Update 39: My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada

Alright, that was a fun break. Let's get back to it.

Oh, hello, Kaelin.
I present to you...a taken man!

...Like, by aliens, or...?
Where'd the man go? I have tips about living off the land, if need be.
No, no, I think he means like, taken by the tide. I think this man might've drowned!
Oh, no, Kaelin, please, my coffins only have so much room.
No, no, you bumbling knuckleheads, I mean me. I'm the taken man! Me!
What does "taken" mean in this context, exactly? Were you kidnapped?
...Fine. Here. Let me try one more time. Gentlemen! I...am no longer single!

Bwaha, aha, ahahahahaha, ah, ah I can't breathe! I need, hahaha I need air!
Hahahaha, ahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha!
Hehehehehe, haha, heh, that's a good one, Kaelin.
...It...it wasn't a joke. I have a girlfriend. I am a taken man, in the romantic sense.

Hey, guys, I've got this fantastic new--
Sasha, Sasha! You have to hear this: Kaelin says he has a girlfriend!
When you load clear data, your party is left exactly as they were when you defeated Jaryuu.

Everyone in town has special dialogue for us, too.
Aren't you exhausted?! I mean, you made it all the way to the summit of Yggdrasil, so why don't you just take the rest of the day off?

Nameless! Marvelous, I've heard you reached the top of Yggdrasil! You have to tell me all about it sometime!
O-oh, thank you.
...I don't think you've ever directly talked to us before.
But first... I want you to report to the Council. Lord Remus has been dying to hear the news.

I'll get to it, I'll get to it.
Thought Crown (+37 DEF, +30 MDEF, +30 TP) is made from 1 Wicked Dorsal Fin (Lord of the Primordial Darkness normal). Costs 24000 en, sells for 9600 en.

You cleared Yggdrasil?! Way to go, Nameless! I'm proud I met you!

...So, somehow or other, you've witnessed the legend of Yggdrasil with your own eyes. *chuckle* Drinks are on me tonight. Drink all night, and tell me all about what happened.
I think we all drank enough last night. Thanks, though!

...Well done. That's all I have to say to you at this point. You've grown into fine explorers. I'm just glad I got the opportunity to watch over your guild from the moment it was created.

Nameless, I've heard you've seen all of Yggdrasil! You know this already, but I've thought for a while that if anyone would do it, battle the legends and triumph, it could only be you. Well done! Fantastic work!
I helped! So did my mom's lucky roller pin!
Now, I won't deny that I'm incredibly curious about what was up there... really incredibly curious, but first and foremost, I should praise you for your efforts. To the Council, who were founded simply to watch over Yggdrasil, you who have conquered it are truly heroes! As a representative of Earthrun royalty, I feel I should present you with this.

Obtained Jewel of Arcadia!
The Jewel of Arcadia gives its wielder +50 HP, +50 TP, and +10 to all stats. Not a bad bit of equipment!
Fuck yeah I love Statistics
That said, even if you've reached the top, Yggdrasil still holds many mysteries. If you don't mind, I'd love you to keep up your exploration.

Remus also gives us a Sage Earring for turning in every 5th Stratum floor map.

You...you really did it! That's amazing! To this town of Aeolis--no, to all of Arcadia, you are heroes!

A saleswoman just can't get a break, huh...
Aw, don't be too upset! You have me! You can grab me and hug me like a teddy bear if you get tired!
...Dosen, sometimes I don't know if I should find you adorable or creepy.

You didn't really think we were done, did you?

Yes, the Jaryuu arena area stays Shadow the Hedgehog-colored after we beat it.

You find a familiar face in the room where you fought the Lord of the Primordial Darkness. When she notices you, she stands up and approaches.

So, we meet again, Nameless. Your subjugation of the Lord of the Primordial Darkness was no less than magnificent. You've shown me an uminaginable power held by the residents of Arcadia. As your Archon, I could not be more pleased. ...With that said, I thought that I should reward you with the legends you sought. Honor, wisdom, power, treasure... There were...all manner of legends, really.
Are you gonna fulfill all of them right here and now?! Eeeeee!
Let's see...this all said, you have braved the entirety of Yggdrasil, which has no doubt earned you honor.
...I... Yes, I suppose it has.
The perils you've faced have no doubt filled you with wisdom.
I'm not terribly sure about that one.
Speaking with me has elucidated the origins of Yggdrasil.
C'mon, that wasn't even part of the legends!
...All that's left is power and treasure. Very well then.

