Update 12.5: NPC Dialogue


Do such ill-bred things exist? And is there any risk? My father had said that we would be safe here.

But I can't complain about seeing a beautiful woman all worked up.

But they'll have come and gone before I even get to wear a nice dress.

Even if you could, they'd be tainted by the Bloom's poison. It's not fair!! Dragons come just as things were getting okay...

But I don't have the money for new ones. ...So I keep washing.

If you wish to know more, seek out texts in the Aizo language.

Hey! That vase is half an inch off center! Let me fix it!

...He is open-minded. However, many in Aizhen are much more stubborn. I hope we don't have a crisis in the future...

What's decided will have an impact on the people.

His office is just to the right upon entering the castle.

Simon Village

Oh, did you see the Viscount Shion? He was up to something...

No, seriously! You're real heroes! I'm awful grateful!

I need an escort. Ugh, I've been in this hick town too long already!

...Well, I better go home too and make dinner.

We're still poor, but beating that thing makes us very happy indeed.

So many sad memories. I won't be going back before I die, I'm sure.


It might just be the Dragon threat...

I'll try hard not to if it's wrong...

I have to walk walk walk everywhere, fighting off dungeon monsters! Of course, that's how you get stronger! Tee hee ♪

Even the Romans didn't conquer as much land as you guys have!

And east of Aizhen, there's nothing.

But, she's still beautiful!

Ohhhhh... I'm still afraid. Do I have to live like this?

We're all human, and all sharing this world.

Don't turn your back on someone, silver tongue or not. In dire circumstances, they'll save themselves. Guess that's how it is.

If you don't go everywhere, you won't be able to find what you need!

But I'm sure this time will go smoothly!

Like me, it's beautiful as it is, without any trimming or pruning.

Shouldn't we try to have empathy for the opinions of other people?

I know, he sure looks and acts like a rascal. But he feeds his cats and waters his plants. Pretty gentle, huh? It's his little secret.

Support my bowl, hold down my paper... Oh, right... and hold my shield, too!

And learning about other cultures on the way. Encountering other cultures lets you look at your own in a completely new light. For example, food culture!

Look for plants, ore, and relics. They all help.

But, what's left to try?


Everybody's grateful for all you've done! Relax for a while ♪

As expected from the Golden Guards!

But I'm not there, so I'll try to forget about it for now!

I'm not sure how much I can do, but I'll give it everything I've got.

In order to keep from catching something, better keep your heart burning!

Take care to talk to everyone diligently.

...I wish mine were like that.

He's still having no luck. Should I take pity on him?

Those guys are as superficial as ever! Prejudiced against me!

If you don't understand one, ask the requester and people near them.

And what kind of measures can we take against it?

The President must be resting peacefully.

I'll lean on Odyssey to keep my hope afloat, too!

There's such a thing as fighting too hard...

To do that, we'll need Odyssey to lend us a hand!

I can only do what I can right now!

He can't fight off an army like the President. We'll keep him safe!