Update 44: I Gotta Have My Tools

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Welcome back. Let's start today off with some supports.

Ferdinand/Mercedes B+.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

What? Oh, you're talking about that time in town. I wouldn't say I did anything brave, really. I just asked what was going on.
No need to be humble. Helping the weak is precisely what a virtuous noble does.
I...I don't think what I did is quite the same thing.
What do you mean by that?
The point I was trying to make is that some things in this world can't be bought or sold with money.
I think I let myself get a little too worked up though.
It's just... When I saw it happening, it reminded me of my own past...
Your past. Hm. You were originally a daughter of House Bartels, a minor noble family, I heard. You abandoned your title, and now you live as a commoner. Is there more to the story? Pray tell.
Life was becoming...difficult for us, so my mother and I fled from House Bartels.
We found refuge in a small church in Faerghus and lived there for a few years.
A man appeared one day and said that he wanted to adopt me. It was obvious that he only cared about my bloodline and Crest. The priest refused to let me go, but the man used his money to overwhelm the church. In the end, I had no choice but to leave with him.

The man who exploited you so that he could join the nobility. Yes, I understand.
But I must confess, that part of the story confuses me. There is nothing to gain from having a noble title.
What's so funny?
I never thought I'd hear you question the value of nobility, Ferdinand.
Oh, well... That is not quite what I meant. Using someone else to obtain high status, with no effort and no accomplishment... Certainly, you can obtain a title like that, but it hardly makes you a noble.
I completely agree.
By the same token, although you are legally a commoner, in your heart you are a proud and virtuous noble!
That is what I think, at any rate.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Ferdie and Mercie are both too good for this world.

Petra/Shamir B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Let's hear it, Petra.
If Dagda is ever invading Fódlan again, what will you be doing?
Hah. I'd join the army of Dagda. I'd lay waste to Fódlan, and return to my homeland.
If that is the truth, then I am having one more question for you. If that was happening, and all of us were fighting for Fódlan...would you be fighting us too?
Of course. You expect me to die for you? You should be prepared to do the same. Your homeland would likely join Dagda.
So, that is your truth...
Maybe...if you'd asked me five years ago.
I've been a mercenary since childhood. Always fighting for a bounty. If my allies didn't pay, I'd side with the enemy. It's why I became a sniper. Easier to dispose of anyone with a reward on their head. It's also why I joined the Knights of Seiros. I owed them a debt. But that's all changed.
You are not fighting for money now?
That's right. When I see everyone fighting for Fódlan, I feel inclined to help. I won't die for the cause, but I will protect everyone. If the army of Dagda engaged you, I'd fight at your side.
Hearing that is giving...it gives me great joy. Until the war is finished, let us fight together.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Sylvain/Hilda B.
♪ A Gentle Breeze ♪

Sylvain! You're looking superb, as always.
Thank you! Are you going out today? If you do, then be careful. I'd hate to think you might hurt your foot again.
My foot? Oh, yes! You mean that time you helped with the books. No need to worry. The foot's fine now, even better than it was before.
I noticed, you know, since I'm always looking at cute girls and you are one of the cuter ones... Your foot was better during the battle. You were running all over, just a regular warrior princess! And less than a day after such a terrible injury...
My friends were depending on me, so I just had to fight through the pain.
Hilda, please don't lie to me. I knew your foot wasn't really hurt, but I returned your books anyway. Take it from a guy who does his fair share of pretending to be someone he's not...and I say this as a friend... You are a terrible liar. And those books you left in your room for so long? Teachers and classmates needed those. So stop lying, and maybe stop being quite as selfish too.

