Part 37: A Little Heart to Heart

When we all finally convened for our tactical meeting, the mood was dour, to say the least. It seemed this was what was left—Unit 13, the Navis, what remained of the SDF, and what remained of SKY. Homura had opted to skip this meeting, instead working furiously in the Laboratory on something or another.

So. We should... we should start.

Mr. Ayafumi, the meeting is—ah, never mind. Continue.

Private Makita: Reports are in from those scouting the tower.

(Oh god.)


That old bag...

Private Makita: Their remains, as well as Tokyo Tower itself, have been fused into a strange new structure. It's... hard to know exactly what's going on, but its purpose appears to be providing Natsume with some kind of nourishment.

(This is my fault.)

Our Intel and Support unit also has something to report. After... annihilating the United States, we briefly spotted Mizuchi at the top of Tokyo Tower.

It appears to be polyhedral in form—we hypothesize that it's a powerful energy barrier preventing any form of observation or assault.

Right. We'll let you know if we find anything.

...But it's not looking good.

SKY, your status?

We're gonna need a while to recover.

A lot of our survivors are wounded. We're gonna need time to recover.

Yeah? ...Damn, this is worse than I thought. Unit 13? How are you doing?

I think all five of our combat operatives are fighting fit, and we've been doing our best to clean up Dragons and assure the remaining citizenry. But I don't think it's our fighting capability that's the problem, really—it's the matter of finding a way to utilize it.

We not only have two remaining Imperial Dragons to defeat, but now the Dragoness Mizuchi has entered the picture as well. It's... difficult to know where to begin.

Ah, Mr. Ayafumi, do you have anything to suggest?

Anything I tell you to do will probably just end up getting more people killed. After all, Aoi and the others were just following my orders. So many victims... I-I've failed you. I shouldn't even be standing here right now.

You did as well as anyone could have.


Kirino returned to hanging his head in shame.

If anything new comes up, we'll reconvene to discuss it.

So what should we do?

Mio looked up from her notepad, having been tasked with taking down the notes from the meeting.

If you ask me, I think we should go talk to them one-on-one. We kinda couldn't get much talking done with Kirino moping over there.

If there was a mood to kill, he'd certainly be doing it.

Before we do that, let's stop in with Masaki.

Masaki: Whoa whoa whoa now, I see something in you, everyone! Have you gone out and done my assigned tasks, friends?

Yes, we have.

Masaki: And did they help? Did they?

Amazingly, you were onto something. It appears we've all gotten something out of the deal.

Masaki: Smashing work, Unit 13! Most excellent! You've brought me such joy! Here—take this!

! This is an artisan piece. A ring designed to accelerate the user's mental processes in all manners, allowing one man to fight like five. You possess the masterwork of the Mental Jewellers?

Masaki: There's a lot you don't know about me, young lady. I'm a man of depth and mystery.

I imagine most players will never see this reward! Completing all five EX Skill quests rewards us with the Saint's Ring, a one-of-a-kind accessory that raises ATK, MAT, DEF, and MDF by +10—the ultimate stat ring. It requires five level 40+ characters to get, so it's time-consuming for a regular playthrough, but hey, I'm not gonna complain about the free toy.

Masaki: We've got some information from this that's going to good work with the dev team—but that's not the point. The real prize will be when you all use what we develop and help you achieve to win the war!

Why are you talking like this is the end of this? You haven't even fully legalized me yet.

Masaki: I take everything 100%, as you know.

(Don't look at him. Don't look at him. Don't look at him.)

Does Mr. Hamachi bother you that much?

I don't want to ponder what his deal is.

Hamachi: Hamachi here. I can hear you. Hamachi, that's a bit rude—sorry, I mean 'hachi machi'.

I'm sorry! God!

...Hey, you guys. Sorry about yesterday, for... sleeping through your welcome and all.

It's fine. I understand.

I think anyone would wanna sleep, Miroku

...Right. We've... we've tried to start a thorough analysis of the President.

