Update 18: Half-Life Full Life Consequences Joke

...So the entire objective of these "games" is to read? Nothing more?
It's less "that's the goal" and more "you literally can't do anything else."
Fascinating. What advantages do these offer over a simple book?
Sound, for one.
Ooh, when did you two suddenly become buddy-buddy?
Well, uh...
Let's just say it's a long story.
3:12 PM - Hivac: eo5: big fuckin weebs edition
3:13 PM - Ragnar Homsar: mio corrupted raven and now he spreads the corruption elsewhere
3:13 PM - Ragnar Homsar: it's like Mother 3 if you think about it
3:13 PM - Hivac: Don't Become an Otaku, Iseria!
...Ahem. On with the game, then.

Alexis tossed four of his specialization skill points into relearning racial passives. The leftover point goes into starting to build up Unburdened, because I'm gonna need it in the future and putting a skill point into it is about as effective as anything else.

Jana learned The Battlefield's Favor, and then tossed the other four points into learning Basic skills that she needs to actually be useful once she starts learning Four Heavens skills. Vunderbar.

On the more exteme end of the spectrum, Kaelin took a rest and I reskilled him considerably. To start, I tossed three points into each of the basic elementals...

...To unlock the physical spells. I tossed five points into Windstorm and Rockfall, because Earth Spike just did not sound appetizing at all.

Then I put Fireball up to level 5, put two points into Compression to work towards Multistrike, and then put a value point into Levitation. Levitation is pretty important for the upcoming floors--at level 1, it nullifies damage tiles for 50 steps.

Gram puts all five of her points into Flying Talon Strike.

Dosen put four points into Recovery Herb because having the ability to purge binds is nice.

And then he bumped Line Herb up to level 5.

To begin the update proper, let's take care of Unidentified seed.
You stop where you recall there being something out of place. Unlike the rest of this eerie place, there is a noticeable patch of green here. You recall the request involving the mysterious seeds. It's possible that it could grow here. If you believe that, you could try planting them here.
Dosen, you're a plant guy, go take care of this.
I...don't see how being an Herbalist also means I know how to plant things like okay I see the sword I'm doing it now please put it away.
Believing that the seeds could grow here, you take them out and begin plant them in the soil. First you dig a hole, place the seeds in it, cover it with soil, and then water it. Thinking that you'll come back a few days later to see if anything's changed, you stand up to go when Alexis notices something.
I've...never seen a plant do that...
Right in front of them, a plant is growing at incredible speed! Could this be the seed you just planted?! While you're wondering this, it grows right past you and becomes a large tree! Still stunned by this turn of events, the tree then begins to move! And you're still processing this when it hits you!

...Y'know, of all the ways my party has been damaged by events in EO games, "being hit by a rapidly-growing tree" is pretty out there.
But you get hit by a rapidly-growing tree in like, every game.
On your knees from the great blow, you look up at the giant tree. It's clearly moving of its own volition, and clearly trying to kill you. Still unsure what's going on, you nonetheless know that you'll have to kill this monster before you. You draw your weapons and rise to the challenge!

Something tells me those hands could do with a little pruning!
This thing is a bigger version of another monster that we haven't seen yet, so I might as well just toss in that monster's info here.

Creepy Vine

HP: 456
STR: 58
INT: 44
VIT: 51
WIS: 55
AGI: 77
LUC: 54

Damage Resistances:
150% 100% 100%
150% 50% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100%
50% 100% 100%
...Well, okay, the Rampaging Tree there isn't quite the same as Creepy Vines. Here's the details for the actual thing we're staring down right now:

Rampaging Tree

HP: 2052
STR: 76
INT: 76
VIT: 61
WIS: 61
AGI: 46
LUC: 84

Damage Resistances:
150% 100% 50%
150% 50% 50%

Disable Resistances:
100% 10% 150% 100% 100% 100% 50%
10% 10%
50% 100% 100%
So the Rampaging Tree itself is a bit of a prick. It has a lot of HP, is functionally immune to one of the best methods of eroding enemies right now (poison, although we don't have any sources of that right now), it can both severely hurt us AND poison us, and oh yeah it also summons two back row Creepy Vines.