Honestly, I'd completely forgotten that I still had those books. I really was going to return them. Did the librarian say anything to you?
Oh yeah. I got an earful of yelling and accusations meant for you.
Huh? Didn't you just say it was my fault?
Nah, I figured the librarian would feel better if they just let loose. No reason to make them wait for you.
I'm so sorry. You got a tongue-lashing that should've been directed at me.
Tell you what. All will be forgiven if you promise three things—stop lying, take responsibility, and fall madly in love with me.
Aw, Sylvain. I do love you, you know? I just... wouldn't want you for a husband.
What? Why not?
Well, not to offend you, but I can't help but feel that your niceness is somehow...shallow.
My brother would probably cut you into pieces the moment he saw your face.
Your brother sounds...terrifying, actually.
We're losing the thread a bit here. Evidently, you can see through my act, so I'll just be straightforward about taking advantage of you.
Ha! Well, I'll take what I can get. Just don't go causing trouble for guys who aren't me.
It's a deal. Good-bye for now, Sylvain.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Hilda/Cyril A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Personally, I'm all worn out from carrying water and fodder for the horses. I'm going to rest here a sec.
Whoa... Tired? Water? Horses? Are you saying you did work all by yourself?
What else was I supposed to do? You weren't here to help.
OK, I get it. You did the work 'cause you couldn't find nobody else to do it for ya.
I was waiting for you! Because, look.
A letter?
I told you I'm always getting letters from my brother. I wrote about you in a couple of mine.
You're talking about me behind my back? Honestly, you're so—
We didn't say anything bad! In fact, I... Well, listen up. Here's what my brother wrote. "Be he Almyran or no, any young man with compassion and good conduct is worthy of respect." "Character is what really matters, not the place of one's birth."
Huh, that's pretty nice. Especially since it was from a noble who battles Almyrans.
Right? He's a funny one, but for the first time, I really respect him. So thoughtful and tolerant.
That letter makes me happy. A lot of people look down on me just 'cause I'm Almyran. So ya know, it's nice to hear somebody accept me as just another person.
Hey, what's that supposed to mean? I've accepted you from the start!
I mean, you're so helpful! You do everything I ask!
That's not acceptance. That's relying on somebody else to do your work.
What you oughta do is be a grown-up who your brother doesn't need to worry about so much.
I'm plenty grown-up! I just brought food and water for the horses, all on my own.
Being proud of doing what you're supposed to be doing just means you're lazy the rest of the time.
Though, I gotta admit...being relied on is kinda nice.
In that case, from now on, I'll rely on you even more! Let's see, first I need you to—
Well, time to get back to work.
Hey, hold up!

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

♪ Corridor of the Tempest ♪

Anyway, I did auxiliary battles today. Let's look at the results.


Love you, Ferdie.


Marianne's never going to be fast, so as long as she gets Mag, I'm fine with it.

Don't belittle yourself, Bernie. You got the most important stat.

You can say that again...

40! 40 Mag!





Still got enough Str to be perfectly good in endgame, really.

Too late for that, bud.


You're fast enough already, get Str.

There you go, Caspar. Was that so hard?

I like this.

This is perfectly fine!
♪ No music ♪

It looks like the battle made quite an impact... The Imperial army has lost some of its luster. We should be able to invade the fort without too much trouble.

We cannot let this opportunity pass us by.
Yes, after a few short months, they will already be back on their feet. We cannot waste this opportunity.

♪ Anxiety ♪

Infiltrate the fort?
It is impossible to take Fort Merceus with a frontal assault. We must take it from within. We will infiltrate the fort as Imperial troops and kill the enemy general. All preparations are complete.

It seems they were moved to the front lines of the Kingdom's western region.

What?! The Death Knight?! I think I'll be taking a break now... You guys go on ahead.
Bernadetta, you cannot be hiding on a field. The enemy will be seeing you.
No place to hide?! I guess...I have no choice but to fight!
The Death Knight... I hear that he is counted among the greatest heroes of the Empire at the moment. We never determined whether or not he was truly Jeritza.

We've beaten him before.
I suppose you have a point. If we challenge him again with conviction, we are sure to attain victory.
The impenetrable Fortress City of Arianrhod goes by the name "Silver Maiden." Yet she pales in comparison to Fort Merceus—the "Stubborn Old General." Those who approach are driven back, but once we make our way in, it's all ours.
That fort has been brought to life on stage for countless operas...
Let us commence. We must puncture a hole in the Empire's defenses!

♪ Mask of Fire ♪

Will death's scythe claim you... Or will I fall to that sword of yours...

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Well, that was interesting. How about we interrupt the pace of events with supports? Sounds like a good idea to me!

