Oh, no!!

Aww, is this the one with the vacuum tubes?


The map of this area. Little Dragons appear on the map, and Little Dragon Vs are fast—they're deceptively powerful. Shield Dragon Vs are the Bloom Wall dragons for this zone, and the first chest contains a pair of Miracle Aeros.

oh yeah and i found one of these. it ran away

Since I have the Iai Teachings off, here's a shot of Chisa's Garuda Whirlwind, an all-target Battou Stance attack that I, uh, had never used until this point. I don't know why I used it here, but the effect's pretty! Anyway,

Welcome to hell.

This is the single most brutal Dragon formation in the entire game, and took me about twenty minutes this run. One Little Dragon will enter the battle on Turn 2, and the other on Turn 3. Little Dragon Vs have 4000 HP—not that much at this point but still plenty to survive a few hits, and their AI will be staggered on their entry, not to mention that the Shield Dragon is around and has an astronomical 300 Attack.

This time, I get a bit lucky.

Be careful, you guys!

As you can see, these guys can hurt—blowing off half of Youka's HP with one Gnaw is no joke.

Oh, and this version uses Spinedge Claw for its second move... and misses Youka.

Hey check this out—did you know that luvshock.exe can also do this? It's never come up before in the LP, buuuut...

Hahahaha yeahhhh babyyy

This is the second Little Dragon, which just entered the battle.

And that's both of them down!

Unfortunately, Richter comes down with a violent case of Was Clobbered.

The law of equivalent exchange, I guess.

Now that the counter's clear, it's safe to go...

And the fight's basically over now. Play us out, Youka!


Down the right path is a free Stop Cut, whereas to the left is the exit.

Hey! Don't you ignore me!

You think of something to tell us about yet?

Ummm... I know! The people of that ancient civilization, they were a—

That's a spoiler for the second game, Emille.

Die! Fine, then... um... I'll—I'll tell you about the, uh...

Argh! God damn you! I'd strangle you if I could!

You're a doer, not a talker, yet all you seem to do is talk, and not do.

do you have baby pictures of aitelle, i'd accept those

...I'll see what I can do.

Before the fight, we pick up the Mirrored... Coat. This is the game's best light armor—it's slightly better than the Kitty Parka or the Sober Slacks, but not by much. I equip it on Richter.

And the Illusory... Insectoid is here for what's hopefully a more dignified rematch.

...It, uh, it is, I lose the first time lol

Quick Hack is such a fantastic skill, it really is.

Thrash Head is a lot more powerful in this version of the fight.

Alright, here we go!

It's been a while. You may have forgotten how satisfying luvshock + curse is.




...Man, they're getting tough.

Sewer Breath, which was unremarkable in the original fight, now has a Poison rider. It's a 53-damage tick, so pretty nasty.

And who could forget Head Stomp?

It's worth mentioning that Scaber here has 27,000 HP. Jigowatt had 23,000, so it's been steadily rising in the range between Mizuchi and Niara. Of course, their stats are well beyond those two already—internally, Scaber here is level 78.

Get 'em, guys! You've got him on the ropes!



Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!

Hah! It left a little figure of itself.

May I please have this in the actual story? We don't have to bring it up. But may I please have it? Just as a personal obj—

Aww, sure, Richter.

!!!! Yay!!!

A weapon that makes Mama Fudoji more powerful... incredible

That's how you know it's not canon.

Wow it is cold here! I hate this!

I know. I know.

The map of this area. Blizzasauri are on the field, and Cornarodons take up the Bloom walls. Freeze Dragons and Enshentas join the randoms.


Anyway, the chests are three SP Up EX in the one in the open and a Frost Cut behind that Bloom wall.

Since Koron isn't here, and on account of the increased chuft, these guys take a fair bit longer than the unbelievable amounts of murder Chisa inflicted last time.

I cannot help thinking on him.

...Yeah. He was a hero.

Though you and he came into conflict, I am glad... that you feel that way.

He was everything I'm not. How could I not?

Despite it all, he was a good man.

Alright, we'd better go. Sorry, Aitelle, we do have a few more bosses to get through.


Poor Richter hasn't even gotten a new weapon yet!

Zero Blue isn't much different—just stronger. Pressurized Coldfront lasts a turn longer and actually halves damage now instead of the 25% cut, though.

Standard setup here—it is Zero-Blue, so this is gonna be a slugfest.

Man, I love Destroy React.

Man, I love Destroy React!

28,500, by the way.


Man, she is really just tearing that thing to pieces, huh.

That's how she does.

...oh, by the way! Richter's Defense Booster has reached max level, so it now also boosts MDEF! This is very useful.

Alright, it's hunkering down. Get ready. Stand behind me if you've gotta!

Tch. It'll take some work!

This ought to help.