You knew her best, right, Mio? Anything?

Sorry. I'm a bit blank on those kinds of things.

...Then we really are clueless.


Yes? Huh?

You're pushing yourselves too hard. You know that, right?

Take it from Miss Fudoji. She knows a thing or two about pushing herself too hard.

I don't imagine you'll be able to dissuade them right now, Youka.


The next attack's sure to be coming soon.

Private Makita: Every attack means more innocent victims...

...Tch. You know, that underground Dragon's starting to tick me off. I say next time it wakes up, we hit it with everything we've got.

But who will protect City Hall in our absence?

Look, you guys go figure something out, we'll talk about it. That's my two cents.

Private Musashi: Oh, I'm sure there must be someone he holds in his heart, eh, Unit 13? Hahahahaha.

Hey. How's he doing?

...He still tosses and turns in his sleep.

I think if Takehaya were well, all of us together, we could've beaten her. But now she's hiding behind some kinda barrier... Doesn't show any guts at all.

I would think if anyone would know how to dispel that barrier, it would be you, Aitelle.

...I'm sorry. If I had that power, I would use it, but... I do not.

Hey—look, it's like momma says, punch 'em in the teeth! Right?! Right??!! Daigo?!?!

...anyway, you guys do what you will.


May we head to the Laboratory, everyone?

There you are, Mr. Ayafumi.

Ah. Richter. The rest of you. Sorry. I won't be of much use.

But you're always the goofy tech guy. You've gotta have something.

...Sorry to be so unreliable. Up to now, Ms. Hikasa gave all the orders... and you can see what's happened. So now, at the moment you need me most, I'm clueless.

Following in her footsteps—surpassing her, and taking control of Murakumo—that's beyond me.

I supposed you might like to know that the SDF has plans to defeat the underground Imperial, the Scaber.

...Well, good for them, but seriously? The Scaber? Wake it up now and we might well have a calamity on our hands. That's no plan.

Well, sir, SKY has also said they intend to attack Mizuchi in Tokyo Tower.

...Well, what about the barrier? According to the Navi reports, we can't get anywhere close to it. That's absurdly dangerous. That's also no plan.

Well, sir, in regards to that, the Navis have stated their intent to stay up for days, analyzing every inch of Ms. Hikasa's records. They're reading through her breakfast habits and nighttime reading now.

Ms. Hikasa's records? No, hold on. What do you mean, staying up for days? What do they think they'll accomplish, plugging along day in and day out with no rest? Their bodies aren't sturdy enough to overcome that, they're frail, and what's more they're just children.

Rin called in through the communicator.

...Please excuse me. I'll just stay here. I wouldn't be of any use, anyway. I'm... really sorry.

You know, Mr. Ayafumi—or rather, Kirino—you may be Ms. Hikasa's subordinate, but you are my superior, you know. Should I come up with a plan, I will intend to run it by you for review.

That's all. Let's go, everyone.

It didn't take us long to get there.

Hey, you're here. So listen, I'll start with the SDF.

By yourselves?

We need you guys to protect City Hall. Listen, that underground Dragon in particular—who knows when it'll start raging? We'll get the jump on it, ASAP.

She's just watched this calamity unfold, and done nothing to help anyone else. That kind of selfishness makes my blood boil. Once we're all on our feet, every member of SKY is hitting that tower!

No argument here~

If we analyze everything in her records, somewhere there'll be a weakness!

And if we find that, we might finally find the key to the riddle of the Dragons! We'll keep at it! No sleep, no rest!

With everyone's strength combined, there's nothing we can't do! Kirino's leadership and you guys's strength has made things too easy for us—if we want to get Tokyo back again, everyone needs to pitch in! So? Whaddya think?

...Well, I—

Terrible, no good, very bad, horrible, the pits, dire...

Hey, you're walking wounded, body and soul. You should rest a bit.

