The next time I really had a thought, I think it was the 26th. The 25th came and went in a haze where I mostly just laid in bed. Occasionally I'd scream inside my head. I was alone. Everyone else was doing work. And... I was alone. I wasn't totally sure I even really existed anymore. I could hardly process anything.

...We had the Dragonslayer, but I had lost something much more important.

So for the time being, it was up to the rest of them.


Part 97: a grief in the girl

Calling Unit 13.



Good morning.


Oh, you're already up? ...Good morning. The truth is, I couldn't sleep either. ...How is Mio?

Pretending she's asleep. Likely the best she can do at this point.

Okay. Um... You don't have to come, Mio. The rest of you, please head over to HQ to discuss our strategy for the attack on the Skytower.


Um... sorry. I mean, I—sorry.

If we were able to stay here with you, we would.

...I get it.

We're pleased to unveil what these valorous seigi no mikatas have worked so hard on, the Toyko Skytower Restoration Project!

We'll have a direct line set up to our heroes out there! Believe it!

...I only wish we could've had this conference under more positive circumstances. Everyone!

And... the captain of Unit 13, our friend, Chisa Inomiko, volunteered her own heart to serve as the blade. This is—everyone, it's... it's the product, not only of the efforts of us standing here, but of the courage of all humanity. With this blade—a weapon that surpasses all expectations—we are ready to end the Dragon invasion once again.

This is going to be an all-out operation—possibly long enough to take until the 27th. Murakumo, the SDF, SECT11, SKY... We'll need everyone's strength.

How's your sword arm?

I've been practicing. I think I'll be able to land a blow or two when it counts.

...We were expecting to only have the one use of it, but...

Chisa is strong. I don't think this sword will ever break.

If I get too tired, I'll just give it to Youka and she can hurl it at the bastard.

Hey, now! Throwing stuff is Richter's job.

It's hardly a shot put, but I'm not poor at tossing, no.

Still. Relying overly on Chisa—on the Dragonslayer—would be a poor idea. Everyone, we'll need your help to clear a path for Unit 13 to the summit.

That big jerk, makin' me cry... I'll just have to bust out wildcat mode twice as hard! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!

We'll handle the whelps. Unit 13, you guys just worry about Fomalhaut. Stick the Dragonslayer in his head for me.

Will: Everyone in SECT11 is itching to get out there and start the fight. The United States has more to give—we're gonna help you, for real!

Tear through those Dragons. We'll pull together the best stuff we got.

We won't be there, but we put everything we got into the gear y'all'll be bringing!

Using the items we crafted to vanquish those dastardly Dragons...

I'll remain here, to provide support with the Navis and Marina. So long as we keep up the pressure, they shouldn't be able to retake our captured ground—we'll build ourselves even stronger through all this!

...You guys...

We will.

It's a promise.

I'm... sorry. I'm sorry, everyone. But... with Chisa's help, I believe you'll be able to clear the path forward.

You didn't do anything wrong, Marina. You just did what she asked you to.

This idiot won't go to waste.

Hamachi: Get up there and knock it off its perch. I'll be waiting for news!

thanks hamachi

Alright. Let's handle our sundries.

The only upgrades we have remaining are to arms fabrication, but Miss Sharon has been chomping at the bit.

I gotta stamp down my kanashiis somehow, ne?! Ne?!

We'll persevere, but... I know.

Hero-tachi! It's that time again! Even without Chisa-chan and Mio-chan, you're still my hero-tachi!


We've got a lot of side content to do this chapter—these quests, one more that unlocks after completing one of these, and the SEX Skill quests. Still... after all this time, this is the final side content of the LP, huh? The postgame doesn't have any sidequests or anything, so this round of Let's Workinging is going to be our last round. It's kind of bittersweet. But even so—ain't nothing can't be helped! Let's working!

This one's kind of a tough one, you hear? Dead air on comms from the 5th Platoon at the Seaspire! I wakaranot what happened, demo, this is a big pinch!

Right. We'll go look.

I mean, who'd want to be there that long, right?

I found something to open a sesame! A spooky key in the warehouse—but what to? I'm curinarimous! Watossing this one to you, so find out what it does and report back, please!

I'm great at unlocking things. You've got the right girl.

Let's hope it's not a diary this time.


