Part 10: Smash Up!

Top Scientist: They may look similar to earthbound lifeforms, but they're extraordinarily extraterrestrial! It's like comparing Lake Biwa to the Pacific! How can I best—imagine, if you will, the best points of all of Earth's lifeforms combined into one being!

So we're gonna need to use our arm to rocket them into space.

I'm not sure that'll work. There was only one Kars, you know.

ac-tually, in the novel 'jorge joestar', there were thirty-six karses on the moon


that novel kinda sucked lol

At this point, I finally managed to regain my composure and properly shake my head to go visit Mom before we headed out.

So, enjoying the weirdo house?


I'm juicin', daughters. Juicin' creatively.

I mean, weapons of war ain't really my bag, you know? Or at least I thought not.

See, stuff my genius brain comes up with, very difficult to mass-produce unless I go in thinking, yeah, let's mass-produce this. Like that doohickey I gave Greenie, everyone else looks at the plans and goes "whaaaat the fuuuuck" and then they just give up!

They're all, 'Oh, Dr. Akaneno, that doesn't abide by the laws of physics! That shouldn't work that way!'

But if you ask me—and you should—the laws of physics are for cowards! All of them are just theories we should edit and modify with future information!

You seen the grenade launcher the maid girl from downstairs keeps? You think I could take a look at it?

Reimi has a grenade launcher?

She's VERY protective of Grenadine. She's her baby.

I see, I see. I mean, that's understandable.

You know, when Mio was a kid, I was all worried she mighta walked in with some jerk one day when she got in high school—some trash-o loser who wouldn't treat her right, y'know? And if she had, I woulda pasted whatever loser she walked in with with my Genius Technique #14, the Homura Toss. Cause what mom wants to see her kids manhandled by some wacko who doesn't understand the EULA?

Thank god for wholesome schoolgirl lesbians!

Anyway, have fun out there, ladies.

Yes, um, l-let's go.

Alright, everyone, let's head out to Shibuya one more time.

Your mother is just the most dreadfully overbearing person.

She means well.

Give it your best, y'all! Don't lose to standardized bureaucracy or the chaotic energies of street gangs!

I don't lose to no street gangs! C'mon, ladies!

And Richter.

Thank you, Miss Fudoji.

Calling Unit 13.

(What do you look so happy for?)

(Oh, do I look odd?)

(You're grinning like a weirdo.)

Um, the SDF called to let you know that they've taken down the barricade. There was a lot of SKY activity between here and Center Street... do you think they might've put up the barricade?

I think it's possible.

So head right at the crossroads. Thank you, Jeanne!

Uh, n-no problem!

(See? You're grinning again.)

(Am not. Get back to work.)

(Unit 10 isn't out right now!)

Over and out.


Why so nervous, Captain? Parenthood sending a chill down your spine?

I mean she's—she's not my daughter, that's not—


Y'know, I had wondered what the deal with that barricade was when I came around here a few times. I—

Prepared again, Captain?

How am I supposed to know whether we'll find a bunch of supplies like this when we'll deploy?!

Considering our stock of antitoxins, perhaps this dragon will assist us.

If it survives that long!

Model off the ground. Aerial attacks work.



Alright, that's a net gain of one! How nice!

This Enemy Radar really is such a convenient tool. I wonder how Mr. Ayafumi managed to construct this?

You mean you don't know?

Well, I'm only truly an expert in the usage of YUUHI as a cybersecurity and coding tool. While I'm well aware of the basic construction of the Gauntlet, when upgrades are created specifically for it I do have a bit of a learning curve.

...Which is why I really do appreciate Mio's ability to trawl through Mr. Ayafumi's notes.

Lots of practice.

So, like we established last update, Kirino, our good good good pal Kirino, has given us the Enemy Radar. You'll see it in the upper-left screen. It'll shift from blue to green to orange to red to indicate how close you are to a random enemy popping up. Helpful!

