It had been a bit of difficult labor, to be sure, but with the materials we'd gathered from Warcry and the City Hall dragons, collectively we were able to put together a meager meeting room and a dorm for ourselves and the other Murakumo agents. It hurt to see the rest of the citizenry attempt to manage in the more damaged floors, but...

...well, at any rate, it was three days later when I was called back into duty.


Part 6: Tiny Village in the Desert

Hello? Anyone?

Good morning.


Oh, no. Chisa's circadian rhythm is all off.



Why were you even up so late last night?

prolly thinkin about her girlfriend or something

I'm sorry. I, um... where are Koron and Youka?

Somewhere around, probably.

Ah, right, um... we had that strategy meeting on what to do about the Dragons today, right?

Please come to the 7th floor meeting room posthaste. Everyone outside of the members of Unit 13 are already gathered there.

On it.

It really has come a long way in such a short time.

Couldn't have done it by myself, you know. Richter's an awfully helpful guy.

No, please, my assistance was meager, really.


I'm glad to accept your accolades, but I really do think that your organizational skills are a lot more impressive. Comiket must be a deadly battleground.

Oh you have no idea.

How's everyone doing this morning? Anyone still sore?

tbh yeah a little. I mean, the bed's not bad, but nobody ever tells you how tiring it is to dragon.

Aw, c'mon. It's a new day! Chin up!

Oh my chin is up. My chin is mega up. Super up. Just my left hamstring's a little titchy, is all.

We shouldn't keep Chief Hikasa waiting too long. I believe we should perform the rounds and find Misses Nagataka and Fudoji.

I think you can have a first-name basis by now...

I'll keep that in mind.

Now that we've rejiggered it to not be upside-down, City Hall will be serving as our base of operations for the remainder of the game. You can fast-travel between floors, to the world map, or to your room specifically, by pushing the R button. At the moment there are only three floors available to us, but we'll solve that pretty quick.

The fourth floor is our dorm, and the dorm of the other active Murakumo agents. Our room is important because it's where we do a big sleepy (unless you wanna head back to the shelter because it's faster... sometimes I do) and switch our party. Otherwise, this floor mostly has NPCs. ...Quite a few NPCs.

Oh, you were the one serving us at the party the other night, weren't you?

Chipper Worker: Wow, she remembers me! Captain Inomiko actually remembers little ol' me! Ain't that a treat!

It's kind of hard to forget that much enthusiasm.

Chipper Worker: Well, they tell me that the key to good work is happy work. We're gonna get so much done together! Good luck out there today, you guys!

You too!

To be honest, I was worried there wouldn't really be anyone else. Seeing other people being optimistic about the work we do is really something.

No kidding. It can be a lonely day's work when you're the only one enthusiastic... about...



She's... she's behind me, isn't she.

Yup. She's behind you.






Mom! Hi!

Good morning, ladies. How was your beauty sleep? How are my darling daughters doing this fine morning?


Me, I was just thinking about how long it had been since we'd gotten some quality time what with all this work.

I mean, not to point fingers or anything, but someone slept for a month and another someone was screaming for a month and changing that other someone's underwear, so you know.

Not that I'm blaming you for that or anything. I mean, I slept for like a week this one time? I dreamed about so much crazy stuff.

But seriously though. Have I mentioned lately how much glee it fills this beautiful genius's heart to see her own kids as members of her good pal's organization fighting off an alien menace from beyond the stars? Because it's a lot.

Hi, Mom.

Mio! How's one of the two second-most beautiful women in Tokyo doing with all that documentation?

Seriously though, have you seen Nacchan's documentation? That shit is dire. It really needs that ol' Akaneno touch, if you ask me. Great we have you.

Great we have me!

Great we have us.

(C'mon, you're in the presence of Homura Akaneno. Say something.)




That's provably untrue, kiddo, I'm my biggest fan. You can take second, though. It's... Satsuki, right?