Man, I can't remember the last time I used Regenerator properly. I'm using Regenerator properly now.

All we can do is keep fighting!

Hoo. Thanks, you guys!

No problem!

want some more popcorn mio

Nah, I'm good.


...with halved damage,

Defense Booster has run out by this point.

Finally! God.

Not to worry! We'll get through!

Youka! Now!

And stay dead!

Hoo. This just ain't stopping, is it...

Not to worry! Only one left, right?


That's really sad. Why are they being so mean to him?

The ultimate heavy armor. I give it to Youka. Yes, they do actually make you wait this long for the ultimate Hacker weapon specifically. It is very mean.

Well, isn't this a blast from the past.

It feels so long ago...

Our first battle together. How... quaint.

The map of this area. Salamanders and Hammerers are running around on the field.

Yeah, for some reason they put this version here even though this is the version from way later in the game.

...yeah, so, uh, the chests have Miracle Aeros and SP Up EXes, Hammerers are very nasty, next slide.

...A man who became a dragon willingly. He will become our greatest enemy—as you well know.



He's still alive, huh?

Of course. A Dragoner wouldn't die from just that. He's alive, and soon, the urge to consume will overtake him, as well.

It's unavoidable, huh? The fate of all dragons.

As a dragon, you should know yourself.


If you want to play at being a human for the time being, then go. ...But sooner or later, you'll wind up humanity's sword again.

I know.

You two know this bit isn't canon, right?

You and your 'canon'. It won't change my feelings toward her.

Well, 'her' is an improvement.


So this is what it looked like on the roof during the initial attack, hm?

Yeah. There's Warcry, at its full power... The dragon that killed Renji and Kyoshiro.

...That was the day I was doomed to never be able to live out my life as a normal human. Maybe you could say it happened earlier, but... it was him. And he killed two people doing it. I only knew them for a few hours, but...

I won't ever get this chance in the real world. Whatever this is, I'll get my catharsis! Richter, Youka! C'mon!


This is for Renji, Kyoshiro, Mr. Nagare... and for myself! Get the hell out of my city!

Rounding out the seven, we have Warcry at his full power—nobody's softened him up beforehand, and he is here to kick some ass. With a massive 32,000 HP, he's one of only two enemies in the game to out-health Niara, and he's significantly beefier. He hasn't actually gained any new moves, but the moves he does have are significantly stronger. Let's rumble!

Tch, he's a lot tougher when he's not full of holes!


Fine, then lemme open you up some holes myself!

We'll definitely need this.

Chisa! Watch out!


Giga Break has not only become massively beefier, running a 2.25x modifier on Warcry's colossal 308 Attack, but it also now has a basically guaranteed Bleed rider, which deals 51~63 damage for five turns.

Of course you aimed the weaker one at me. Come on!

I won't... lose to you again!

You know what? You don't look complete without a sword sticking from your head!

Midare Sanzan Sakura!

The Burn on Searing Firesphere is now near-guaranteed, and of course deals more damage. It's 51 per tick.

Youka, wait—

Shit. Shoulda waited. My bad.

Go, Richter! Ignite! Ignite!

It's about to let loose its howl!

Thankfully, I came prepared!

You really took that story about contradiction to heart, didn't you?

Typhoon Howl is a near-guaranteed loss. The original inflicted Paralysis, but this one, along with having gotten a literally doubled damage modifier, is now near-guaranteed to inflict Skill Seal instead. It's totally predictable, since he'll charge up and do it on his fifth turn each time, but if you aren't prepared, get wrecked.

Back at it! Let's keep pushing!

I think it heard that earlier comment.

Or it's mad about the stabbing.


Richter! Get Ignite Mode going!

Right on time!

God damn you!

Here! Youka! Richter!

Quit knocking her down, shithead!

A dragon egg, if you please! I require a burst of informational energy!

Think I'll drop a supermove, too!

Have I mentioned that you are really incredible lately, Richter?

No, but I appreciate hearing it!

i really could not have used that at a better time jesus christ gg.bat is so good y'all

Take him down, Chisa!

You got this, babe!

Rip him up!

One last time...

Doomed from the outset,/any move you can take from here/will surely kill you.

...Mate in 16.



Who are you saying goodbye to?

I'm not sure.

SLAP THIS FUCKER ON YOUR HACKER I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FUMA SHURIKEN. This is the money shot right here. +10% success rate on Hacking? Fuck yeah??

Oh, and the Rapid Ring is +50 Speed and +5% Evade. It's pretty good. Y'know, it's pretty good.

Huh. Y'know, I think I like the look of this megaphone...

Next time, the end of 2020.

By the way, since we're at the end of Part 1 and I'm deathly curious, I have a simple poll here for you. It's just simple—I'm curious who peoples' favorite characters are. You can answer here if you like. Thanks!

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