That tsundere GI Izumi wants y'all for some request! What the secret is... even I shiranai!

Seriously? Ugh, fine.

How well do you hanashi nihongo? Pretty yoku? My English is getting totemo rusty these days...

Oh, yeah. She's been wanting to learn how to read lately, huh? Sure, we'll go find her a picture book.

Then it's a keikaku!

A chance meeting in the urban jungle? Some kid saw a bear kicking up a fuss!

Eh? Y'all daijobu?

It's that cool and collected boy from the E Ward, yes? We'll head over.

This is an odd question, Miss Hatsune, but do you happen to recognize this key?


Was worth a shot.

...Please tell Mio that if she needs anything, she can come to me. I don't have much to do. And she's my friend.

Will do.

As for you all...

Thank you for your support.

Our goal for the Dodgy Key quest is actually in the Dorm.

Shichiro: Taichi-kun, if you must take a moment—

Taichi: Shut up. Just shut up, okay? She's... she's always been like this. It's hardly a surprise, okay? I'm fine. Just—

Taichi: Hey, guys! Unit 13!

...Ah, yes?

Taichi: ...Leave some for me. Okay?

What, you think we can take out every single thing in that tower? It's lousy with the bastards.

Taichi: I'll make her proud. I swear it. That's all I can do.

Hey, Asumu, you recognize this key?

Asumu: Hm? Yes. I believe it goes to one of the books in the shelf behind me.

thanks fam

Oh no.

This time reading it is our job, so.


"An inhuman creature, marshalling humanity... This lot is no stranger to such folly, of course. To work alongside the same beast I once attempted to slay... She does not loathe me. Curious.

"...At any rate. I confess to being uneasy. The last two times Aitelle and I led the races of Earth to victory, it was not complete. This time, Fomalhaut aims to prevent even that partial victory. This planet has been visited by the True Dragons at least four times now—I must do what I can."


"David, I fear, has lost his sanity. He chases the shadow of a fallen empire, threatens to drag us all under in his wake... though when put that way, I am hardly in a position to cast stones. But between us, there is one difference—nowadays, there are people who will call me to account should I lose my way.

They say that I have become more human lately. Perhaps that is the case. From one perspective, I might appear to be going mad. ...My thoughts keep turning to that woman. I cannot even bring myself to say 'that Dragon'—how bizarre. I will exterminate the Dragons, and yet the one Dragon always before me... I tried, and I failed, and yet I cannot bring myself to try again.

That boy, the boy who calls himself her brother. 'The potential to be more', he called it..."


"Can I do it? Can we cleanse this nation, this world, of the Dragon onslaught? I... want to see it, with my own eyes, how this very world looks after the Dragons. I exist only to hate, as hate, nothing more, but she sees humanity in me just as I see humanity in her. There is something more to me. I cannot deny that. There is something more to me just as there is something more to this world—its indigenous lifeforms, these humans, who I confess to finding endearing, even charming.

What awaits me at the end of this road of willful thought? Shall I become something more? Do I possess that potential? I wish to see this world free. And I wish to see it with her.

I'm putting a lock on this. Nobody should read that. They'd never take me seriously again."

I guess being a bit of a romantic runs in the family?

Much as she was a piece of work, she cared for us. She's not the worst interim president we could've had.

Honestly, I kinda miss her.


But... I didn't wanna ask anyone else. It's hard enough for me to ask this of you guys.

In all fairness, I'm also quite bad at being forthcoming about my problems.

You've gotten much better about it.

Huh. Yeah, I can kinda see that.

I feel like that might help me move on, you know? I mean, his body got so trashed, maybe there's nothing left. I looked up and down the Diet Building before, and didn't find anything. But I haven't looked in the Plaza yet.


...yeah. I getcha.

So. Yeah. Sorry to bug you.

No promises we'll find anything, but we will look.

It's cool.

We'd be quite cruel to leave you alone at a time like this.

Collected Child: So, you probably read most of it in the request, but... I saw someone!

So you really did mean him.

Collected Child: Everyone told me he died back when the Diet Building was last attacked, but... but maybe everyone was wrong! If it really is Mr. Bear, I gotta find him and thank him for everything! For protecting me, and all of us...

I don't know if it is him. But... the Metro Ruins, you said? We'll check.

Collected Child: Thank you! ...Are you okay, Miss?