Obtained Yggdrasil Ring!
The Yggdrasil Ring gives +30 STR and +30 INT. I don't think any class would really need both at the same time, but oh well.
Raven with the Cradle.
As promised, power and treasure.
Powerful treasure, no less.
Now, I have another topic to discuss with you. I mentioned earlier, but your defeat of the darkness was the end of my duty on this world. I plan now to leave this land and head to a new world in need of assistance. I've already opened the route, but...contact with my homeworld has suddenly ceased. We Archon travel from world to world under the orders of our homeworld, and have ships prepared for this purpose, but without contact with the homeworld, I have two choices: either I can give up and stay here on this world, or travel the route without a ship.
Let's see, carry the two, divide by i, account for asymptomatically approaching ∞... Wait, distance aside, wouldn't you be travelling through--
...I've watched over this world for...quite a long time. Not just because of my duty, but because I loved the people of this planet. However, now that you've all fully matured, I wish to go and watch over another new frontier. Nameless, as explorers, I ask you this: will you not assist me, and escort me to my next assigned planet? Your only reward will be further adventure in unknown lands, but... I believe this is a good deal nonetheless, for you.
I see no reason to turn her down, frankly.
My gauntlets yearn for new boxing techniques, and practicing those outside the Labyrinth is...boring, frankly.
Ooh, I wonder what kinds of rare metals you can find in...wherever we're going.
Hey, I'm not doing anything else for the time being.
I see. Thank you. The entrance to the passage is beyond this door. Let's go as soon as you're prepared.
As she says this, she turns her head towards the door. If what she says is true, then up ahead lies even more to explore. If you're prepared, then there's no reason to hesitate. Open the door, and keep moving forward.

That...tear is swirling, yes?

As you pass through the door with Archon, you're met with an unprecedented sight. The wall in front of you has collapsed, and the path continues beyond it. Or...something. It's not at all clear what lies beyond the wall. It flows like water, but...a completely different phenomenon has stopped your feet.
I can't say I was expecting this.

Is something wrong, Nameless?
Yeah, actually. What is...this?
You explain your feelings on the enigmatic sight before your eyes.
Hm, so you'd like to know whether we can make it?
That's one way of putting it, I guess. Wouldn't wanna disappoint Iseria by disappearing outta nowhere.
You needn't worry. Keep moving forward, and we'll naturally arrive where I need to be.
Her answer wasn't especially reassuring, but you can tell from her face that she wasn't lying. And based on her nonchalant attitude, you can tell that this...thing isn't dangerous. In which case, there's no way to answer your concerns other than to throw yourselves into this dubious stream. If you're prepared to entrust your safety to its currents, then step forward.
Welp. See you on the other side, guys!

VIDEO: 6th Stratum Intro
(Music stops here.)
Go watch that video before reading any of my further ramblings.

Remember how the 5th Stratum was kinda new territory for Etrian Odyssey, as far as stratum settings go?

Yeah, uh...

We're in space now.

(6th Stratum: Redshift Corridor)

We're really in space.

(Floor subtitle: Journey to a faraway planet)

Oh my...everything.
Can't say I was really expecting this.
P-probably not, Dosen. ...How far are we from home, anyway?

What awaits you after travelling from the summit of Yggdrasil is a huge expanse interweaving both light and darkness. All you can see in the immediate vicinity are broken and unstable paths stretching out, with the rest fading out into limitless darkness. As you stand there in shock, Archon steps forward and begins to speak.

This is the route through the cosmos which will lead to my destination. I mentioned this earlier, but I lack any sort of combat capabilities--as a result, I apologize, but I'll be relying entirely on you.
As long as you stay in the back when we fight, there shouldn't be issues.
Yes, you wouldn't want to feel the sheer force that emanates from his hatred of monsters when he punches them.
Is that the wind kinda force or the energy kinda force?
...Neither. Alexis, please don't give him ideas.
I'd like you to follow the route until we arrive at the next planet in need of my assistance. Please know; we are no longer in Arcadia's Yggdrasil, and the laws of its universe mean nothing. As a result, you'll be facing many dangers. This place is host to beings stronger than any you've ever encountered... Proceed with caution.
You nod in acknowledgement of her words before beginning your exploration of the new stratum, your hearts pounding with excitement.
Archon's not fucking kidding. The 6th Stratum in EO5 is a massive step up in difficulty from the end of the 5th Stratum, and remember that we were already dealing with some pretty nasty monsters and FOEs back there. Not just monsters, either, but the floors become pretty devious to navigate too, and... Well, you'll see. Let's just get on with it.
It's great.