You'll also notice the yellow markers on the map. Rescuable people are marked on the map for us now! Rescue the people! Do it!! Don't be an asshole!!!


Oh, how about that. Her instincts were right faster than Mr. Ayafumi's radar.

Sure enough, we found an SDF soldier up there.

Sir, we're here to rescue you.

Colonel Shikishima: Rescuers? *cough* It's a real pity when the SDF has to rely on citizens for help, but... I still can't find Chief of Staff Mikasa, and this wound's still bleeding. I'm sorry to ask, but could you give me a hand?

It seems to be in working order if it's as accurate as Satsuki.

Truly it's a sad day for all of Murakumo's best and brightest if one of their greatest achievements can be outdone by a Youtuber.

To be fair, she's a very talented Youtuber.

There isn't too much to say about this room in particular other than that. Shibuya's pretty linear, and there aren't any new Dragon varieties in this segment or new tricks I'm pulling out.

Amidst the trees, we found another SDF staffer.

Doing alright over there?

Chief of Staff Mikasa: You're... civilians with Murakumo?

Yes, sir. Would you happen to be Chief of Staff Mikasa?

Chief of Staff Mikasa: Have I lost my name tag?

You might've. Colonel Shikishima mentioned he was worried about you.

Chief of Staff Mikasa: You've found Shikishima? That's good. He didn't look his best when I saw him last. If you can find the rest of the SDF, I can help—er, I heard you were situated at Tokyo City Hall?

Yes, sir. Please snap the thread on this and it'll transport you close enough you can find our people.

Chief of Staff Mikasa: This is really embarrassing... but I'm very grateful to you.

Someone looks happy.

Do I?

Yeah, you're all glow-y and stuff.

Well, it just feels good to help people, you know? I feel like my efforts are fruitful.

Ah, yes. You're not the sort of person who does much for her own sake. How could I forget.

Hey, that's not true. I have hobbies. I draw plenty of things for myself.

Mmhm. And why did you start drawing, again?

I've been an artist since I was a child! I've always been fascinated... by...



Say it out loud, it'll feel better.

(Damn crates.)

(wanna see me fit through there)

(No, I'd rather you stayed with us.)

I... started drawing while our guild was heading through space... I wanted to surprise Mio with it. Cecil said that he thought I was a natural...

I guess I never really thought about it before... but that might've had something to do with it.

Ah, I see. Well—

One moment.

Ehehehahahahahahaha! Shatter! Bleed! Your suffering is ambrosia to my ears!

I'm helping!

Alright, what was that?

I wanna curl up into a ball and die right here. I don't do anything for myself.

I-I was just trying to poke fun at you, come on.

I learned swordplay because of the Inomikos, I'm an artist because of Mio even if I remember doing that before I picked it up because I was way younger when I started than I was when I started, I became captain of Unit 13 because—

Because you love the world.

Right? I heard Chief Hikasa muttering about it once. She said she thought it sounded like drivel.

She would, wouldn't she.

Personally, I believe that even if you started doing something because of someone else, all of the things you do are very uniquely you, Captain.

Why, I started coding as part of a dare back in middle school.

Koron's not trying to make you have an existential crisis, Chisa.

Right. Um. Yes.


It's okay, Koron. I mean, I know... well, it's not like we haven't discussed this before, I just... wasn't expecting that moment of sudden realization of information I'd already had the whole time to occur now. I wasn't quite, um, prepared. For that.

Right. Of course. I...

You must understand that even though I myself am a very prickly person I do find your altruism admirable in its own way.

No, no, I get it. I—

Oh, wait!

I remember now! Haha, you know, Mio and Mom were pretty surprised by my major. Both of them expected me to get into something like, I don't know... an art school.

Someone in this group went to college?

I have a Master's in classic Japanese literature.

Wait, what do you mean I'm the only one?

I never went to college.

Me neither.

I never had the time.

I considered it, but I never stayed in one place for long enough to do so.

Japanese lit, huh?

The life story of Lady Murasaki really spoke to me.

pin convo pls. punks present.

