"Alright, folks," she said, "let's get rolling!"

In the dimming light of the sunset, the girl in the jacket took a deep breath, and began to run. Her lapel camera recorded her every move as she leapt aside a closed dumpster, using it for a bit of leverage to jump over a wired fence. "Hey-" Some hapless guard said. "Y-you can't be here!"

"I'm not anymore!" the girl in the jacket said, taking a moment to salute the guard as she landed with a deft roll, allowing her to immediately begin running again as she hit the ground. She ran through the network of alleys that made up the backstreets of Tokyo, dodging past seedy yakuza bars and into a red-light district where the lights were just coming on, people ready to begin a night of whatever gambling and debauchery they did in places like this.

Leaping and swinging off of a flagpole on the side of one such bar, the girl in the jacket took a moment to get her momentum, and then swung onto a little karaoke place she liked on the second floor of one specific building. "Howdy, folks," she said, opening up the door, and the middle-aged salarymen who came in, and the bar's Mama, too, they all raised their glasses in greeting. She was a regular, after all. "Can't stay too long, but I'm in the mood for a game. How's the table?"

One particular old man who sat amidst the lonely tables, old showtunes playing over the radio as day turned to night, let a glint in his eye show. He pulled out his deck of hanafuda cards, and with a quick hand, he dealt her a hand as she slid in to the cushion on the other side of the seat. "When'll I get you to play me in a game that has real stakes?"

"You know she's not like that," Mama said. "I don't know if Sacchin even has any money!" That got a laugh from the regulars.

It only took a few rounds. Her lucky card was in her opening hand, and with another draw that got placed on the field- "Haha! Hanamizake and Tsukimizake!" The girl in the jacket clapped. "Lucky! Cha cha cha! Best we ever had!"

"What do you even get with just those," the gambler said, shaking his head, "a hundred yen?"

"Personal satisfaction, the most important object of all," the girl in the jacket said. "Kyahaha!" The sound of people running up the stairs alerted her out of the side of her ear, and she nodded to everyone and said, "Alright, I'm out. See you when I see you!" With a hand raised in salutation, she deftly rolled out of the bar's side window, which she had special permission to use.

Sliding down a wire of hanging lights, the girl in the jacket landed on a street with the guards successfully bamboozled, and sidled her way into a narrow crack between buildings. Most people would call this sort of thing impossible, but her head could fit, so she could fit. Such was her incredible skill.

"Oop-" As she slid out of the crack, she dodged out of the way a punch some goon had launched at some other goon, and helped them both out by letting loose a little spin-slide that knocked them both down. With a cackle full of conflict resolution, she rolled down and crawled into an animal trail that some of the little bastards from around this district had shown her. "This one's a good one," she said to her camera, "a lot of people are too nervous to come in here 'cause of all the strays."

From there, she crawled out to the city at large, and spotted her bus stop, with the bus just leaving. "Ah, shucks," she said, her voice full of glee. "Guess I'll have to hitchhike a bit!"

First, she grabbed onto the pylon of a power line in the darkness. Then an awning atop a ramen shop, then a rebound to the same power line, and—bingo! She landed atop the bus as it drove off, no doubt making a heavy noise inside, but nobody at this time wanted to care about noises from the bus they were riding. A long day's work was tiring, after all. That's why she'd never done one—if you enjoy your job, work's not work!

Whipping out her Switch, the girl said, "Alright, now let's see, where was I?" She loaded it up, and was greeted by the sight of a twisted tower. "Right, right, just beat Vergil 2. Ugghhh, next mission's gonna suck, but I get Beowulf! It's come to my attention that some of you have never played this genre-defining series, which you should, you cowards, but Beowulf happens to be my beautiful self's favorite weapon, so I'm gonna show y'all how to goomba stomp some demons to death. If you want to see the direct capture instead of my camera feed, I'll be uploading a replay of this mission the day after I upload this video, so look forward to that."

A few people gave the girl on top of a bus weird looks, especially passengers who looked up and saw her, but nobody wanted to do anything about it, so they just let her go. After about half an hour's worth of play, the girl came to her neighborhood, pocketed her Switch, and hopped off the bus onto the ground, rolling again to let her start running. "Evening, Tanaka," she said to a salarywoman who got off at the same stop before disappearing into the distance.

Her apartment was in the back end of this block, so her fastest route involved heading through an empty lot. As she darted in, taking a rebound off of a wall in order to conserve speed, she found the deadliest obstacle of all. Several beady eyes looked up at her from the ground, and she skidded to a stop.

"Hey, guys!" the girl said with a wave, "Gotcha somethin' special."

—This lot was no longer so 'empty', these days. People around the neighborhood had noticed how well set up this lot was for stray cats, and newcomers were always encouraged to eventually come see the lot's master at work. Posts, beds, and regular deliveries of food—what else could a cat want? There was even a little sign, put up by the people around, saying—at her request—"Satsuki's Stray Cat Home".

Today, about twelve cats had come around to mingle with her, and she began to dole out food, ensuring that no single cat got too much or too little. "Hehe," she said, to one specific cat, "someone's gotten some meat on her bones, hasn't she?" She winked. "Nothing wrong with that. You're looking real good, kitty. Smile for the camera!"

The kitty did not smile for the camera. "That's okay, we'll get it next time," Satsuki said, and stood up to release one last shower of the goods she'd, heh, purr-loined from that fishery. "Let it raaaaain! Kyahahahaha!"

She began to spin around in a rain of fish bits, her little stray cat friends no doubt blessing Mommy for her goods. "The beautiful Satsuki strikes again!" She leapt out of the pile, and a few cats looked up at her. "I'll see you in a few hours, kids. Gotta finish my route!"

It was a left, then a right, then another right, and finally she came to a little apartment complex. She was quite good at climbing stairs, if she said so herself, but maybe each of these last few floors would present some new threat. Maybe a meteor strike!

...Nope. She slid in to her door, pulled her key from her pocket, and unlocked her door. She slid inside, then looked out, left, right, to make sure no suspicious individuals were around or something. And then...

Deep breath in. Close door.

V-pose! "Saaaaaaaafe!" she cried.

The adrenaline in her body began to quiet itself as she hung up her goggles and jacket, and she crashed into the chair in front of her laptop. "Thanks for joining me on my route today, kids. Remember, do as I say, not as I do, and all that jazz. I'll be releasing a dev update in the next few weeks, so you can look forward to that!"

Spinning around in her chair, the girl who was no longer in the jacket let out another little cheer, and said, "You know what?

"I think 2020's really gonna be my year!"

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