Part 15: Even Towards Death, Valiantly

The SDF Barracks weren't exactly the most spectacular accommodations, but they were enough for the time being.

Alright, let's get this party rolling!

It was 'Tonami', right?

Excuse me, would you be a Mr. Tonami?

Private Tonami: Yes, that's me.

Private Tonami: Our commander wanted to apologize that she couldn't be here to thank you in person. With that said, this comes from her and everyone else in the SDF. Please put it to good use.

Oh, this bracelet here has a little Parasekt sticker on it!

Private Tonami: ...okay, what joker put that on there? Sorry, let me—

No, no, please. We'll keep it.

He likes bugs.

Private Tonami: Oh, well, okay.

Private Tonami: We'll have to think long and hard about the best way to use it to support you. Oh—not that there's any shame in fighting with older equipment, of course. We're always gonna give it our best shot.

I know things started off rocky, but it's a huge relief to have you all here with us.

The Cut accessories totally block the ailment listed, an upgrade from the 50% of Guard. As implied, then, the Paras Cut immunizes against Paralysis. Yay, friendship!

The SDF's strategy room on the east door of the hall certainly wasn't anything to laugh at. I saw a number of diagrams already plotted out, and recognized Mio's handwriting on a few of them.

Private Hatsuse: This is such a nice room! What's the catch, Murakumo?

No catch. Is everyone in here doing alright?

Private Makita: No issues here. Let's execute the mission quickly.

Private Saneda: It's my responsibility to ensure each platoon receives all communications! W-whatever happens... I'll do my best!

Sergeant Ikoma: Pleasantries aside, Rin has detailed the strategy for us. Are you prepared, Unit 13?

Just a moment, please. We always like to sweep a new floor when it's built.

...Just don't take too long.

(Hey, look at all those guns!)

Duuuude check out those guns. You think they'd let me borrow one if I asked?

You get enough from Unit 4, Satsuki. Let's let the SDF have theirs.

Aww. Okay.

The two men we'd rescued from Shibuya, Chief of Staff Mikasa and Colonel Shikishima, were both present in the dorms for the SDF, as it turned out.

Recovering alright?

Chief of Staff Mikasa: Yes, wonderfully. That said, I'm rather amazed—the commander of the SDF, Major Dojima, has been relying on you for some time. It's unusual to see civilians go from total ciphers to people we can depend on at the front—especially in just a short few months.

Has it really been months already? I feel like I'm losing track of time.

With the dragons around and so many vehicles off the road, the temperature in the air appears to be shifting more slowly. It's understandable.

Good. The longer it takes for next winter to roll around, the better.


Richter, what day is it?

It's June 4th, ma'am.

Okay, so it's been about three and a half months since the first attack. My birthday was on February 21st, so.

...I really, really hope that that's the worst birthday I ever have.

Chief of Staff Mikasa: That was just four days after the initial attack. I'm sure you didn't have much of a party.

I was unconscious the entire day.

Mio slept next to you that day.

I love her.

I know.

Private Kamachi: I sure hope so. I'm still embarrassed about that time in the sewer—we've gotta wash out that dishonor. Eh, Sasuga?

Private Sasuga: Is that angel who rescued me in the subway coming this time, too?

The room went silent for a moment.

...Yeah? She's part of Unit 10.

Private Sasuga: Hehe, nice. She really knows how to show it o—

If you finish that sentence, I'm going to make your neck act like an owl's, Private.

Private Sasuga: Yes, ma'am, sorry, ma'am.

Colonel Shikishima: ...Ugh, this puts a bad taste in my mouth. Until a few months ago, you all were civilians, weren't you? Why are we putting civilians at the forefront? What has Japan come to?

There's a time for morals, and there's a time for action. We are solidly in the latter, colonel.

Okay, now we're ready.

You were there for the meeting, but I cleared some particulars with Natsume. You'll be working under our command for this operation.

I'm surprised she'd give command of anything to anyone.

The heavy sigh Sergeant Ikoma let out as he walked over was pitiable, in a way.

Sergeant Ikoma: That's not it at all, Rin. We're all risking our lives together out there. No one's bossing the other around.

The rest of her direct unit came up, as well.

Private Makita: Listen to you being all serious. Wasn't someone—

Private Sasuga: Shut up or she's gonna make my neck swivel!