The two young men were both wielding swords, so it was rather plain to see that they weren't just civilians.

Yes, I'm well aware of that.

Tao: Tch, look at those dorky armbands. They're Murakumo. You here to apologize for stepping on our turf, little ladies?

Akira: (Is that one a lady?)

Tao: And the guy.

Thank you for your consideration.

I'm surprised you haven't run screaming.

Listen, I'm not here to fight you. I want to talk. Not as me—

Oh, come on!

Kids on the street like this only listen once you prove yourself!

Akira: Like a grandma like you'd know anything about that!

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!




Tao: She's got TWO guns?!

two's better'n one

Akira: Think I'm not hard enough? I'm hard enough!


Tao: Why'd I think that would work?!

Can't be told not to touch a hot stove, you've gotta do it yourself!

Disappointing. Not nearly effective enough yet.

Akira: (Do you get the feeling we might be a little outclassed)

Tao: (Kinda, yeah)

Well, if that's how we're doing things...

Bastard! Get over here so I can claw out your eyes!

Akira: Rather take my chances with you than the muscle lady!

Tao: I mean, she can't take that many more hits from both of us—


Akira: Taooooooooooooo!!!!!!


Akira: You call that lmao?! He was my buddy, pal! How dare you!!

Tao: I'm just on the floor, dude...

Akira: Don't worry, Tao! I'll take on your spirit!!

OW OW OW how'd you see meeee

In all seriousness, you can be rather loud.

Akira: If I just keep hitting them, I'll win!! Eventually!!!

Akira: My precious body!! My precious body that Bro gave me!!

Tao: I'm not your mom, dude!

Alright! That should do the trick!

Tao: Murakumo's freaking unbelievable! What was with all that bullshit we heard?! Guchi just ranted about the coat!

Akira: A bit of heads up about the guns would've been nice!

Which ones?

Tao: ...Craaaap crap crap crap, we've gotta let 'em through. I give up already!

Akira: Wait for meeee!

The two of them ran off into the trees, and I didn't feel too concerned about following them.

So... it seems like negotiations... aren't going well.

It's alright. Frankly, I expected a bit of resistance. Ideally, we'll find the leaders again, and have a more constructive discussion.

No need to worry, Jeanne. This is pretty normal with this sort of clientele.

Alright. It's just... Ms. Hikasa said to neutralize them, but...

We can deal with the Machiavellian nature of our boss later, but as the leader of Unit 13, I say how this unit operates. And you're assigned to our unit, so there's no need to worry about acting in a way that Natsume would disapprove of.

...Okay. Um, do your best!

Do you have some sort of reputation which precedes you, Youka?


The tattooed man, Daigo, and that boy Guchi, seem to have both made mention of your coat. Not to mention you offered to take point here.

Oh, that. Nothing important, really. I just have some experience.

That... sounds rather important.

Well, it's sure to come up sooner or later. It's a long story!

This doesn't seem like a great idea on their part.

Ino: I knew you'd be back, and I was waiting for you.

Oh, you're precious. I can hardly believe how charming it is that you'd come back for round two.

It's Guchi, right?

Guchi: (Shit she knows my name Ino what do we do)

Ino: (Act natural, loser!)

Guchi: So as Buddha is my witness, even if your fists can break my bones, no Oiwa's gonna beat me or my good buddy here!!


Youka rolled her eyes and let out a sigh so heavy I thought she might deflate.

Most people I beat don't get back up for a second round, kid. You know I'm going awfully easy on you for your own sake, right?

Seriously. You shoulda seen her against Warcry.

Ino: And now you're stealing Aitelle's cool names! That's three eyes for an eyes we'll have to take from ya!

If you want eyes, I have plenty I could give you.

Ino: Stay out of this, little girl!

I'll rip those pigtails off of your head, city girl!

Do your best to control your rage, alright, sweetie? These two haven't gotten the picture yet. We oughta show them.

Oh, I'll show them plenty. Go on, do your thing.

