Part 40: you can't fxxk me (In My World)

Transitory shot of a multi-target Fire Woodwind Duet mulching two Flying Sharks because I think it's cool.

I think I spotted something while we were falling! Down this way.

Cheerful Athlete: If I ran, it'd warm me up, but then again, a Dragon might spot me... somebody, HELP ME!!

We are!

Cheerful Athlete: Oh, cool!


And just like that, Keima's hard work is invalidated again.

Don't try and make me feel bad.

Do we know where this hole goes?

No, we don't.



Baseball Fan: But thinking about watching next season gave me a small ray of hope to cling onto!

Oh, that's good!

And now we're back down here.

That should be the last point you were at on this side of the mall, I think.

Another wall. Guess we were headed the right way last time.

It's worth pointing out that Quick Hack + noiztank on random enemies is actually a great source of keeping topped up for this party.

Boss Carpenter: But now it's broken again from water damage... ah well. You folks got a place I could be put to good use?

Do we?!

Excuse us for one moment.

One more down!

Alright, your place in line has come.

You're doing a really good job keeping them topped up, Richter.

Oh, haha. I try.

Alright, here we go!

Ahh. These are so much nicer than the vacuum tubes.

Enough to make you forget the cold?


And there's our route back secured.

Two holes. Both so tempting.

This one's closer now.

Holes to stairs and then holes again. What asshole designed this pla—

Oh, right.

Technically, it was the Imperial Dragon here that designed it, not Natsume.

I reserve the right to be pissed at either.

Ah, we're behind that wall now!

I feel a bit bad at this point honestly

Ahhh not again

Will do.


This is almost a little sad. I can't help but feel slightly bad for these dragons. Chisa and Koron are simply too strong for them.

Oh as though you're not helping.

Yes, well, I am, but I'm not the one with the flaming sword.

you make the flaming sword more flaming though

That is true.

Can you make it more flaming right now? I'm so cold.

As expected of a man we found in a room at -18 degrees Celsius, this man was... not doing well.

Ken: This is bad, I'm so cold, my skin's kind of a scary color, hahaha. It's gonna suck if my fingers fall off and I can't build anything anymore. Are you guys real or am I hallucinating?

Here, lemme check.


yup we're real

Your martial prowess is unmatched.

Are we done playing hide and seek now?

I always found it rather odd.

'Frail humanity'? What, you think megafauna should still reign supreme? Are you so complacent you've failed to remember the reason why that is?

I remember those little reasons, but either way, humans are weak, foolish, ugly lifeforms. I could not forgive myself my nature. But as soon as I learned of the existence of the Dragons, I had a purpose, a blissfully simple one, free of the meaninglessness of human existence!

And thus, I became a Dragon. I have achieved supreme power.


But what could that possibly be worth? Are you so frail in your own self that you require that?

That's a silly question. Power subsumes all possibilities.

If you cannot understand that, then you are truly a fool.

Willingly giving up your humanity for such a ridiculous notion... You're no absolute being. You're just a punk with a gun.

Why can't you... What's wrong that you just can't understand?

...Of course. I had expected no less, even from you. Ever confident in the ideals you've borrowed from others... Power, utterly corrupted by 'will'.

The password is "Capgras".

...Wait, what? What was that?

Password? To what?

Hey, heads up!


The—the ice wall has melted!

She seems oddly preoccupied with you these days.

...I just don't understand. Does she really... was it really impossible for her to have lived like Mio hoped?

Back up here on 3F, we've got a bit more looting to do.


And that last hole from earlier brings us back here. And that's the main brunt of Daiba done!

...Um... hey, about what the president said just now. I...


How long has she been living like this, with such a nihilistic worldview? She might be great and powerful, but everything she says is just... sorrow and loneliness.

It is tragic, yes. No matter if she is our enemy, I... can't help but feel some pity.

...What horrors we commit in the name of tradition, that such a monster may be formed, hm?

She's... a monster, huh.

Even amidst the cold, a chill ran down my spine.

