Part 64: Soldier of Dance

Before we begin, I went and got this at an odd time for money reasons.

Novice Nun: I see you, child. A lost lamb, plagued by status conditions. But lo, there is balm in Gilead! The miraculous prophecylactic, the Frost Cut! It will deliver you from the pain of frostbite. You must have faith... and additionally a trifling donation of 1200 Az, to make it yours.

Novice Nun: Thank you for your devoted patronage—er, I mean, ahem... May the Lord protect you, and watch over you wherever you go, heroes...

No, seriously. Where did we pick this one up? I don't remember rescuing a nun.


The rain remained, plinking away at our last bastion all through the night. That was how September 13th began.

Is everyone awake?

Did you go and help?

I tried, but Kirino insisted that he be given the chance to prove himself this time. As such, I am wholly rested.

Zzzznrk I'm up I'm up

So I figure I should take point this time. Those assholes with the big mouths seem like they hit pretty hard.

This Oceanus ruined a perfectly good set of eyes. I'd like to burn it to death, if that pleases everyone.

Seems fine to me.

Howdy, gang~ I tried my very best for you ♪

Somehow, we managed to get it finished by sunrise. Here, take this.

Slather this stuff on, and no matter what kind of annoying acid you touch, your gear and person should be undamaged.

It works just as he theorized! Ain't it astounding?

It is at that.

Aw, c'mon, I... I hardly did anything, everyone else put this together...

Aww, Mr. Kirino, you're so modest ★ Looking away like a blushing maiden in the face of her lover!

We have some left over, so we need you to deliver it to the SDF stationed outside.

You don't have to tell us twice. I've been looking forward to lighting this thing up for ages now.

We won't let you down, sir.

It's really something that I can believe you so readily, isn't it?

...Come to think of it. Didn't we have that errand over at City Hall?

The food thing, yeah.

Should we be doing that, like, now?

It might do something to improve morale while we're out battling Oceanus.

Let's see, that kinda stuff should be in the entrance here.


There's a Rabi in the food.

!!! That's a Type-Zero! Everyone, watch out!

What? It's a Rabi. How threatening could it—

It's fast?!

What the hell is a Type-Zero?

Remember last August when I went by myself to hunt a black rabbit, and when I came back I'd osmosed its physical capabilities and figured out Midare Sanzan Sakura?

Oh crap

The Rabbit Type Zero is a little bastard in a fun and unique way from the way in which it was a little bastard in the first game. There, you were fighting it solo, so its two actions had a tendency to overwhelm you with sheer damage. We've got a full party here, but the Rabbit Type Zero has a very particular and unique trait—a 70% innate evasion rate. Using abilities that have higher accuracy modifiers is key to this victory, and with 1647 HP, you aren't exactly going to be able to pop it with just one or two lucky shots.

Hate this little bastard so much.

Well, Youka's great at body-blocking.

Come at me, you little rat!


Oh, come on!

Much better!

Counters and Veils are some of the skills that have high enough accuracy to bean this little jerk. Satsuki's Aimed Shot and Chisa's Sunset Kata are also good for it, and Hack and Curse work pretty alright on it for Richter.

Once more, Youka?

With feeling, little buddy!

Before the counter and veil combo goes off twice...

And after.


Wow, you actually hit it.

We shouldn't be careless. It's not going to stop threatening us until it's defeated!

Let me assist!

You know, it does kinda move in that, Haja Kensei! kinda way, huh?


Sit still, you little shit!

Well, it'll be sitting still now! Good teamwork, Koron.

Good teamwork, Youka.

High five!

...Sure, yes. High five.

May I be included in the high five?

High ten!

There was a triangular high ten.


We'll just have to go back with whatever's left.

For our efforts, we get the unique Type-0 Ring, which is a really nice speed+evasion accessory. I think this thing is on Mio for like... 80% of the game from this point on because stacking evasion is best on her.

I did much the same. Raw evasion boosts are incredible on idols.