(Head Coil.)
Piece of SHIT. Jana and Dosen don't really care about head binds, but Gram needs her head to do basically anything involving Falz.

At least the fact that Falz's normal attack is ranged means he can deal pretty decent damage to the Creepy Vines regardless of row.

I'm still thinking about how to change that lullaby so it works for tree monsters...
Why are you bothering to taunt monsters by singing in a language they can't comprehend?

Blowing away these deadwoods is a much better use of time!
...Was that a pun?

Ooh, don't have to worry about Poison Strike any more.

Pruned at last!
Was the jumpin' and flippin' around really necessary?
Uh, yeah?

Received 2 Elastic Armvines.
That battle wasn't too bad, but I can see how some parties might have issues, especially given that you just immediately lose 70 HP before it starts.

You let out a sigh of relief after defeating the giant tree monster. Just to be sure, you attempt to dig up the seed you planted, but can't find any trace of it. This leaves you with no doubt. The seed grew into a monster. This is a troubling turn of events, but it would be unproductive to dwell on it. If anything, you should be glad that your poor client never managed to get the seeds to sprout. And with the request complete, all that's left is to report it back at the bar.

Good work. You finished the request safe and sound, right?
Um, not really.
What? The seed grew into a monster?! Are you serious?! Hold on, I'll need to contact the client immediately!

Man, this tree and the Labyrinth just...project an aura of weirdness.
When was the last time something normal happened in that place?
You were a circus performer for years. What right do you have to call something abnormal?
Hey, being a performer means I'm stronger and more agile than you'll ever be. Plus, I can make little kids laugh!

Okay, I'm back. I just let the client know how dangerous those seeds are. By way of apology, he also added a bit more to the reward. From what we know, one of his predeccesors must have gotten the seeds from an explorer. Since they're native to the third stratum, they wouldn't grow anywhere else, and then they were forgotten about for generations. But... I'm a bit uneasy knowing that ordinary seeds could have easily gotten mixed up with monster seeds. Is my flowerbed going to be alright? Well, I guess if it comes down to it I can always just put up a request for you to handle it, right? *chuckle* Okay, here's your reward. Thank you.

Obtained 4 Guard Soles.
Boring reward.

EXP excepted, of course.

These points in Unburdened are going to do nothing for a long, long time.

Figured I might as well toss points into Ice Peck to work towards Sky Dive.

Dosen puts one point into Herb Boost because I frankly don't want any of the other skills at the moment.

Oh, right, I took on A favor for Ceric II.
Hey, everyone! I've got another material gathering request for you! Sorry for always asking so much of you. This time I'm making a Sapling Hat. Looks tough, doesn't it? So here's what I'll need: 1 Quality Sapling. Just sell it to me when you've got it, thanks!
Quality Saplings are the rare 3rd Stratum Chop material. Might need to take a bunch of Woodland Gathering Skills characters out to try that.

Also here's some junk.
Hindi (+50 ATK, +62 MATK, INT Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Elastic Armvine (Creepy Vine normal). Costs 4400 en, sells for 1760 en.

Gilly (+10 DEF, +23 MDEF) is made from 2 Elastic Armvines (Creepy Vine normal). Costs 1500 en, sells for 600 en.

Head Guard (Immunity to head binds) is made from 2 Elastic Armvines (Creepy Vine normal). Costs 800 en, sells for 320 en.

Now that I've taken care of that nonsense, let's begin the floor.

(Floor subtitle: Poison has felled many an explorer.)

That stuff looks like a level beyond toxic.

Damage tiles return basically unchanged from previous EOs--even down to the damage number for these early ones.

What's new here, though, is that if we come into the Labyrinth at night, the damage tiles are nullified. Neato--too bad I didn't do that here.

Good thing I have Levitation.

Also note that EO5 retains a lot of the mapping conveniences from EO2U--here, we can see that it's kept the "damage tiles are automatically colored red" feature.
Conveniently, they're also colored red if you step on them at night.

Obtained 2500 en.