Am I... really like her? Can I really say I'm here because I want to be?



you have something she never did. us.

Yeah. Even if you were a bastard like her, you've got people to pull you back.

You're your own person, Chisa. You're our friend. I—

Hey, Jeanne, can I have that candy bar? I mean, it's just been sitting there forever—

What? Hey, Unit 13's out there right now, right? Lemme say hi.

Alright, fine, geez, you don't have to be so aggressive. I was saying.

Even if you are strong, and damaged by the traditions of your families, I believe in your ability to live.

No matter how small the cosmological difference may be, this woman could never match you.

You did well to make it here. I expected no less from Unit 13—from this world's hunters, and from Homura's 'hero'.

The Zero Blue...

Overcome it, and you and I will be on even footing at last—the final key will be in your hands.

You'd better be ready. We're going to defeat you.

A hero polluted by the 'wills' of others, unable to listen to what her own instincts tell her... You really are a tragic woman, Chisa Inomiko.

Will you shut up?! I am me! I'm not polluted by anything! There's nothing wrong with me!

Why do you want to fight me?


Because... I want to help people! I want to stop you from hurting any more people! I want to fight you because it's the right thing to do!

...Ahhh. Typical.

Quit trying to get into her head. Your scheming mastermind look is a bad one.

You of all people should understand me most, Koron Nagataka.

As though I would ever want to be like you.

No? Even with your body in that state? You would rather die so pathetically?

There's nothing pathetic about me!

Surely you know you can't last much longer. You'll die soon, just like the rest—your life flickered out.

...Oh, but that's right. You'd been keeping that a secret, hadn't you?

! Shut your mouth!

Even in the face of that runt Takehaya's state, you held your tongue, not wanting to be seen as weak—even though you're no better off than he is. How much longer do you have left? A month? Two?

My blood ran even colder than the air around me.



Ever since the day you were recruited to this unit, you've intended to die here, right? To give some meaning to that short life of yours. And yet you continue to foist these lofty ideals onto those who have no need of them.

Fuck you.

A weapon so temperamental I couldn't even use it properly, doomed to burn out and die before this war's tragic end even arrives. Who do you believe you're kidding? In the form of a Dragon, you could survive your illness, have a body that could maintain itself for far longer than a human lifespan.

Fuck you!

Can you really delude yourself into thinking your life has meaning? Burn yourself out knowing your existence lacked any real purpose? Waste away like so many other sick little waifs—

Fuck you!

You don't understand Koron at all! And even if she did die, she had purpose! She fought with us, lived with us, she's our friend! And we're going to beat you and save Tokyo! So go away! Nobody wants you here!

...Amazingly, she did.


Koron still looked to be fuming. I... couldn't really blame her.

...To tell you all the truth, I've known since Koron and I met. But she... well, she asked me to keep it a secret. No S-Class Akaneno's patient has lived past the age of twenty. She... her body will collapse on itself soon.


Koron. You...

What would telling you have served? You would've felt sorry for me. Told me to stay back. And do you know how infuriating that would be?

I would be stuck, knowing I could fight, knowing I could win, but with my fate outside of my own hands. My life really would've been purposeless—the sad story of a girl who died at twenty years old and accomplished nothing.

I hate nothing more than people pitying me. Pity is worse than hatred, than rage. Pity comes with the inherent belief that the one you pity is lesser than you, and I am lesser than nobody. I took my fate into my own hands—so don't you dare pity me.


Don't you dare pity me!

...You're... such a strong person, Koron. I could never be that strong.


If I was in that kind of situation... I'd probably just try and hide. I'd try and deny it until I wound up dying. You're a really amazing person.

I... think you're really, really strong.



But... I meant what I said.


we're all living through this. and that includes you.


One more thing before you go into battle.

We've made some adjustments to SKY's hangout. That Akira boy wanted to see you again.

Akira: Yeah, alright, I get it. Dare or not, whatever, I get it, gotta thank you like a grown-up.

Akira: Thank you, Unit 13! Aaaargh, how'd I get suckered into this twice?!