Here's what we were able to recover.

Man of Dignity: So this is all there was? ...Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you, Unit 13.

It's okay. We were disappointed to.

Man of Dignity: If this war keeps stretching on...

Man of Dignity: We've all gotten used to relative extravagance without realizing it... We'll have to tighten our belts, I'm afraid.

A month, huh...

We don't have the luxury of time like we did with Niara. We already knew that. This is just one more way in which it's true.

It's alright. We'll get two down this time, and we know where a third one is. We'll take down whatever seven Imperials Fomalhaut throws at us, then knock on his door and tear him a new one.

Man of Dignity: But I suppose that won't mean much if the roof over our heads melts, will it? Do hurry, and take this from me personally—ideally, use it to defeat this monster!

We also get an SP Up 200. ...Kinda funny we get food from doing this quest, ain't it?

Alright, the relay point is still working!

That's our Richter!

It's only natural. Fighting to protect my home... Fighting to protect what's important to me, I believe, is something that simply comes naturally.

If it weren't for you, Sumie, Youka, and I wouldn't even be here, you know.

That is true, but how do you mean?

I think in large part, the fact that Murakumo is a home now can be ascribed to you, is how I mean. You're an excellent bit of foundational glue.

you're a good man, charlie brown

Ahaha. I try, at the very least.


The rain is getting worse here... let's clean it up before noon!


The nanocoating should allow you to move without worrying about corrosion from the puddles, but I don't know how long it'll last. Before it wears off, hurry and find Oceanus at the source of the acid! I'm counting on you, Unit 13!

The Mori Tower's 29F is home to some of the corporate offices of Nokia Networks and Google Japan.

Looks like we've got further jumps ahead of us. Are you all ready?

You know it! I'm great at jumping!

So these things are roots of Oceanus's nest, are they?

Seems like it. I imagine it requires a lot of stabilization to prevent its own nest from being melted.

It's a terrifying beast. I can only imagine the fate of previous planets Fomalhaut has taken, to be wiped out so brutally...

Kirino wasn't whistling dixie. While the rainfall outside the building and City Hall will still deal damage to us, the standing puddles are now totally harmless!

And since we don't have to actually go into the direct outside of the Acidfall or City Hall any more... Well, the acid rain's gimmick is basically over.


Ugh. A dead end.

Nothing for it, unfortunately. We'll have to head back the other way.

Oh, fuck, it's these assholes!

What the hell are they doing in an office building?! What are they gonna do, bust through the ceiling?!

To be fair, you did that a few times yourself.

Heheheheheheh, they're back folks,

It's Tower Dragons! Everyone's favorite! Are they tanky, boy are they, they've got equal defensive stats to Oceanus and 1534 HP! The multipliers on their moves are higher and the Poison does more damage! It's Tower Dragons, baby!

This dragon can jump! (insert spooky laughter)

It's climbing on the ceiling!

Huh, that answers that.

We need to be careful of their poison, everyone!

C-correction... I need to be careful...

Maybe there's something about him that just enrages them.

When I say higher modifiers, I mean that in the first game, Venom Meteor was a 0.5x MAT attack that inflicted a 4-turn 23-damage poison. In this game, it's a 1.3x MAT attack that inflicts a 5-turn 33-damage poison. 2020-2 Tower Dragons are not fucking around.

(the spooky laughter gets louder)

You get Richter up!





Venom Breath went from a 0.2x MAT attack to a 1x! It's five times as powerful! ...Koron's fine, though, that's the shield, not her.

Piece of shit! Go down!

Get Richter better, I'll take a shot!

Ugh! Bastard!

Ignite Mode, engage!



Argh, it's up again!

It's back! Let's end this!

Go to hell!

Youka grabbed its jaws and violently dislocated them, before picking up its body and slamming it down with such force that its leg bones shattered beneath it.

Fuck. Get me up. Shit.

I hate those assholes.

