Update 24: Uh

Hmhmhm. This is quality entertainment.
...What are you doing?
Well, Alexis..."got one with nature," and that helped him beat the Undead King.
That doesn't explain--
I think he's full of it, but it gave me an idea. If I ditch armor to carry more swords, not only can I cut better, but I can do more cool stuff!
You're juggling swords right in front of me! You could damage my hair! It takes me hours to properly care for it!
Why are you complaining if it looks cool?
And for that matter, there are endless problems with four swords! What are you going to do, hold one of them in your belly button?
Well, what I actually do is-- Hup! I hold them between my fingers, like this!
Bravo. Beautiful work.
I picked this trick up from this crazy Brownie I met at the bar a few weeks back. I mean, granted, she was carrying six, but that's for if you wanna completely avoid showmanship and just be a crazy murderer.
This is ridiculous. You are ridiculous. Stop doing ridiculous things, with your ridiculous ways.
Do you know how to wield swords, Kaelin?
I mean, yes, with a fair amount of--
Are you certified by the government to wield a bunch of swords at the same time?
Remus hands out certifications for this...ludicrous chicanery?!
Yep, and I've got one. I'm certified. Twice--
Thrice. You had to get it redone when Magda blew up your carrying case.
Thrice over.
No. No! Uuuwoooaaaahhhh! URBWAAAAAHHHHHH!
Hey guys, I'm all packed for-- Um... Why is Kaelin slamming his head into the wall?
He can't handle the truth.
...Sounds like Kaelin, yeah.
Credit for that intro goes to alcharagia.

Sasha bumped Hypno Cannon to level 5, put a point in Rapid Cannon, put Pillbox up to level 5, and put one point in Gun Support.

Cecil maxed out One-Two, leveled up Liver Blow to 7, and put two points into Corkscrew. I could start leveling up Lead Blow here, but I'll want all of the preceding skills maxed out (or at least level 5, in Corkscrew's case), before doing so.

I rested Jana to reallocate her points. The important parts of her build are that she has level 10 Reflower, and level 10 Four Gods.

Oh yeah she also has four katanas equipped now. That's what that intro was about, if you were curious. It's time to actually show off what this spec can do.

Kaelin has level 9 Multistrike, and I'm okay with it there for now. He's working towards High-Speed Incantation at the moment, as evidenced by the two points in Magi Mastery.

Gram has not changed at all since Undead King.

I have a score to settle with a certain FOE.

Two axes and no head? Pffft, what kinda stupid gimmick is that?

Decapitating Executioner

HP: 9601
STR: 79
INT: 58
VIT: 69
WIS: 63
AGI: 62
LUC: 69

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
200% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
25% 50% 25% 25% 75% 50% 50%
10% 50%
25% 25% 50%
Decapitating Executioners have a...strange gimmick focused on giving party members Fire Oil effects. My main advice for this fight is "don't get tagged with ailments," since the Axe of Slaughter instant death will ruin your day very, very quickly.

(Four Gods.)
Wait wait wait, I'm not done!

(Reflower proc.)
It took quite a lot of skill points, but Jana puts out a load of hurt with this build. She averages a little over 850 damage a turn on the Decapitating Executioner, which is just a little shy of 10% of the thing's HP per turn. All for 10 TP, too.

Oh, phew, that's three of the Decapitating Executioner's skills shut off.

Yes, yes, let your brutish ways ruin the raw materials I could extricate from melting it--
Incidentally, if you're thinking Kaelin's damage is comparable to Jana's, bear in mind he's getting double damage due to the DE's fire resistance.

(Scorching Wrath.)
Hah, hah... Is it, uh... Did that thing just make it really hot, or is it just me?
Seems fine to me!
The DE's arms are still bound, but I'd rather purge those curse inflictions sooner rather than later.

(Failed to use Axe of Slaughter due to bound arms.)

Okay we're good.

Hmhmhm, yes, look at this perfectly-signed pauldron. And she said I was too imprecise too careless when rare materials were--
Kaelin. Please, stop. We are not interested in your ongoing spat with Magda.

Welcome back. So you brought the goods? Thanks. And two of them at that! I'm sure the client will be pleased. But... Well, did he really just want a piece of it? As a collector, would a little shard like really even matter to him?
Eh. Who can say?
I see. I suppose what ignites your passions varies from person to person. Maybe by looking at this fragment he can feel like he was a part of the adventure too, or something like that. Now, I'd love to keep chatting, but I expect you'll be wanting your reward. Here you go, and good work.

Obtained 2 Silver Ingots!
A conditional that requires hitting a 200% resistance for an extra Silver Ingot? Yes, please.

Now then, let's take care of Pursue the missing squadron.
As you pass through the hidden passage, you stop when you're struck with a strong odor. The entire area is rank with the scent of blood. If this is where the soldiers went, then it's pretty clear that something bad happened to them. You should search as much of the area as possible to see if they're all right. For that reason, the only option is to keep moving. Shake off your doubts and step forward.

Go down here. Going the wrong way will result in a skeleton ambush.
As you open the door, you find several exhausted-looking humans slumped on the floor! Based on their uniforms, there's no doubt that they're the missing Aeolian guards! You call out to them as you approach, and one of the guards notices you and begins to shout.

A-ah! P-people! Who-- A-Are you explorers?! Is this-- Am I dreaming?!
The guard is speaking so fast that he can barely form a coherent sentence, but at least he seems to have retained his mental faculties. The first thing you do is distribute the supplies you brought. They must have been starving, because they wolf down the food and water as fast as they can.
Bringing an Herbalist in your party, or having a dog summoned, results in some extra fluff dialogue, by the way.
After a while, the guards calm down and begin to thank you profusely.
Thank you! You saved our lives!
Man, we're just glad that you're okay.
I must ask, though: what exactly happened?
Uh... W-we were on our way back from patrolling our the area, when—
The guard's explanation suddenly interrupts his explanation by pointing behind you and screaming.