With all due respect, Dr. Akaneno, shouldn't you be at the strategy meeting with the rest of the top brass?

Oh. Right. Knew I forgot something. I'll leave you to it, then.

Laterrrr! Don't keep me waiting too long, sweethearts!

Um, bye, Mom!

See you there!

So she really does dress like that all the time?

Yes, she does.

That is really fascinating.

Now stretch.

Ugh, gghhhrgh.


Who the hell made you the stretching expert?

I worked as a physical therapist for a bit. If you wanna get back in fighting position, Gatou, you're going to have to limber up.

What a pain... these damn Dragons are trouble.

Oh, I see. Genji's a big boy who's never taken a big hit before, huh?

Don't make fun of me. I've been doing this for a lot longer than you have.

Hell... maybe too long. Pretty soon, you and those kids are gonna have to step up even further.

Don't count yourself out just yet. I think you've still got some fight left in you.

'Pretty soon' sound like 'now' to you? Of course I do.

paging mama fudoji. paging mama fudoji. mama fudoji to the door

You've got a meeting to get to. Hurry up. I got this.

If you say so! Make sure to refer to that little guide if you're confused about anything.

How old do you think I am?!

I'll leave that to your imagination.

Is she gone?

She appears to have been satisfied.

Thank god.

No offense, but she really does get grating after a bit.

You get used to it.


Lovestruck Worker: I was so taken with Mr. Gatou that I joined the Murakumo team. I hope to see you around!

Well, that kind of depends on whether Gatou goes for younger men.

Lovestruck Worker: Well, sure I probably don't have much of a shot, but haven't you ever thought about the romance of admiring someone from afar?

TOTALLY. Totally totally. Pining is great. Probably like, top 5 romance tropes, IMO? I haven't written enough pining lately.

Clearly it's because you sold out and became a normie

I'm no normie! How dare you.

Hard Worker: If people are stuck living this haphazardly, they'll just feel like a bunch of squatters.

It's not a good feeling.

No, it's not. I've had to squat before, and it's not very pleasant.


You get used to it though. I get by with a little help from my friends.

Work Unit Leader: Usually, Murakumo only permits S-Class individuals to become members, but we of the work team were chosen from A-Class. That's why we don't have an official number—oh, but don't worry! We'll still be busy as bees helping you fight off the Dragons!

Of course! I think we're all counting on you and yours.

Please continue to work your hardest. We appreciate all you do.

Downcast Worker: They don't get me at all. I mean, I know I'm a little selfish, but geez—

If you've got the ability to help, you should. Is there any reason in particular you don't want to?

Downcast Worker: It doesn't matter. I'm here now, so that's that.

Laidback Worker: Oh, maybe you'll have an idea? What should I be doing? I dunno~




Intense Worker: Look, just- don't humor her. She knows very well what we should be doing right now.

Laidback Worker: But I really don't, though~

Intense Worker: You've been given your orders twice now!

Oh hey, Koron's out the window there. Don't worry, I got this.

Wait, wh—



...Agent Kazuki.


Don't make that noise at me. You just fell three stories for the express purpose of attempting to startle me.

What on earth were you thinking?

i came to bug you

I see. Good morning, Satsuki. Are the rest of us awake for the meeting, then?

Yeah yeah, so what were you and Chisa talking about last night, huh? Something scandalous? Something scandalandalous?

It was a perfectly ordinary conversation.

At any rate. While I would've recommended you'd taken the stairs, or perhaps the elevator, thank you for coming to alert me.

It's cool, it's cool. I mean, sometimes you get all broody and you need a wake-up call.

I wasn't brooding, I was pondering.

Nice moves, Haru! You're in top form today!

Haru: Yeah! Thanks for the tips, Ms. Fudoji.

Tanaka: This shebang is really blowing up! Bless!

I'm always happy to help, though I don't know how much what I do can translate into karate, per se.