Ino: That cape's super tacky, by the way! It'd look better burnt!

Just because it's more dignified than your trashy street fashion doesn't give you the right to insult my way of living, Ino of SKY! I'll claw those earrings out of your earlobes and FEED THEM TO YOU!

Guchi: Ha! Gotcha before you could catch it!


Alright. Let me deliver my message a little more firmly this time, then.

Ino: Ya dumbass, don't just walk into the counterattacks!

Guchi: But it's all counterattacks!

Ino: The fire thing doesn't work unless you get up close!

Guchi: Well I can't just throw my sword!

Ino: Why the hell not?

Guchi: 'Cause then I don't have a damn sword! I can't shoot fireballs, Ino! All I do—

Guchi: Is I hit 'em like this!

Guchi: Wait ow I'm on fire


i'm here too. hiding

Eat it!



Ino: Dumbass, what am I gonna do without my tank?!

Ino: Wait

Oh, hello, little lady! I can't help but notice that you're a bit young to be on a battlefield!

Okay but like seriously though I'm kind of in pain can we take a second and get hit with fewer fireballs. Richter help

This is Satsuki's Trick Hand buff skill. It's a party-wide buff that increases the effectiveness of healing items used while it's active. At base level, it's a 30% buff to the item healing, so like, that's not nothing. Along with being fast, it's the core part of the Trickster's healing ability—hucking items like a god and making them better. It's good.


At once!

Oh look, someone can actually aim.

An impressive talent!


Increasing your own psychic frequency? Guchi's holding you back, really. What does he add, even?

Ino: See, that's what I'm saying!

Guchi: I'm right here!!

You're right, this is more tactical depth than I expected.

thanks richter i wanna see this

Of course.

But you left yourself open!

Ino: Yyyyyeeeeowch I can't BELIEVE you'd just hit a young lady like me that hard!

Guchi: Dummy, they hit me too! My nose is bleeding and I think my fibula's snapped!!!

Ino:: What's a fibula?!

Guchi: I don't know!!

Kids, this really isn't a good use of your time. I understand you care a lot about this, but you shouldn't pick fights you can't possibly win. That goes for the rest of you, too.

Ino: Grrrr, I hate this, I hate this, I HATE THIS!! We can't really be losing Shibuya, can we?! W-well—well, nothing you've seen can prepare you for what's up next!

Guchi: Thought Murakumo was just a bunch of babies... had to have a ghost story, too!

Ino: Dummy, ghost stories aren't real!

The two of them ran off at a really incredible speed. I saw Guchi look over his shoulder back at Youka as he ran, too.


Is this how the youth of today operate?

You're twenty-six, Richter.

I feel horribly out of touch sometimes.

Before you head on, Unit 13, there are a few dragons down the road... it might be a good idea to take care of those.

I was thinkin' the same thing!

Why, there's one over there and—

Satsuki suddenly bent over and started sniffing.


Ah—there's an ajar manhole cover over there. I think she might've spotted something.

So there is.

Oh, this is surprisingly nice. I suppose the trees have drained most of what we'd expect down here?

By the look of things.


A pair of sunglasses?

Ah, for protection of the eyes, I suppose. You might as well keep them.


Shirai: Ssshhh! Quiet! You guys trying to escape, too? With the Dragons and SKY—

Actually, ma'am, we're a rescue party. We'll have you right out in a jiffy.

The chest back there has an SP Up 100. Handy!

Back to our regularly scheduled dragon cleanup. Nice shootin', Tex.

They're so fragile! It's delightful.

Oh, hello there.

Yes, well... We're here to—

Shino: ...Wait. Red armbands. Uh. Are you Murakumo?

...*sigh* Yes... as you were, then—

Shino: Red armband and that green jacket?!

well that happened

He must have been SKY, right? But he couldn't have been too strong, if he ran away...

The chest hidden there contains three Heal Aeros. Nice!

Over in another corner, we found a girl surrounded by a pair of dragons.