Just leave it to us! You'll see—we'll take back Tokyo!

So don't worry about it. Just get a good night's rest for once.

...A... good night's rest?

Kirino screamed that response so hard that I swore papers were going to fall off of the tables. And then...

...Pfft, hahaha.

Well, Unit 13 can—

And you think that five people are going to be able to defend this building the same as squadrons of armed troops? They're a strike team, Major Dojima, not a defense team—and moreover, you think that a battle with an Imperial is going to be over soon enough that people won't become concerned?

Huh? Well, um...

Private Makita: ...Yeah, more or less...


To start with, have you considered the polyhedral energy barrier? You think some nebulous concept of hard work and guts is going to get you through there?

...H-hey, c'mon.

W-we were just... y-you're not like, mad, are you?

Ms. Hikasa's breakfast and bedtime reading? Do you even know what you're talking about?

And working without sleep or rest? You'll drive yourselves into an early grave!

Uh, umm...

We were just...

...Still, I get why you're all doing this.

But it really is a good thing I have Richter around, isn't it. Otherwise, nothing would get done. Nobody else in Unit 13 has even the slightest respect for chain of command, and sometimes that's a good thing, mind, but—I'm rambling.

Private Makita: Hey, you shouldn't—

It's fine! I'll do it. I'm... I'm the commander of this unit. I can't be sure what we're facing out there, and by yourselves, apparently you'll all just bungle it.

We're... we're sorry.

No, it's all right. I'm grateful you feel that way.

Gatou put his life on the line to protect you all, and Aoi gave her life to protect me... I'm sure that if I didn't step up, they'd haunt me.


What did you say to him?

I just delivered a straightforward assessment of your ideas to him, is all.

...Maybe this guy's a bit less of a square than I thought.

No, no. I simply have the acumen to serve as Mr. Ayafumi's assistant, that's all. A specialist does as a specialist is required, one might say.

...I don't merit this level of concern, you guys.

Oh? Then would you rather Dr. Akaneno take over—

No! God, no!

Then we can say I acted on behalf of my entire unit in ensuring that didn't happen.

I'm really glad you're okay, Kirino.

...Sorry. I've kind of been having a moment myself while you were gone.

Yes, I've been filled in. My condolences. If there's anyone in your unit who should've spoken up, it's Nagataka. You were being awfully quiet about these awful plans.

So sue me, my mind's been elsewhere.


And rounding out our lategame themes, we've got our final City Hall theme. I recommend giving it a listen—I like it!

First, let me lay out our primary objectives. At the moment, we have two—to defeat the remaining two Imperial Dragons, and eliminate the barrier blocking access to Tokyo Tower. I used the opportunity while I was out to investigate the lay of a few other areas of Tokyo, and I've located the final one.

The 'ice'?

That's correct. Tokyo Bay and its surrounding coast at Daiba have been completely frozen over.

It's dormant at the moment, but if it were to begin moving, City Hall would be in grave danger—not to mention, our easiest access to the Daiba region itself will be through the subway, which it occupies. On this subject, the SDF's judgment was accurate.


Private Makita: You could've led with that.

You guys hadn't noticed? Unit 4's been working like crazy down there.

Well, either way, sorry. I'm trying to tackle these one by one.

How will you do that?

I've got some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. It has to do with how Ms. Hikasa obtained her current draconic powers—a databank called the 'Dragon Chronicle'. Within that database is the analyzed data from all of the dragons we've fought to date, as well as amounts of other data whose source I'm unaware of. An enormous quantity of this data is available to anyone who knows the correct 'DC code'—however, the nature of the code is unknown, and it's likely unrecoverable.

So that's why she attacked Mom?

Right. My current running theory is that the supplementary data allowed her to complete the necessary procedures with data from the first three Imperial Dragons.

Is that really possible?

I'm no match for Ms. Hikasa, and this was her specialty. I don't know.