...Cece's gonna have to see this.
We really are just...simply in space. I don't know how else to describe it. It's space. The furthest we've ever gone in EO is the sky in EO2, and the lowest we've ever gone is either hell (EO1) or Not-Cthulhu's guts (EO3). This is completely new territory for the series.

Good to know that these things are here for us, even in space.

I go back to town because actually reaching 26F proper means new town dialogue and quests.

I should mention that throughout the entirety of the 6th Stratum, whenever you go back to town, Archon will say two boxes of dialogue. Yes, that gets kind of annoying after a bit.
It's your standard "Oh, you're leaving? I'll wait here until you get back."
Hrah! I think that enemy got the point

Whoa whoa whoa, guys, BREAKING NEWS. Did you know you can find Moon Apples and wheat and stuff even up in the unknowable cosmotronic void of the 26th floor and beyond?!
...I feel as though I should question how.
What does it even taste like? Oh no. I've made myself hungry. This is a disaster.

Whoa, I can't believe Yggdrasil extends beyond the planet... or, y'know, whatever! I thought you might be kind of glum after discovering you aren't actually done, so here's a silver lining from your buddy Ceric: This means that you'll be getting me things people REALLY have never seen before! It's win-win!
Can't say we were particularly upset, but hey, whatever makes you happy, Ceric, ol' bud.

So you're telling me there's another stratum above that last one? And this one's not even on the planet anymore? Sheesh, does Yggdrasil follow any rules...? Oh my, you people don't even seem all that surprised.
It takes an awful lot to faze me these days.

The only new bar patron is Hansuke, so here's our new quests.

As fast as lightning:
Oh, that one's from Edgar. You should talk to him yourself at the Explorer's Guild. Off you go then! Good luck.
Yeah, yeah, I'll take care of talking to Edgar in a bit, like I always do.

The culmination of battle!:
This one's from a nobleman in town. He's sparing no expense to collect materials from powerful monsters from all over Yggdrasil, from the 1st stratum all the way to the fifth. Specifically, he wants rare materials that can only be obtained by defeating the monsters in special ways. Your targets are a Red Iron Crayfish, a Tunnel-Visioned Predator, a Decapitating Executioner, a Two-Headed Pursuer, and a Calamity-Inviting Plague, for five in total. Hmm, saying it out loud makes it sound like quite a lineup, to be honest. I'm sure it'll be tough, but I know you can do it if you're careful and patient. Good luck.
Well, that's going to be varying degrees of pain in the ass--with Calamity-Inviting Plague at the top, obviously.

Edgar starts talking as soon as we enter, because of the quest.
Ah, Nameless. Been waiting. Now, let me explain; you've beaten that Crystal Dragon in the 4th Stratum, yeah?
A while ago, yup.
I hear you can get a real crazy rare crystal from it, but only if you take it down fast--I mean, 10 actions from when you run into it fast. I want you to do it. Might be tough, but hell, job's a job, right?
Why didn't you tell us that sooner?! Ooh, I bet Cece's gonna want one. Okay, so we'll just have to fight it two times...
Kill Crystal Dragon within 10 turns. Shouldn't be too bad.
I beat it in 6 turns the first time. 10 turns at this level is a joke.
Wait, when I was editing this I thought it meant, like, basically 2 turns. You know, 10 actions. Like Berserker King. It's seriously 10 turns? That's ridiculous.

So... Your journey continues even beyond the summit of Yggdrasil? Frankly, I'm at a loss for words, but one thing is for certain. You are explorers. And as long as there are unexplored lands, that is where explorers belong. But please don't forget that you have people waiting for you to come home.

With all that in mind, let's get back to outer space.

Moon Apples, right over here. Get 'em while they're fresh from the...whatever the hell plant can grow in outer space.

Well, that's just ridiculous.

Seal Octopus

HP: 746
STR: 98
INT: 80
VIT: 86
WIS: 83
AGI: 101
LUC: 98


Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 50%
100% 50% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 0% 100% 50% 50% 50% 100%
100% 50%
50% 0% 150%
6th Stratum means new battle music. I'm ambivalent on it.

