It was December, and Mio had gotten home from work. I was in my room, sketching something or another, when a knock on the door came. Mio called out that she'd get it, and she did, but about fifteen minutes later, I came out to our living room to see Mio sat at our coffee table with a woman I'd never strictly seen before, but that, unsurprisingly, I also knew very well.

I asked if she wanted to sponsor me, but she said her likeness wasn't just good for publicity~

Yeah, that sounds like Sumie. I'm glad your business is going well, though. Oh, hey, Orochi!


You remember Sumie mentioned her friend Allie, with the cat food? This is her. She said she was coming to pay her respects.

Wow, look at you! The captain of Unit 13, in the flesh~ Aren't you impressive.

...Are you serious?

I sat down next to Mio, across from Allie.

As a heart attack! Someone's got to sell high-quality cat food in this new, dangerous era of humanity, right~?

You seriously just walked into my house like that?

What, aren't I allowed to visit? It's been ages.

Wait, have you two met?

'Allie', huh?

It's a cute name, right? I like it, personally. Has a nice ring to it!

It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise. You're right, it is a cute name.

I'm missing something here.

Mio, this woman is the 2nd True Dragon, Nodens.

Wait, what?!

Aww, guilty as charged~ Yup, that's little ol' me. Everyone knows who you are, so I figured I should come by to see how my dear little sister's doing!

Probably the best I've ever been doing.

What do you want, Allie?

I can't socialize any longer? Aww, gee, Orochi, you're such a meanie~

If you want to socialize, put your cards on the table first.

Okay, okay. If you insist. So, great job on killing Fomalhaut! Really astonishing! Fighting off two waves of Dragons in a row—gosh, this planet is really something, isn't it~ I've been spending some time here, and you were right all along! Humans have so much potential!

They do. You're right. Have you come here to declare you're not going to do anything?

Oh, heavens, no. I think what you've been talking about, all of this, is interesting. You and I both love humanity. I mean, they have VFD right here!

Say, Orochi. How long do you think you're going to live? Sixty more years? Seventy?


Eventually, everyone who fought in these wars will be gone. Everyone and everything will be a memory. People of the future can only look to the past through records and history. What are you going to do then?

You're human, Orochi. You're going to die.


Oh, sweetie. You know I love you dearly. I want to see you be your best self~ But time marches on, and so does evolution—if you die, there's nothing saying a new VFD can't be created. I think I might just try! Find some cute little humans with eighty years of evolving even further past you, and help them become VFD~

Say, with that Dragon Chronicle? Two people already became Dragons with that, but if science were to work with samples of True Dragons—

What? Everyone knows you shouldn't make another Dragon Chronicle. Who would help you?

History just needs little nudges to move it in the right direction! People don't notice if information is slowly eroded over time, as people with the chance to have seen it happen wear away until they've all disappeared. Sometimes, things need to happen the way they do—a bit of words in someone's ear there, leaked security footage of an underground facility there.

In other words, you're declaring your intent to work from the shadows to subvert our records and manipulate humanity into constructing a new Dragon Chronicle, to replace me as VFD.

Mmhm, mmhm! I knew you'd get it~

And what are you going to do? How are you going to obtain the control over information necessary to do that?

All I've got to do is spread my name around, you know. I'm thinking... oh, maybe I'll start a video game company! Video games are awfully fun, you know~ But in the background, it's a shady organization dedicated to defeating Dragons!


If she wants to construct a new VFD, she'll have to force her subjects to battle her. Nodens hides her true name because spreading her true name covertly is how she assaults a planet—the more people know it, the more lethal the toxins of her Bloom becomes.

I'm a successful cat food saleswoman, and soon I'm going to break into larger businesses. Soon, Allie Nodens is going to be a household name, baby~ Oh, and I've got these funny little pointy ears, so I might even get some press from people thinking I'm a Lucier!

Of course, you could stop me. You could fight me now, and kill me—or you could ensure there's always someone capable of telling the truth, telling humanity what's true and what's false. Just abandon your humanity.

So either I abandon my mortality and live as a True Dragon, or I die, and you'll exterminate humanity in the process of raising up a new VFD.