Ms. Hikasa researched this for her own benefit. My objective is different. Maybe... if I follow a different path, without the constraints she had, I can catch up to her.

A full set of all seven...

That would be quite the sizable amount of data for this databank of yours. How lovely.

Data is what can solve Ms. Hikasa's riddle—but what she did with three, I'll need all seven to undo.

So, in short, defeat the last two Imperials, then bring the samples to you, and we'll throw them all together. That sound right?

Yes, that's right. Can I count on your cooperation, everyone?

All at once, the mood about the meeting room had changed. I felt something swelling in my own heart, and I imagined it was the same for the rest, too. We had a goal now—we were going to keep fighting to the very end.

Private Makita: We'll all do whatever you need us to!

Yeah, of course. Our turn'll be up sooner or later.

Guessing we're moving out as soon as the lighting system's ready?

That's right. You guys are on underground Dragon duty. Clear it out like you always do.

We members of Unit 13 were not alone. We had the support of everyone at City Hall behind us. I think that was the first moment that I really felt like... we were actually going to win this war.


(Can I... truly surpass you, Ms. Hikasa?)

...I suffered on those lab tables, you know. I can see how this is going to turn out. Even if you are able to finish that thing, what are you planning to do with it?

You don't need to worry. Just focus on getting better.

Heard that one before. If you'd been through what I'd been through, you wouldn't be relieved when someone tells you not to worry.


Anyway, that's not what I was really getting at.


What are you talking about? You've been through enough torture—even if it's only for a short while, you deserve a chance at happiness.

...Heheheh. Happiness? I donno what you're talking about, but I've got plenty of happiness.

And geez, with that, that nosy old lady fussing over my family, those kids in Unit 13, and I've even got guys like you fussing over me. Guess my family's gotten bigger. For me, that's more than enough.


And hey, listen, student body president—


...My body's already shot to hell. You don't have to shed any tears for me.

Not my usual style, but that's fine. Let me... let me be a paragon of justice.


This is where the C6 title card actually pops, but I sort of mentally file everything in the past two updates into Chapter 6 anyhow, hence the use of the title card earlier.

It was the next day when the operation was ready to go. I hopped out of bed, ready to go.

You've got some help coming along this time! Watch out, though—it's really scary in there.


You'll see. Come along, Captain Ready!

You're getting it!

Scared Soldier: D-defenses are perfect! Nothing out of the ordinary!

Watchful Soldier: We're increasing security! Defense team, fortify this point!

You guys ready?

As I've ever been!


Yes, ma'am!

I was born ready!

Good luck out there, guys!



It's been a long time coming, but it's time to finally clear out the last leg of the Underground and take down the Scaber. The subway to Daiba isn't too long of a dungeon, as you can tell by the Dragon count, but I'm sure we'll all be happy to see the great wyrm go.

No loot here, friends.


Freesia have Sleep Pollen, which is an all-target chance to Sleep the party, and Draining Pollen, which is a 20% debuff to the party's damage.

Is that—


Helped along by an escort of a few soldiers, the three members of Unit 4 were standing about in the sewer.

Jeez, are you gonna cry like this the whole time?

I wasn't expecting to see you all down here.

Satsukiiii! Tell them this is too much for my maidenly heart!

sorry sis, this is one time a maidenly heart's gotta stone up


You're finally here. I'm not getting any younger, y'know.

You were already a fossil a decade ago.

Hmph. So nothing's of value but youth, huh?

Hey, you said that, not me. Anyway—so, our underground dragon strategy. This thing hates the light, remember? So if we use that to pin it down, you'll be able to beat it for good.

When Tokyo was peaceful, these things were used for theaters and night games. Well, game on.


Yeah, I know. If we pen this thing with these lights, it should be dead in the water.

So we'll take it from here—we're gonna get these lights set up around its lair. But, uh, be careful and try not to wake it up? It's naptime right now.

Hey, so, if it's sleeping... if it wakes up, doesn't that mean it's lights out for us?