Wading through the poisonous swamp, you come to a clear area elevated above the rest of the swamp like a floating island.
Oh, finally, a good spot to reeeeAAAAAAGH!
Stopping briefly to catch your breaths, you then notice a corpse half-sunken into the swamp. While the body has long since been skeletonized, you can tell from the scraps of cloth remaining that they were wearing an old fashioned style of Lunarian clothing. You can either spend some time to give this corpse a proper burial, or ignore it and hurry on.
Dosen, please stop gripping my legs and trying to hide behind me.
How absolutely boorish of this person's compatriots to leave them-- To leave an unsightly corpse out here.
Well, anyone bring their shovels? Greg can dig a hole for a grave otherwise.
Having decided that it's only right to show the corpse some respect, you set about digging a grave for it.

One hour passes if you decide to dig a grave.

It takes a lot of time and sweat, but you succeed in digging a whole large enough for an adult's eternal slumber. After a brief break to recover your stamina, you then gently pick the bones and lay them to rest in the grave. You then fill in the whole and find a nearby flower to place on the grave. After a moment of prayer, you return to exploring.

A proper burial

You found a fallen corpse and decided to hold a proper burial for this nameless forebear.

Received 1 Creeping Vine naturally, and 2 Skullwoods from Alexis.
That, uh, that looks like a flat sheet of bone.
Not to worry, it's simply bone-colored wood. ...At least, I sincerely hope it is.

12F, D2 Chop Point
Didn't roll for a Quality Saplings, damn. Not gonna have much better luck with the next point, either--that one has a whopping 10% chance to give out Quality Saplings.

Aren't rare gathering materials fun?

Dear lords, that poor dog...

Zombie Dog

HP: 444
STR: 64
INT: 38
VIT: 55
WIS: 57
AGI: 57
LUC: 38

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 50% 150%

Disable Resistances:
100% 0% 50% 150% 100% 100% 100%
50% 100%
100% 100% 50%
Hey kids! Do you like having party members get hit with high-damage poison attached to a not-insignificant amount of base damage? Do you like staring game overs right in the face after maybe one turn of battle if there's even one skeleton also in the battle? Then Zombie Fido here is right for you!

They did combine ghosts and dogs! This is me rolling around on the ground like Yoko Taro in glee.
I get that maxing out Unburdened on my Fencer early has completely changed my experience of this game, because these dogs were chumps.

(Vision Thrust.)
Any particular reason you're thrusting at the skeleton's eye sockets instead of doing your job?
I have heard...very strong words about these archers, both from our comrades and from tavern-goers.

(Poison Bite.)
And now... I have very strong words...about this accursed dog...

At least the blind was worth it.

Alexis is dead!

At least Dosen softens the blows of these annoyances.

Received 1 Worn Quiver and 1 Rotting Dog Rib.

'Kay, all we gotta do is just hit it one more--


Mini Noir has become enormous!

Gran Noir

HP: 1104
STR: 78
INT: 42
VIT: 58
WIS: 58
AGI: 38
LUC: 35

Damage Resistances:
100% 50% 100%
150% 100% 10%

Disable Resistances:
150% 150% 100% 50% 50% 100% 100%
100% 50%
100% 100% 100%
Gran Noirs do two things: either ineffectually punch party members, or stomp on your whole team and screw everyone up.

I'm...reasonably certain I blinded it.

(Flying Talon Strike.)

Mist Slice, for comparison.

Received 1 Rotting Dog Rib, 1 Squishy Feet, and 1 Large Black Tail.

Kaelin got a level from another battle.

And then I forgot to use the skill point. Oops.

As you continue through the endlessly eerie Labyrinth, you run into a familiar pair of explorers.

Yo. Been a while.
...I was not expecting you to be so nonchalant.
The one who said that was Soleil. Standing next to her with a smile is Lily.
I'm...honestly surprised you've gotten this far in this hellhole.
It seems you've come to earn a small amount of respect from her, and her usual cold tone has been slightly thawed.
So, I guess you get to hear this. Seems like something happened, so the Council's asking for an urgent investigation of the 3rd Stratum...but there aren't all that many guilds up here, so odds are they had you in mind.
She then tells you that you should head back to town.
Normally we'd be on this shit, but... This time's different. We're getting close, I just know it.
After Soleil says this, Lily gives an unusually tense nod and turns to face north.
Just north of here you'll find the stairs to the next floor, but you really should report to the Council first.
Man, of course we gotta go to the Council when the stairs are right there...
With that, the two girls leave. If what they said was true, you should visit the Council for a new mission.