Sorry. Just trying to keep myself together. Doesn't do to get my hopes up.

Alright, so we've got Marina's last, right?

Why wouldn't we?

You aren't... mad?

None of us are angry at you.

Mio is.

Mio's... It's rough. She might be angry, but it's more than that.

What's the word for what she's feeling?

'Grief'. It's a sort of deep sorrow frequently experienced upon the loss of someone or something dear.

'Grief'... I'm sad, too. Am I... 'grieving'?

We've spent a long time grieving, ever since this all began. Mio was lashing out. She's attempting to understand what it is she's feeling herself, and find a way to deal with it.

She loved Chisa a lot.

Yes. Yes, she did.

Mio is an adult. She knows that you're not her enemy, or someone to blame. In time, she'll come to that. Don't worry.


They all know... so very many things. And they've been teaching me to have fun, too. But, even though I like the pictures a lot... I can't read the book they gave to teach me. I think I'd like you to pick out a Japanese book that I can study from and learn. Is that... okay?

I'm great at choosing things.

Yes! I... I'll leave it to you. There are many books in the Diet, but... I can't understand hard ones. An easy one would be best!

Do we still have that copy of Nestor & the Oak?

Our goal for this one is in the left room of Res Ward D, here.

Ah. There aren't any kanji in 'The Little Mermaid' here.

this one oughta be juuuust right for you.

Could you... read it with me?

The version of The Little Mermaid being read here is likely in reference to the 1975 Japanese animated movie by Toei, 'Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid'. Why? Because the mermaid in that one is named Marina.

What a... sad story... b-but I liked it.

I'm glad you were able to keep up.

In the first attack by the Dragons, everyone... vanished in the seafoam, just like the princess.


Does some part of you... miss it?

Maybe... a little. Lucier blood... calls out, for Atlantis.

It's hard not to miss it, even though you've never been there. I'm the same way.

But this is where I live.

So... I'll try as hard as I can, to keep this place from vanishing, too!

You're a good kid, Marina.

Thank you! Um, and thank you all for bringing me the book! I have to reward you somehow, but I... don't have anything... um... Oh, right!

This will be very helpful, Marina. Thank you.

Okay! I'll try... try even harder, so... read to me again, okay?


Her katakana improved quickly.

The key was to a diary. We...

We didn't see a name, so we aren't sure whose for.

Awww, what a letdown. But it's daijobu! I'm not gonna let myself down! Arigato gozaimuchly, Unit 13!

We also get an SP Up 500.

Sumie, if you would?

It's time to call upon my fell powers.

heef heef


It's a pair of sunglasses with the initials... "S.S.".

Another stellar performance.

thank you i try

These his?

H-hey! These are Sho's favorites!

Even though they cost his whole first paycheck, even though it was way too early to strut around with 'em, he put them on in the blazing heat.

He had the strength to do anything he wanted... but he chose to get in the mud and save everyone in SECT11. I know you guys hated him. I know he was a jerk. But that's... that's the Sho I'm most proud of.

So... I'm gonna fight to the bitter end. We aren't gonna be outdone. I'm gonna fight my damn hardest—we've got a lot of honor riding on our backs.

I just wish...



And three SP Up 300s.

Okay, now let's go get the real reward for those two quests.

...shit, this is awkward.

You're telling me.

What is it you wanted to say?

...So... I don't know. I feel like... Ugh.

What, we aren't good enough?

I just wanted to know. Why didn't she give up on me? Why'd Chisa keep coming back?

You think I know? I would've left you in there.

I was totally useless. And she hated me, but... eventually, she just let me talk. I didn't even believe in myself... I don't think she believed in me, either. Not really. So why'd she keep coming back?

I think Chisa was very bad at hating people.


That is... Her rage would flare up, furious and terrible. But it never seemed to last. No matter what she thought about herself, she possessed a strong sense of empathy for others when she was allowed to.

Myself, I did believe that you had the capacity to get up. But it wasn't my place—anyone could see that she was who you wanted to be spoken to by.


Yeah, it was pretty obvious. When you weren't miserable, you had stars in your eyes. I mean, sometimes, martial artists only understand things by fighting each other—you two clashed blades, and you lost. So you understood her a bit.

