Part 36: self regulatory party

So see, it's like that.

Hmmm... I believe I see the idea.

Ah, I get it! With all of these pieces of advice, I believe I understand—I should be less concerned with what I believe the limits of a given technique are, and more concerned with trying them to ensure I know the real boundaries.

Yeah, you got it, man!

...That does give me an idea. A 'contradiction', if you will.

...I don't follow.

Alright, let's hurry!

For some reason it feels weird being here without Mama Fudoji.

What's wrong? Scared?

You kidding?

Our goal for this quest is over here, in Graveyard Area 3.

We've made it just in time!

It looks pretty hungry!

Founder: Hahaha... There's nothing to worry about! Your polluted soul will be cleansed—within a Dragon!

Hey, get out of my way! Move!

I'm told that the cult's believers blocked their path just enough for the Founder to continue.

Founder: Abandon your—no. No, accept!

Sachi: Noooo!

And then...

...she pushed him.

Founder: Augh... gah...!

Sachi: I thought that if I was being saved, being cheated was okay... but you were cruel to Asami! I saw that, and then I knew...

Founder: Aa-aaagh, gghhrk, hack... no, I don't want to die... it hurts, I can't... help me!

Founder: What?! Are you insane?! Assist me... at once! Aaagh, it hurts! Get help, I can't bear this!

Exultant Believer: F-founder?!

Fearful Believer: Is... this... t-the new world?

Sachi: I-I-Help me, Asami!

Ahhh, sorry, I just had to take in that moment of blissful, wonderful karma.

that felt good, yeah

Sachi: You?! You're—

Oh, and just for your information, everyone—this can't be your Dragon God.

It's a dinosaur.

This should be little issue!

Feast your eyes, Cult of the Divine Dragon! See how easily this false idol can be destroyed!

Great shot, Satsuki!

Back atcha!

Richter, take it out!

Here I go!

Dead on!


As implied by the model, the Dinosaurus doesn't have any new moves—it's just a somewhat buffer Tyrannosaurus. I'll admit coming in without Youka was a little bit of a risk, but then Richter pulled out Quick Hack and just utterly scrongled it.

Asami: Koron! Sachi!

Sachi: Asami!

Asami: This—this is wonderful! We're both still alive, thanks to you!

You're still talking? After your founder himself wailed for you to help him?

Thinking Believer: W-well, that is to say—

Asami: Even if you say that dying is being saved, in the end, you're afraid to, right?

Sachi: Dying is frightening, yeah... but the world's in tatters. Everything and everyone who's precious to us, lost. Even... even if we somehow scrape by, we can't just share in everyone's hopes and live together happily...

Fearful Believer: Y-you... the girl with red hair... you... will you be our savior? Help... help me?

Are you joking? Have you people learned nothing?!

Sachi: But we still need someone to protect us! Someone to be our savior! You're a strong person—you saved us! So—!

Asami: Sachi!

Sachi: ...

Asami: Sachi... you rejected the founder of your own free will, and you chose to keep living. Whether it's me, or it's Koron, nobody can be your savior—but we can be your friend! You and all the other believers, you understand, you all have these experiences, these abuses—so why can't you rely on each other to get by instead of asking for a savior? It's so—it's such a lonely life, not letting yourself rely on the people around you!

Even the weak can band together to survive in a world that needs strength, if you will. All it takes is a little self-awareness.

Exultant Believer: You're right. Of course you're right. We all just let ourselves stop caring. Let's... can we go back to City Hall with you?

Fearful Believer: ...! Me too... if we're all going together!

Thinking Believer: Ah, but my wife... she might still be waiting, but... oh, alright.

...I'm glad. At long last, all of this business is over.

Asami: Koron... thank you. If it wasn't for you, this couldn't have happened.

You've got quite a way with words of your own, Asami. I can't take all the credit.

Asami: Still, you're the one whose strength let me use those words. I'm glad I met you. I'm... glad I became your friend.

Yeah. Back at you.

We also get an SP Up 300.

Asami: It's an heirloom from my grandfather... it's a bit crumpled, because I had to do some alterations to get it to fit you—

...You did that for me?

Thank you.

Asami: ...Yeah. See, Sachi?

Yeah. I couldn't have done it without Satsuki, either.

Y-you mean it?

Of course I mean it.

Now doesn't a happy ending feel nice?

Koron's current armor gave +26 DEF and +13 MDF, so the Fuma Jacket is a huge upgrade. Technically I could've given it to anyone, since it's class-agnostic, but this felt the most appropriate.

Oh, yeah—and we got this taken care of, too.


Someone looks happy.

Everything's been taken care of.

Enough to go deliver some paper?

I think we would love to.

Collected Child: Wow, there's so much here! Now I can get started on my origami—thank you so much!

Here, I'll help you. No worries. Let's see...

Collected Child: You're very good with your hands, nee-san.

I'm a mangaka, it comes with the business.

