Part 95: At the End of Disaster

It's pitch black down there.

At the bottom of a nine hundred meter spire... With all of this miasma, it's a wonder we can see.

I've set up a relay point. We'll be able to escape easily should we win, at least.

'Should' we win? Don't you mean 'after' we win?

Ahaha. Of course.

there's some folks to rescue up here btw


Endou: I did it! You're here to save us! I knew you would be! So I never ☆ gave ☆ up!

Bright Granny: Hey, you! Since you've come all this way... you wouldn't object to helping an old lady?

Hey, I'm getting on in years myself. What kind of citizen would I be?

Stay focused, and be careful down there! We're all behind you!

You guys have been doing a number on the Dragons in there. The recon team says the Bloom's been really receding.

Crazy that we've killed more dragons that were in the entire first game, huh? We've come a long way.

Then let's not waste any time!

Sitting right on the sea—or even just below it—the last bits of debris culminated in the end of our path.

A garden of black Bloom surrounded the nadir of the Seaspire, encircling the arena for our battle.

You may remember that Reimi sells Death Guards, and that we got a Death Cut from Miya for repairing the Artisan Ward. The Death Cut is on Chisa, and two Death Guards on Mio. As for Youka, well... She doesn't have anything.

The final Imperial wriggled and writhed, its tail snaked around a shimmering crystal.

Well, Koron?

It's an amphithere. The prehensile ends of the wing shapes are curious, but I'd define this as an amphithere.

You... So your name is 'Insomnia'.

I hope you're prepared. When I'm done with you, the sea will run red with your blood.

Yeah, you're getting torn a new one, buster.

This cowardly jerk, toying with Chisa with its illusions...

Koron, Sumie! Let's assume triage duties!

We've got this! We've taken down ten of these jerks already, what's one more?

I mean techically thirteen and we beat three of them twice but you know what I mean.

If it can craft a lair like this, it won't be weak. Be careful.

Maybe once all the Bloom's cleared out, I could use this as a stage. The aesthetics are just right.

You want to see the power of a True Dragon, huh?

Well, you can have it!

Motherfucker Located

Insomnia is, pardon my French, a son of a bitch. Our final Imperial Dragon has a wide variety of moves and multiple gimmicks with which to put the hurt on, but he's no slouch statistically, either—201 in both defenses and 14852 HP. Insomnia is also immune to Curse and Poison, and takes half damage from Lightning, though he is 20% weak to Aerial.

An important heads up: You must have a way to deal with instant death in this fight, or you will lose. Out of every fight in the game, this fight forces you to deal with its ailment du jour or literally perish.

Let's kick things up!


Ugh! That all you got?

Power Slash is a simple attack, but it's not friendly.

What the...

It's absorbing energy from the Black Bloom! Watch out!

On turn 1, Insomnia will use Death Omen. This is the telegraph for next turn.

Alright, let's see what you've got!

This, in case you've forgotten, is Death's Door—a self-buff that allows Youka to survive a fatal hit with a certain amount of HP. At level 1, as it is here, she survives with 1 HP.

Whatcha got for us, huh?


Well, he's tough enough to handle that.

The beast let forth a howling wave of Fomalhaut's own energy.

Mio, behind me!



Think that's all it takes to take me down? Think again, asshole!

After Death Omen comes Death Sentence. It's a simple move—100% odds of inflicting Instant Death to your whole party. As mentioned, Chisa and Mio are immune through accessories, but as it happens, Death's Door and other effects, like Presurrection or True Pro, also work! I set this up so that Youka would survive with 1 HP.

It's rearing up to breathe now?

It seems it understands how much of a threat we are.

Immediately following Death Sentence comes the rear-up for Insomnia's next big attack.

Mio! Give me a boost!

You got it!

This is Follow Me, which allows Mio to select an ally to move immediately after her.

Eat shit!

Surviving with 1 HP means that Rage Bomber gets its full damage multiplier. It's still not at its full power, but 1070 is still a big chunk of damage.

There you are, Youka!

Alright, thanks! Back at it!

Ugh! You okay, guys?

Just dandy!

Same here!

Exhaust Breath deals a lot of damage and can inflict Burn. It didn't.

Alright, getting a bit pissed off again.

Lemme help with that.


Since I blasted through over 30% of its HP in the first five turns, Insomnia has transitioned to its second phase—which immediately begins with a second inhalation.

Just try it!

Mio's Fever state has run out. Please be careful!

I really should've used Dry Ice here. I think I forgot the speed order.