Caspar/Shamir B.
♪ Calm Winds Over Gentle Waters ♪

Oh! Shamir! I've been...normal. Yeah, totally normal.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong! Everything's normal!
Then you should try to act like it. If something is bothering you, say it.
I, uhh... I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm disappointed, Caspar. I thought you were the type to always speak your mind.
All right! Fine! You got me! Truth is that I heard something about you...
I heard you fought in the battle between the Empire and Dagda.
Yes. And?
And I heard that you maybe lost someone important in that battle...
Perhaps. What's your point?
No point! Not trying to make a point! I just didn't know you were involved in all that. I was hoping we could be friends, but you fought against the Empire...
You obviously have every reason to hate them, so I'm sure you don't want me around...
What does my past have to do with you?

Are you responsible for your father's actions?
Well, no...but kinda? I know I wasn't there, but I gotta—
Bring them back.
If you're responsible, then bring back the lives that were lost.
If you can't, then spare me your pity.
Yesterday's enemy is today's ally.
You have to abandon old feuds. Only then can you face me as a friend.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

Can't blame yourself for everything Count Bergliez did, Caspar.

Dorothea/Sylvain A.
♪ Somewhere to Belong ♪

Heh, isn't there an unwritten rule you shouldn't ask someone that?
I'm sorry. I thought you didn't mind being dumped.
Huh. So, your love life can get you down sometimes after all. Who knew?
I'm sad every time I break up with someone! It's just, I usually try to be the one doing the breaking up.
I've never had a hard time with girls...ever. Not until recently.
But now when I think about it, I wonder what any of them even liked about me.
It's not as if any of them knew much about me. I don't get it.
Isn't that what a relationship is for? Learning about someone else? You can't know it all right at the start.
I asked you before, if you would have invited me out if I was a peasant.
You did ask me that, yes.
That was wrong of me to say. I've just... It's not an excuse, but I'm always so suspicious.
I'm a nobleman with a Crest. The marriage proposals don't stop coming. Everybody wants me.

Sometimes I think that if I didn't have a Crest, no one would look at me twice.
I see. And...you're probably not wrong.
Honestly I've had those same sort of thoughts myself.
Oh? What sort of thoughts might those be?
I sang, people cheered and applauded, and when I walked off stage, I'd find the same thing every night. A mountain of presents and marriage proposals.
But none of those people knew me. All they knew was the singer they saw on the stage.
All they wanted was my looks and my voice. None of them even tried to get to know the real me.
Heh, I'm pretty sure I've heard this somewhere.
We may come from different places, but we're much the same, wouldn't you say?
Yeah, I suppose we are.
Look, Dorothea. I've realized something.
Even if you were an old grandma, I'd still flirt with you...and I'd absolutely win you over.
Though, I'd much rather win you over now...and be with you until you become an old grandma.
That might be the most legitimately romantic thing you've ever said, Sylvain. And I can't say I disagree... I'd rather you win me over now too, so that I can stay by your side until you're an old grandpa.
Well, before any of that, will you go to dinner with me?
I'd be happy to.

♪ Scales of the Goddess ♪

I like that scene. I think it's really sweet to see two people with similar alienation from other people bond over a mutual understanding of that, and empathy for each other.


Well, time to move on with the story.
♪ Three Crowns ♪

At Gronder Field, the armies of the Kingdom, Alliance, and Empire collide. The three forces engage in a fierce battle, each suffering significant losses before deciding to withdraw.

Seeing an opportunity, the resistance army quickly plots an invasion of Imperial territory. In order to gain a foothold in the Empire, they will attempt to capture Fort Merceus.

♪ No music ♪

♪ As Fierce as Fire ♪

Dropped into battle preparations with no fanfare, unless you count the scene on the 30th as fanfare, which you probably should.

We're going with this group. Seteth is Ingrid's adjutant, Bernadetta is Caspar's adjutant, and Linhardt is Dorothea's adjutant.

Yeesh. Not as choked as Ferdinand and Lysithea's paralogue, but the opposition here isn't thin, either.

Hey look, it's the Death Knight. He's the same as ever, except he lost a lot of killing power because he gave the Scythe of Sariel to Caspar. A significant chunk of our army can just completely null his crit chance, and the others "only" reduce him to very low single digits.

Murderous Intent: If unit initiates combat, grants Hit +20 during combat.
Canto: Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.
Lancefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a lance.
Commander: Nullifies instant death effects, status effects, and movement effects, and greatly reduces damage from enemy gambits.
Counterattack: Allows unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.
Mastermind: Doubles skill experience earned in battle.
Poison Strike: If unit initiates combat and lands a hit, targeted foe loses up to 20% of max HP after combat.