Be quick about it, or the other will enter the fray!

the beautiful satsuki is gone now

On it, Youka?

As always!

Fall from your perch and tumble into hell!

DAMN we're good at this

That's the way the cookie crumbles!

We'll be right with you, ma'am.

Maki: What the hell

Watching Youka pick up the dragon by its orb and drive it into the ground like a volleyball, I heard Miroku gasp in awe from over the channel. I opted not to say anything for his sake.

Alright, now that that's done.

Maki: Uh, t-thanks for helping, but... who are ya?


Maki: Holy cow, Murakumo?!


Maki: And the green-coated lady?!

Mmhm. Now's a good time to go home.

Bye. Have a nice day. Be safe.

It's okay, Captain.


Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Nobody knows the sorrow...

Eventually, we managed to trace our steps back to just past where we'd battled Ino and Guchi. And, sure enough...

Okay! Good! We found you. Hi.

Hello. My name's Chisa Inomiko and I'm the captain of Murakumo Unit 13. As a concerned citizen of Tokyo, I'd like to have a word with your leader, but in absentia, Mr. Daigo will do.

Yeahhhh, thought you'd be back. Slaving away for the grouchy old boss lady.

It's true that I was ordered to come back to Shibuya, but the context under which I've done so is very different than she would've intended. So, just so we're clear, I'm aware that I disobeyed what you said and you're likely about to try to forcibly remove me, but may I have a moment first?


He paused in his movements.

Go ahead.

Thank you! So, as you likely know, I nearly died when the Dragons first invaded. I was a trainee at the time, having been recommended to the agency by my mother-in-law. I had never in my life heard of Murakumo before then, and I spent a month in a coma before being conscripted the day I woke up to take back City Hall.

I've been Murakumo for roughly a week by this point, if that, and I have no idea what the history or relationship between SKY and Murakumo are. I fully believe that you probably have a very justifiable reason for disliking the organization—frankly, Ms. Hikasa is a deeply Machiavellian woman who kind of unsettles me.

So, seriously, really, I am actually approaching this discussion in good faith, I have no intention of actually harming you and yours, and I just wanted to please formally request that you not harm peoples' livelihoods, because I'm the sort of person who does things by the book, unfortunately.

Okay? Is—is a mutual nonaggression policy within the boundaries of the city of Shibuya—is that amenable? I mean, we can fight if you want to—I don't mind, I'm armed because this is a warzone. I just really don't think—you know, that harming innocent people and denying them of the benefit of shelter out of a grudge against Murakumo is, you know, a good thing to do. Okay? Is that—is that okay? It's just—you know. Just, we need to be in Shibuya sometimes. For logistical reasons. You know? Not—

I understand.

Okay, good!

Geez, Class Rep, wanna vomit your whole life story?

I can do that if it will help us have a good faith discussion here!

That's not up to me. But I'll bring it up to Takehaya.

Okay, well, that's fine. Can you mail me the response or something if the answer is 'no'? Negotiations break down through lack of communication.


Okay, thank you! Thank you for listening. Alright, you can continue with what you were going to do.


No, it's alright. A bit of a workout might help me, actually.

I mean, Daigo's such a softie, he let you off~ But SOMEONE couldn't just leave well enough alone.

is it us. the good time charlies

Take a deep breath. This time, you'll leave here with a souvenir that'll make sure you never set foot here again.

Then let's discuss this like fighters!

( Not taking the front lines, Miss Fudoji?

Nah... I'd rather get a view of this guy's moves.)

Rival Arrival is a pro click, recommended.

Anyway, here's our first fight against Daigo and Neko. I'm sure it will come as an incredible shock to you that Neko is a Psychic and Daigo is essentially a Destroyer, though he doesn't inflict D-Depth or anything—he just hits like a truck.

Man, I really want that parka. Where'd you pick it up?

Hands off!

I wasn't gonna steal it. Just making eyes at it!

but MAN I really want that parka.