Since the exit is literally right there and this was a real rough one, I head back for a nap.

Oh, these, too, eh?

Two new old Dragon breeds in a row, Chemical Dragons are back, too. Their Aerial weakness has been reduced to 20%, and they're no slouch in the defensive department, either.

Koron! Let's try to take this one down promptly!

Tch. Don't remember that being that hard.

i may have given youka some poison resistance

Chemical Dragons' Sludge Breath is six times as powerful as in the first game, going from 0.2x to 1.2x. They have fewer skills overall than Tower Dragons, but this hurts.

Love battles of attrition.

Not sure how 'prompt' this one is going to be.

Keep at it, team! You got this!

Got a bento for you.

Home Bentos! Home! Bentos!

Anyway, this guy rams his face into Youka twice and gets beaned.

Haha, yeah!

I like that trick, Richter.

Ah, thank you.

It seems there's another one.

This floor's packed, ain't it?

Lucky the cleaning crew is here!

This guy gets Breath Render'd on the first round and gets clapped as a result.

Fussy MP: You're late! What have you been doing? If you're here to help, let's go now!

It's okay to say you're afraid, you are trapped by a pool of acid.

Fussy MP: What? No, I most certainly am not a-afraid!

Nothing this way...

There's an elevator here, at least, but let's ensure this floor is cleared out first.

heef heef


Oh, nice.

Alright, we can now proceed.

The 35th floor of the Mori Tower is home to Airbus Japan K.K., a subsidiary of the Airbus aerospace corporation.

I smell loot this-a-way.

There's a Dragon in-the-way.

The Ruby Tekken giving Youka another +9 is real nice when she's most of my damage output against these guys.

That's the end of this path.

Higher up the building, Green Turtles start getting added to the randoms. Their defensive stats are quite high, but they aren't healthy or beefy enough to cause much issue.

That Dragon over there. Are you avoiding it intentionally?

I'm afraid I simply don't have the knack for getting the jump on them.

The basic strategy here remains the same for these guys. TROY: Fire, counters, Flame. Kill good.

These are Monkfish. They're support monsters, who can inflict Blind, Sleep, or Paralysis on characters.

Hey hold up. Beebeep.

Pvt. Irie: Uh, 'scuse me... I think my leg is hurt... So could you... gimme your arm, ow!

No need to worry, we'll get you back to base.

Nighthawks are fast and have a 20% innate evasion rate, along with a party-wide speed and evasion buff. They can also inflict Paralysis with Shock Wing, but they're very weak physically.

Okay NOW we can go back to where we were before.

Let's explore past here first.

This nanocoating is really coming through. Jeanne, tell Kirino I said thank you, would you?


He says you're welcome.

There is more loot... behind that dragon...

Let it move out of the way first.


And... hiyah!


Hey, you got it! Nice work!


Hey, asshole, I'm the one you're supposed to hit!

Yeah, more like that!

Youka reared up, then performed a running leap at the Dragon...

...grabbing its wings and tumbling backwards into a brutal suplex. The dragon's vat cracked beneath it, as did its spine.

This is Youka's new Homicide Hold move. Homicide Hold is a move that scales up depending on how many status ailments the target is currently afflicted with. It requires D-Depth 2. I don't find it all that useful, but it can reach some pretty good damage if you really pile on with the right party.

Homicide Hold is bugged in a very funny and player-beneficial way, but the details are best saved for another time.

Based on the map, I believe that that Tower Dragon from earlier is on the other side of this pathway. We ought to go clear it out.


Why is it always him?!

I've been asking myself that for over a year now.

I put up a veil on Youka, so the Fang Breaker + Veil combo mulches this much HP in one turn. Youka does a lot of damage.

Much cleaner.

I really wish they wouldn't. I don't very much like being slimed.

This is the thirty-fifth floor... and this elevator should take us... to the forty-fifth! We're almost there, everyone!

Next time, we face down Oceanus.


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