Y'know, I wrote a gag like way earlier that mentioned the fact that Reimi has a grenade launcher and it has a name. I have to wonder if anyone thought that was just a weird off-the-cuff thing I made up until now.

Okay! Okay!!! On it like a bonnet, sir! Since you've never given me permission, I'd almost lost hope of getting to try her out...! Satsuki! Satsuki, did you hear?

I did! I did hear!

The two of them did a synchronized high-five that went a bit too fast for me.

Yaaaaay! Sergeant Waji, you're the best! I'm so glad I joined Murakumo!

If you can do that, all you'll have to do after is take on the Imperial Dragon. ...That said, the offshoot passage is its lair, and you're gonna have to handle that part. We'll leave it to you.

We'll set up the lamps while you guys are looking!

I've taken a moment to scan, and it looks like there are four junctions for the cable. I'll mark them on Richter's map, so let's go!

Right! Thank you for all your help!

You guys are my favorite unit that aren't us!

Right into it, I see.

It's been quite some time since we saw this sort, hasn't it? Not since the Inverse City Hall.

These ones seem a little more... hardheaded, though.

Shut up and kill it.

Got it!

I've got the swing, you two ready?


The Downstroke attack is as brutal as it was back in the first dungeon, but...


Well, we're a lot more powerful to compensate.

Chisa, do me a favor and do the purply smoke thing?

Got it!


Guh! Everyone alright?

I'm alright!

I've been worse.

Okay, I'll take the next one—


Step off, lunkhead!



Nice work, Satsuki!

Yeah, good hustle!

All of you get over here so we can perform first aid.

yes ma'am

I really hope this is the last time we have to deal with these things.

Here we goooOOO

Right you are.

these guys don't stand... a ghost of a chance

...What do ghosts have to do with this? We took care of the area with ghosts earlier.

Watch out!

Hey, we had a thing going!

White Jellies have a physical attack, and a buff that reduces physical damage taken by 35%.

They're also skilled at dying.

And a one,

and a two,

and a how do you do and whammo, the beautiful Satsuki does it again!

Ah, there's the first junction.

Hold up, I keep gloves for just this kind of purpose.

You do?

My pockets hold many secrets, Chisa.

Thanks Jeanne! Also,


Someone's in a good mood.

just great, sis. i—



On it!


Satsuki is wearing the Rogue's Band, so hey, lucky!

It appears we've cleared out this area. Shall we head back to the main path?

We shall.

I ferreted around for a bit for a way past this one, but I had no luck.

Agh, it's the gas!

No need to worry. I'll navigate again. There's a curve to our right.

Dragonfly fluttering about.

Alright, I've got a bead on it!

I'll take the buzzing!

Thank you!


So you're sure I've held this before in my life?!


Alright, just straight on from here.

Hey look, loot!

Hey, look, a cable!

Seeing more current flowing over here! Everything's going as expected.

This is soooo scary! Go home! I wanna go home! Waaaahhh...

And... power's on from that area, too! Don't quit now! Just two left!

You got it!

Giant Pincers have a non-elemental magical attack in Bubble Breath, and Solidify, a buff that halves all damage to them for 4 turns. They don't have enough health to make that frightening.

Alright, down here there's another path out.

So there is! Thanks, Koron.

And over here, there's a hole.

Thank you Koron.

Alright, this is a new region of the cave.

Kihada: I said "save me" ninety-two thousand, five hundred thirty-four times. Then you came! I mean, I thought for sure I'd make it out if I said it a hundred thousand times, but this works too.

Nothing stopping you from saying it into your pillow when you get back to City Hall.

Kihada: True, but then it'd kind of lose the spirit, y'know?

I'm amazed people have managed to survive this long in the wild.

You'd be amazed what you can find, really. When there's barely anyone using anything, you can find a lot.

The mace atop this dragon's head visibly cracked from the force of Youka's headbutt after her brutal punches.