Collected Child: Okay, there's one person in particular these are for. He's a really large guy, with strange stuff on his skin, and he kind of looks like a bear—


We know that guy! We could go give it to him for you.

Collected Child: But it won't mean anything if I don't give it to him myself...well, no... You would probably have an easier time finding him.

Collected Child: I'm really grateful for all of your help! It's just, when he punched that monster into the wall, he looked so cool, like a hero...

I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that.

Collected Child: And then—and then he—well, um, anyway, this is for you!

We also get a Home Bento.

Collected Child: I don't mean any offense—you all are cool, too. Thank you!

Likelier than not he's still in here.

Parcel for you, chief!

...For me?

It's from a kid you saved once. You remember that?

...Yeah, I do.

He said you were super cool!

Sounds like what you'd say about Takehaya, or Miss Fudoji. Guess there's a first time for everything...

I think you're rather cool, Daigo.

...It's just weird. People who see me usually look away. Mm, nah, it's more like... I really don't like being in the spotlight.

People hear stories and run. They're just stories, but if they can protect my friends, fine by me.

You and Mama Fudoji are kinda alike, I think.

...Me and her?

Yeah. She's got those kinds of stories, too. 'Raging Bomber,' 'Ghost of Yotsuya'... But I think she doesn't mind because it lets her protect people. Same as you.

There's something about her that makes it easy to rely on her. I think that you're well on your way to achieving it as well, Daigo.

...Yeah. I'd like that. To be a hero like her, or Takehaya.

I think that's a great dream.

Yeah? That's funny. You guys are all real funny people. ...Well, I gotta go thank that kid. See you.

I think we should give it to Maki.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Shino: What's that? A message?

And a gift of some sort.

Shino: Wha—hey! Don't eat them all yourself! You have to share them with everyone!

Maki: Okay, jeez, I know! ...What's this card inside? "Gratefully, the Japanese government..." Whaaaaa?! Is this for real?!

Heeeey, what's up? You ain't filling their heads with weird ideas about me, are you?

You think I have time to waste on doing something like that?

Yeah, there's only one catgirl Koron is allowed to fill people's heads with weird ideas about!

Yeesh, I don't need to know about that!

Shino: It's from some government bigwig. See? Cream puffs?

Heeey, now wasn't that thoughtful?

...I have a feeling that this is going to cause something bizarre.

Oh, good. It's not just me.

Shino: ...I mean you know Maki, it's okay, you can go say thanks too~

Maki: What? Like I'm gonna leave you here to eat 'em all, you said to share with everyone! Hey, uh, do you guys have as much free time as her?


As would I in many situations, to be fair.

Oh boy. Here we go.

I'm told that MP Ariake simply stared, dumbfounded.

Hey, hey, hey, why you staring?

MP Ariake: Y-you, what's your name?!

Wha-what about it? It's Neko, but—

MP Ariake: No, I mean your real name!

(no way)

(I will have to inform Youka that it's not an excuse after all.)

MP Ariake: ! What can this mean...?!


How'd you get to be called Neko, then?

Wha—whaddyou want?!

I was coming to report to the client, but it appears I've stepped in on something. I couldn't resist chiming in.

You and this old man, I guess! God, what the heck?!

MP Ariake: It must've been eighteen years ago now... I was still new to politics then. When you're young, you take huge risks without even realizing it.



MP Ariake: We tried our hardest, but we couldn't get our daughter back... My wife, Tomoko, became so distraught that she got sick and died in mourning...

W-wha-what are you saying?! I bet it's just the same name, cuz—

MP Ariake: Then how do you know your name? Is it because at the time you were taken, your name was stitched into your clothes in red?!

...! I...


Well. Alright, then. I suppose that did happen.

MP Ariake: Neiko has been alive this whole time... this must be a dream, I—

And an SP Up 300.

MP Ariake: Tomoko... what should I do now?




Did I just witness a plot twist happen in real life?!

I can't see an inch of family resemblance, personally.

Should we like give this one back to Neko for the emotional distress or

No. I'm hungry.

------------------------------ I'm not really sure how I should feel about that.

So let me get this straight. You didn't actually jump to a parallel world or something, your planet was just literally a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And this alien race that creates life on planets, you think this gardener person—Iod? is one of them.


Well, you know I don't get any of the nitty-gritty there. All this quantum physics stuff is just noise to me.

Yeah, I know, but—

All we can do is keep going, right?

Hey, either way, like I said, it doesn't matter much to me. You're you. Whatever you two figure out doesn't matter as much as the fact that you're here now, right?

...Yeah, okay. Thanks.

Our goal here is about here, on the 273m screen.

...Is that thing talking?

Yes, it is.


You ready?


You may notice I have only brought two party members to this battle. This was an unwise move I did for the sake of the narrative. This is not a joke fight, either—the Tower Draggy is also very tough and deserves your full attention. Don't be me, kids.

Most likely it's going to jump first off, so we should get ready.

Good call!

Oh, are you hungry?

Yeah, thanks.