There is a new announcement from the Council to all explorers! Today, the Arcadian Council is assigning a new mission! Furthermore, because this mission would be far too dangerous for anyone less than a Master, only previously recognized guilds may participate! All applicable guilds confident in their skills should report to the Council.

Hello, Nameless. If you're here, then you've heard about the new mission, right?
Annoyingly, yes.
That's great. The mission today is for Masters only, so it's extremely difficult. I had my doubts that any other guild but you would be up to it. So, please accept it.

Gather the heroes' equipment

It is said that articles belonging to the Earthrun knights who died in the great war have been uncovered on the 12th floor. These are people whose names have gone down in history as heroes... We'd like you to recover them, no matter what.
Welp, doesn't look like we've got any choice here.
Thank you for accepting the mission. In truth, this one is a direct order from the imperial capital. I've told you that Yggdrasil was the site of a great war long ago, yes?
Yes. And then you offered to repeat the story. Several times.
Perhaps it would better described as a legend though, because despite all I've said about it there is still much we don't know about it. The areas near the battle were sealed off after the war, so nature has made a remarkable recovery, but on the other hand that's made it difficult to perform any sort of investigation. We send regular reports the capital, and when they heard that we'd reached the stratum that appears to have been the site of the battlefield, they ordered us to search and and recover the articles of a certain knight who participated in the war. That knight, a member of the royal family, left his mark on history as the first dragoon by wearing a legendary set of armor, said by even older legends to have been entrusted to man by a golden dragon who protected the land.
Something tells me that story might be slightly embellished...
While it's impossible to say whether there's any truth to these legends, that doesn't change the fact that the armor is an irreplaceable treasure of the Earthrun people, and naturally they'd like to recover it. So we'd like you to search the 3rd Stratum, or rather the 12th floor, for four of his articles: the gun, the shield, the armor, and the helmet. The 3rd Stratum is still largely uncharted, so I'm sure it will be dangerous, but we of the Council can hardly ignore a direct order from the capital. That said, the magicians of the capital have also used powerful scrying spells to narrow down the locations, which we've copied down for you. The mana reacted to the 12th floor, and we believe that the descriptions of what they saw will be helpful.

Obtained Articles of the Deceased: Location 1!
We get three more. These things give clues as to what spots on 12F we need to check. Completely useless to me, of course.
We'd like you to find the legendary knight's belongings as soon as possible, but please be careful.
Can do, chief.
Is "chief" not a bit casual for Lord Remus?
I think being Masters gives me the right to be as chummy with Remus as I want.

Everyone loves when I sell off a bunch of crap to Ceric and end up with a bunch of crap to catalogue, right? Right?
Urumi (+63 ATK, +58 MATK, AGI Up 3, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Large Black Tail (Gran Noir normal). Costs 6200 en, sells for 2480 en.

Knuckle Doggy (+67 ATK, +48 MATK, VIT Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 2 Rotting Dog Ribs (Zombie Dog normal) and 1 Creeping Vine (3rd Stratum Chop 2). Costs 4200 en, sells for 1680 en.

Baculus (+45 ATK, +70 MATK, HP Up 2, Bronze x4) is made from 1 Skullwood (3rd Stratum Chop 1). Costs 6250 en, sells for 2500 en.

Ringmail (+37 DEF, +24 MDEF) is made from 1 Creeping Vine (3rd Stratum Chop 2) and 1 Decaying Metal Plate (3rd Stratum Mine 1).

Grand Vest (+33 DEF, +33 MDEF) is made from 1 Large Black Tail (Gran Noir normal) and 2 Elastic Armvines (Creepy Vine normal). Costs 4400 en, sells for 1760 en.

Mekurabe Shield (+23 DEF, +10 MDEF) is made from 2 Skullwoods (3rd Stratum Chop 1). Cost 1800 en, sells for 720 en.