I just... I just wanted to be able to fight her again, more evenly. I wanted her to see me as someone worthwhile. I... I wanted to be like that guy. Takehaya, I think his name was. But now I won't get that chance, and... I'm not sure what to do with all these feelings. Sho left me, and now... Chisa's gone, too. I only just showed up, I've barely known her for a few weeks, but... I thought...

...She talked to me. And that meant she accepted me.

I'm beginning to think the lady from Res Ward E was right.


That Chisa had a way of winning over hearts. I was the same, you know.

Perhaps not as foolishly as you.


But she was my friend. The first real friend I'd made in a long time who could really understand me.

No offense to present company.

you're good

No problem.

You're fine!

There's just... there's a lot I still wanted to say to her. And now I guess I'll never get the chance.

These were for her.

Your sword?

No, no. Well, kinda. These two, they're... actually family heirlooms. They're called "Abeyance", and they come in a set. I wanted her to be able to use this. It's a good sword. So just... I guess... take 'em. And give them to her, when you... when you see her again. I want her to have them even if she can't appreciate them anymore.

...Ugh, this is depressing! I'm going.

You're a big help, Izumi. Thank you.

The Abeyance and Eleven Guard are the Samurai's ultimate weapon and armor... if we had one around to use them.

I passed Izumi on the way up. ...Was she okay? She looked sad.

I hope she'll be alright.

I... remembered some things, about the time I ran away. I wanted to talk about that. If that's okay.

Go ahead.

I heard a loud noise, and woke up inside a pitch-black capsule. I... knew some of what I had to do, but Emille wasn't there. I didn't know where I should go. I kept getting hounded by people I didn't know... I know everyone was really worried about me. But...

I wanted to say thank you, Sumie.

Waiwaiwaiwait, me?

You... called out to me. You told me it was okay. And I felt like... I felt something telling me that you all were good people to be with. So I want to stay here to continue being useful, but... but that's not all! I've come to know so many people, and I have such a big family...

That's about all we can ask for. Kids should be born into a world they can be glad to live in.

I have a promise to fulfill to Emille... and to Chisa. So, I'll do my best to help you. That's all I can do, but... Oh! Oh, right! I have these for you!


This is fantastic. Thank you.

In case you've forgotten from the last time we used one all the way back in Oceanus, the Candy Bars are all-target full-health revives.

These are my favorite snack! But, um, these are all I could give you.

I have missed these.

Things will be hard, but... please don't lose. I want to stay with you all. And, um...

I'll do my best to get better at reading, so... please send me messages to read!

Sure thing.


It was the Seaspire and the Metro Ruins, yes?

Right. The Seaspire for the 5th Platoon, and the Metro Ruins for...


Let's head for the Seaspire first. It's a bigger pain in the ass.

Our goal for this quest is on the east half of Altitude 768m.

The 5th Platoon is over there! You have to help them!

Pvt. Senpa: This is no ordinary monster, you guys! Don't let your guard down!

I don't think you have much to concern yourselves with.

The Garbage Golem is a golem. It has high physical defense but lower magical defense, only 821 HP, and is vulnerable to status ailments.

You should have spent a century accumulating more debris before daring to face me.

The debris is manifesting into more golems on its own!

Am I meant to be scared?

Okay, but how many more of those do you think you've got?

At least thirty-four.

Do we really wanna take out thirty-four of these guys?!

Hey, it's bourbon and cigarettes guy!

Frank: Here, watch and learn!

It appears he's disrupted the magnetic field to halt their regeneration!

Sgt. Yoshino: We've got this one over here!


Frank: Nah, we just show up when it suits us. You don't owe us anything, so you shouldn't be saying thank you.

I can't help but notice that you're all alone. Weren't you with others beforehand?

Frank: When I was a kid, I heard from my dad about battlefields worse than Iraq, worse than Afghanistan, but this... man.

Sir, it's time to return to the Diet with us. Please.

Frank: I've got orders...

Sgt. Yoshino: We all want the same thing, so we should be able to join forces. If only because... above all else, I don't want you proud United States soldiers to die out from this.

Frank: ...bad habit of you Japanese, being in such a rush to apologize and bow!

Frank: I'll go. Fine! If that's what you want, I'll go to the Diet!

Sgt. Yoshino: Alright! Now we can put this place behind us. Thanks again, Unit 13. And... Good luck. Seems like it's going to be a rough battle today.


sharon where is your portrait

This reward's from the first of the fifth! Take it, hero-tachi!