Haru: You're an S-Class fighter, Ms. Fudoji. Even if it's tough, I can figure it out. You just leave guarding the entrance to me!

Tanaka: With me and Haru guarding the entrance, our revenge is really gonna blow up! Bless!

Haru: Oh—aren't those Nagataka and Kazuki from your unit?

So they are! Hey, Koron. Chisa, Richter, and Mio are waiting up on the seventh floor.

Good morning, Youka. Having an educational day of mothering the trainees again?

Oh, stop. I'm just doing what any good senpai would do.

Sure you are.

i wish youka was my mom-senpai

Do you actually, or are you just saying that?

i wish youka was my mom-senpai

Don't just repeat yourself.

You've really gotta stop being so bothered by these things. Just let it sit, sweetie!

I don't let things sit and I never have!

The little lady getting mad again?

No. I can keep perfectly calm.

It's a great morning for work, ain't it? The new studio is a huge improvement!

I already feel like everything's just got a bit more bang to it, you know~?

I love things that have bang!

You and me both!

The 1F Entrance is where Unit 4 have taken up residence. They've got a new tier of weapons and armor available, so I kit my party out as best I can here. Remember, kids, upgrade your equipment. Equipment upgrades are the good shit.

The Entrance is also where you, shockingly, leave the map. And there's one other NPC here with a portrait, too, who we'll get to.

Morning, Miya!

Weren't you all supposed to be in the Meeting Room?

We're on our way there.

...By coming to the ground floor from your dorm?

Koron was brooding.


See? We got to her.

Oh, Koron! Satsuki!

Um, please don't jump three stories without assistance again.

No promises.

Good morning, Chisa. I see you're doing a bit better this morning.

I am, thank you. I really appreciated you talking to me.

Oh, is that why you two were awake so late? Discussing feminist philosophy and all that?

No, no... Um, just talking, really.

It was a sort of philosophy, though I doubt that it could be called particularly 'feminist'.

I'm glad you two are getting along.

So am I.


MP Hatano: I declare, why am I stuck with the introductions and the like... grumble, grumble...

Someone has to be. Thank you for your service, Mr. Hatano.

Assistant: Retaking City Hall was the first step, but there's still a mountain to climb...

Hopefully not literally. I really really hope Mt. Fuji doesn't turn out to be infested by dragons.

what if mt. fuji is a dragon

That's even worse?!

I KNOW, RIGHT? like who even thought of that?!

You did!

I did?!

(You did.)

Wow, shut up, my brain! Don't jinx it! Gawd!

Assistant: Yes. Please don't jinx it.

Alright, hopefully we're not too horribly late...

Good morning, Unit 13, you're... 36 minutes late exactly!

That's really late!

Eh, I'll let it slide.

Just this once, I presume?


Ehhhh, being fashionably late is fashionable these days. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

Am I meant to pretend that I understand what that means?

You really gotta keep up, Nacchan.

Prime Minister Inazuka: ...Mr. Ayafumi.

Um, yes, sir.

Before we begin, I have some extremely important information to relay. An hour ago, an emergency transmission was received from the United States—

MP Ariake: What?! Did the US make it through okay?!

MP Hatano: Finally, assistance!! With this, we're as good as saved!!

(Would that we all had the confidence of an old man who sits in an office room and needs not fight these dragons.)

(Would that we all.)

We'll be conducting a formal session between our two nations by satellite. Naturally, the Prime Minister will speak.

Prime Minister Inazuka: ...Ahem.

It's about time to start... why isn't it on...?

Secretary Makabe: Mr. Prime Minister, the transmission is coming in!

(Who's that tall drink of water on his left, you think?)

(...? Hm?)

Ahem. I come with a heavy heart, my delight in seeing you notwithstanding. We must first see to the safety of Japan—only then can we truly rejoice.

Prime Minister Inazuka: Mr. Muller! What do you know of the rest of the world? What about the other countries?!

