Part 93: Freefall

To review, we're in the Shuto Seaspire. We cleared the first layer, the Spire Apex, and have reached Altitude 768m, before bouncing down to Altitude 640m and then back up to 768m.

oh hey, we don't have to lure this one.

Whapow! Bye-bye, Invader!


There is loot over yonder.

There sure is! Good job, Sumie.

yes thank you.

We've got the jump on this one!


There's another NERD ROCK BAR sign.

The music was good, but the food was pretty mid tbh.

This one should lead us to that isolated treasure chest from earlier.

Huh. I'm a little disappointed.

I was hoping for a katana.

You know, keep talking like that and you're going to disappoint Keima from here.

How many more Dz do they need?

Nine or so.

That's an isolated island, so we head on from 768m.

Gai: This is awful! I'm in agony! Hurry, I don't want a Dragon to eat me! Come on, Unit 13! You come get eaten instead of me! Ah geez ah geez ah geez...

How about we just kill the thing instead?

Rancid vibes from that guy tbh

There's a dragon down here.

Not anymore!

There never was one to begin with.


Sasami: Unit 13 discarded all its Heal Aero 2. Unit 13 discarded all its Blinol. Unit 13 discarded all its Ozonol.

Alright, now we'll take this one on.

I was wondering where this kind had moved to.

Shield Dragons! Their recolor, Aegis Dragons, aren't in this one—we've just got the one variety. 4244 HP, and a big fat physical defense. Lower magical defense and they're particularly weak to Poison.

I've accessed its field!


Strike at your leisure, friends.

You got it.

With 216 ATK and 201 DEF, luvshock self-attacks actually aren't very effective.

This one's pretty sturdy.

They've gotten tougher since last year. Keep swinging!

It's thrown off my hacking! Be careful!



Hawawawa, that looked like it hurt!

I'm fine!

Chaos Thunder is a magical attack that's been altered from its first-game version. While that one was guaranteed to inflict Paralysis, this one can inflict a worse Paralysis and also has a Confusion rider. Both miss on Youka here.

I'll beat your ass, you son of a bitch!

Sorry to steal your kill, Youka!

Ehhh, that works too.

That hurt, though. Help me.

One moment.


I wonder if I could, like, take some of the metal out of the debris this place is made of and turn it into a sorta raft for us to ride down on?

Probably wouldn't be too hard.

It's stuck pretty well in there.

Hm. We don't have any guarantee that this Imperial Dragon's abilities don't include a pull on the objects within, even after being reshaped, so perhaps we should save that until we've had a better idea.

And how would we get it up?

IDK. Maybe have Koron make some hot air? Or launch us up with an explosion.

Actually that sounds like a bad idea.

Naww, just something maybe Taichi should be doing instead.

We should be getting closer to a path down.

Based on your intuition?

Mostly, yeah.

Looks like there's just a loot and that guy down there.

The guy left.

At least the monitors are still online... I don't like anything about this, but Kirino's looking at the metering, so please keep going.

Okay, it says it's an error, but could this actually be a memory overload? I can't figure this out. Is it a coincidence, or intentional interference?

Hey, there's that guy.

And here's another one!

Burning Slash. Owie!

Let's wait here for that guy.

There's the guy.

Not anymore!

Pvt. Misawa: From now on, I'm gonna sleep like a baby! I've just got one prayer before I go to bed.

We don't have time to unpack that.


For reasons I couldn't tell you, the strongest variation of Doom Seed, Doom Seed 20XX, is just sorta here on this one. It's worth a cool 1100 SP.

The guy also dies.

Oh, I recognize that Bloom wall over there!

Yoshiki: Ahahahaha! Heehee, eheheheeeehehehehee! It's too cute, that dying laugh! Go on, take a look down there yourself!

Pvt. Hoshino: What up, Unit 13? The SDF Barracks are the next floor down. Everybody's waiting!

Anna: What do I do, what do I do, what do I do? The wedding band my fiancee bought dropped down and rolled below! Please! It's all I have of her, Unit 13! Help a girl out and go find it for me!

Hina: Wanna play? Let's play together! Let's play tag! I'm it! Unit 13, go run down there! C'mon, hurry up!

This Cornarodon gets a bit messy but gets taken out quickly enough by Youka's head.

...Should we?

It's the only way forward that makes sense.

There's clearly foul play at work. There's a path down, yes, but whatever's going on—

At the same time, analysis of the environment data can only succeed if we do go forward.

I don't like this.

At least they're not zombies this time. Probably.

I'll take the first jump to make sure it's safe. If it's something like Bloom toxicity, I'll be immune to that.

I know someone has to, but I don't like this. Are you sure we shouldn't just wait?

I'll be alright, Mio. Unfortunately, we don't have time to wait.

I took another running leap.

Hacking... corrosion... so, basically, the environmental data is getting contaminated? Then, what's inside must be—

Wait! Wait, Chisa! Don't go in there! CHISA!

And for a moment—everything went dark.

Please, answer! Chisa! CHISA!

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