Seal Octopi are gigantic dicks-- Wait, no shit, god. No, they're based on some kinda depiction of Martians, get it right, Ragnar. Okay beyond their visuals, Binding Dance gives you a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the stratum. If you're lucky, two party members get maybe two binds each. If you get even a bit unlucky, your entire party is now completely bound. And that's just when there's only one of them!

Let's see... Do you cut off all of an octopus's limbs to prevent it from cloning, or is that just worms?

Not a concern when it's melted on the floor!
R-Raven gave you that...thing back?
He and Mio were busy playing something, so I took it with Cecil's permission!
...I gave you no such-- Oh, it doesn't matter.

I'm kind of surprised Dosen went before the Octopi did, to be honest.

Okay, now more than ever, I gotta wonder: who put this here?
A more pressing question, I feel, is "what is this?"
Well, we're not going any further without walking into it, so... Here goes nothing, as it were.


Welcome to Teleporters: Redshift Corridor Edition. Step onto a teleporter, and it'll warp you to a spot in the direction of how you were walking into it.

These show up all throughout the 6th Stratum, by the way!
For the record, these always teleport you exactly 5 spaces forward, so you'll know ahead of time exactly where you'll land. There's a lot less trial and error than traditional teleporter mazes.

Obtained 1 Hatflower Branch naturally, two Tripod Cedars from Sasha, and one Hatflower Branch from Cecil.
26F, D5 Chop Point

I'm getting the oddest sense of dread about this stratum.
Aw, is Princeboy getting cold feet now, after all these months of exploring? C'mon!
...Princeboy? Honestly? Are we collectively running out of ribbing nicknames?
The artist formerly known as Prince?

Sky Ray

HP: 1422
STR: 90
INT: 107
VIT: 112
WIS: 103
AGI: 78
LUC: 103



Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 50% 150%

Disable Resistances:
0% 50% 50% 0% 50% 100% 100%
50% 100%
100% 50% 0%
Do you like skills you can't disable at all, that are likely to deal pretty severe damage to Earthrun and Therian characters, and can put anyone to sleep with a worrying base chance? Sky Rays are bound to be your best friend, then.
I love challenging monsters, but I hate these guys. They're basically designed for you to have no way to deal with them.


HP: 917
STR: 89
INT: 86
VIT: 102
WIS: 106
AGI: 67
LUC: 110



Damage Resistances:
50% 50% 50%
150% 50% 100%

Disable Resistances:
150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 150% 150%
100% 50%
0% 0% 0%

Stardusts are complete and utter jerks. Kill them in one turn or you are going to seriously regret it.
Love these guys though.
Go home, we don't need to put you in any more boss fights.

At least they don't do much in the one turn they're going to be alive.

Dosen's an invaluable asset, given how much damage he deals with the Cradle, and how much TP he has.

I so did not miss this "branching teleporters" bullshit that was also in EO2U's 6th Stratum.
Okay, so there's still some trial and error.

The bottom one sends us here.

You know how most strata introduce you to enemies and then gradually ease you into stressful formations? Yeah, the 6th Stratum does no such thing, it immediately throws shit like this at you.

Good thing I have Dosen around to create big booms.

Eh, Sasha's close to maxing out TP Up, might as well go all the way.

Oh, that's gonna get real annoying, real fast.

Emperor Falcon

HP: 885
STR: 116
INT: 77
VIT: 98
WIS: 93
AGI: 137
LUC: 107



Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
50% 150% 100%

Disable Resistances:
50% 50% 0% 100% 100% 50% 50%
0% 0%
50% 150% 50%
Emperor Falcons can rip apart party members with distressing speed, and also make other enemies insanely annoying to hit. At least their gimmick's fairly normal, as far as the 6th Stratum goes.

Consider that Sasha is by far my most durable party member, and is also in the back row.

Dosen also has the benefit of fairly high VIT.

Hey, Jana, is there room at the circus you came from for tricks with big explosions?
I, uh... I guess if you could survive blowing yourself--
Okay, let's see, I just gotta turn it like this to--
DOSEN, NO! ...Don't give Dosen ideas, Jana.

I already miss the tree, honestly.

Always be careful of teleporter that are likely to just send you backwards.

Oh joy, more of this branching bullshit.

Let's take the left branch for now.

i hate everything

I went back to town, because Dosen's dead, and I had no Nectars on hand.

Sphairai (+143 ATK, +100 MATK, HP Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Simple Tentacle (Seal Octopus normal). Costs 68300 en, sells for 27320 en.