Please, Mr. Inazuka, be at ease, we share your concerns. We were able to make contact with the European Union, but aside from that, frankly, we've had no luck; no replies from other countries, and nothing from the EU since our initial contact, either.

Prime Minister Inazuka: Then—you must at least be ready to support Japan. Even just the existing base at Yokosuka!

That is, unfortunately, an impossibility. Even lending you a few experts would cause the situation here to rapidly deteriorate—

Prime Minister Inazuka: But why should we have any optimism at all?! With no help whatsoever—

Of course we want to help you, but first we desperately need to clear the Dragons from our own borders. Once that's done, we can breathe easy and use our strength to protect Japan.

Prime Minister Inazuka: This-this is...!

Prime Minister Inazuka... things have already progressed well beyond the scope of that discussion.

That summarizes the events to date. We'll be in periodic contact to ensure you continue to flourish. We'll be praying for you. God keep you.

For a moment, the room was deathly silent.

Well, that sucked.

Prime Minister Inazuka: What on earth is he telling us to do?! How are we meant to proceed like this?!

First, we'll investigate any and all spatial anomalies, then develop anti-Dragon countermeasures.

MP Ariake: Countermeasures?! You act like you have this all planned out!

Of course I do. That's what it means to be Murakumo.

Prime Minister Inazuka: With things the way they are now, the only thing we can do is trust you.

The Prime Minister shook his head and sighed.

Prime Minister Inazuka: It seems there really is nothing the government can do. I'll give this operation my full authority. Use these floors and resources as you see fit—anything to develop these countermeasures.

Of course, we accept your proposal. Kirino, do gather everyone together and escort the Minister and his cabinet to their quarters, will you?

All we could do was sit back down until he'd finished.

...Well, I didn't need to do much gathering, but... anyway, so, we've clawed City Hall back from the Dragons, so we'll be using this as the center of our resistance. With this base as HQ, we'll wipe every Imperial Dragon out of Tokyo. Great plan, huh?

Capital, Mr. Ayafumi.

But we can't expect support or info from other nations, and we sorely lack troops and intel. Thus, our plan has two objectives. First, expand this base to improve our war effort.

Mom was in the corner ruffling through some files like a raccoon, but her ahoge perked up when she heard that first part.

Lab? Did you say lab? I get a lab?

The lab is for everyone, Dr. Akaneno. I'm looking forward to it, too.

Yeah, man, science rules!

Anyhow, Unit 13, you'll be in charge of that. Head to Shibuya, make war on the Dragons, and recover the Dz we need to fix city hall. Second, we need the lay of the land. Major Dojima, are the remnants of the SDF up to handling that? We need you to use the underground to secure and expand our borders.

Thanks for your cooperation! Everyone, get ready to deploy and carry out your individual missions!

So I was thinking. If we're going on more missions, we really should have titles, shouldn't we? I mean, Chisa is our Captain, and Mio is our Archivist.

We should likely have a... Vice-Captain. Someone to fill in for Captain Inomiko if she were to become incapacitated.

Oh, that's a good idea. Alright, what do you all think?

I believe that—


Definitely Koron.

Miss Nagataka.

yeah it's gotta be koron

...I see.

Well, they're in agreement with me, then. So, Koron is our Vice-Captain.

If we've got a Captain and a Vice-Captain we need a Secretary and a Treasurer.

I CALL TREASURER i love loot

Richter seems like he'd make a great secretary.

Well, I have worked as one for quite some time.

That leaves Youka. Um...

Ah yes, Youka Fudoji, our 'Human Resource'.

That's a little grim-sounding.

Well, your body is classified as a lethal weapon.

That's true. I suppose I can work with that.

So if you six are done there, we need help with further repairs, please?

Yeah! Go, Chisa! Wooooo!

Those—I had those organized very particularly!

Well, they're gettin' reorganized!