Akira: I mean, killing Dragons, letting us chill here, Takehaya said you've got his back, so...

Akira: ...Why're you bein' so quiet?

Sorry. Bit of a heavy day.

The Tough Medal that Akira gives us gives +5 DEF, MDF, and +3% Evade. It's a'ight.


Everyone, wait. Can I... talk to you all?

Koron stopped us just before we entered Daiba.

It's... about that business card I received for the clinic in Tottori. From Chelsea.


It's a friend of mine who runs that clinic. A friend from back at the hospital. He and I... butted heads once. I believed he couldn't save my life. I believed nobody could.

If he's sent me this card, it means he's sure he can prove me wrong. He's not stupid. He wouldn't go off half-cocked on this—I know he wouldn't. So...


Take your time.

It's an odd feeling. I don't know how to process it. I've been trying to all day, to no avail. I think... if I may be honest, I think I may...

Every instinct in my body is telling me to disregard this, that it'll be easier if I simply let it go. I've become a very pessimistic person over the years. And I...

Go ahead and let it out.


Am I... allowed... to feel optimistic about this? To believe in the chance that he's right? That I... might live?

I thought—I thought for certain that Unit 13 would be where I died. But with the war possibly coming to a close, and this avenue of possibility...

I'm a... horribly selfish person. I push away the people who care about me. Chisa, Youka, Satsuki... Mio, too, though she's not here. My parents... and my friends from the hospital. I thought that... by making an example of myself, by sacrificing myself, I could ensure that other people like me could live—by banking on that possibility. I thought there was a chance. But I never... I never imagined that it could possibly benefit me as well, that I would live to see it.

I submitted myself to being a weapon.

I let that woman make me a soldier! I gave her what she wanted, and I abandoned my friends! But they still want to talk to me! They want to see me again! All my powers do is destroy, and that's all they've ever done, and yet—!


I'm happy for you. I want you to live, too.

Yeah. Of course you're allowed to want to live. That's normal, I think.

We're all happy for you, I think.

We've just gotta save you along with Tokyo, then. No big deal. We're making great time.

...You're not... mad?

Why would we be? You were scared. Everyone has to live on their own terms, Koron.

Amidst the afternoon sun, on the streets of Tokyo, Koron turned away from us. She got down onto her hands and knees, and for the first time, all of us saw her cry.

"Thank you," she said between gasps. Tears fell, pitter-patter, onto the pavement. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Her body shuddered from her sobs, her gasps, her wails. All of us went to sit by her side.

...I had suspected for a long time. I know the rest of us had, too. But nobody wanted to confront that fact—that our dear friend, my best friend, was riding the edge of death. That, soon, we could never see her again. And yet... the moment it was brought to light was the moment hope was able to blossom in her heart for the first time in years. She could at last hope to face the sunrise with those she loved, for years to come. It was a genuine miracle.

Even though her sobs, her gasps, her wails—

My best friend, Koron Nagataka, had a beautiful smile.


Are you ready?

Yeah. I'm ready. Thanks for waiting.

There's nothing we can't beat together, right, ladies?

And Richter.

Thank you, Miss Fudoji. And yes—there's no doubt about it.

We're going to win!

I believe in us! And I believe in Koron especially!

Satsuki... You're all too sweet. How was I blessed with such wonderful friends?

What? What's that look for?

Look I'm really happy but it's gonna take me a bit of time to get used to you being less tsundere, y'know?

What is that supposed to mean? I'm happy. It's not like this is the first time I've expressed that I'm glad I have you all.

Yeah, but you were like, open about your emotions! We had that whole moment! This is a big moment for you!

And maybe I'm just having some feelings myself, y'know?

You're impossible. I can't so much as smile around you people without you making a big fuss of it.

I think it's lovely. It's been such a trying week—I'm glad that we can all smile together like this.


And even after the war, too! Satsuki's right. We're all going to make it, and we'll keep smiling and laughing together.

