Update 9.5: NPC Dialogue

Stop by Simon Village on the way.

I wonder what I can do?

I don't get how these people are so placid.

If Hunters are back at it as well, they might be after the Dragons.

I wonder why ♪

But... more must be coming for revenge. Ohhhhh...

I guess it's true... there's no place like home.

That's one path, but how might things have gone differently?

Humanity's time is up. Guess that's how it is.

I think I'll take another group there soon. It's really great to see Kazan reviving!

What on earth could that mean? It eats at me, you know?

Isn't it better to live a gentle life?

I think we can resume trade with Aizhen. If these events lead to a peaceful world... Ah, yes! I can almost taste the bamboo now.

My other hand doesn't have to be as strong. It has its own role, right?