...Richter, are you sure you don't want to come back to my department?

Positive, sir, but thank you for the offer. Perhaps once this is all over.

Aren't you glad I recommended her?!

Hey, get off of those!

Your judgment is as sterling as ever, Homura. I must admit I've been very impressed.

Eh? Eh? And you also got someone writing your shit down for it. Eh? You really gotta work on that, sweetie. I mean, how are people gonna know what you did if you don't write it down, huh?

Yes, Homura, I heard you the first time.

Ehh, yeah, you did.

So, with that in mind... Chisa, you and yours won't be running out of things to do. Do hurry on—and Homura, don't act as though your files are any cleaner than Kirino's.

Yeah yeah, hey, hey kids. And Fudoji. You know what this goober says? She's all, "I have everything I need stored inside my head, and it causes less clutter."

You both have really good impressions of each other.

It comes from being old friends, I suppose.

Yeah, how else am I supposed to make fun of her?

And how else am I supposed to properly relay the nonsense she says on a regular basis?

Hah! Yeah, you got me there.

...Well, with that said, I believe we'll be going now.

(So have they always been like this?)


Please let Miya know our design priorities, and if you need any pointers, ask her. She is the expert here. Okay, bye, gotta—

That's not work files! Get out of those!

You've got great taste in manga, Ayafumi!

...Well then.

I'll go set up the material relay line and stuff. You five be careful out there, alright?

Of course. If we could take down Warcry, I don't think we'll be in too much danger out there in normal fields.

The beautiful Satsuki knows Shibuya like the back of her hand! No worries!

Alright. Um...

Love you.

Love you, too.

With that said, we headed down to the ground floor to talk with Miya from Unit 8, the Construction Team.

Good morning, Miya.

Good morning. Any orders?

Kirino wants us to focus on building a headquarters for Murakumo on the fifth floor and a laboratory for R&D on the sixth floor.

Alright. Here are the basics.

Rebuilding! TL;DR, the amount of stuff we can build will expand as the story goes along. Each floor gives us some specific reward. It costs a specified number of Dz to build a given thing, and some also require Key Triggers, which we get by progressing the story.

Fundamentally, we require Dragon materials in order to rebuild properly. We need Dz.

Your confidence is appreciated.

We'll need about seven Dz in order to build this HQ. As for the Laboratory... we'll need some form of cooperation for that project. Murakumo doesn't include much of that skillset. Even if we look outside, it'll be hard—but as we are now, it'd take us at least two weeks, minimum. And I'm not sure anyone who could help particularly well is alive, still, outside of what scant workers Dr. Akaneno brought with her.

On Major Dojima's orders, the SDF charged out of the lobby on their own mission.

Heh heh... that Officer Dojima and her troops seem to have some fight in them.

Well, we'll just have to give it some gusto too!

They're trying very hard for everyone, so please don't let them down. Work hard in gathering these materials.

New workers, huh?

If we're heading to Shibuya, then I think I got you handled. I know all the best hiding spots for folks to chill in the event of a Dragonpocalypse.

Then would our Treasurer please lead us forward into the brave unknown?

You got it, Pops!

As we headed to leave, though, I realized that Mom was standing there, definitely waiting to say something or another.

Oh—Mom? Was there something you needed?

Just coming by to say hi. I didn't get to see you off for your last mission, after all.

Thanks. Please don't worry, I'll be fine.

Oh, I know you will. You're just about the best swordswoman I've ever met, and I know a lot of people. So, I just wanted to say—

WOOOOO! GO CHISAAAA! You want some flags when I get back?! I'll wear a bandana if you want!

Thank you, Mom, but I think it would be best if you just continued working normally.

Even better! Get out there and build me that lab!

I saw Kirino, from seven floors up, stick his head out the window.

The laboratory is for everyone, Dr. Akaneno!


Hehe. Alright, I'm leaving! Let's go, everyone!

Next time, we get run over.

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