Poison Dog Earring (Immunity to poison) is made from 3 Rotting Dog Ribs (Zombie Dog normal). Cost 800 en, sells for 320 en.

Poison Gas (70% base chance to inflict poison on all enemies; 150 base poison damage) is made from 1 Rotting Dog Rib (Zombie Dog normal). Costs 250 en, sells for 100 en.

I bought Alexis a Cutlass because he kind of wants TP more than any other stat.

And then I forged it once.

Now that we're back to this nonsense, shall we go gather up that knight's things?

As you walk through the large room, you come across a patch of soil that's a slightly different color from the rest. Curious, you dig it up to find what appears to be an ancient gun.

Obtained Antique Gun!
...Sasha, you're not thinking of stealing this, right?
Uh... Okay, A) this thing is way too old to use, B) I'm not some kind of money-grubber who'll pawn anything for cash. I prefer that my income be legitimate, thank you very much!

I feel like I should mention that you can't open any of these doors until you accept the mission, and you can't take the stairs Soleil or Lily mentioned, either.
You can find the gun though. The party just says it looks valuable so you pick it up.

As you proceed carefully through the dangerous, poisonous swamp, you come across a wild deer.
A wild deer seems...pretty out of place here.
While normally these sorts of animals travel in herds, it seems to be a stranded on its own, perhaps because of the swamp. If you like you can hunt it for food.
This foolish animal won't last another week in this living underworld. Gut it and skin it.
...How about I do this humanely, hm?

Luckily, you have Gram with you. They draw a large knife and take down the animal in one swift movement!

Obtained 3 Animal Meats!
You put its meat in your pack to eat later and return to exploring.

Lost deer

You successfully hunted a deer, lost in the poisonous swamp.

Jana levels up Flying Sparrow to 3, which means she unlocks...

Crossing the Sanzu. A skill that can be used to split the game wide open, and one that I won't be using at all. I'm working towards Reflower, over to the right.

Food point here gives Mandratatoes.

While walking through the gloomy Labyrinth, you find a thin dog, not making a sound. When it notices you, it begins to approach you, although its unsteady gait betrays its lack of strength. Based on its friendliness, it's probably someone's pet, yet its master is nowhere in sight.
Poor thing.
You can safely assume that it's hungry, so you can give it some of your food if you like.

We can offer it either Animal Meats or Roast Meats. I happen to have a bunch of the former, so let's use those.
When you hold out some Animal Meat, the dog wags its tail vigorously and bites into it...
Go on now, eat up, get your strength back.
Its meal over, the dog lets out a happy bark and begins looking around, as if searching for something. Perhaps it's waiting for it's lost master? Even when you beckon it over, it shows no desire to follow you.
Is that perhaps a twinge of sadness I see on your face?
Wh-who wouldn't feel at least a little sad for this poor mutt? Its master is probably long dead, a victim of unwarranted overconfidence.
You're one to talk.

Lost dog

You encountered a dog, apparently separated from it master, and gave it some food.

I swear these effectively-useless-now levels will be worth it in the future.

I saw that Kaelin had a skill point here, and dropped it into Compression. Still working towards Multistrike.

And another point in Ice Peck, for Gram's continuing quest for Sky Dive.

Obtained Flash Pendant!
Some of you might remember Update 7, where I originally said the thing we got was the Flash Pendant. ...Well, turns out that thing was the Miracle Ring, and THIS is actually the Flash Pendant. (I've edited Update 7 to reflect this.)

For a reminder, Flasher (the skill on the Flash Pendant) costs 10 TP and stuns all FOEs in the same room as the party, preventing them from moving for one turn. To this I say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what absolute garbage.

Received 1 Creeping Vine naturally, and 1 Creeping Vine from Alexis.
12F, E6 Chop Point
This Chop point's your best bet if you want to finish that Sapling Hat quest, and even then you're gonna probably be at it for a bit.

...Did none of you manage to even catch a glimpse of the next artifact?
Less "none of us managed it" and "there was nothing here," you jerk.
That empty space is pretty suspicious, if you ask me.

Heh. Knew it. Think someone's got some apologizing to do for belittling everyone else's awareness.
Rule number one of EO: if there's a large, empty space on the map, there's probably a secret area you didn't catch.