Private Makita: Who?


Private Makita: Oh, you could totally break his neck.

Ah, military men. Such particularly dense types come of them sometimes.

I-I spent some time in the German military.

I did say 'sometimes'.

Private Sasuga: With the red stripe, you're the captain, right? Can you make her stop insulting me, please?

I seriously doubt I could.

That said, as we were all talking with each other, I saw Major Dojima muttering to herself.

...debts, huh?


Just now, a massive electromagnetic charge has been detected over Ikebukuro! Everyone, please get ready for attack! 32.7% probability of hitting City Hall!


Geez, 32%?! Everyone, get ready for a shock!

I was only barely able to maintain my footing as a shockwave roared into the building, causing all of City Hall to shake once again. Richter had to grab hold of a table to keep his footing with such little warning.

...We weren't the ones targeted. It seems the Ichigaya area was hit.

That was too close.

Sergeant Ikoma: Phew, still alive.

It took Private Sasuga a second longer. I found myself concerned for his mental well-being after all those earthquakes, and then even moreso for poor Kamachi in the other room.

A message from HQ. Unit 13, SDF, we'll begin the operation immediately.

Yeah, yeah, I got it. You guys coming?

Private Makita: Everything's okay. Of course I'm coming!

Private Sasuga: Yeah, we're okay to move out!

We'll enter Ikebukuro ahead of you to secure a bulkhead in the dungeon. Thirty minutes later, your squad will arrive at the combat zone.

We are the 'Dragon-Elimination Strike Team', after all.

Right. So, easy enough to understand, right? All of us will do everything we can.

After a bit of waiting, we headed out to Ikebukuro, planning to link up with Unit 10 on the way over.

...Hoo. Hoo. Breathe.

It feels a little sad not to have Mio to see us off by now, doesn't it.

Give it a second.

Sure enough, from six floors up, a window opened, and Mom leaned out, waving a flag with 'I ♥ MY KIDS' on it.


Have you even been paying attention?! Why are you so unconcerned?!

You gotta take a load off, Kirino, my dude. Chill vibes. That laser isn't gonna hit us anyway.

Hey, dude, do you wanna see this rad gizmo I just came up with? It's a toaster that you can launch the toast out of like it's a gun! It's an anti-Dragon toast cannon! That's so rad, right?

That job offer is still valid, Richter!

The woman we'd rescued who'd taken up a stance in the front of City Hall was giggling to herself at Kirino's misfortune.


It doesn't have the same punch.

Sure, but it's got that sitcom comedy to it.



We should really go.

...Yeah, it doesn't have the same punch, does it.

As we headed toward Ikebukuro, our destination came into view over the horizon. I wasn't sure what I had been expecting, based on Richter's description, but no matter what it had been, the structure before me...

...seemed almost to defy description itself.

Ikebukuro Railcage, the game's fourth area.

By the time we reached our entry point, it was perfectly visible. Ikebukuro Station was one of the largest train stations in the world, but this dragon had ripped what seemed like every last train track out of the ground itself, twisting and forming them around its electromagnetic field to create a colossal cage, atop a tower that stretched out of the ground in a great, twisted stem of metal and wood. A few train cars dangled, abandoned, off of the edges, having been dragged and tied up into the gnarled web of track.

The sky over Ikebukuro... was now dominated by a dragon's domain.

...What the hell?

You see?! It's—what was I supposed to say?!

train tracks aren't supposed to go up unless it's in a rollercoaster. that's not a rollercoaster. that's some kind of park tycoon nightmare zone. that is a physics glitch

I'm sure our intrepid Captain has climbed higher, no?

Uhh, have you, Senpai?

I mean... maybe? It's not like I was exactly—

We're going to have to watch our step up there.



I don't think you should shoot lightning at this one.

That's solid judgment, and I believe I'll keep it in mind.

When the hell did she learn how to shoot lightning, too?


One day you kids are going to stop making me doubt my sanity. Anyway, you watch yourselves, alright? We'll do the same.

Be sure to stay safe, Aoi, Genji.

Yes, ma'am, Miss Fudoji! Thanks for the bento!

You made Aoi a bento?

She was hungry.

When did you find the time? It's not like you could've known today was going to wind up getting us deployed.

...Last night? There's nothing in it that needs to be served fresh fresh.

So you just spontaneously made her a bento, huh?

