Addendum I: Chisa Inomiko Tactical Overview (Part 1)

Yah! Sei! Tah!



lmao knew that'd getcha

So I wanna hear more about how a Legitimate Samurai Ojou-sama does her thing. Please, oshiete me the deets.

I would be interested to hear the Captain's assessment of her own skills, as well.

Who, me? I'm not really...

Why not? It would make for an interesting diversion.

If they're in, I'm in!


Well, it'll be a good refresher for me, myself. Alright.


Back when I was first getting started as a combatant, my teacher always told me that the best offense and the best defense is a good balance. Maintaining offense, defense, and agility in equal measure means that they're all strengthened for their harmony.

I must've done quite a lot wrong, then.

It's just different. You're very strong, Youka.

Well, I'm self-taught, so I just learned how to hit them hard and not die.

You're what

Tier 1 Skills

Whirlwind Roll

Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals multiple hits of ATK-based damage to random targets.

The Whirlwind Roll was a signature technique of a sensei I studied under when I was thirteen, learning kendo. It's designed to use the body's momentum to strike multiple times near-simultaneously. The blows themselves are more glancing than anything, but several small strikes can defeat certain defenses that a single large strike can't.

hell yeah

I'll believe it when I see it.

Deals not that much damage in a weird way. Not the best skill for actually dealing damage, but absolutely invaluable for killing Bloom Seeds. It doesn't cost that much to max out, so... Like, I'd actually recommend doing that, just so you can reliably kill Bloom Seeds. Especially in the endgame, those things are worth a shitload of SP.

Diagonal Slash

Learned upon character creation. Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy.

This is a basic strike any good swordfighter can master with a little practice. It's simple and effective, striking from high-on to maintain physical strength and momentum.

I see. You make it look more complex, though, Captain.

I do?

With the flips and all, I mean.

This is as basic as an attack skill can get, honestly. It's so basic that I don't know what to say about it. Barely costs any SP to max it out, I guess.

Renki First Aid

Restores the user's HP. At levels 5 and above, also removes any ailments from the user.

I learned first aid on the self a long time ago, when I was twelve. Mr. Gatou helping me spruce up my skills as a battlefield medic was helpful, but the basic principles are about the same.

Having injuries you can't treat yourself is a nightmare, lemme tell you.

Yeah, no ki—

Burning a damage dealer's turn on healing themself is not a good use of the three non-React turns you get in the 2020s. Skip this.

I disagree, get one level in this because there's exactly one situation in which it could be good.

Redfire Breath

Increases the user's ATK for a set amount of turns turns. The effect is increased based on how long the user has had the buff.

This, the "Redfire Form", is a bracing technique that's actually been passed down through the Inomiko line itself.

Much like most of them, it's not very good, and I only keep it around out of a sense of organization and not wanting to have "An Inomiko Heir's Guide to Noblesse Oblige: Volume 5" missing out of the set of 12.

a whose guide to fuckin what

Ah, so your family are uppity gits.

I'm glad you understand.

Who has time to sit down and write twelve volumes of something as dull as that?

The word 'volume' is a bit of a misnomer in some cases. Actually, each one was written by a successive head of the family until the 20th century, and some of them weren't the wordiest. Number 5 is one of those short ones, and I get the head that its author was not a man I would've gotten along with if this is his idea of a swordplay technique.

Oh, so you can own people!

I'm only mostly made of anxiety!

Redfire Breath is mediocre at low levels and okay at higher ones. It's a non-factor in most dragon fights and especially random encounters, but since bosses can end up taking well over 10 turns, it's not a bad investment for those. I just wouldn't invest in it before I had my attack skills at good ranks, though.

yeah no it's fucking useless i'm never using this

Tier 2 Skills

Dragonfly Slash

Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based aerial damage to one enemy.

This strike is from my second sensei, and I mastered it when I was about eighteen. It's best for attacking enemies who have a height advantage—a good sword style can take on opponents from any terrain and have a good matchup, so I made it a point to gather skills that could compensate for my weaknesses.

Fascinating... I'll have to keep that in mind.


It's Diagonal Slash, but with an element and higher damage. Actually not that bad of a long-term investment, since there's a lot of dragons—even some Imperial Dragons!—that take bonus damage from aerial-element attacks.

Sheath Spin

Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy. Switches the user to the Iai stance after use.

Now, check this out.



A lot of the Inomiko style has its roots in the old concept of iaijutsu—a sword style that functions by using the katana's drawing motion as an attack and striking people while the blade is still in the sheath. I try to switch between my two stances depending on the situation, as the situation can—

I cannot fucking believe that our captain practices iaido, the provably most anime swordfighting style

I can. Have you looked at her?


In 2020, if you want to make use of the Iai skills, you need to level up Sheath Spin, and burn a turn on stance switching. It sucks and I hate it, but there's no way out of it. As much as it pains me to say it, you might as well max it out if you're making use of Iai skills—might as well get an extra bit of damage in on the turn you're forced to burn.