We also get an SP Up EX. The Fuma Blazer is a fantastic piece of generalist armor—+63 DEF, +35 MDF, and +15% evasion.

Our goal for this quest is right in front here, just before the five-way split.



All we can do is hope.

Dragon lifesign confirmed ahead! And another lifesign as well—hurry!

You get the hell away from him!

The Megamaw Dragon V has quite low defense for a Dragon of its level, but 10710 HP. It's basically what you'd expect, and is immune to Lightning.

This variety has significant striking power! We need to be careful!

Screw that. This thing's dying, now.

This thing isn't any different skill-wise from the Kokubunji variant, just bigger.


Get the hell out of the way!

Some assistance for you, Youka!

Piss off!

If you touched a hair on his damn head, I'll rip your tongue out and beat you to death with it!

I'll break every bone in your goddamn body!

Leave us be!

Dragon eliminated!

Hah... hah...

And that's our last dragon outside of the Skytower. Crazy.

There's a cat on me.

You're not leaving! I'm protecting you!

What's with the cat? I...

It's really you. Daigo.

You're alive.

Daigo's aliiiive

Sorry, my head's kinda... Fudoji? And you two... What's with the cat?

That's Sumie.


It's a long story okay yes it's me Sumie Kazuki the guns and/or knives and/or obsessive treasure-sniffing girl yes hi can we talk about how it's YOU and you're NOT DEAD please?

I'm... not sure. What happened here? I...

...yeah, I remember. Even if I were about to kick the bucket, that's the kind of thing I'd never forget.

So it was Aitelle? That's what she was doing skulking about here earlier.

I wonder why she didn't simply bring you back here? Perhaps whatever she did to save you—'re alive.

Huh? ...You crying?

You're alive. You're back.


They tell me that Youka hugged him.


Making me worry. Dumbass.

...Sorry I been away for so long. Let's go back. To the Diet.


They called back to the Diet to tell SKY to show up to the front. I still had my comms on the public frequency, so even I was able to hear the good news.

You know what?! You know what?! For once, how about you shut up! Just shut up! How many goddamn tears did we cry for you!?

And sorry to everyone else. And thanks for protecting everyone while I was gone.

Akira: We... we need ya, Daigo!

Ino: Yeah! When Neko loses it, Mama Daigo calms her down... with you both back, SKY's alive and kicking!

Sheesh... you guys are something else.

Collected Child: Mr. Bear... thank you so much for protecting all of us here!

Collected Child: Y-yeah! Thank you... Mr. Daigo! And... welcome home!

I should be the one thanking you. If you hadn't asked Unit 13 for help, I woulda spent the rest of my life wandering around that hole in a fugue.


Just having you back's enough.

We really missed you, big guy.

So, we're heading for the final fight? You guys can count on me to the end.

This is really... it's just... I'm so freaking happy, you know?!

...We're not done fighting the Dragons yet, you guys. Quit acting so—

Akira: Blah blah blah, whatever. Don't you see? This is a perfect time!

Ino: Yeah, yeah! Hey, c'mon, let's go!


I think that was one of the first things that started making me stir. Daigo was alive. How could I not be happy about that? SKY wasn't complete without him. There was a miracle, after all. Not the one I wanted... but there was a miracle anyway.

Collected Child: I thought I'd never see him again... I'm so so so happy! Here, this is a present from me. It's not much, but I hope you like it!

Collected Child: ...Miss, are you crying?

I just... I'm real happy.

Collected Child: Mr. Daigo, let's play again when you're all better!


Daigo's alive.

He is.

I'm glad.

Hey. Marina thinks you're mad at her.


Do you remember yelling at her?

No. When was that?



I'll apologize later.

Okay. You alright?


Dumb question. I know.

Glad Daigo's alive.


That's the last quest that was on the board, but completing this one unlocks one more.

Yo, hero-tachi! Got a saigo request for you!


Love, friendship, togetherness! And in the end, beating each other bloody! Those SKY-tachi were partying crazy, so that's what Neko-chan wanted me to tell you. Who'll be Tokyo Ichi? Announcing an undercard to this finale!

Heh! A little spar before we head in couldn't hurt.

Don't wanna break Daigo's bones when we just got him back.