Chisa and Youka both get poisoned, but I had a heal queued up for Chisa. The Tower Draggy's Poison ticks deal 73 damage, and that is no joke at all.

Okay, you're fine now!


No worries, I've got the next one!

Sturdy, are you?

The Tower Draggy not only has a solid 2700 HP, it's got a whopping 165 defense, twice that of Sleepy Hollow, and 160 MDF to boot.

Okay, bit better?

Aww, you shouldn't have.




And here's a toy the Tower Draggy has that its younger cohorts don't—Venomous Tail. You know Satsuki's Venom Boost? It's that—it sets the duration of a given Poison infliction to 3 turns and boosts its potency by 30%.


Take care of yourself, I've got this!

hhhh, hhhgghhhh



There you go.

Oh thank god that hurt a lot.

Destroy React in action. I could've gotten greedier and tried to Jab twice to get more damage, but this worked out fine.

This is not a friend.

Shit... you weren't... kidding.

It's okay! We can turn this around!

You okay to stand?

Yeah, I got this.

Hurry up and fix yourself!

Okay. Just gotta take these on the chin. Let's rumble!


And another! C'mon, keep it coming, shithead!

It's about to fire again!

Give me an opening and I can lay in!

On it!

Alright, here I go!

Hgk... it's going for a bite!

Even from the ground, I could see clearly as Youka grabbed the dragon's jaws—

—and hurled it off of the tracks, to splatter on the ground far, far below.

Hoo. That was rough. You gonna live?

I think so.

...Boy, he's still going, huh.

Did that inspire you?

Eh, probably.

Incidentally, the Tower Draggy doesn't count as a dragon, so you don't need to kill it to clear Tokyo of all 200 dragons.


Cripes. I could use a drink, how about you?

I don't really drink alcohol.

Well then drink something that isn't alcohol.

I can assure you neither of us were expecting to see Sharon Furusuga, of all people, standing in the Skylounge without a care in the world.

Oh! YO, Taichyou-chan, Fudoji-saaan! Hai-hai, hero-tachi! It feels novel seeing you here!

Back at you. What's going on?

...Um. I've been out of City Hall for an hour or two now. So I didn't, actually. What's up?

Ne, you serious, desu? You, me, all the Jyu-sans—we make a saikyo tag team! Chisa-chan, y'all are the saviors of City Hall!

I don't really do much. Honestly, you should be thanking Mio, or Koron, before me.

Nahhh. Yo, minna might think Miss Sharon's a bit of a ditz, but one ojou-sama to another, ne?


It's tough! Chou difficult! Chisa-chan, you're working to the jibone day in day out, but I can kitte kudasai! It's tough for you!

The Corona is an accessory that adds +15 to ATK and MAT, and a 50% crit rate increase on basic attacks. Not bad!

Mama-san always said, no matter what you do, you need friends. Mom always... she had to fight alone itsumo everyday. She was sick a lot, but way cool.

Chisa-chan, you remind me of Mom.

I-I do?

You're sick a lot too, ne? But way cool! You're my #1 hero!

...Sharon... I...

Thank you! Thank you, Sharon!

Hey, hey! Namida bye-bye! A pretty taichou-chan like yourself shouldn't be crying!


With a 'Ja mata at the Quest Office!', Sharon left me to my own devices.

We have enough to buy this guy's Aeros now.

Suspicious Man: My pockets are totally full! Give 'em a whack and see!

Anything else?

Suspicious Man: You kidding? Do it once, one time is enough!

Amazingly, the man's good to his word—Miracle Aeros do in fact heal all HP for all allies.

You're serious? Neko is MP Ariake's kidnapped daughter.

That's a new one.


deep savings online baby

I mentioned this before, but Dragon Eggs are consumables that boost your Exhaust to full.

OG Scientist: I'll live to see another day! I did it! Hooray, Unit 13, hooray! Yup, that's what I expected of Unit 13! Wonderful Unit 13. Beloved Unit 13.

I am going to report you.

Our final stop for this batch of sidequests, at long last, is in fact in Residential A's flea market.

I thought you were out?

Crafty Woman: Well yeah, but then I realized I had this statue, and it's got this creepy feel to it and nobody wants it and—


I'll take it.

Done deal.

Crafty Woman: ...Really? Hm... you're looking awfully suspicious, lady. You're the smart one out of all of you. How do I know this isn't a super-valuable antique? Were you just gonna walk away with it for a song without telling me? Make it 2000.

That's... still fine.

Crafty Woman: Phew, nice. Alright, here you go. Now it's pleasure doing business with you!

What... is this?

I have no idea.

Neither do I, but something about it is really fascinating.


Crafty Woman: ...I bet it is cursed, isn't it.

...Ehe. Haven't lost your touch, have you? Just as inscrutable as ever.

Someone looks happy.

I'm in a good mood.

Well I'm beat. Tomiko, you mind drawing up a bath?

Tomiko: No problem at all.

...Okay, NEXT time we'll definitely make it to that meeting.

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