Lord of the Primordial Darkness Overview

Lord of the Primordial Darkness

HP: 35347
STR: 141
INT: 137
VIT: 132
WIS: 129
AGI: 126
LUC: 123



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 125% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 25% 25% 10% 75% 25% 25%
0% 10%
50% 25% 25%

I need to preface this writeup by saying: like fuck am I gonna refer to the Lord of the Primordial Darkness by that title every time. Instead, I am going to refer to it by the name we first observed for it: "Jaryuu," from "ai_scr_5_jaryuu.bf" the name of its AI script. Jaryuu translates to "evil dragon," which it's referred to elsewhere in the game files. The internals seem to alternate between referring to Jaryuu as "evil dragon" ("se_ex_evt_evildragon_1.ssnd" and "Evil Dragon" for a debug enemy that uses the ai_scr_5_jaryuu script) and "dark dragon" ("se_foe_attack_ddrgn.ssnd", "en_d_dragon" for its model animations).

Remember how most of the bosses beyond Golem have ranged from "potentially challenging" to "pretty easy?" Yeah uh Jaryuu doesn't fall anywhere there. Jaryuu's a tough fucker and going against it blindly or anything less than well-prepared will result in a swift game over. None of its skills are just "this deals some damage," they all have side effects that range from irritating to run-ending.

Dark Claw's the least threatening of Jaryuu's skills--it's 80% STR damage, inflicts the lowest ailment on the hierarchy (blind), is slow as hell, and only has a 70% base accuracy. Line Guard can protect your front row while your back should be able to eat it.

Panic Rush is dangerous for two reasons: 160% STR damage is a shitload, and, if it doesn't kill its targets outright, can leave them afflicted with panic, one of the worst ailments that can be inflicted on player characters.

Hemostatic Forceps doesn't hurt quite as much as Panic Rush, and leg binds aren't nearly as threatening as panic, but a) it still hurts, and b) leg binds almost certainly mean the afflicted target will go later in the turn order than Jaryuu, which is...bad.

Freeze Breath's damage is fairly negligible with Material Guard or Prayer: Cold Rain, but arm binds are extremely nasty to get hit by in EO5--it disables Dragoon shield skills, pretty much all physical damage dealers' entire repertoires, and Herbalist healing skills.

Thunder Howl is run-ending. A minimum of four hits of 80% INT damage, with no limit on how many times one target can be hit, can take out multiple party members with little recourse beyond "hope you got lucky with casting Material Guard" or "keep Prayer: Purple Lightning up at all times." 150% base accuracy also means that Illusionary Fencers are gonna have a hell of a time trying to dodge it.

Ruinous Howl's a lesser version of Juggernaut's Berserk Cry from EO2U. It might not make a lot of sense on its own, but look to the next skill for some reasoning why it exists.

Resentment Miasma is Jaryuu's central gimmick. For my money, what it effectively means is that, for three turns, you can't do anything to Jaryuu. At all. If you deal any damage to it during Resentment Miasma, that damage on top of what Jaryuu deals can easily result in a total party wipe. Remember that, because it's untyped, you can't do anything to reduce its damage beyond just not contributing to it at all. Or buffing your max HP I guess.

Lastly, Blackened Blaze. Depending on your party composition, this skill is either a strict time limit or a free three turns to do whatever. If you have a Dragoon with a maxed out Material Guard or a Shaman with a maxed out Prayer: Blaze (preferably both, really), you can probably eat the damage with a sufficiently durable party. If you have access to sleep (either Mist Slice or Hypno Cannon), Jaryuu is weak to sleep, and you've got three turns to put it to sleep after Resentment Miasma ends and before Blackened Blaze happens. Head binds are also an option, although I wouldn't necessarily gamble on a 50% chance plus Jaryuu's stats. Without any of those, Blackened Blaze is basically a countdown to a total party kill--no character, no matter their WIS or defensive equipment, is going to survive 230% INT damage with Jaryuu's INT.

Got all that? Good. Let's get onto characters.

Alexis: Not gonna mince words: all Alexis can really do against Jaryuu is dodge his hit of multi-target attacks and probably die to Thunder Howl.

Iseria: You know Iseria's deal by this point, surely. For Jaryuu, she's as good a damage dealer as any, given proper stab and elemental support.

Dosen: Herb Boost has a chance to really shine here, and was in fact a cornerstone of how I beat Jaryuu on my first playthrough last year. Dosen can constantly buff the front row to 1.3x max HP with Line Herb, and that will generally keep them safe in the face of most everything Jaryuu can do besides Blackened Blaze. That extremely hinges on Dosen himself not getting his arms bound by Freeze Breath, though.

Magda: Magda, in all honesty, is almost certainly not going to inflict ailments on her own--relegating her Smoke skills to being support for other ailment inflictors. She can also try to petrify Jaryuu with Smoke Solid (although it's worth noting that I need to be careful with that if I have a phys-heavy party), and can make him explode a bunch with Smoke Bomb if an ailment happens to land. It's not ice damage, unfortunately, but oh well.

With all of that in mind, one more thing. In addition to voting for party members, you need to vote for what version of Jaryuu's music (titled The Planet's Ordeal in the OST) we'll be using--original or FM! We're only going to be hearing this song once, so make your choice wisely! Here's the link image, for your convenience:

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