What can I say? I like the kid.

Can I have a bento when we get back from this?

I'll think about it.

Several members of Rin's platoon, including Sergeant Ikoma, were stationed at the front already.

Sergeant Ikoma: Hey, Unit 13! Just who I wanted to see. The three of us have been ordered to assist in the extraction of injured friendlies.

By Major Dojima, I suppose?

Sergeant Ikoma: She's obstinate, but she works hard, and she's got a good heart. So... I'm asking you. Don't let them die out there.

No guarantees, but we don't plan to come back at a loss today.

Sergeant Ikoma: Alright, good. The route ought to be secure, but there's no telling what's out there, or where. Be careful.

Private Makita: Get on in there. We'll be right behind you.

Right, we heard about those. Even a small-scale weapon like that could be lethal.

Private Kamachi: Until those things are taken down, they'll be taking us down left and right. It'll be hairy—nah, but don't you worry about it. The SDF will show you how we clear a path.

We're counting on you all.

As though running on the train tracks in the subway wasn't odd enough, here we were climbing train tracks into the sky. The ground beneath us vanished, and we headed forth into the domain of our enemy.

Really, my hair's already frizzing up? C'mon.

We're about 100 meters off the ground now.

SDF's already secured this floor.

Well, that's a start.

Across scattered lines of track, dead bodies littered the battlefield.

He's SDF. It's these damn lasers. They're getting burned alive in there.

He's not the only one. There's... an awful lot of others.

What's the meaning in throwing your life away like that?

For a lot of these guys, this was a suicide mission from the start.

With that sobering note, we received a transmission.

...Incoming message from the SDF.



I just wanna see.

Halted Soldier: If I could've just gone a little faster... Dammit... Damn it all!

(it's okay. just keep steady. you're gonna be okay.)

You can get behind me if you'd like, sweetie.

No, no, that's... fine. That's fine. I—

Bwah! Beebeep!

I certainly hadn't been expecting to find refugees who could've survived in a place like this, but here we were.

Ma'am, we're here to rescue you!

Tomiko: Brr. What a curious place to meet. Could you all give me a hand? I-I think I might've thrown my back out.

Understandable. This much electricity isn't good for anyone's bones.

A bit ahead was a soldier.

Grumpy Soldier: We've mopped up the whole first floor, so we'll proceed according to plan. But if those guys are ahead of us... then who are we clearing the way for?!

Us, I suppose?

Grumpy Soldier: Well, good for you.



It's okay. I'm okay. Everything's cool.

Right. Yeah. Everything's cool. I'm gucci. I'm gucci! Everything's fine.

(you can do this!)

I can do this.

You don't need to force yourself.

C'mon, I gotta do what I can. I—


Where did that come from?!

Satsuki, shoot that bird over there!

On it!

Phew, that'll give us a second.

Curious. Why wouldn't it press its advantage immediately?

don't look a gift reptile in the mouth

I don't remember what Nighthawks do. They're not noteworthy.

Alright, here's a better angle.


You ready, Cap'n?

You know it!

Now's the time for a coordinated assault!

Not a problem!

Slammity-slam, as they say!

The Skill Up in action, as you can see.

...Embarrassing. After the past threats, you throw a dragonfly with delusions of grandeur at us?

Wait, I thought that if it had two legs, no arms, and wings, it was a wyvern?

Chisa, don't patronize me. The biology is clearly off for a wyvern. Do you see its body shape? That's a dragonfly.

Wait, those count?

You see, in English—

Oh! Haha, I get it. That's funny., this exchange doesn't make much sense when it's not in Japanese, does it. Sorry.

Battered Soldier: Everything's alright here... please proceed with the mission.

...You've done well, soldier.

But weren't you saying dragons were reptilian? How can a dragonfly be a classification of dragon if dragonflies are insects? And—for that matter, that's not an insect.

This is a middle ground between amphithere and wyvern. The long, serpent-like body supported by wings points to amphithere, but it has those stubby little feet. It's neither. We have a perfectly good 'dragon' creature that fits that bill. It's a dragonfly. What are you going to call it otherwise?

...A... dragon?

That's not a fucking dragon, Chisa! It doesn't have arms! Do you see arms?! Do you see arms on that thing's stubby little frame?!

hey i love both of you but like, shut up so much? we have to kill it?