That's about the size of it~ Your 'will to coexist' defeated Fomalhaut, but can it stand up to the test of time? Let's say you have until... 2100, before I begin my assault. Humanity deserves a nice long break, don't you think?

I don't suppose I could try to convince you with words.

Actions speak louder than words, Orochi. You'll need more than words to prove you're right~ Alright, toodles! Was lovely meeting you, Mio! Be sure to tell Sumie that if they re-activate the servers, I'd love to play ESO2 with her again~

She stood up, and walked out of our room.



What are we going to do?

I'm not sure.


I kept this matter to myself for about a week, most of which I spent pacing up and down our home, wondering what to do. Humanity had access to very strong tools—the True Dragonslayer forged of my conceptual heart could obliterate Dragons as many times as it was necessary, but were it to leave my possession after my death, there was nothing saying Allie couldn't find a way to subvert that, as well. Hiding it away from humanity, or creating a false Dragonslayer from her own children—who knew?

I knew well that Allie was a devious woman with the capacity for a great deal of subterfuge. I needed to prove that I could outwit her, find a way that her subterfuge could be certainly broken, or else accept either of the fates she offered. So I started formulating a plan, a plan that could be done now. I thought, and I thought, and I thought, working out angles of possible attack as best I could.

Then, it was time to start telling people.

What do you mean I'm friends with two True Dragons.

That is quite the shocking coincidence, yes.

I know it's hard to believe, but—

If there's a problem that needs solving, we ought to solve it.

I agree. You said you had a plan?

Yes. I need you all to come to the location I'll specify in Higashi-Yamato, with as much spare Dz as you can carry. We'll handle bringing our combat goods, but come armed.

...This is going to involve fighting Dragons. You all deserve to be done, so if any of you want to opt out—

Oh fuck off, you tell us about a looming existential threat and then tell us we can opt out? No way.

We want to protect this world, too, Orochi. And you.

Oh boy, I get to shoot my guns again!!

You guys... Okay. I'll be waiting.


Part 104: With Murakumo Unit 13

We waited in a clearing in Higashi-Yamato for the rest of Unit 13, but the first to arrive was—

Wait, Youka?!

I can't believe you people! You're going off for one last Unit 13 hurrah and you didn't invite me?!

Uh, well... no. You're retired. You have chronic illnesses to be worrying about.

Now you listen here. Does it feel nice getting out of bed to fight Dragons again? Physically, no. I don't feel great. But if you think I'm going to let the five of you run off without me, you've got another thing coming.

You kids are family. If one of us is going, we're all going.

Well said.

Hello, everyone.

If it isn't my favorite people!

You guys are all so sweet.

Now! I hear we've got asses to kick.

That we do. Alright...


I unleashed Ten-chi Tachi on the air, and as I'd hoped, it split open a gate in the air.

Follow me.

Er. Where does this lead?

It's a gate into the informational realm, Grateful Seventh.

So we're heading right into the heart of their territory? Exciting.

Wait, why're we at the Diet Building?

One second.

Aitelle! Hey!

I have awaited you here, as promised, Orochi.

Hey, Aitelle! Good to see you.

Been a while. Thanks again for saving Daigo.

It was... the least I could do.

Aitelle will be coming along with us. Grateful Seventh is a realm of information with no actual physical form—we could wander in here for eons and not find anything, but by constructing a path out of our memories, we'll make it where we're going.

Ah, I see. So this Diet Building is constructed from our memories of Fomalhaut's raid?

Considering who we are, it's likely our path is going to take us through a number of draconic habitats. I'd say we should be prepared to fight off any number of Dragons.

Oh we're doing a boss rush?

Yeah, that's basically how I understand it.

Past and future memory is aslumber here within the abyss. To open the way—

This ought to be enough, yes?


Just like in the first game, the Illusory Capital takes the rest of the spare Dz to open up. You can technically get in here without having killed all the Dragons if you skip an upgrade, and a lot of people likely don't have need for the Terminal Dev Lab, but what are we, not true doom murderheads?

Let us go.

Whoa whoa whoa—

Well, wasn't expecting that.

What else is new?

Wait... Hold on—!

Private Sasuga?!

Pvt. Sasuga: Yeah, yeah! It's me! A certain angel I know told me I could probably meet up with you if I waited here. Been here a while. Really wanted to thank ya.