We're back in the main tunnel.

At this point I realize that in the first segment of the main tunnel, I missed a passage over this way, and head back for it.

Blue Rabis are Rabis.

Kawakami: I really, really don't want to spend the rest of my life scurrying around like a mole, so I'll be super grateful if you get me outside!

That's no problem at all. Here you are. Pull this string, if you would?

This passage leads into the last little bit of Offshoot Area A.

And this Dragonfly!

It dies from poison after a pre-emptive attack.


Oh, construction tools. I'm sure Unit 4 will really appreciate these.

Ishizawa: You idiots took long enough. Thought they'd abandoned me, but I'm happy to be wrong—hey, those are mine!

They are going back to the same place, ma'am.

At this point, I head back. I happen to beat another Bloom Seed EX on the way.

Appears this one intends to stand in our way.

Then we'll cut it down!

I put on the Iai Teachings at this point. I... did I forget to record going and getting the Iai Teachings...? I got them.

Let's rumble!

Shield Dragons are a new type of dragon, and are a nasty one, at that, with a unique gimmick. We set up with Assassin's React, Motionless, and Counter Stance.

It hucked up a ball of concentrated electricity at Satsuki.


Then it attempted to crush Youka with its shield-like arm guards.

That was a poor decision.

Thunderball is nearly guaranteed to inflict Paralysis, and this Paralysis is a 1/4 chance to not be able to act.

...Take a breath, and still yourself.

It's time to fly. Follow me, Tomoegozen!


The sakura spin/in a cyclone of edges/as the greatest blade!

Haja Kensei—

Midare Sanzan Sakura!


I see someone's training paid off.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Miroku, did you see that? Did you see that, Miroku?! Miroku, did you see that!

Yeah, I saw it, now get back to work!

Wasn't it cool?!

...Yeah, it was cool, now get back to work!

Sakura Cyclone, or in its more proper title, 'Vanquishing Blade: Great Cherry Blossom Scattering', is Chisa's EX Skill. As seen here, charged up with Motionless, it can deal a real truckload of damage—enough to make the Shield Dragon's shields break, causing its action to be cancelled. This happens when they're hit hard enough, and they move to a separate AI routine for it.

Be careful, everyone!

Here we are. Unleash Power is a 30% buff to its damage dealt and 50% damage taken for a few turns, and...

Rampage is a hard-hitting doubleshot attack. The two swings can target different party members, too.

Go down!

In the end, it keeled over when Satsuki's poison gave it the final push.

Nice moves, Cap'n!

You're an example to us all.

Haha, please, stop. I just did my best.

Very glad that this has been so carefully preserved. Otherwise drinking this would be a terrible idea!

Okay, here's the way back into the offshoot. Let's go!

There's actually two entrances in here. We take the bottom one first.

Youka punches it to death.

Sengoku: W-who are you?! There are other humans left alive?!


Sengoku: Whoa. I guess that makes sense. I thought we were done for, though. Y'know, I've survived on my own, so, uh, can I tag along if I stay out of your way?

We can do you one better.

This is on the other side of this little room.

Here we go again!

AAAAGH I hate these things!! I hate them!!

ssshhh hold up we can get the jump on that one


very nice desu ne

Do you hear that? Just around the bend.

Stuffy Scientist: Nooo, no no no, stop thinking of ways you'll die! Die of fatigue, die of illness, die of shock, gobbled by Dragons, crushed by a rock, is there anything left but ways to die?!

The possibility of rescue?

Stuffy Scientist: ...Eh? Are you the people I should see about that?

Aaand... now!

Lemme show y'all a little something myself, then. Richter! Gimme a boost?

Yes, ma'am!

And then Youka leapt through the ceiling of the cave.

...Just right on through it.

I'm not sure exactly how high it went, but I think that with Richter's assistance she might've reached the atmosphere. Either way, she came down in a colossal fireball. The dragon didn't know what hit it.