"Just smile! Just smile! Full throttle to the Arc of Smiles! My pride never changes—Ladies and gentlemen, don't miss it! Step forward and go!"

...Yeah, you lost me there.

Come on! You don't watch Yugioh?!

No. I read the original manga.

Come onnnn! How am I supposed to get any recognition without Mio around if all you guys read is hoity-toity flowery stuff and Koron's pile of fusty books by depressing dead old guys?

Maybe you should read a bit more philosophy, Satsuki. It might do you some good, and if you can interpret the effect text of Nirvana High Paladin you've got enough reading skills to decipher it.

Yeah, yeah, ha ha, I


I just told you you could read some philosophy.

Nuh-uh!! You know what I mean!! Explain that!!

Explain what?


So here we find ourselves with number seven.

If we take out this enemy, we'll be able to reach the Dragoness Mizuchi, and hopefully end this war.

The Zero-Blue's biting chill struck me to my core, but I knew that by my side were the strongest friends I could ask for.

You ready to give this big lug what for, Koron?

Who do you think I am?

We're behind you all the way!

For formality's sake, Jeanne, analysis?

Go get it! You've got this!

Kick some ass out there!

Once again, I shall declare myself.

My name is Koron Nagataka! And no matter what you or Hikasa try to do—I'm going to live!

So! You may recall that we had something of an easy time with the last two Imperials, Sleepy Hollow and Scaber. Scaber was pretty simple, and Sleepy Hollow was frail and had some... particular weaknesses to being Richter'd.

Zero-Blue is here to remind you what bosses in this game are really like. With a whopping 16,500 HP, the big guy's built to last, and he's gonna make you work for every inch of that health bar.

Engaging Icebreaker! Please try to maintain awareness of your temperature even with it up, though.

This is the first on-camera use of Richter's Icebreaker buff, but it's a pretty big deal in this fight. Even at just level 1 you're getting a 30% reduction to a large chunk of Zero-Blue's moveset.

Hope you don't mind, Richter, I think it's probably going to hit you at least once.

An unfortunate inevitability.

Geh! Keep your grimy jaws off of me!

I—gah! Don't mind as much!

All indications are that this dragon is rather sturdy. We should be prepared for a drawn-out battle.


Wow, you weren't kidding. That hardly made a dent.


Ahh, it feels like so long since I've gotten to do that.

Aaaahhh cold cold cold cold cold!

Chisa! Koron! Have I been insufficiently punchable?!

We all know how Breath attacks go at this point. It's Ice, can inflict Freeze that ticks for 16.

Alright, that's it, I'm pissed now.

Man, for how shady that guy was his goods do work!

I'm shocked.

No, that was the second Imperial.

Hey! Over here!

Uh, what, uh, ice to meet you?

I've gotta give him some lessons.

Did the job, though.

I... missed the next few seconds.

Sleep Bite can't miss, and has a high chance to inflict a 4-turn Sleep. That's not great!

Veils can still trigger, though, fun fact!

Alright, shithead, you ready?!

You're going down!

Ah, I'm up, I'm up!


Nuguisarenai kako no kanashimi
(a grief from the past I can't wipe away)

IT'S ALRIGHT, kokoro ni mo nai
(It's alright, my heart can take it)

BLASTER hanachi te wo nobashita
(I reach out my hands and let loose my blaster)

You guys good?

Peachy. Let's tear it apart, Chisa!

MY LIFE kirihanashita
(I cut my life apart from myself)

gakubuchi no naka nagameru you ni:
(so I could look into the picture frame,)

Blizzard is, like other attacks like it, a setup for a delayed attack. However, Zero Blue's version is a lot nastier, as we'll see in a moment.

! It's dropped its internal temperature to such a degree that fire won't work directly on it any longer!

Shit. Try and hide from me, will you?

sonzai shoumei issai mou nee
(but that picture doesn't have any proof I existed)

karoujite tamotsu jibun jishin
(and I can barely protect what makes me 'me'.)