Sorry, are we just casually proving that ghosts are real?

Well, people's spirits have to go somewhere, right?

Private Sasuga: ...Hey, why are you a cat now?

Don't answer my question with a question.

What did you want to thank us about?

Pvt. Sasuga: How I died, y'know? The suicide mission. Thanks for not letting it go to waste.

Pvt. Sasuga: Alright, that's it. See ya, Unit 13! Hope we can trade stories later!

Good luck on your romantic endeavors.

Well, that just happened.

Lingering spirits come and go here. It is no surprise.

Tony: You did it, Unit 13! Tokyo, Japan, America, the world—all saved in one fell swoop! I thought all of East Asia was Dragon chow, and meh, I was dead in a snap, but...

Tony: Guess I have one regret. Could you tell Yuki not to cry for me?

It's a bit late for that one, unfortunately.

Wait. Oh no.


We had to miss, say, Genji, or Aoi, but you're here?

Great to see your annoying faces too. Listen, I gotta tell you thanks. You guys kept SECT11 alive without me—and you, Orochi. Having you around really worked wonders on Izumi. Guess it helps having practice being a big sister, huh?

Oh, hell no. Izumi's fine, but I am not placing myself in a role that important.

Well, either way, she oughta be fine if she's hanging out with you. ...Alright, well, just one last thing.

See you around, Unit 13.

Is he going to find new ways to be a pain in the ass even after he's dead?

I hope not.

Philosophic Man: But trial by fire can clear out old growth. If he had regrets, he is beyond them now. He wants to live in the world you've saved... live, with the family he's found.

Uhhh. Who was that?

I have no idea.

Okay, let's—

Hawawawa, hey, hold up! Marina?!

That's impossible. Marina couldn't be here.

That's not Marina. Whoever they are, they've just taken that form based on our memories.

...I have an ancient story to recount for you.

Today, we are travellers. A tale of antiquity, of the first war between man and Dragon—a tale of modernity, of the second—and a tale of the future, of the third.

Where shall the legend take us from here?

Do you trust me?

You and I are friends.

This is the Roppongi Acidfall.

Like I thought. Fomalhaut's Imperials want vengeance for their father. Be careful, everyone. Here, the Dragons are the strongest they've ever been.

Much like in the first game, the Illusory Capital primarily consists of a segment from an area with new and more powerful Dragon formations, then a battle with a souped-up version of the boss. This game's Illusory Capital is much harder—not just because the bosses are tougher, no.

Orochi, I see the first box of loot anyone gets to open in this place and we can't fit it in our pack.

We might need these rations.

No, the problem with the Illusory Capital is that random encounters look like this. Unlike in the first game's postgame, the random encounter dragons in this dungeon have just outright draconic statlines and two actions per turn. In other words, this squad gets eight actions per turn. Moreover, while their SP payouts are huge, the EXP payouts on these simply isn't worth it. If you need to grind levels, it's much wiser to do it in Fomalhaut's domain.

See? So, yeah, I won't be fighting any more randoms in here. They're scary and bad.

Anyhoo, over here there was a Bloom wall guarded by a Megamouth Dragon V. I am not capturing this fight in footage for a series of complicated technical reasons that would, I assure you, bore you to learn, regarding video recording resolution and whatnot. Nothing particularly interesting happened. The gang killed the thing.

Here we go!

Bloom wall dragons don't respawn when you leave the dungeon and come back, but regular roaming on-field dudes do in fact do that.

Anyway, so on-field here we have some Killhorn Dragon Vs. Two. This fight takes long enough that I run into both. It, uh...

Just look at the turn counter. I don't want to talk about it. I only get 2800 EXP from this.

As before, most of this is stuff you've seen before. There are a few notably painful moments in the dungeoneering, which I'll mention, but for the most part I'll be fast-tracking a lot of the running through areas.

What's all this loot doing here, anyway?

I'm not sure, but we shouldn't argue with it.

Perhaps... debris from the thoughts of these Dragons, given physical form?

See? Megamouth V. They've got 8072 HP, and don't actually have any meaningful differences from their original iteration. The Poison they inflict even still ticks for 23.

Huh. Pretty sturdy.