Skyhigh Meteor instantly sets the target to level 3 D-Depth! That's pretty useful for utility, right? Right, yeah. Good skill, I'd say. What's that? Oh, the ungodly amount of damage it does? Yeah that's just a side benefit really. It's not that useful. It's only an efficiency of nearly ten times Youka's ATK stat. It's normal. You know, it's just a normal attack that does a normal amount of damage.




I can't. Please give me a bit. That kind of hurt.

That was the coolest thing I've ever seen oh my god I can die happy

You'd better not!

Yes, ma'am.

Thanks, Richter!

Y-you're welcome, but I hadn't expected you to go that high.

It's her secret. She can't fly... but she can jump good.

Full-heal item, like the Miracle Aeros from earlier.

Aaaand... a cable!

...That reminds me, do you think they're done setting up lights yet?


You sound like a little girl. Quit bawling and do some work.

Hey, Reimi! Go find me an eight-inch nut! Then weld this right here. And that, there,

M-my collection?! No... even Grenadine?!

Yeah, you'll have to rebuild it from scratch. Enough to make a dev team member cry!

I'm sowwy, okay! I'm helping! I'm helping!


Over here's another side passage.

And here's another Dragonfly!


And up in the upper-left of this junction is progress.

I can do this. I can do this.


This seems a decent place to set up an Escape Point. I do believe we might be done with all of that tube business.

Do you mean it. Are we done. I don't even know why I hate those so much but I really just really really hate them.


At this point, I return to that one place with two entrances to go in the other one to clean up.

Did you know that Youka is like, really strong? She is. I think I haven't emphasized that fact enough, how about you?


i am in love with loot i want to accumulate it all until i am a lovable ball of junk being thrown into space

That's all that was that way, so here we are back at the checkpoint. I move past the fourth cable for a bit.

City Hall, ma'am.

Rumi: Whoa, for real?! I'll run there with all I've got!

And here I go, workin' my magic!

Oh, they're done already? We're good to go here, too!

This place is driving me crazy! I wanna get out soon... sniffle. Waaah.

Did you just... say the—never mind. There's still time before it wakes up. Make sure you're ready, then get over here! There's just one more dragon in your way.

It's due north from the sewer! You're almost there!

This one, one supposes!

Okay. Okay.

(you can do this. you've got this. you're gonna protect your friends!)

You really flung that thing. Damn.

Yeah! Get up there!


What the hell did you do to that thing?

It collapsed in a heap back to the ground. It didn't seem too injured, but it certainly seemed debilitated... and also unconscious.



Let's talk about Ragweed Ammo.

As you can see, Ragweed Ammo does a lot less damage compared to the raw DPS of Chisa and Youka's EX skills. However, Ragweed Ammo has a 75% chance, individually, to inflict:

-Burn (61 damage per tick, 5% debuff)
-Freeze (61 damage per tick)
-Curse (100% backlash per hit)
-Poison (163 damage per turn)
-Bleed (123 base damage)
-Paralysis (15% chance to negate action)
-Blind (0.9x accuracy)

Each of these chances also pierces status resistances, so it's always 75%. Sleep lasts 2 turns, the rest last 3. The Sleep by itself is worth the price of admission, since it can give you a free turn the same way that Richter's luvshock can, but piled on with a bunch of other debuffs, including Curse, and Bleed for synergy with Vampire? Ragweed Ammo is absurd.

Case in point—the Shield Dragon slept through its first turns but still took the Burn and Freeze damage, so it actually took a total of 1209 damage, nearly doubling the damage of the initial attack.

feeling a little under the weather, chief

Lemme help with that!

Great job, Satsuki!

And, if we curve around along the stairs, we can get to this small entryway...

...and reach this chest!

Alright, I think our scouting is complete. Let's go, guys!

And on that slightly anticlimactic note, we're actually done with the area outside of the Scaber. So, next time, we take on a very big lad.

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