Not only does Pressurized Coldfront give Zero-Blue a 25% reduction to all damage, it also totally inverts its resistance to Fire—what was a 50% damage bonus is now reduction. While this buff is up, its weakness to Fire becomes a resistance, and that's another way Zero-Blue gives itself staying power.

Owwww cold cold cold

We'll have to deal with this blizzard as we fight! Get used to it!

Sakete toorenai michi wa itsukara ka konna datta
(I've been avoiding this path, unable to get past it, for a while,)

soshite dare mo inaku natta...
(and now everyone's disappeared from it...)

Zero-Blue's Blizzard isn't a delayed attack like the others, it's a constant damage effect like Satsuki's Ricochet! It's all-target, has a small chance to inflict Freeze, and starts at 95% damage multiplier, decreasing by 19% for each turn. It lasts for a total of 4 turns, and can really pile on the damage.


You can't escape me!

Unmei nante kuso kurae, yarikirinakute CRY FOR PRIDE
(I don't give a damn about destiny! If I can't achieve something, I'll cry for pride!)


hibiki ai no uta!
(A song of love still resounds!)

Yuganda sekai magatte negai
(The distorted world, twisted wishes,)

Kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita
(ideals for tomorrow that are crumbling away,)

Haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta—
(They've all become so bothersome I just want to throw them away—)


You can see the massive reduction in damage from the veil. It's a good thing we got that bunch of damage in when we did.


I actually attempt to use Richter's EX Skill here, but Blizzard has a higher priority. I swear he will get to use it on-screen instead of in tries of things I didn't actually win at!! I swear!

Oh, get up! It's just a bunch of ice!


harewatari michi ni hikari wa sashita
(clearing, letting light shine on my path.)

LET'S FIGHT, osore wa nai
(Let's fight without any fear,)

moroha no tsurugi furikazashita
(brandishing our double-edged sword over our heads.)

Come on, body. We're gonna get through this!

MY LIFE hitorikiri ja nai
(My life isn't lonely anymore,)

We got your back!

Thank you, I'm back up!

nakama no koe ni michibikareru hou ni
(since I'm guided by my comrades' voices.)


Sonzai shoumei issai koutei
(With proof that I exist reaffirmed,)

tokihanatta jibun jishin
(I let myself loose)

No, alright, ow.

Fine, you all handle us, I'll get Richter.

Sakete toorenai michi wa itsu datte konna datta
(That path I've been avoiding has always been like this,)

mayoi wa kiete naku natta
(but I won't hesitate anymore.)

Get up!

Unmei nante kuso kurae, gamushara ni natte TRY FOR PRIDE
(I don't give a damn about destiny! I'm gonna be a daredevil and try for pride!


kikoeru ai no uta
(I can still hear a song of love)

Hizunda sekai todokasu negai
(This writhing world, unfulfilled wishes,)

yowane nante mon wa nigiritsubushita
(my own grumblings, I've crushed them all in these hands!)

Haite suteru hodo ni taisetsu datta
(The more I threw away, the more precious it became—)


Great shot! We've got this!

Chisa, rip it to pieces!

Unmei nante kuso kurae, yarikirinakute CRY FOR PRIDE
(I don't give a damn about destiny! If I can't achieve something, I'll cry for pride!)


hibiki ai no uta!
(A song of love still resounds!)

I felt the soporific in its bite attempting to take me down, but—

Come on! You've got this! Right, partner?

Yuganda sekai magatte negai
(The distorted world, twisted wishes,)

Kuzuresatte iku risou to ashita
(ideals for tomorrow that are crumbling away,)

Haite suteru hodo ni taikutsu datta—
(They've all become so bothersome I just want to throw them away—)


Unmei nante nurikaete, kizu darake ni natte TRY FOR PRIDE
(I'll repaint my destiny! Even if I'm covered in wounds, I'll try for pride!)


Soredemo ai no uta
(I'm still gonna sing of love!)