Oh, there we go. Problem solved.

Twelve thousand years ago, a great ocean empire, Atlantis, controlled the world. A nation governed by the Lucier, rich in mineral resources and in prowess to use them. Its prosperity was assured. Thus were the words of the Royal Historian, and all believed in them. Until the day the Dragons came...

Y'know, Aitelle, you're getting overshadowed as an exposition ghost.

I do not mind.

!! It's Oceanus!

Well, someone's eager to die, aren't they?

Okay I wasn't expecting you this soon but sure

As a final sendoff, I'll be using a different party for each of the bosses laying in wait in the Illusory Capital. For Oceanus, I'll be using Orochi, Sumie, and Youka. We're still level 73 here, but after this fight I went and got the party to level 78, which is a decently comfy number for this.

Sumie, Youka! Are you both ready?

You know, I didn't think I got to punch this one enough.

It was quite an unpleasant foe, to be sure.

Let's rumble!

Good luck, everyone.

As has been the trend for this game's endgame, the bosses in 2's Illusory Capital don't have the raw HP of the bosses in the first game, but have the offense and defense to tear you to shreds and survive for some time.

Oceanus, the Illusory Meltwing, has 12,924 HP, and is 50% weak to Fire and 30% weak to Aerial, but immune to Ice. It has Attack stats of 301 in both stats, and is immune to Poison and Freeze. Oceanus's raw power in the refight alters the situation a bit—whereas before the DOT was a large consideration, here, simple survival is the difficult part.

Let's start this off with a bang.

Finishing strike! Dread Crucifixion!

...That did less than I was hoping.

Still a good hit, though!

Pictured here is the issue with Dread Crucifixion. This might be the last time I use it. I wish it was better because it has a really sick animation.

Alright. Do your worst.

Ugh! Okay, fair.

As a refresher, Water Wings increases the damage the target takes from physicals by 30% for a while.

Damn it!

we should probably get orochi up

I'll handle the front!

There you go. You alright?

Glad you haven't gotten out of practice.

Yeah, uh, Oceanus hurts. I don't know if you've noticed.

Hey, Richter, you got the uplink ready?

Yes, of course. Kirino asks that you please be gentle.

No promises.


And there's everyone better! I can kiss it if it still hurts, dear.


This is Sheath Whirl, the better Sheath Spin. For statistical reasons, I actually took the Iai Teachings off of Orochi for this fight and gave her some extra stats instead.

Ugh, shit!

Okay, poison hurts less than I thought it would.

It's enacting a rain call! Be ready, everyone!


Okay, very nice, but get up.

Okay, okay.

Here it comes!

It's launching a volley of acid rain!


Get behind me!

Acid Rain's Poison still deals 43, which is more sizable. I'm not exactly in the best position here.

Here! I can assist you.

There we are.

This guy did NOT hurt this bad last time.


We're almost there!

bang bang bang

Watch out! I'm pretty tough, y'know.

Not again.

okay orochi it's time to get up now


Mate in 16! Vanish from this realm of memory!

Would look smashing in the garden.


That was a good fight!

Even with its increased power, to think that we managed to take it down so quickly!

...This world has accepted Orochi as one of its own. There is no longer any need for humanity to stay at the minimum you were once placed at.

Oh! Right, hi, Aitelle, kinda forgot you were here.

It is alright. I am told I lack presence.

It recognizes me as something that's supposed to be here, so it's fine with people who can fight on the same level as me being something 'normal', you mean?


Aitelle are you trying to justify why we aren't level 1 again

Was it... an unsatisfactory explanation? My apologies.

What, you think I need an explanation? I'm not in remission. Obviously, I'm as powerful as I've ever been.

Each Imperial, as shown, drops a key item signifying their defeat. In the data, they have two item drops listed and the other one for each one is a postgame ultimate weapon, but enemies can only drop one item. Whatever the reason for this, the postgame ultimate weapons are instead random drops off of certain on-map Dragons. I only wind up getting one, but they're small enough upgrades that it's not a particularly big deal.

For the second segment, we'll be taking Richter, Koron, and Youka.

Shibuya. Then the next foe we face—

Again? This bug is a real glutton for punishment.