I'm sure he'll be alright.

Our final quest destination is over here, at SKY's hangout.

...Partying now ain't like me. But I gotta loosen up before I get in there.

Alright, folks! It's time for the duel of supremacy between the psychics and the punchfolks! Gonna totally clown you!

Heh. Oh, is that what you think? You seem to have forgotten who won the last few times we fought.

Hey, now. Kids like these wanna roughhouse when they're happy—the fact that they're gonna lose is beside the point.

Been ages since we got to throw down! Uh...

Hey, hold up. There's four of you and two of us.

It would be most fair for me to sit this out because Richter doesn't hit you guys much.

Very well. I'll serve as their second.

You don't have a shot, kids!

You don't even have a gun.

Surprise! We've got a rematch with Neko and Daigo as our final sidequest. These two are a lot tougher than the last time we fought them. Both have low magical defense, but with Daigo's 7426 HP and Neko's 6188, they aren't that frail. Moreover, their respective elemental weaknesses have gone from 50% to 20%, and they've got very solid status resistances—Neko is immune to Curse, Freeze, and Stop (though weak to Burn and Sleep), and Daigo's immune to Hack, Curse, Sleep, Blind, and Stop (though he's weak to Freeze).

...there's, uh, there's a little omission in Neko's list there that I was just going to avoid mentioning, but...

Let me just ensure that the area is—

...Neko, what are you doing?

Argh! You hacked my fidget spinner! Dang! Dagnabbit!


Yeah, uh... Neko's hackable.

Come at me!

U-um... S-should I ask you to attack Daigo, or...

What, you gonna look a gift horse in the mouth?

Okay, if you insist!

Ow! Why'd you hit me?

He hacked my fidget spinner!

...Shut up, Neko.

Nice moves, Daigo!

Ugh! You too.

P-please attack Daigo again?

Ugh! Neko, quit it.

What? I'm just trying to be nice to the guy.

Serious now.

You got it!


Haha, that hurts as much as ever.


Let me show you a trick I've learned, then.


And one for you too.


Let's take a moment to recover!

Ugh, he pulled out the freakin' game thing!

Wow. You're actually invincible, huh.

It's a lovely little trick he has, isn't it?


You two think you can catch my best?

Bring it on.

Wait wait wait wait




Taking down Neko first causes Daigo to self-buff with Raging Ambition, halving the damage he takes and giving him a 50% buff to Attack and Speed. Neko, meanwhile, can use All Down, which quarters a character's offense and makes them take 1.5x damage for ten turns.

Kyahahahahahahaha! You thought you could challenge me?!

And our superiority remains without question.

Nice work, you two! You've gotten better.

Urrrrgh... bwahahahahahahaha!

Woohoo! Man, it feels good to brawl 'til you drop!

More fun if you win, though. Maybe next time.

Keep training, kids. You're about ten years too early to beat me.

'Cuz we're too weak, or 'cuz you'll get old? ...Man, with all the miracles, thought maybe even Dad mighta come back for this one... no way we woulda lost if he were here!

Yeah... well, that'd be cheating.

That out of your systems?

Just about. Alright! As promised, y'all get to be recognized as the toughest team in Tokyo for another year! 'Til we brawl again, guys!

Weren't we already?

...You kids are sweet.

I ain't no sweetie!

Sure, sure. Inviting us to a friendly bout now? You weren't trying to cheer us up at all?

Nuh-uh! I'm tough! I eat rocks and stuff!


Shut up, Neko.

We also obtain an SP Up 500.

And that's it. Every Quest Office sidequest in 7th Dragon 2020-2.


I know I speak on behalf of all of SKY when I say I appreciate your housing us at the Diet. To you, we extend our most heartiest thanks.



...Blech! Meooooooooooooooooooow!

You been practicing your MP Ariake?

I mean I'm thinking to myself, what the frick?! I know I gotta act like a leader and do leadery stuff sometimes, even with Daigo back, but that old coot keeps telling me I gotta be more 'proper' or whatever? Too much! It's too much!

Horrible. Just horrible.

I simply cannot perceive you when you talk like that. Please talk like Neko. Nya more powerfully.

That's what I'm saying! Thank you!

But Shibuya's our home, y'know? So I told him off. Like a billion times. But... I mean, with Shibuya wrecked again, we didn't really have any place to go, and... you guys stepped in.