...Carry on.

Like shootin' fish in a barrel!

If it's a dragonfly, I'll strike appropriately!

The dragonfly roosts/its body, split in two halves/by gleaming blade's light!


I'd been meaning to ask, but wasn't the Tonbo-kiri a spear?

...P-please, Koron. Please. I'm trying so hard.

Hover Dragons, as you can see here, are not exactly sturdy. Being Aerial-weak and with only 400 HP, they can be cleaned out pretty easily, especially with this overall speedy team. I'm sure one will get to attack eventually.

Rueful Soldier: How are you guys so calm?

I think Satsuki's stifling a panic attack.

Rueful Soldier: Oh, she's one of those types.

Almost as though it was designed to be climbed, one path on the tracks led to a spiral upwards.

Is this our first palette swap? Anyway, Red Rabis resist Fire and are stronger than the old ones. They've also got a self-heal skill called Grooming.

...Y'know, I could've been in one of those trains.


I mean, on the day of the attack I was on a train. It crashed. Remember? If there's still dead people in there, I could've been one of those corpses.

I'm glad you weren't, Satsuki.

...thanks, Mama.

Derelict traffic signals still stuck to the lines blinked on and off to signal for trains that would never come.

...May the train to the afterlife take these poor souls, if it deigns to visit this forsaken place.

Oddly spiritual of you.

In times like these, it pays to be a bit superstitious. You never know what might come true. Isn't that right, Ghost of Yotsuya?

Oh, come on.

Altitude is 200 meters. You're making progress.

Situation up ahead!

The first of the electrolasers plasted directly into the soldier's shield, and I saw his feet buckling under the blast.

We gotta hurry. Let's get over there!

When I saw a treasure chest and Satsuki didn't immediately light up, that was when I knew I was seeing a side of her I hadn't yet seen.

Let's grab this and go! It might have something he could use.

C'mon, ya limey bastard!

The Electrolasers in this dungeon are one of three enemies in the game immune to Lightning, fun fact. They're not too sturdy, but they are sturdier than other enemies in the area, so they might get off an attack or two.

Without readying itself, its blast was interrupted to fire just a small bullet at Satsuki, which she took in the chest.

I'm fine!

Right in the kisser!

The electrolaser released a shockwave as it exploded, but it wasn't such that it did more than stagger me a touch. Neither us, nor the two from Unit 10, were particularly fazed.

Senpai! That soldier is—

You did your best, Satsuki.

I can't believe this...

Tch. I know this wasn't the original plan, but neither's what we're seeing here. Unit 13! We've gotta back up the SDF now. Let's take out those electrolasers.

I concur!

...I'm so sorry.

You really... you really did do your best.

This is horrific... How could we have been so unprepared?

...Let's press on. We need to minimize casualties.

At least these'll take the edge off.

Oh, wow! Look at that! It actually got an attack off!

Tch, I wasn't fast enough—

C-cold! Cold!


At the very least, we won't be hurting for first aid.

As we stepped over more and more corpses, I tightened my grip on the hilt of my blade.

Okay so that's not a dragonfly.

Why is it so leggy?

Hi, everyone. This is a Tower Dragon. Tower Dragons fucking suck. Let's talk about them.

Huh. This is gonna take a bit longer than the rest.

First issue. Tower Dragons are tanky. They don't have that much more raw HP than Hover Dragons, but in comparison they have huge Defense.

What—it can jump?!

Oh god please don't crash on me!

Second issue. When a Tower Dragon jumps, it obtains a turn of full invincibility. For Turn 2, I have Chisa Guard, Satsuki Hide, and Richter use Attack Booster.

As it hung in the air, poor Richter landed in its line of sight, and, well...


Venom Meteor is the Tower Dragon's jumpy tool, and it hocks loogies at two of your party members and Poisons them. The Tower Dragon also possesses, when it's on the ground, Venom Breath, which does minor damage but poisons all your dudes.

Jumps suck. Tower Dragons go invincible and it sucks.

You can tell I don't like these things because I'm abridging Unit 13 bantering with each other to complain, y'know. I can't find a way to figure out how to justify the disdain I feel for Tower Dragons being something that they express, so instead I'm just complaining directly to you, the audience, about these fuckers. Once Turn 2 ends, they can Jump randomly, which gets really fucking annoying. The good news is they're rather slow, but they're also still quite tanky. Incidentally, Dragoons are one of the worst classes in Final Fantasy 5. Just wanted to get that out there.


see? i told you. like, more.