Pushing your way past the foul vegetation, you come across a large metal board sticking out of the ground like a grave marker. As you approach, it becomes clear that it's actually an old shield, but it's been covered in dirt and moss. This must have belonged to the legendary knight from the mission. You carefully place it in your pack to take back to town.
Obtained Antique Shield!
Two down.

...Spooky, scary skele--
DO NOT. I've had quite enough of that incessant racket from those irritating nitwits we somehow keep running into.
Oh, come on, you wet blanket, it's catchy.

This skeleton dies pretty quickly, because:

There's light tiles exactly one tile away from its spawn point.

No, running the other way isn't an option, unless you like spawning another skeleton.

Taking the long way around this room is the correct way to do it. I can't think of too many parties that'd be capable of taking on a skeleton right now.

Making your past past the fearsome undead, you proceed along the path to find an old stone slate. Inscribed in it are words from the ancient tongue.
Ahem. Allow--
Allow me. I know a thing or two about this old, old language.
...Deciphered, they read:
"The four most treasured belongings of a knight braver than any man have been hidden on this floor. We have faith that, someday, our fellow Earthrun will return to this land to reclaim what was his."
That's as clear a clue as we could ask for, honestly.
They're clearly referring to the knight from your mission. Upon taking a closer look, you can tell that the soil beneath the slate has been disturbed. You try digging it up, taking care not to damage what might be buried here, and find an old piece of armor! This must have belonged to the legendary knight from the mission. You carefully place it in your pack to take back to town.

Obtained Antique Armor!

*extremely Beat voice*


For the record, yes, I ran into a skeleton here, but the favorable escape rates in EO5 meant I could get out easily.
goddamn millenials taking escaping from battle for granted

Okay, someone did this on purpose.
...Don't give me that kind of stare, child.

Yeah, we gotta find a way around this wall of skeletons.

And here's how I do it: burn the lowest skeleton, then dash for the key item.

...wait a minute what the fuck why did those skeletons just disappear without being on light tiles

(the answer, as I learned later, is that those tiles are defined to be light tiles even though the actual light tiles are just above them. GOOD JOB ATLUS)

Making you way past the hall filled with skeletal swordsmen, you proceed to find a large tree with a hollow cavity. While it's too high up for you to clearly see inside, you can tell that something has been placed there. It's probably one of the legendary knight's items. You reach up to grab it before carefully placing it in your pack to take back to town.

Obtained Antique Helmet!
And that's all four things.

You open the door to discover a relatively dry area suitable for resting. You're breathing a sigh of relief when you're suddenly approached by someone who calls out to you.

Oh, hey, it's Clarste's guild and mascot. His mascot there is named Marlone, and his guild name is Mina-san, which I'm told means "Everyone," and means that any NPCs that refer to the guild as a whole end up saying "everyone."
Specifically, they say "Hey, it's everyone from everyone!" Which makes me giggle.
When asked, they introduce themselves as Marlone the Illusionary Fencer, from the guild Mina-san.
What, you stuck with the names the Explorers Guild gave? Booooring.
Apparently they had gathered up branches and leaves to make beds here, but then one of their party's scouts failed to report in so they're going to have to go look for them. In the center of the room you can see some fine looking beds made with leaves and branches, but covered in cloth. Marlone tells you that you're free to use them if you like, and then leaves.

We can only use this rest point once, by the way.

Which means I use it when I'm about to head back to town.
As Marlone recommended, you take off your armor and lie down in the beds. The branches creak beneath your weight, but are surprisingly elastic and you can see yourself dozing off here. You briefly forget the dangers of the Labyrinth and drift into sleep...

...Dosen suddenly wakes up with their cheek on the cold floor of the Labyrinth!
EEEEEEEEAUGH! Ew, ew, ew...
Apparently the bed broke beneath them while they slept! The other beds are also more or less broken and are no longer usable. On the other hand, you did get a lot of rest and are once again full of energy!

You return to exploring with gratitude towards Marlone.

Uuuuuugh I can't actually use the damn stairs until I turn the mission in. Fiiiiine.