Our on-field Dragons here are Stabdragon Vs, which can drop Orochi's ultimate weapon.

Please take a nap.


Ah. Are you ready for this one, Youka?

These guys are like little kittens.

endearing and adorable?


Have I mentioned lately what a batshit skill Frostburn is? It is.

oh nice, more loot


Orochi. Your desire to save this world is clear, but... what is it that you intend to do?

Well, as I see it, the problem is the fact that none of us are immortal, and thus we can't be sure that the anti-Dragon countermeasures we've created won't be subverted in the future.

But there's someone we can go to meet that I know can help with that.


Aitelle. You weren't staying away this past year just because you're not very social, were you?

Do you believe... that you can help him?

I know I can.

Wait. Am I picking up what you're putting down?

Grant me the time to formulate the words. For now, we should move on.


I have like 300,000 already, more than I could ever possibly want, but this is nice, thanks.

Shouldn't it be fixed up?

I have to imagine that whatever process Fomalhaut used to raise Niara's Imperials damaged their conceptual existence. This is Fomalhaut's Sleepy Hollow, not Niara's, in other words.

The Mirror Coat is a +69 DEF, +43 MDF, +7% EVD armor. It's pretty solid! The Rapid Ring, meanwhile, is still insane. It's +50 SPD and +5% EVD. I am slamming this on Mio's finger as soon as she's up in the rotation.

Here we go!

Let's knock this clown out by TKO.

Prepare yourself! I shall not be holding back.

Sleepy Hollow, or the Illusory Dream, still has its elemental weaknesses. It's only marginally sturdier than Oceanus, with 13,031 HP. It's immune to Poison and Sleep.

Judging from Oceanus's performance, the Sleepy Hollow is likely to be more powerful, as well.


Yeah, I'm not feeling it.

Ahahahahaha! Oh, I can't wait to burn you to cinders again.

Haaaahahahahahaha! Even in your purest form, you can't possibly stand up to me!

As a reminder, that's 45% action negation, 102 DOT per action, -10% damage dealt and action speed, and +5% damage taken. Lol

It's gathering strength!

Here, just in case...

Oh no! Guys!

oh they're fine actually


Alright, waking up successful!

Enacting Heavenjack!

both of its actions this turn get negated by paralysis lol

You don't even really need to make it hurt itself.

I concur.

Hey, a chance to use poisnjam! This is Richter's spell that lowers all of the enemy's stats.

Oh nooo, ooow.

Pathetic weakling! Begone!

It's almost down.



Alright, enough of that.

A hollow to rest your weary head.

And that's all from you. Goodbye.

Your might is to be greatly admired.

Isn't it? I'm spectacular, aren't I? Brilliant, powerful—I'm the whole package.

so true

I... meant all six of you.

Them too, of course. Wonderful work, both of you.

Thank you, Koron.

Aww, I try.

It's really something that we can laugh and joke together after all of this, isn't it? Even now, doing what we're doing.

The most important thing to give the next generations is a happy place to live, I think.

So of course we're gonna goof off!

Our third segment will be done by Koron, Sumie, and Mio.

Oh for fuck's sake.

To be fair we kinda knew it was coming.

Yeah, but I'm old and I hurt.

Mind if I take this next one or two to rest a bit? Don't wanna blow myself out too bad.

No worries!

Oh I shouldn't do that the air's fogging up my goggles

Our running around Dragons in Kokubunji are Scarvipers. For some reason, they don't get a V. They're as sturdy as ever, and resist Aerial attacks 50%, which isn't great for Mio, but Sumie can just switch over to daggers. Speaking of, they can drop Sumie's ultimate dagger.

They've got bulk and are fairly threatening, but also die because I've got Attack Beat Frostburn.

The Duel Suit is +72 DEF, +36 MDF heavy armor (that is, for Orochi, Sumie, and Youka.) It's actually an exact statistic copy of Richter's Sober Slacks. Weird.

The wall dragon in the Kokubunji segment is Axe Dragon Vs. They're exactly as you expect, being phyiscal beatsticks. They only have 6964 HP, which is an oddly low number.

Anyway, Defense Beat doesn't lower the damage of magical attacks, so get Frostburned lol

all this loot is so nice. it makes me happy.

How's your pile of loot going?