I still do not understand why he uses Lysithea's personal ability in place of the generic Discipline.

Discipline: Doubles skill experience earned in battle.

Literally the same effect.

And no, I will never stop wondering about this, much like I will never stop wondering about Hubert having Paragon. You all must suffer my inane musings.
♪ No music ♪

Let's go.

Close the gates. Leave no survivors.

♪ The Long Road ♪

Ahh, my favorite non-endgame map music.

Firstly, the game draws our attention to this. Until we get one of our units to one of the highlighted tiles, that part of the map will spawn some permutation of the following, every turn: a paladin from the northwest, an armored knight from the north, a dark mage from the southwest, and a fortress knight from the south.

The armored knights and dark mages are...whatever, they're intermediate classes when most of our army is starting to push the mid 30s to low 40s in level. The fortress knights are easily chumped by any of our extremely strong magic users. The paladins are really fucking annoying because they've got the classic 8 Mv.

Oh, and remember, on Maddening, reinforcements can move on the turn they spawn. That's...fun.

+4 Str for my physical units! And Mercedes.

+6 Def, too.

Ingrid flies over to grab the nearby chest.

Just some movement otherwise.

Oh yeah, Caspar's got a Hauteclere now. Glossed over that.

Hauteclere: Requires Axe rank A. 1 range. 19 Mt, 80 Hit, 10 Crit, 12 Wt, 40 durability. Requires Mythril x10 and 2500 gold to repair.

Chunky axe.

That hits. Dammit.


Whee, all four reinforcements...

Get the fuck out of here.

...Why did I give Petra the Rafail Gem...?

Flayn restores Caspar's mobility.

Ingrid baits out this swordmaster.


Oh, jesus. I know it's during the enemy phase, but an enemy being able to double Ingrid is worrisome.

Just one reinforcement this time.

Petra baits out the southern enemies.

While Dorothea chips at the demonic beast.


There we go.

I believe in you, Caspar.

You too, Ingrid.

Catherine's having a hard time keeping up.

God, Flayn is so slow.

One armors tile broken, the others cracked, and three enemies immobilized. Good gambit.

Two more broken...

And now the demonic beast is dazed.

I have Lysithea warp Abby over to the western front.

And then she gets danced for, and kills that paladin.


Stay down.

Well, that's one HP bar out of three.

Oh. Oh no. Oh no, I don't like that.

Thankfully, moving just one tile down is enough to keep Abby out of that potential mess.

I want Abby to get Mag over Str, but I'll take it.


The ballista attack connects.

...Meh, fine. Get Str next time, though.

Please, Abby. Please crit. I need a crit, this situation is a mess.


Fine, just get this thing—

oh come on

Get Mag, Lin.

Caspar, your assistance is needed over here.

One HP bar left, plus an excellent level for Seteth.

You will regret this!


Thank the gods for Fortify.


my heart can't take this

Hold still.

That was a decent heal.

Another Fortify, to heal up both Abby and Petra.

Right, now how the hell do I deal with this shit?

Magic users are very good for getting rid of these speedy sword users.

Outta my sight!

I respect the crit, Catherine, but: Str.


Oh, great, now the Death Knight is trying to escape.

Sorry, my dude, but you're not going anywhere.


...Aw shit.
♪ The Dream is Over ♪

I know I shouldn't really call bullshit on a 47 Hit and a 48 Hit attack both connecting...but man do I really want to.
♪ The Long Road ♪

Easy solution: use a brave sword instead. Brave weapons are very good for avoiding annoying counterattacks.

Nice try, dick.

Your end has come.

Mercie kill.

Heh. Heh heh. Geddit?

I'm not going down!

There you go, Cas.

And Bernie masters Bow Knight while we're at it.

Defiant Spd: Grants Spd +8 when HP is ≤ 25%.


I'd like more Str, but as I've said a bunch, Ingrid's current Str would be fine for any endgame chapter on Hard.

Hello, old friend.
♪ The Brink of Death ♪


Not dammit! What apropos timing.

Dark Magic Range +1: Increases dark magic range by 1.

2-3 range attacks innately, 2-4 with the Caduceus Staff. Beautiful.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Javelin of Light ♪

...What the fuck? What the fuck?!

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