...Hrmph... That accursed failed healer...
...Alright, that's quite enough. C'mon, Kaelin, get up.
What in the seven hells are you talking about? I'm sleeping quite peacefully.
No-one "sleeps peacefully" while mumbling and turning that much.
I would appreciate it if you would mind your own inferior business. Let me sleep.
Nope, no can do, sonny. These ears won't let me.
Then have your mangy mutt make them stay down with his slobber.
'Kay then. If you're gonna refuse my help, then I'll make you talk. Falz! Greg! Up and at 'em, boys!
...Ugh, very well then. I'd rather not have my nightclothes or my hair ruined. Call off your pets.
That's more like it. Now then... What's bothering you, dear? One of those mysteries in Mio's games?
I've already solved all of those trite fantasies.
Hmhm, nothing as silly as that, then. Gonna take a wild guess... Somethin' with Magda, then?
Have I really made it that obvious...?!
...Kaelin, dear, you're, erm... Not exactly great at hiding secrets, if that's what you considered keepin' it secret.
Ngggooooh... Even when I'm attempting to sleep, that most holiest of times when the mind should be blank, I can't help but plan how to rebut her latest insults...
Mm...hmm. And what, exactly, do you wanna say after you've told her your latest counter?
How do I phrase this... I would remind her of all the failures she's made to get here, and then...remind her to be careful when in the Labyrinth. ...If applicable, that is.
...Ohoho, ohohohoho! Oohoohoohoo!
What? What, exactly, is so funny that even that hound and hawk are laughing?
Oh, Kaelin, dear... You've got a lot to learn about love.
L... L--Lo... LOVE?!
Get comfy, sonny, I've got plenty to say...
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