Maple Assault

Requires the Iai stance to use. Deals ATK-based fire damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict burn on the target.

...Anyway, when my sword is in its sheath, its elemental conduction is actually greatly improved. I used to fight using scythes, sheathing them in miasma from vials to debilitate my foes, and I was able to reinterpret the basic concepts into altering the properties of my katana's blade.

...How do you coat a scythe in fog?

I'm not sure.

Good damage, elemental coverage, and burn's a pretty useful ailment—it lowers a target's offensive and defensive stats by 10% each! Can't go wrong with Maple Assault, really, even as the game goes on.

Blizzard Assault

Requires the Iai stance to use. Deals ATK-based ice damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict freeze on the target.

Mom actually helped a lot with figuring this out. She was the one who figured out that the spiritual properties of a properly-constructed oak sheath could protect it from the extreme conditions created along the blade's edge.

Of course, as to how I manage it in the first place... I'm not sure. I just will it to happen.

So 'don't think, feel'?


Equivalent damage to Maple Assault, just with a different element and a worse ailment. Freeze only reduces a target's SPD by 10%, which is far inferior to what burn does.

Draw Spin

Requires the Iai stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy. Switches the user to the Battou stance after use.


And like that, I'm back to my regular stance.

What an elegant move. It's like you're dancing.

Oh no, not at all. I can't dance. I have two left feet.

Trust me. Actually... do you mind if I borrow one of your practice swords for a second?

No, go ahead?

And slide!


Richter's got the moves!

richter's got the moves the moves move zone?!

If you're going for a hybrid Iai-Battou build, which isn't that bad of an idea, you need this about as much as you need Sheath Spin, which is to say, you need it.

Darksteel Breath

Increases the user's DEF for a set amount of turns. The effect is increased based on how long the user has had the buff.

Regarding the Redfire Form, his son later developed the derivative Darksteel Form, which is better. The focus on girding oneself has something approaching utility, and I'll admit I did use it to good effect once.

Maybe I'll rethink my opinion of the Darksteel Form during all this...


Yeah, you're right.

Note that Darksteel Breath doesn't affect magic damage, which is fairly common in dragon battles and bosses. I'd pass on it, honestly. Way too much SP investment for a single-target physical defense buff.

Tier 3 Skills

Battering Gale

Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy. Attempts to inflict bleed on the target. The bleed deals 20% extra damage on the second turn, and 24% extra damage on the third and fourth turns.

I iterated again on the basic strike with information from my third sensei, and was able to develop this strike. It's designed to slow down the opponent and weaken them as they continue to fight by striking them in such a way that they don't realize that they've been hit in a sensitive location.

You're beginning to sound less like a samurai and more like an assassin.

That's not a bad thing, Chisa. Frankly, a bit of killing intent is good for your health—

High damage with a bit of damage-over-time added on. Definitely worth investing in, I think.


Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy. Attempts to stun the target.



Hehe. Even a psychic isn't perfect on the draw, huh?

A feint attack... Your speed was incredible there.

This one's designed to debilitate more than anything.

Mediocre damage, and stun isn't that great of a thing to use your time trying to cause. Shadowless is hella fast, though, which could possibly come in handy sometimes maybe.


Requires the Iai stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy. Increases the chance of ailments being inflicted on the target.

Next up...

Miasma Blade activated!


That miasma—

When my blade is wreathed in it, it weakens the opponent's immunosuppressive reactions and makes them more susceptible to other ailments. Satsuki, Richter—I think both of you will appreciate this, right?

Surely it wouldn't... Let me—I've hacked into the dummy she struck!

that's so fucking cool

(...She's not psychic herself. Is she channelling through her blade by will alone...?)

If your samurai is partnered with a trickster or a hacker, this is an absolute no-brainer. Damage is slightly below other skills, but getting a 1.35x boost to ailment infliction chances at max rank is way too good to pass up. If your samurai is the only one in the party capable of inflicting major ailments, though, I'd pass on Payback.


Increases the damage and ailment infliction chance of the user's next attack.

When I was practicing in one-on-one combat, I learned that remaining motionless is one of the most powerful techniques you have. People, animals—both of them try to predict their opponent's next move, put up their guard to where they think you'll go. The fewer tells you have, the more they'll have to imagine themself.

Remain still... and strike!

Completely halting the movements of your body, huh...

To be honest, Chisa, I'm beginning to be a little scared of you!

Eh?! No, no—

No, Miss Fudoji, I'm still more scared of you.


Yeah, but she could put up a good fight!

Good shit, this is some good shit right here. It's MANA-inefficient compared to just spamming (most) attacks over and over again, but it makes up for that with a 25% DPT increase, not to mention a greater chance to inflict whatever ailment is attached to the attack your samurai next uses.

Woodwind Duet

Requires the Iai stance to use. If a psychic uses an elemental attack on this turn, the user will perform follow-up attacks, of the same element as the initiating attack, on hit targets.

Actually, Koron, I was thinking—I've noticed a sort of frequency around you when you cast your spells that I think would work great for a team attack!