There's a monster behind you, and it's clearly hostile!
I-It's back! This is the thing that attacked us! It and its minions! It took all of our supplies and trapped us in this room!
The guard shouts with a mixture of fear and excitement. Regardless, it's clear that this thing was the cause of all this. And with the guards thrown into a panic by its sudden appearance, you're the only ones who can protect them! If you want to complete your mission to bring them back safely, you must slay the monster before you!

In the words of the Australian Christmas update's splash for Medieval Mode: "Gette it Onne!"
Sorry, I only play anime video games. What?
Team Fortress 2 is very anime, I'll have you know.

This thing is a Malicious Spirit, which is basically just a beefier Wandering Flame-Phantom. Let's start with that thing's writeup.

Wandering Flame-Phantom

HP: 6582
STR: 56
INT: 74
VIT: 61
WIS: 67
AGI: 51
LUC: 75

Skills: Drops: Damage Resistances:
125% 100% 100%
75% 125% 100%

Disable Resistances:
75% 50% 50% 50% 50% 75% 75%
10% 10%
25% 50% 50%
And, for posterity, the Malicious Spirit's specific stats.

Malicious Spirit

HP: 9971
STR: 89
INT: 83
VIT: 68
WIS: 70
AGI: 58
LUC: 89

Damage Resistances:
125% 100% 100%
75% 125% 100%

Disable Resistances:
75% 50% 50% 50% 50% 75% 75%
10% 10%
25% 50% 50%
I'm gonna count this as my Wandering Flame-Phantom fight, by the way.

Ironically, the primary gimmick of Wandering Flame-Phantoms--Flame Sign and Hellfire/Sight Flare--isn't what you need to worry about. It's Cut Away, because Cut Away fucking hurts.
Naked Alexis solves almost all your problems, actually. I didn't even realize they had that flame gimmick when I played. Although that does explain something that happened much later...

In light of Cut Away, Cecil casts Black Mist...

And One-Two, in the hopes that he binds the Spirit's arms. Black Mist will mean the Spirit will have effectively 100% resistance to arm binds, so here's hoping.

Cecil, uh...
How're you doing that...mist thing?
Simply channeling my sheer hatred for all things monster-related.

It just occurred to me: Four Gods is basically a better Midareba/Swallow Strike, huh?

Hmph. Amateur hour-- Hrgk!
I'd be quiet right now, if I were you. He'd hurt a lot worse.

(Failed to use Cut Away due to bound arms.)
Too bad.

(Flame Sign.)
Eh, whatever, we can definitely hit the thing before it casts Sight Flare.

Knew it.

Boy, you should be glad that Magda wasn't here to see that.
Why do you people keep bringing her up?! She means nothing!
Mm-hmm. Sure. Kaelin, I dunno if you know this, but I've never heard anyone say that someone "means nothing" to them without--
A whole lot of the same happens for a few more turns.

Right down to Kaelin being disappointing again.

Hee-hee, alright, let's see these babies--

(Cut Away.)

I'm gonna have to fight a real Wandering Flame-Phantom for the drop, but that'll do for demonstrating the fight in the LP.

You've successfully killed the monster that cornered the guards! Behind you, they raises their voices in celebration, and the one you've been talking to approaches you.

Are you okay?!
Perfectly fine.
Sorry for getting you into this mess... But thank you. You've saved us again.
You tell him you're fine and that he should head back to town immediately.
Good idea. We've gotta get back and tell them we're okay. And then I just want to lie down in a real bed and sleep for a week, ha ha!
With that, the guard returns to the noisy crowd in the back, quiets them down, and pulls out the Ariadne Thread you delivered. He turns to you for one last thanks before using the thread and warping to town. You've successfully extracted the guards! All that's left is to report this to the bar.

Good work, everyone! You should be proud! One of the guards you saved already reported what you did. Says it was thanks to you guys that they got to town unharmed. I hear no one died this time! It's a triumph of your hard work and the guards' tenacity! Oh, sorry, I can barely contain my happiness. *chuckle* Anyway, thank you, and take this reward. You've earned it.

Obtained 5 Therica As.
Obtained 5 Therica Bs.

I swear to god you'll see how useful Pillboxes can be very, very soon.
Oh don't worry, I've known my mother long enough to learn that.

Kaelin is still so far away from having a usable High-Speed Incantation.

And another point in Flying Talon Strike.

That does it for now. I admit that this was something of a filler update, but I felt these fights plus the floor would've been slightly too long when combined. Next time: 16F.
did u kno that 16 is 2 to the 4th power... its a Science Fact

...Gahahahahaha! Oh, Smugboy, that's a new low, even for you.
Quiet. It was a mere...temporary malfunction of the Multistrike Form. At least the first one stunned the ghost!
Yeah, after it'd already done something! Pfffahahaha! And you make fun of my smokes for taking a few tries to work! At least they're consistent!
Consistency is nothing compared to actually doing what I'm supposed to.
Mmhmm. Yeah, sure. Now, how about I show you this Super Resurrection Herb?
...That's a bomb, you nitwit.
No, it's a Super Resurrection Herb.
Magda, that is very clearly both shaped like a bomb, and full of easily combustible materials, like a bomb. It's a bomb.
Who cares? At least it'll probably do something big and actually make a consistent impact.
...Nrrrrgggghhh... Gah! I've had enough of you and your incessant refusal to accept reality or succeed! Good night.
"Sleep well," Smugboy.
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