Great! I've been organizing all sorts of stuff back at home! I've got at least two rooms totally decorated with all sorts of assorted knick-knacks in tasteful positions!

Sometimes people come by and artfully gaze upon my interior decoration skillz.

This guy dies from Venom Boosted Poison, because I'm funny.

At the twilight of Atlantis was a girl, one who heeded the voice of the minerals, knew their composition at a glance. She was only sixteen upon the arrival of the alien menace, when her parents fell in the initial attack.

I know. Queen Ulania, right? The last Queen of Atlantis.

Though she had friends and stalwart allies, the battles raging across Atlantis, where the True Dragon had taken nest in the waterways of Ladyin, were bloody and painful. She witnessed countless of her countrymen slaughtered.

It's something nobody her age should have to go through. ...Nobody at all.

The tale of the Lucier at that time was a tale of bloodshed, and death. But then... a ray of light appeared.

There's that ugly fucker.

Wanna bet we can waste it before it goes back into its thing?

Why bet on something I already know I can do?

Trinitro, or the Illusory Alloy, is once again marginally more powerful than the previous two, and has 13,138 HP. Immune to Fire, 50% weak to Ice, 30% weak to Aerial, and it's immune to Burn and Blind. Okay, we clear?

You ready to style on him, girls?

Oh I am ALWAYS ready.

Ka ka ka!

Oh, you don't know what's coming to you, do you?

Please, Koron. Demonstrate.

I meowncur!

Go, go, go!

Whapow pow pow!

Prepare yourself to be snuffed out!

...Oh my.

That's our Koron!


I've been waiting for this!

Extra Turn activated!

Donna negai mo~ Uso ja nai~ Kitto kanau kara~


I died once, decided to see if I could go for a repeat on the 2-turn kill, and got it.

Every household should have one.

To think that someone with such feelings would become a hero to save the world...

People can be quite multifaceted, you know. My nature as an instrument of death hardly means I'm incapable of kindness. It took me a long time to realize that, but it's true.

I'm simply Koron Nagataka. No matter what sort of person I am, that's always true. And Koron Nagataka is a woman who will do quite a lot.

She's so sweet you guys I love my girlfriend

Of course, at times I have no need to be nice while being kind, seeing as principles are not principles when we apply them selectively and I frequently find myself having difficulty holding myself to my own standards when dealing with obnoxious or painful individuals.

Like those old assholes in the Diet. The really old ones, who've been holding positions for ages now. I'd love to take a long, hard look at their positions and see what they're actually doing in them.

Next time, we continue through into Ikebukuro.


I'm amazed Youka got back up for this.

You know how she is about her kids.

We finally managed to give her the chance to stop doing so much work. When she's on good days, she can't help but pitch in to construction efforts and whatnot, but this really was Youka's last fight.

Good for her. Seriously.

Her health's gotten better lately. I mean, that chronic fatigue stuff isn't gone, but she's got so many people willing to help out that she's been living on easy street for a while, and that's helped her. Not just us or SKY, but a bunch of civilians, too. She's a popular lady.

She tries to hide it, but sometimes when she thinks she's alone she starts crying about how proud she is of everyone.

Oh no. That's really sweet. ...Oh! Speaking of moms! How's, uh, how's Homura?

Honestly you'd barely recognize her.

She cut off a bunch of her hair, completely redid her wardrobe, and she's started making a name for herself as a pianist. Honestly, now that she's started wearing glasses and dressing in manners that make sense, it's gotten easier to see how she and Mio resemble each other.

I still don't talk to her, but... I'm happy for her.

Hey, speaking of, so, about that whole, uh, Delusion Field thing. So... I mean, that's kind of a scary power, right? How do you live with that?

Oh, that's easy. After we got back from this, I sealed it away.


I sealed it away.

What do you mean you sealed it away? I mean. Can you do that? Is that just a thing you can do with psychic powers? It's not, right?

I sealed it away. It's locked deep within the darkest abyss, where, hopefully, it will remain for the rest of time.

Shall I construct a castle atop it to make the seal more dramatic? It's already beneath lock and key, behind twelve devilish gates.

...Oh! Oh, wait, yeah. Okay, you sealed it away, I get it now.

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