When she's equipped with Daggers, Satsuki can use the Assassin Eyes buff, which juices up her basic attack crit rate and also buffs her overall damage. It's good.

OW but also nice flips dude, good form!

That's the sort of thing I expect from our Captain.


Y'all always banter while you fight?

It's sort of the done thing, yes.

Thank god, fighting dragons gets boring! Don't even say anything when Daigo clotheslines 'em!

Ah, so I see you've been having similar difficulties with the diffusion of a wider-spread ice spell.


With the what?

You know, how increasing the area of effect causes the informational signals the Psy-Gene produces to become less tangible even as the visual effects increase in intensity—it's basic science, Ms. Neko.

Well excuuuuse me for not going to school!

That's more than basic science.

Ha! See?

It's hardly more than first grade level!

koron you might just wanna take the L on this one

Neko pulled down her eye and stuck her tongue out, blowing a raspberry at Koron.

...I pressed the advantage accordingly.


OWWWW how'd you do that?!

Satsuki, press the advantage! If we defeat her, their tactical presence will vastly weaken!

On it!


a bit of discomfort is natural.

Do try to avoid damage even if you're not actively hiding, Satsuki.


Yeahhh! Go, Daigo!

...did my knives just get duller?

Oh, I see. She must've manipulated the space around your knives with small ice particles in order to decrease their efficacy.

Hey, Koron, why can't you do that?

Pfffft she can't?

It's almost like psychic powers aren't a universal skillset, Satsuki.

Every psychic knows how to cast at least one buff, ya big baby!

I can buff just fine!

Yup. Duller.

The paralytic still works great, though, thanks for letting me test it!

Bite meeeee

I'd been trying to burn Daigo like I had Neko. It didn't work as well, and it didn't do much to mitigate...


Koron! Are you alright?!

Fucker... it'll take more than that to down me. Can't even break my bones that easily, and you call yourself a fistfighter?

Damn it!

We're on the backslide! We need to get Koron back up!

Or, we would have, had the fight continued.

This fight ends automatically at the top of turn 4. For the record, I totally could've taken them.

Come to think of it... that was the first time I met him, wasn't it? The leader of SKY, Takehaya... there was a sword by his waist, too. I could tell just from looking that he was no ordinary man—but I didn't know what kind of extraordinary he was, then.

There's a legend out in Yotsuya. All the street toughs out there tell the tale of how, in a single week, a woman wearing a green coat she'd taken from a member of the Lotus Runners single-handedly crushed the three strongest gangs in town, including that very same gang, with only her bare hands. They call her the "New Ghost of Yotsuya"—the way the legend goes, she was a scorned woman who'd come back from Hell to take vengeance, a lot like the old Oiwa of the original Yotsuya Kaidan.

Now, when I heard that the group of Murakumo flunkies who'd come here included a fist-fighting middle-aged woman with a green coat, I'll admit I was a bit curious. There a reason you're sitting back there and letting kids do the fighting for you, Ghost of Yotsuya?

Oh, I've done plenty of fighting today. This time, though... Well, he's your friend, so I'm sure you know Daigo here's a real tough one. I'm not the sort of girl who charges blindly into a fight—I wanted to take a second to pick up some info. Since my reputation precedes me, it's only fair, right?

Also, that's an exaggeration. It took ten days. I used a few bikes, too—and I got this coat from my son-in-law, and he helped, you know.

Huh. Well, fancy that.

Okay. So you're Mr. Takehaya. Hi. I'm Captain Chisa Inomiko of Murakumo Unit 13, it's nice to meet you. I just gave Daigo a long spiel I meant to go to you, but since you're here now before we leave this is a decent time—


The woman standing next to him took a sharp breath in through her nose when she properly looked at me.

...Is there something on my face?

I wouldn't know. So, Captain Inomiko, I imagine you're here on orders from the old bat?

Partially, yes. I haven't been with Murakumo very long, so I can't say I have any understanding of the context on the beef between your organizations—forgive me for being ignorant. I, however, have absolutely no reason to want to fight you and yours, and actually I think it'd be a ridiculous way to spend my time when there are much more important things to be doing.

