Update 46: extremely Yiazmat voice LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER

♪ Wind noises ♪

I am sure that Edelgard is hiding in the palace, awaiting our arrival...

♪ Beneath the Banner ♪

How long have you been in Enbarr?
I arrived not long after the battle at Gronder Field. I am here to kill Edelgard. I'm waiting for a chance to kill Edelgard. I have not yet been blessed with the opportunity.
We fight for different objectives. I swore to offer Edelgard's head to His Highness. But... Should I fail, I will have no choice but to entrust that mission to you. This is the information I have gathered during my time in hiding here. It includes details about the inside of the castle. There's more. The archbishop is being held in the palace. I do not know the exact location.
Indeed! Just as we suspected!
I've done what I came here to do. Farewell.
Wait a moment!
He is gone. I believe we should make our way there as well!

...Well, that was sudden.
♪ No music ♪

♪ Three Crowns ♪

After storming the streets of Enbarr and bringing Imperial forces to their knees, the resistance army surrounds the Imperial palace. To topple the Empire and save Rhea from its clutches, the resistance army steels itself for battle against Emperor Edelgard.

♪ No music ♪

♪ The Imperial Army is Upon Us ♪

I don't want to kill Edelgard.
She is one of your students. I understand your desire for a path to peace. But she will never bend to our will. You do understand that, do you not? We have no choice but to kill her.
We have already killed Hubert. Now is no time to hesitate.
She has it coming! After all, she started this war!
Someone has to stop her, and that someone is us!
As her former classmates, I feel we owe it to her to try talking it out.
This battle will be a deciding one. I am believing that it is her wish to be facing us.
Poor Edie... Professor, wherever you lead, I'll follow.
I...I'll fight with all I got to save Lady Rhea!
The lives of Lady Rhea and everyone here are more important than all else. I shall be prepared.
I leave this mission in your hands. Say the word, and we shall begin!

♪ As Fierce as Fire ♪

So, after completing Enbarr, you're thrown straight into another map. Makes sense, story-wise; I doubt that the resistance army has time to pull back and let Abby talk to people for a month.

Surrounded on all sides. Fun.

This would be Dorothea on the other route where we siege Enbarr Castle in this manner (yeah, it'll happen again) if we didn't recruit her.

Regardless, she can be a real pain in the neck depending on your team.

Black Tomefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using black magic.
Black Magic Uses x2: Doubles the number of uses for black magic.
Alert Stance+: If unit takes no action except Wait, grants Avo +30 for 1 turn.
Darting Blow: If unit initiates combat, grants AS +6 during combat.
Unsealable Magic: Prevents unit from being silenced.

A decent pegasus/falcon knight will make short work of her, especially on the player phase, but her Avo gets boosted to 57 if you don't let her hit you on the enemy phase. Annoying.

There's gremories with Silence and Banshee Θ lurking about, too.

And different gremories with Abraxas and Physic.

This is the first time we've seen a mortal savant, I think. Mortal Savant is a combination sword-and-magic class. It's...odd. I think it's meant to be a mage-slaying class, since it gives Warding Blow at max rank...but pegasus/falcon knights do that job, and they do it better, since they can approach mages more easily.

Oh yeah, Warding Blow.

Warding Blow: If unit initiates combat, grants Res +6 during combat.

I have no idea why Warding Blow is on Mortal Savant, a Master class.

Generally, enemy mortal savants are fairly slow, but durable as hell. 30 Prt and 25 Rsl are nothing to scoff at.

Much like how that warlock I showed earlier would/will be Dorothea, this would/will be Petra if we didn't have her in our army.

Swordfaire: Grants Atk +5 when using a sword.
Alert Stance+: If unit takes no action except Wait, grants Avo +30 for 1 turn.
Keen Intuition: Grants Avo +30 during combat with a foe 2 or more spaces away.

Dangerous as all hell, and annoying to kill through conventional means. 46 AS means she doubles everyone in our army, and that wo dao means she runs a good chance of critting them. You can see her Avo is ludicrously high, and gets buffed up to 106 when attacking her from beyond 1 tile away. Oh, and if we don't let her do anything on the enemy phase, it becomes 106 Avo for melee attacks, 136 Avo for ranged attacks. Fuck that. If she was Petra, she'd even have an extra 10 Avo on top from the Brigid Hunters battalion. Ugh...

On the plus side, her Cha is pretty low, so she's vulnerable to gambits, which put a decent dent in her offensive power and evasiveness. You could also just chain them together to kill her, too.

And then there's Edelgard.

Axefaire: Grants Atk +5 when using an axe.
Commander: Nullifies instant death effects, status effects, and movement effects, and greatly reduces damage from enemy gambits.
Counterattack: Allows unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.
Armored Effect Null: Nullifies any extra effectiveness against armored units.
Hit +20: Increases Hit by 20.

75 goddamn Atk. Where's all that Atk coming from, you may ask?

Aymr: 1 range. 24 Mt, 60 Hit, 20 Crit, 11 Wt, 20 durability. Enables Raging Storm for holders of the Crest of Seiros. Requires Agarthium x3 and 2500 gold to repair.

Aymr is where. At 24 Mt, this thing is the most powerful weapon in Three Houses, beating out even the Lance of Ruin and Freikugel. 60 Hit is low, even for an axe, but Edelgard compensates for it with Axe Prowess 5 and Hit +20. It's got 20 Crit, too.

Raging Storm: +14 Mt, +10 Hit, 1 range. If attack lands, user can act again. Effective against Dragon foes.

Its combat art is also ridiculous. For 4 durability, Edelgard gets to add an extra 14 Atk and 10 Hit to her attack, oh, and it gives her an extra goddamn turn if it connects. Mercifully, on this map, Edelgard is immobile, so even if she does get it off—which will almost certainly kill whoever it hits—she can't do much with it, unless you've left multiple units in her attack range for some unknowable reason.