So...this is the armor used by the legendary knight in his final battle? Naturally, they'll be returned to the capital and treated with the utmost care. And I'll make sure that your names are passed on too, as the brave souls who recovered it. I hope this reward can properly convey the gratitude of the Council.

Obtained 9000 en.
I'd be more impressed by this if I didn't have the money DLC available.

I do appreciate the EXP, though.

Oh, right. I believe you're familiar with two of our other Masters, Soleil and Lily?
Pretty familiar, yep.
Lately I hear that they've been especially zealous in regards to the exploration of the Vanuard's Mortuary. But as some of the first to reach the 3rd Stratum, they don't have many peers they can talk to. I hope that if they decide to confide in you, you can lend them an ear. They've been of great service to the city, so I'd like to help them out however possible.
Can do, hoss.
I somehow doubt they'll be very talkative, though.

I'm tempted to just skip over Alexis's levels until either Unburdened is maxed out or I put a point in something else.

God I'd like four sword Masuraos more if Reflower wasn't an absolute necessity for them.

Still inching towards Multistrike.

Ditto but for Sky Dive.

And Dosen can now overheal people ever so slightly more.

Mercifully, I only have one bit of junk to share from this expedition.
Stab Charm (+30% stab resistance) is made from 4 Worn Quivers (Bone Archer normal). Costs 1000 en, sells for 400 en.

NOW I can actually use the stairs.

Only to immediatley head back to town.

Hey, have you guys gotten a Yamato Earthware Pot yet?
With the Power of Pot, you can make a dumpling broth that is 100% appropriate for cold days! So, it'd been a while since I last had it, so I started making the preparations, but... Massive Shock!! A Haunting?! Local Innkeeper's Fish Dumplings Disappear Mysteriously!!

Kitten: Meow.
So, what do you think? Gimme the expert opinion here. A fearsome, unknown monster that subsists on a diet of exclusively fish sashimi...?
Spotted Cat: Meow.
Or could it be a master thief, who spirits fish away in the night...?
Calico Cat: Meow.
...I'm recommending this case to the council for the list of Aeolis's Seven Mysteries!
STOP. I swear, you are trying to annoy me by being intentionally obtuse.
Ooh, being "intentionally obtuse" gets to Smugfried, huh? I'll have to remember that!
...And of course she was here at this precise moment. Ugh.
More to the point, I somehow doubt Genetta is intentionally trying to annoy you.

Y'know, we Brownies are a plain-faring folk, so this whole city-life thing kinda gets me down some days. I just miss the breeze blowing through me, making me feel at one with nature, you know?
But, that's all the more reason to keep making new weapons so I can get outta here someday. And I'll need your help, so keep bringing back more stuff from the Labyrinth!

You know, back in the day, I used to have such good friends. I could talk to them about anything, count on them for anything, and we were always together...
Exactly the idyllic kind of company most people wish to keep.
But, I realized far too late that having the people around you still be around tomorrow is life's greatest luxury. Remember that.

We've got bar patrons, yep.

#1: Clear-eyed woman with single katana:
Ronin: Oh, if it isn't Nameless? Would you be interested in hearing what I know about the monsters known as Wandering Flame-Phantoms?
Prior warning never hurt anyone. Sure.
Ronin: Understood. What's most surprising about them is surely their ability to move through walls. That said, they don't seem especially hostile. If you don't bump straight into one, it's unlikely they'll attack. Furthermore, they move differently depending on the time of day. During the day, they'll merely move back and forth, but at night, they'll patrol in wide circles. Perhaps, being creatures of death, they feel some affinity with the night? Regardless, you'll need to be on guard at all times. And that's all I know. Come again if you ever need anything. Stay safe.
If it wasn't obvious, Wandering Flame-Phantoms are FOEs we'll run into on 13F.

#2: Giant man with wrinkled clothes:
Heavy: I hear the Necromancer Lily and the Reaper Soleil spend a lot of time on the 3rd Stratum. Sounds like they're looking for something, but I wonder if it has anything to do with that other rumor, the one about someone crazy strong, and dangerous, hiding up there.
Given the Golem and the Hippogriff, I would assume such a monster exists, and it spends its time on the 15th floor.
That's...not as hard to figure out as you think it is.
Heavy: Eh, whatever, they're just rumors. I'd rather share a good drink than a tall tale, personally.