Trick Hand in action. That's a 30% healing buff there!


These things are nuisances.

This battle took six turns, which isn't that long, but I really needed to get across the bothersome nature of these leggy fuckers before we went back to the thick of it.

In the interest of full disclosure, Richter unleashed a new move here, but I have a lot of words to say about that move and would rather it occur in less contentious circumstances.

The metal cracked and warped underneath us as we stepped across zones that the lasers had touched.

How does any of this even stay afloat?

You saw City Hall inverted and that's your question?

This is a bit beyond the level of an upside-down building. This is—


Within a certain proximity, a standing electrolaser spun itself towards us, and a high-pitched whine began to emanate from it as it charged up.


...but there was a soldier on the other side.

Young Soldier: I-I'll be a decoy and distract it! You take it out from the other side!

Are you insane?! You'll die!

Young Soldier: I, I—! Auuugh!!

Damn it, damn it, come on!

Come on, please don't die!

But try as we might, no matter how fast we went—by the time it exploded... the young soldier who'd saved us had fallen, limp, to the ground.

...We didn't even know her name...

Inside, I felt my breath beginning to speed up. I fought back the tears. I was a soldier here. I couldn't cry. I couldn't cry until it was all over. I—

There's another one over there! The soldier it's aiming at is still alive!


Injured Soldier: Yeah, thanks—*cough, cough*!

Gatou, Aoi! Get over there and provide medical treatment!

They weren't that far away, but Gatou still came over the radio.

What, you want us to jump over there? We're on the same paths as you—

You got it, Senpai!

She was good at running, and she was good at jumping.

Will you slow down?!

We won't leave a single dragon alive on this floor! For their sakes!

Good. We'll need that if another Tower Dragon shows up.

There's one over there, across the way.

Then we might need them soon.

"Why won't anyone tell me it's going to be alright?" I thought. "Why is this happening?"

We won't let you take another step!

Thankfully, getting preemptives on Towers throws off their AI, as they can't Jump on Turn 1, so instead they just Venom Breath. This makes cleaning out Towers vastly easier.

Get bent!

Underneath the Tower Dragon's patrol grounds, we found what was no doubt one of its victims.

I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry.

It's okay, Satsuki. Really.

C'mon! Do you want some snuggles?

Um... you promise I'm doing okay?


Then can I have some afterwards? Once we get Major Dojima and them home?

Of course.

Okay. 'Cause I don't wanna... They're our friends.


Hey! Hey! Aoi! Gatou! That guy!

We should be thanking you, really, but—

A moment?

You're about to ask the same thing I am.

Who the hell came up with this suicidal plan?! You're out here dropping like flies! This can't be how you intended it to go!

...I didn't know what answer I'd been expecting. That wasn't too much of a surprise, but... that didn't mean it didn't drop a cold lump right into the pit of my stomach.


Our boss—wait, you mean Ms. Hikasa?!

Injured Soldier: Yeah... that's right. We got it straight from her lips that the landing party was safe and waiting for us.

Aoi staggered back. I didn't blame her. I saw Richter holding his head in his hands, as well. And... that's right. I was, too. My hand was on my forehead, trying desperately to wipe away the sweat.

That's—then why were you all willing to come here, just to get killed?! That's—that's awful!

This is war.

...You knew?

...I understand I'm not gonna convince you. But all we can do now is finish the job. Moping around on the battlefield isn't gonna make things any easier. Even if all we do is take down the Imperial Dragon a day sooner, that day could save the world for humanity.

...Shut up.

What, you too?

I just can't bear to listen to you talk right now. I just can't. Shut up, Gatou. You're not helping anyone.

You've never been good at pep talks, have you?

...Yeah, never been my strong suit.

As we kept moving, at some point, I realized that my fists were balled so tightly they were shaking. It hurt. I almost felt like my nails were going to break my skin. I didn't know how else to contain the storm of emotions inside me.

See? Stupid to the very end. That's soldiers for you. Just like that old man. So willing to throw away their lives at the slightest order.

This isn't fair.