Eh? With me?

Yeah, lone wolf Koron hates the idea of teamwork!

Don't put words in my mouth.

I'm surprised you've noticed. So this channelling skill of yours—you're saying you could make use of my psychic abilities for your own attacks?

Well, it's only a theory, but... yes. I think it could be quite effective!

Fascinating. We can workshop it, then.

Woodwind Duet is one of the Samurai class's best skills. It deals a shitload of damage (tied with Mate in 16 for their highest damage, actually), it's cheap (especially compared to Mate in 16), it can make use of elements, and having to have a psychic to make use of it isn't that big a deal, since psychic is already a powerful class. Absolutely grab it if you're taking a psychic along for the ride.

Carnage Strike

Gives the user a chance to deal ATK-based damage to all enemies at the start of battles.

I knew a woman once who used four swords in tandem—eschewed armor for strikes with four weapons at once. I'm not that deft—

so she ran around naked

No, that was another guy I knew.

what is up with your friends

I wonder that myself! Anyhow, funny you should mention him—from studying my recollections of the two of them, I managed to piece together a method to enter a battle with a quick draw to clear out small foes. It takes a fair amount of dexterity, but—



Bwahahahahahaaaa, how could I be so easily defeateeeeed?!

Thank you for helping me demonstrate.

This nudist must've been a fascinating man...

An inexpensive way to get some free damage in on dragons and bosses, and to immediately clear out damn near most random encounters. What's not to like?

Pain React

For the duration of the effect, if the user takes greater than or equal to a certain threshold of their maximum LIFE, they will be given an extra turn.

When you're in the middle of a deadly fight, one thing I've learned is the need to push through your pain and turn it around to keep up your momentum.

Clever girl.

It's not quite entirely under my belt, yet, but I believe I've got a handle on the basics—when I take a heavy blow, my body registers it and takes the new experience as a boost of adrenaline. At my best, Mio and Mom tell me I move like I'm two people.

It's not exactly hard to cause a samurai to lose 30% to 35% of their max LIFE in one turn, especially in boss fights. For how little SP Pain React takes to level up, it's not a bad investment. Whether or not you want to level it up past 3 is up to you, though—4500 SP to reduce the threshold by 3% doesn't exactly sound like the best investment to me.

Tier 4 Skills

Garuda Whirlwind

Requires the Battou stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to all enemies.

So, this is the ultimate technique of my third sensei. Once I obtained this, my formal training was over—or at least, unless I find a fourth sensei.

To clear an entire wave of foes out in a single strike—the principle of 'one against a hundred' that kept lone warriors going against impossible odds.

"A true master of the blade... is worth more than an entire legion of soldiers."

...But I find it kind of inefficient, so I don't use it too often.


Still, it's worth something!

I don't understand why this is all the way in tier 4, but here you go. Personally, I'd rather just drop SP in Carnage Strike for clearing out random encounters.

Mate in 16

Requires the Iai stance to use. Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy.

As for this, though... This stance, here, is of my own design. The basic strike writ large, with the mastery of every sensei I've ever studied under or studied from afar. If I'm ever called upon to write one of those volumes myself, this is what I'll put in it... though I doubt I ever will be.

A pre-planned victory taken from before the first strike. Sure-fire blade, Mate in 16!



I love the name.

So the power of being S-Class is that you can be as anime as you want and nobody can tell you no... most excellent.

Here we are, the final evolution of Diagonal Slash. Expensive, but it deals a lot of damage, no questions asked. Can't even miss.

Regulated Breath

Increases the user's maximum LIFE for a set amount of turns.

...oh, and here's the "Regulated Form" that one head's grandson came up with. It's to improve your body's circulation.

Why is your family so insistent on these girding techniques?

I wish I knew.

I guess the intent behind Regulated Breath is to give samurais a buffer to safely activate Pain React with? That's too much setup for my tastes, though.

What an impressive style! Looks like our captain's really got a handle on things!

Admittedly I'm not an expert, but your form seems flawless, Captain.

And so considerate! A real team player!


I don't feel like I've reached my peak yet, though.


No. I feel like there's more waiting for me at the tip of my blade. It's right there. And... I have to fight to my fullest ability to save the world I love.

You just need the right inspiration, hm?

Yes. I think you're right.

EX Skill: Sakura Cyclone

Deals ATK-based damage to one enemy.

Big damage go boom.

By the way, this can benefit from Motionless's ATK increase.

Alright, I feel warmed up! I hope everyone was entertained.

I'm more than entertained! No wonder they picked you as our captain.

I thought it was because she joined first.

Besides that.

But, yes, I agree.

Hup, hah!

I never did take you for a dancer, Richter.

Oh, it's just a hobby. Tah!

(A swordfighter with elegant footwork, whose style, and even her blade, shifts to meet her needs... interpreting new experiences as a way to form new techniques, or go beyond a human's physical limits...)

(Chisa Inomiko... You are a truly frightening woman.)

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