Ugh! Ughhh, my head!

What the—?!

Its breath—it's laced with the same quantum radiation it used earlier! It's trying to weigh down our heads!

Yeah, Insomnia has two breath attacks. Ebon Breath is much stronger, and moreover, can inflict Downer.

You could use a mint.

Hurry up and die!

I'd really really prefer if it stopped doing that!

You're not bad, kid.

It's gathering more energy! Seems it's going on the offensive.

Our high damage output has moved Insomnia into its third and final phase. Thankfully, he'll no longer use Death Omen/Death Sentence at this point, so it's possible, as here, to get through the fight only dealing with one. The third phase will begin with this, though—this is a permanent 30% buff to Insomnia's magical attacks, I.E. his breath attacks.

It's healing itself?!

Fine! We'll just cut you down even further!

And there's this.

Even if my head hurts, the show must go on!

That all you got?!

All of Insomnia's attacks can miss, thankfully.

Let's make sure that lasts.

Now go get 'em, Youka!

Youka's fists started cracking the bone on its claws, but she wasn't able to launch it off of its crystal.

As effective as that is, try not to die.


Having to change Mio's accessories means that she's got less evasion than she usually does.

It's breathing in again!!

All we can do is weather the storm!


How dare you?!

Don't worry about me! Take care of them!

One moment, Mio!

Yeah, keep doing that!

Okay! I'm okay!

Go, go, Dark Countess!

Youka, I'm going to try bolstering your strikes!


In phase 3, Insomnia can also start using Snap. It's a strong melee move that heals it for twice the damage the move deals.

Are you ready?

Oh, yeah.

Let's keep these buffs going!

Just try and knock me down this time, jerk!

You okay, Mio?

I'm alive.

I don't have the energy for a Mate in 16 right now. Damn it!

This'll have to do!

You gonna be able to tough it out, Insomnia?

Stay strong, Youka! Yeah!

i haven't even screenshotted every time Mio used overtime in this fight. she's done it like 6 times. it's a great skill

Here you are, Chisa! Quickly, now!

As long as the world turns, I'll keep on dancing!


Yeah I'm not a fan of this whole 'draining our lifeforce' thing.

Keep it going!

Will you watch out! Ugh, quit dancing and heal yourself!

You're open!

We got this! We're gonna wni!

Mio! How dare you!

This is it! I'll shatter your illusions and that crystal!

Here's some help with that.

There you are, Mio!

Here it comes again!

Thanks, but I'm not sure I've got the energy to defend us.

No need!

Which of our blades are faster?

You were doomed from the moment you dared to challenge me.


With one swing, the tail keeping it connected to its crystal was cut into pieces—

—and the final Imperial Dragon of the second Dragon War's life scattered as petals on the wind.

Don't you ever besmirch their names again, or I'll send you so deep into Hell not even the gods could find you.

Is... is that it? Did we win?

We won?

We won.

WE WON!!!!

Bye-bye, Invader!

That's all seven of Fomalhaut's Imperials and then some! We've done it!

Mission complete. Not that there was any other outcome.

Yeah! Go us! Whoo!

Go us!! Go us!!

"Arms Fabrication" is available at HQ!
"Res Ward E" is available at HQ!


I removed its heart myself. Using my sword to cut out a Dragon's heart was easier than I expected... when it was already dead, anyway.

Wow. We really did do it.

When we started, it was just a fleeting dream, but... we really have managed to defeat all of Fomalhaut's Imperial Dragons.

Thank you for everything, Unit 13! Please return to the Diet Building soon!

Yeah, I'm ready to get outta this hole.

You and me both.

I'm definitely keeping it.

When we returned, we had a crowd.

Hoo... hah. She came running the moment she heard you'd beaten the Imperial.

Because I was happy!

Well, yeah, of course! So am I! But, first of all—

For real. I was nervous this time.

She's not always this worrying, is she?

Oh, all the time.


Mark my words, she's gonna find at least one more way to freak us out before the war's over.

I cherish her as a friend and have learned to live with the inherent anxiety it brings, but that doesn't mean I find it pleasant.

Wow, you guys. Not giving me an inch today, huh?

Enough of this crap! Listen up! Detention with these nerds is boring as hell! I get to come next time, right?!

Well duh, next time is the big bad's stronghold!

We have the sufficient Dz to refine the orichalcum, thanks to all of your efforts. Let's convene in the Conference Room.


Next time, we forge the Dragonslayer... after some rounds.

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