That's what friends are for, isn't it?

Eh?! Eh?! Meow?!

Is that seriously flustering you? What's with you catgirls and being impossibly easy to fluster?

Please don't bully us. We're baby.

I ain't no baby!

actually neko when i say 'we're baby' here it mostly means we're cute

Oh. Then just say that! Shouldn't bully cute girls like us, Koron!

You wanna see me bully you? I can bully you if you want.

...It's embarrassing. But it's... nice to have someone to count on. So, uh...

Man, this is kinda awkward. I mean I kinda thought this would be coming at a better time.

I'm not wearing these.

They aren't for you, ya dweeb! They're...

Oh, this is for Saingreed?

Yeah! It's my, uh... it's my handmade idol set! For, um... For Mio. I...

I donno. I like her, too. I wanna be friends with her. And now she's all sad and junk. So... give these to her! Tell her I said hi, and... stuff. And, uh...

I got a new address. So, you guys're gonna be the first ones to get this. You two, and... and her. Okay? Okay? You're not gonna forget, right? Just give me a holla, and I'll come running, yeah?!

We'll give it to her. Don't worry.

Okay cool gotta go bye!!!!!

The Wildcat Mic and Cat Tail are the Idol's ultimate equipment... for when Mio comes back.


These are from Neko.


She says hi. And to give you these. And to give you her new email. And that if you need anything, to call her.

Miku said that last one, too.





...I wanted to say thanks. For helping me out. Again. I'm... you know me. I'm not good with words. But...

I thought you'd all be madder.

Honestly, Daigo? I'm just glad you're not dead. Really.

...You were crying.

Yeah. I was. I...

It's been a hard few years for me. Every time I let one of you kids die it stabs me in the heart all over again. We had a near-miss with Sumie right after you left, and now Chisa's...

I heard.

I'm getting old, Daigo. I'm not all the way there, but I'm getting old. And the longer I go, the more time I have that's just time for me to linger on all these regrets. And I've got a lot.

Regrets like that don't lift easy. They sit on your back and weigh you down for ages, and you fight and you fight and it never seems like they go away.

But you're alive. So at least one of them's been lifted off me.

Mm. Y'know... I didn't think I had anything special but strength, but... maybe I've got something else, too. These days, feels like everyone else is changing a bit, too.

Yeah. The world might be shit, but in some ways, it's getting there.

People are prejudiced... but bit by bit they're coming together. And... I'm just some guy. But I wanna do what I can to keep it that way.

You and me both.

I wanna show you what I mean. You're the only one I can trust with this.

Sure, sure. Run it by me. I could use a bit more warming up.

Put everything into your fist! Your soul! Got it?! Don't see with your eyes, see with your heart!

If you say so, buddy!

Still got my email from last year?

Yup. Now you go back and prepare. We've got a long day coming still.

As I mentioned before, the Fists of Rage are a bit weaker than the God Hand. Steel Spirit, though, is Youka's best armor. (She's wearing the Lined Coat TC, which has dummy thicc MDF, but overall, you know?)


Do you think she noticed Mio was even here? She's doing a good job hiding.

Sharon's invitation is triggered by clearing all of the quests.

You needed something?

Ne, ne, you know that last quest was the last one, right? Clean sweep! The Quest Office is full to bakuhatsu with heaps of grateful voices! Happy screams! Unit 13, you're ichiban in the Diet Building—no, nippon ichi—

...Even without Chisa-chan... no, no! I'm Sharon Furusuga, and I'm genki as heck! I will not cry!! So, here's your relief package!

It's ATT and MAT +15, and +10% crit on basic attacks.

Keep this and you'll be happy no matter what! You're happy, and minna-san's happy! And this, too, my noble brigands!

Brigands? Hardly.

Knocking down the Dragons are important, but protecting our way of life's mondo important too, ne?

So... fight-oh! So Chisa-chan and Mama in heaven don't cry! Let's winning, tomodachi-tachi!

We'll do our best, Sharon.

You don't have to worry. We'll break Fomalhaut into little pieces.

we are simply built different

With that, we've completed every formal sidequest. We've gotten all the ultimate equipment except Koron's stuff and Sumie's guns—those'll come just a little bit later.

Next up, the first leg of the final dungeon.

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