There's nothing fair in the world. When you fight, you either win or you die. Sometimes, you have to throw everything you are into a life-or-death struggle where you know you'll die. You fight, and you fight, and you fight, until your soul withers away and your body's just a puppet, waiting to join what's left of you.

So, what? You're saying all of these people were doomed to begin with?

I'm saying that Genji's been doing this a long time. I don't think you should blame him for being tough about it.

Youka's eyes began to sink behind the fringe of her hair.

Life... is hard. Sometimes... you're dealt a bad hand.


I know. It hurts. I'm in pain, too. But we have to keep moving. We have to try to make something of it. We've been thrust into this situation. We have to try to give their lives meaning.

Well, you're not gonna do that if you're going so damn slow!


Youka's right. So we gotta keep going, man! C'mon! That dragon isn't getting any closer!

...I opted not to press Satsuki on her sudden change of mood, and instead made to follow.



The bodies of four more souls... fell from above, down to the ground far, far below.

That's... this isn't normal.

I thought we'd found a new normal. Evidently, I was wrong.

...Koron? Are you doing alright?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

I'm fine.

We rose another floor, and came to what looked to be a sort of hub for the train tracks. My legs were tired from all the climbing, but adrenaline pushed me onward. Then—

Even with the plan, even with military support, how could we hope to win?!

It's quite regrettable. But no matter what arises, all we can do is stick to the plan. ...I am truly sorry for your losses.

...I know.

...No. No, no, no. God damn it. God damn it.

Natsume, do you read me?! If that thing locks onto us, we're in danger! With this place all torn up, we can't risk firing and hitting your guys! Do you have any read on their location? Someone, say something!

...yeah. Of course I have.

But I can't pull the trigger. It all depends on you.

Dead end.

No, no, no, come on, come on!

This isn't happening, this isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening.


This isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening this isn't happening—

Snap out of it and pay attention!

Major Dojima!

Unit 13. You're here.

Rookie Soldier: Oh—oh, we're doing it!


Hey, Unit 13. That big electrocannon over there takes 180 seconds to recharge between one discharge to the next.

If we fail taking it out, then the rest is up to you—

You can't do this! Please! You're still alive! This isn't necessary! I—this is suicide! You know that! You can't just die! You can't! Stop!

The look in Major Dojima's eyes told me all I needed to know.



You can't handle that thing!

Aoi! Wait!

Alright, let's go!!

Aoi's speed had been her undoing. Now, she was in the firing path just like Major Dojima and her troops. No matter how fast I ran, I could only watch. I remember every single second of the eternity I spent running from that platform towards the cannon. Major Dojima, Aoi, the soldiers—these people I'd met, known, and fought with were going to be erased right before my eyes. And there was nothing I could do. Nothing.


...there was something someone could do. Something someone could do as he rocketed past the rest of us—a man with a will to fight.

When the shock and the flash cleared, the railgun sat there, weakened and smoking. And, in front of us...

...was Gatou, laying facedown on the tracks.

Inomiko, don't just stand there! Move!

I'll kill you...

I'll kill you!

(don't be scared. he gave you this chance!)

This one's for Uncle Gatou, you bastard!

Unit 13! Don't waste this chance!

Rip it a new one, Captain!

Go to hell.

As the Railgun sputtered and ceased functioning, all I could hear was the pounding of my own heartbeat... and the wind, blowing deafeningly loud so high up.


Come on! Keep it together!

Come on. Don't look so tired. We're going to go home, Genji.

He laughed, and then, grimacing from the pain of the burn scars he'd taken, he... coughed. Gatou coughed.

No way... no, no way! Please, wake up!! Come on, please! I need you to set me straight! What am I gonna do?!

...Heh heh. That's my hungry girl. Sorry to leave you in such a state...

Shut up. Shut up! You're not—!

Will you quit worrying for... a damn second, Fudoji? Gonna give yourself... a heart attack.

Still, though... I've lived out my days as a dog of the military. Forty-six... years. After all that... to be able to die for the sake of all mankind, huh...? Never thought...

Another cough. I took a hesitant step forward.

Hey... Inomiko.

Nah... you earned it. Chisa.

...Gatou... will to fight?

That goes for... all of you. Live your life without any regrets.

He never... finished that last sentence.


The sound of the comms came on.


What's going on out there?! Report! Return to base! We need to reorganize our forces at once!

It's over here.


It's over... here.

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