Oh yeah, Edelgard's also on a throne—our first throne tile in Three Houses, and it's only on this map. That goddamn tile gives her the following: +2 Prt, +2 Rsl, +30% Avo, and regenerates 30% of her max HP every turn.

One last note: she's got 50 Cha. You're not gonna hit her with a gambit unless it's coming from Abby, and even then, your odds probably aren't very good.

On an unrelated note, now's a good time for me to mention that I was mistaken about how Hero's Relic combat art durability costs work. It's based on the type of the associated crest the unit holds. Units with major crests of that type only consume 3 durability, units with minor crests consume 4, and units who do not possess the crest naturally, but are holding a crest sign item of that type, consume 5 durability.

We're keeping the same group as last time, except I swapped out Flayn for Linhardt.

No time like the present. Let's roll.
♪ No music ♪

♪ The Leader's Path ♪

Defeating them all will turn the tide of war instantly. Taking a risk on dragging us back from the brink is the only option.
Everyone! Prepare for a bitter struggle! Victory to the Adrestian Empire!

♪ The Long Road ♪

Cripes, nowhere is safe to start...

Sylvain starts out by buffing up a bunch of peoples' Str.

Bernie gets rid of Not-Dorothea.

Going for the kill.

I'm not going down!

Jesus christ, look at this combat forecast. Ingrid is one of my best units! And remember, she's got Swordbreaker! This is after she gets both 20 Hit and Avo.

Burning Quake is called for here.




I'm sure Caspar can handle this.

Mostly because Bernie can do that.

Going for the kill.

Survival Instinct plus a dance means Shamir can almost-guaranteed kill this swordmaster.

Too bad it wasn't worth much on the level front.

This should be good.

And that's all of the swordmasters taken care of.

♪ The Dream is Over ♪

I'm not very good at positioning Shamir, am I?
♪ The Long Road ♪

Okay, just don't put Shamir in the danger zone.


Thankfully, that demonic beast blocked the warlock from ebing able to attack Caspar.

Oh, hi Dedue.

On turn 3, Dedue charges into the throne room.

Going for armor breaks on these things.

That's one.

And that's both of them.

Look at that Crit. Jesus wept.

Don't try and stop me!

Sweet, sweet levels.

I've got you figured out!


Dedue's prettu durable, at least.


I'll have your head!

That's one monster down.

And the fire orb guy, too.

Going for the kill.

Love me some brave weapons.

You're in my way!

And that's the two nearest monsters down.

You get out of here, too.

The Scythe of Sariel is good.

Stay alive, Bernie!

Aww, be kinder to yourself, Bernie. You're all ready for endgame with these stats!

Going for the kill.

Having ridiculous reach is fun.

Farewell, Dedue. You did your best.

For the record, only the after-fight scene changes if you manage to keep Dedue alive. You don't get any reward for it.

Opening this chest gets us a shield I don't really think has any use for the player...?

Kadmos Shield: +3 Prt. Nullifies effective damage against armored units.

There's, like...maybe one or two instances in this game of enemies dealing effective damage to armored units? There was that Helm Splitter guy back in the Gautier Inheritance and a rapier-wielding boss in Crimson Flower. That's it.

And the other lower chest has a Giant Shell, a decent reward. The upper chest has a pair of silver gauntlets.

Now that a unit has entered the throne room, reinforcements are going to start spawning from the stairs on the top-left and top-right corners of the map.


Oh, thank the gods, those two blocked the demonic beast from getting close enough to be able to hit Ferdinand.

Eh, Str is Str.

Why not?

I'll have your head!


Okay, I'm gonna do it!

I don't mean to belittle your skills, Professor, but you've far surpassed my expectations.

lol nice staggering blow hit chance


All is for victory!

Ooh, now Ferdinand's got Movement +1 too!

Okay, I'm gonna do it!

You're in my way!

Gotta love empty enemy phases.

I like those odds.

Before we punch Edelgard's lights out, let's look at her conversations with specific units.
Professor... I suppose you think you can defeat me. Is that right?
But I will never give up. Even if my arms and legs failed me, I would still find a way to move forward.
I will smash that false goddess and her minion into the ground! I will fight to free this world from her vile grasp!
Edelgard! Return Rhea! Release your grip on Fódlan!
If you strike me down, they will return. I cannot permit what you desire.
You are a child of the goddess. You must not be allowed power over the people!
Edelgard! Please! Release Rhea... Release Fódlan!
If you strike me down, they will return. I cannot permit what you desire.
You are a child of the goddess. You must not be allowed power over the people!
Lysithea. You and I are so alike. We could have walked the same path.
We're alike? You don't mean to tell me... It can't be!
Yet now, we are at a crossroads. There's no turning back. Must we fight each other for the things we believe in?
That's exactly what's going to happen. And I will defeat you, Edelgard!
Those were fairly obvious, I think. The next one is for when she's fighting all other units who aren't originally from the Black Eagle House.
So you're another of the goddess's vanguard. You don't have even a shred of self-awareness, do you?
Come at me, so that I may put you out of your misery!
♪ Indomitable Will ♪

So I'm going to give that the response it deserves. I will crush you with everything I have!

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me. Caspar whiffed two crits and Edelgard got a Crest of Flames proc.

I'll have your head!

♪ No music ♪

♪ Unfulfilled ♪

...my path...will end here.

...claim your victory.
Strike me down. You must!
Even now, across this land, people are killing each other. If you do not act now, this conflict...will go on forever.

...lies across my grave. It is time for you to find the courage to walk it.

to walk with y—

♪ No music ♪

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