Hizunda sekai todokasu negai
(This writhing world, unfulfilled wishes,)

Kizukeageteku kizuna to ashita
(or the bonds and future we're building up together,)

Haite sutete mo kekkyoku taisetsu nanda
(They're still precious, even if I throw them away—)



It fought back, brutal and chilling, but at last, the final Imperial Dragon fell, crashing to the ground after one too many blows.

Hah! Hahaha! Eat that, you stupid dragon! I—

I was so distracted in the emotions of the moment, I didn't even realize. That was a quadripedal, two-winged draconid. That was a real, bonafide, no frills about it dragon.

This is a landmark achievement for us, everyone. We've actually beat an organism that is unquestionably a dragon. Are you all proud of us? I'm proud of us.

I'm proud, yeah, but that has nothing to do with it.

I think that such a foe even passes Koron's muster is proof that we've accomplished something great.

...You know, actually, you've got a point.

Three cheers for Unit 13, everyone!

You aren't getting that kind of jubilation out of me.

Y'know, I think mathematically, not only was our darling Koron fantastic support, she might've also done the most damage to the thing.

Hooray for Koron! Hip hip, hooray!

Hip hip, hooray!

Hip hip, hooray!

I can't stand you people. You're insufferable.

You guys... You're all amazing. And not because you're 'hunters', or because of your talent—it's because you guys... fight for what you believe in.

We couldn't have gotten here without everyone's support. This is a victory for all of humanity, I think.


...Should we tell Kirino we ran into Natsume?

We already had that emotional talk a few days ago. Poor guy's got a lot on his plate.

Alright, here it is. This should be good.

You defeated the Imperial Dragon "Zero-Blue"!
"Murakumo Dorm" slated for repairs!
"Industrial Area" slated for repairs!
"Skylounge" slated for repairs!


There was a crowd waiting for us upon our arrival. Kirino, Jeanne, Miroku, and any number of citizens.

Antsy Citizen: They're here! Murakumo Unit 13!

Jittery Citizen: That's amazing! They're sooo cool!

Rickety Citizen: Can you take my grandson along with you?

While you were on your way back, the Navis went down the halls to let everyone know you were coming. So, everyone here wanted to turn out and welcome you back to City Hall. Not too much hubbub, is it?

To be honest, it feels rather nice.

Wow. I have no idea what happened to you but it must've been very drastic. Did you get frostbite?

I can't so much as smile around you people, I swear! God!

Anyway, here you are. I tried to make sure it was as intact as possible.

Is this it? ...Seems to be. Are these claw marks?

Ah, that would be me.

It was the dark claws manifested by her... what did you call it, Satsuki?

Huh? Oh, it's a 'Reality Marble'.

That, sir.

Huh. I would've just thought it was the claws on her hands.


Okay, you guys just sent me on this insane emotional roller-coaster here. You guys get that, right?

Heh. Sorry about that.

I mean I'm just glad you're gonna be okay, man.

Yeah. Me, too.

You still haven't explained to me that joke you made, Koron.

Which one? You'll have to narrow it down.

No, I don't! You don't make like, joke jokes!

Oh, so you're typecasting me now?


Ehehehehehe. All of a sudden I understand perfectly why you do this. It's hilarious.

Seeing Koron so full of hope, with that great victory behind us, we all laughed and smiled that night, joyful in our victory.

...At long last, I felt like I really understood Koron—not just as someone who understood me, but as her own person. She was a genuinely brave woman, no matter how pessimistically she viewed herself, and she had a desire and willingness to fight for this beyond herself.

I think that Koron is the person in my world that is the closest to a genuine 'hero'. A woman who wielded her self-destructive powers to fight for good and the safety of those she loved, at the last, rewarded with a miraculous ray of hope...

Her astonshingly brilliant will, so bright it couldn't be doused by the deepest darkness—her ability to wield destructive powers in pursuit of protecting what matters most—and the unflinching kindness she showed even through a dark cloud of pessimism that at last was broken by the flame of hope—

Unit 13's 'Psychic'—these things were what composed her will to fight.

Next time, it's the final sidequeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeests

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