, but not unexpected for Survivalists.

Is that...war paint?
...Hey, why not, I'm down.


...Thanks for going for my...bracelet...? Huh?
Without the Cut Charm, Momoe would be dead.
Couerl hits like a goddamned truck. It's a decent window into what the game will be throwing at us much farther down the line.

The fun begins here.

Afon has nothing else to do, really. Maybe I should've brought some Freeze Oils along, those would've dealt more damage.

Where I come from, we call this "a mistake."
Too many buffs will spoil the burst.

And there's Efficiency 10 at work.

Ronin starts out monstrous and will only continue to get even more monstrous.

<Go for the antennae!>
That's...not terrible, for a level 4 attack skill.
Highlander getts better. Eventually.

Given that Elowen has a Cut Charm on as well, this means little.

Hey, Emmett, I've got a request.
Please stop singing when I'm trying to concentrate.

See, I forgot that the Stances are buffs in EOU, not states like they are in EO2U. Emmett using Fire Prelude on Momoe shoved Upper Stance out of her buff list, since that was her oldest buff.

Your antennas will get caught in a door and it will hurt very much!
How do you do this?
S-such prowess of fear...
[Are you scared, Elly?]
The fun actually begins here.

From now until the fear runs out, Coeurl will take amplified damage from everything.

That's certainly an increase.


Muting Word is good.
Welcome to lockdown city. If you properly line it up later, Muting Word can allow for some absolutely bonkers burst damage.

Given the fact that we don't have 700 damage a turn on our side this time, I think this level of damage output's pretty good.

Elowen even starts to approach okay damage with Fire Prelude.



For a stationary target, this jerk's kinda hard to hit!
This attack nearly ended up being the lynchpin for defeat.

Aw, come on!

Oh, whatever, this'll be over soo--
Case in point.

You made us look bad...
fucking avidya apostle
Heeeeeeere we go!

Quixote, Quixote, please stop pushing us forward!
We must fill the hole left by our comrades!
When your front row dies, the back row becomes the front row.

I'm not finished yet.

If I can get Momoe back up at least for one turn, I can maybe finish Coeurl off.
Crisis management in these games tends to be really terrifying.

Ow, my everything-- Why are you three in the front?!
No time to explain!

I certainly feel quite gloomy right now.
Okay, that's bought me a bit more time.

Take the salve, put it into smaller bottles, and catch!
Aaaaaand there's an Efficiency Soma.
Hell yeah, that's the good stuff. It'll remain a serviceable option for most of the game.

OOOOOOOWOOOOWOOOOooowooooo... Ah, time for a nap...
Where's my nightcap...?
Mmm... Yes, Rosa, I'd love to go out for dinner and have Judith pay for it...
If Elowen was hit here, it probably would've been all over.

I have no Theriaca Bs available. All I can do is try to finish off Coeurl.

P҉̩͍̦̼͞͝l̦̰̻͈͇̳͇e̩̱̞͓͕͖̮͚a͎̤͉͠͞s̷̛̭̻̟̩͈e͉̭̼͓͚̺̹,̮͉̭̦̖͈͇͓̕͠ ̵̛̦̳̣̘͝d҉͖͔̤͕o̱̜̼ͅn҉̝̥̥̳͘͞'̶̺̠͇̖̝ͅͅt̛̲͇͢ ̝͔̫̩̲p̴̡̠͉u̺͔̯̦̟̲͜t͠҉̺̖̣ ̶̥̼̟͡m̞̮e҉̦̰͞ i̡͓̥̝͙͖ǹ̞̱ ̖̮͈̖̯̭͍̲̗͘͢a̼͇̮̼̤͇͖͓̘ ̛͕͍b̷̼̭̞̮͘ͅó̘̼̮̮̱͠͡x҉̷̢͙̝̳.̡̦̥̩̤͇̦̟̥͟.̳̱̭͚̞.̥̘̺̬̦̭͈
H-he's possessed, I know it, but possession isn't real, but then again how can I be sure.



Should've...kept that story to myself...
Dad...would be disappointed...

Oh, come on, I wake up from a nice dream to this?!

You wanna play rough, you gangly mutt?!



...At least we're close to the entrance.
That was, uh, an interesting way for that fight to end.
It's just as fun in Story!

There's a practical reason for me doing Gladsheim boss fights, by the way: the Gladsheim bosses and their drops are required for 100% completion, as are normal Gladsheim monsters and their drops.

Yes, if you do a purely-Classic run, without Story NG+, you cannot get proper 100% completion.

Black Guisarme (+51 ATK, +10 HP) is made from 1 Black Stinger (Coeurl normal). Costs 1420 en.
I could've put B6F in this update, but that would've been a bit much for me. Next time: B6F!

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