And that was so important you ignored Daigo's warning and came back?

Yes, sir. Some of your underlings were harming the livelihoods of unaffiliated survivors in the area. I wanted to request that you not do that.

Uh-huh. And the old lady left it at that?

No. She asked us to drive you out of Shibuya. I told her that that was ridiculous. Frankly, if she wants to rout you all, she can learn how to wield a sword and try it herself in her spare time when we're not in the midst of attempting to save the populace of Tokyo from alien monsters.

Hardly a soldier's attitude.

I'm not a soldier, sir. I'm just a concerned citizen.

Could've fooled me.

I haven't come as a member of Murakumo except insomuch as it allows me to come as an agent of the peace. As a person, I just want to keep the people of Tokyo safe, and Murakumo allows me to do that.

Huh. Fancy that... a real paragon of justice, aren't you.


If you wanna.


Koron's breathing was tense behind me. Not just because of her wounds, but I could see it in her face—she was probably feeling the same thing I felt. The woman with the blue hair who stood by Takehaya—she wasn't a psychic, to be certain. But there was something unusual about her—something almost unearthly.

Captain Chisa Inomiko... What is the name of the Dragon who took City Hall?

You mean the Warcry?

See, she did it again!

...I see.

She turned her head to Takehaya.

I do not believe she is lying. She has very honest eyes.

Of course she does.

Takehaya looked down at the ground, and let out a dry chuckle.

So you're not going to explain any of what you just said to me right now, are you.

Well, it's a lot to explain to a poor rookie. Plus, the guy back there looks like he's having a hell of a time futzing with your connection.


I looked behind me to see Richter frantically hacking something.

Richter, what are you doing?

Alright, so, I didn't want to say anything out loud, but even if we can trust Jeanne and Miroku not to talk to Ms. Hikasa about our conduct, a few of those remarks were a bit much to say on footage that Ms. Hikasa is not only legally allowed to review, but most likely will be reviewing. Not to mention, I have the strangest feeling that this may be edging close to classified information if we go much further than this, and that might be a breach of my contracts, and I really need this job.

Well, if you came with us and joined up with SKY, we'd have plenty of time to chat about anything you wanted.


I know you're not serious, but my girlfriend and mother-in-law are at City Hall and I'm not going to leave them.

As is my mother.

I've got important bullying Koron to do.

I'd prefer to take care of kids who can't take care of themselves.

I would not be frantically attempting to hack our own comm feeds if I didn't really need this job! With all due respect!

Heh. Maybe some other time, then, Unit 13. If you keep hunting dragons—

We'll run into each other again?


You can stop, Richter.

Ffffshhhh cough cough Jeanne are you there?

W-what happened? The comms cut off!

Dragon interference.


So, non-aggression within the bounds of Shibuya if you're here to care for unaffiliated citizens, huh?

That's right.

I can accept that. I'll give Ino and Guchi a talking to. Don't start anything, and we won't start anything with you or your unit.

Right. Thank you, Takehaya.

Thank Aitelle, if you're gonna thank anyone. Daigo! Neko! We're off.


You got off easy this time!

Do you... love this world, Captain Inomiko?

Huh? Um...

Yes, I do.

I see. Please never forget that.

They weren't a very organized group. When they trailed out of the area, it was hardly a single-file line. Still... there was something nice about it.

yeah she seems like the kinda lady whod give dragons names tbh

Um! How did it go?

It went great, thank you.

I didn't hear it, but... i-if he said anything bad, I'm sure it was a lie!

Well, I'm 99% sure...

No need to worry, really. We should be fine from here out.

Is it true she broke three gangs in ten days by beating them with bikes?!

That part is true, yes.

Oh! I'm confirming a transmission from the SDF forces checking the subway to City Hall.

A soldier's work is never done, hm?

We should hurry to assist them.

Next time, Satsuki Undergrooooound! Satsuki Undergroooooound!

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