It's just not a trip to the bar without quests, is it?

#1: Making the ultimate veil:
This one's from a Therian woman named Mia. She's in the bar right now, so why don't you go look for her and ask what she wants? Good luck.
I'll talk to Mia after I take on the other two quests.

#2: Stop the invading monsters!:
Oh, good, that one. Thanks. That request is from an explorer who just recently arrived at the third stratum. Apparently people have been running into monsters who aren't native to the 11th floor. Most likely ones from higher floors who came down in response to all the "fresh meat". If we leave them alone they'll just be more and more victims, so before that happens I need you to defeat the monsters on the 11th floor. The victims reported running into them in these three locations:

So there you have it. Are you ready for this?
It's barely different from what we normally do, so...
Lastly, this one. I should note that I didn't actually take this one on, because my quest list is full. Rest assured, I'll take care of it, though.

#3: Request from the Council I:
That one's from the Council, and they insisted that you be the ones to take it. The details are top secret: they didn't even tell me. So for now, I guess you could say the request is for you guys to head to the Council.
Later. And by later I mean "another update."

Let's talk to Mia.
Mia: Uh... Hi. You guys. I, um. Don't- I don't think we've met.
Oh, this one's a real piece of work, isn't she?
Say that again about some nice young girl we barely know and I'll make sure you regret it, Kaelin.
Mia: Um, hi, uh- Mia, my name's Mia. I'm- Sorry I know I'm ridiculously huge I know I hear it every day they say "Mia you absurd goliath your lumbering physique does nothing but obstruct the path of your betters!"
What uncouth oafs would say that about someone? You look perfectly fine.
Mia: ...That. That didn't have. Uh. Anything to do with the request. Sorry. I'll get to the, uh, I'll get to the point. Um, so, you remember a Lunarian man named Thaddeus? I-I'm, his fiancee.
Oh, really? Belated congratulations, then. ...That's to say, yeah, we remember him.
Mia: Oh thank goodness my conversational skills are a total mess so when Thaddie's other obligations prevented him from telling you this himself I was very concerned that I wouldn't be able to deliver this message properly SO WHAT I WAS SAYING WAS. So, Thaddeus and I are getting married soon, but, uh, there's...a little problem... The, uh, the craftsman said he- Needs the right materials for the veil for the ceremony, but we. Can't, um, we can't get our hands on any of what he was asking for, so- Please, PLEASE, I BEG of you, please can you find 2 Bamboo Flowers and 3 Pure White Sacks for us it's a matter of THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE!
Uh, y-yeah, don't worry, we'll take c-care of it. ...I'm scared.
Mia: ...Sorry I. I didn't mean to shout, um. Please, I- I really need the materials. Please.
As tempted as I am to cancel the request on behalf of all of us, don't worry, we have a reputation to uphold.
...Please just ignore this irritating jerk. You'll be better off for it.

Nameless. Looks like you've reached a stopping point up in the 3rd Stratum. So those ghosts up there- people call 'em Wandering Flame-Phantoms. They vanish into walls and then pop out somewhere else when you've relaxed. Now, not to assume, but if you've gotten this far, you know the rule that you should be observing how your enemies move. So... Do that.
Nothing the Not-Ronin didn't already tell us.

I have, uh, I have heard that fearsome undead prowl the 3rd Stratum. Are you- er. Um... Do you ever, uh, find yourselves afraid of these...so-called spirits?
When you're around a Necromancer for so long--and, in my case, are their roommate--you get used to being around the restless spirits of the dead.
Sometimes I wonder if all spirits as are "restless" as those three.
O-oh? Oh, haha, really. I suppose I should expect such fortitude from seasoned explorers such as yourselves!
Oh, for the love of all that is scholarly... How do you feel about these ghosts?
...How do I feel about them? Oh, not particularly strongly.
...I find the topic a touch unpleasant.
...At nights as of late I have found myself praising the gods that I am not an explorer.
I suspected as much.
That does it for now. Next time: 13F. It's the unlucky number, and boy does it have enemies to match.
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