Hatflower Scepter (+94 ATK, +155 MATK, VIT Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Hatflower Branch (6th Stratum Chop 1). Costs 104000 en, sells for 41600 en.

Fisher's Bow (+105 ATK, +70 MATK, HP Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Simple Tentacle (Seal Octopus normal) and 1 Spacefish Cartilage (Sky Ray normal). Costs 72500 en, sells for 29000 en.

Star Bazooka (+112 ATK, +90 MATK, STR Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 2 Fallen Stardusts (Stardust normal). Costs 112000 en, sells for 44800 en.

Sad Cypress (+98 ATK, +143 MATK, WIS Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Tripod Cedar (6th Stratum Chop 2). Costs 93500 en, sells for 37400 en.

Maximilian (+74 DEF, +49 MDEF) is made from 1 Fallen Stardust (Stardust normal). Costs 75000 en, sells for 30000 en.

Demon Bird's Raiment (+56 DEF, +84 MDEF) is made from 1 Bushy Helltail (Emperor Falcon normal). Costs 59000 en, sells for 23600 en.

Floral Mitten (+35 DEF, +42 MDEF) is made from 2 Hatflower Branches (6th Stratum Chop 1). Costs 30000 en, sells for 12000 en.

Milky Boots (+24 DEF, +53 MDEF, +10 AGI) are made from 2 Spacefish Cartilages (Sky Ray normal) and 2 Bushy Helltails (Emperor Falcon normal). Costs 28000 en, sells for 11200 en.

Soma Prime (Restores 160 HP to all party members) is made from 1 Spacefish Cartilage (Sky Ray normal). Costs 4000 en, sells for 1600 en.

So I took care of the Crystal Dragon quest, incidentally.

Got its conditional, while I was at it.

...Well, I thought I'd taken care of it. A previous game over had reset my quests, I guess.

Whatever, Lanzon has a fully-forged Brahmagiri now.

Brahmagiri (+150 ATK, +210 MATK, Debilitating Breath, Gold x6) is made from 1 Sacred Dragon Lightwing (Crystal Dragon conditional). Costs 453000 en, sells for 181200 en.

Debilitating Breath: Uses the head. Deals ranged INT-based fire damage to one row of enemies. Reduces hit targets' elemental defense for 4 turns. Has a 90% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 150% at all levels.

Hey, it's expensive, but it's also some damage and a fairly good debuff that doesn't require a ghost to use.

I brought in Lanzon from here on out because Sasha wasn't doing a whole lot, and I want to get some One-Blow Sugarstars for Amrita IIs.

Dying to these things...is the absolute worst...
Yeah, Alexis really doesn't help much with Seal Octopi, because Binding Dance uses Falcon Slash rules: random number of hits, but can only hit each target once.

And then this shit happens. Cecil and Dosen are now completely useless.

Look out!
fucking shit

i love gathering ambushes

Begone, wretched avians.

Well, that was uncomfortably close to a game over.

Cecil's getting so close to a full-power Lead Blow combo.

Come the fuck on.

Okay, let's just get on with it.

More branching fucking teleporters. Bleh.

Turning falcons into ghosts gave Lanzon a level.

More Equivalent Exchange levels.

Dosen starts learning Chase Herb, because he had a skill point I guess.


More Counter Boost.

I'm just going through random teleporters now.

Obtained Rune Circlet.

Aaaaaaaaaand I'm sent back to the start of the floor.


If you'll look to right of where I am on the map, you can see that I'm running out of icons to mark teleporters with.
Wait, what? I just marked them as blue circles.
Old habits die annoyingly hard.

Here's a random empty room.

oh god

(Great Ice Tail.)
G-goodness, that's c-cold.
Three of your compatriots are dead, one of them is unconscious, and that's all you can think to say?

game over here i come

The adventurers have been wiped out...

Aw, come on.
Of all the times for the universe to end, it had to happen right as we were just about done with Rainbow Road.
Okay, maybe if I restore it to like 10 seconds ago, and then one of us pauses immediately...

Alright, let's just pretend that didn't happen.

Even in shadow, I already hate that thing.
Y'know, I have to wonder how the lighting in the 6th Stratum works, given that we're in fucking space.

Oh yeah, meet the Propagating Nightmare. Wanna know why it's called that?

Oh yeah, I really hate it now.
It's called that because it can fucking duplicate itself, and the duplicates will chase after you.

Let's just run away from that mess.

Oh boy another one.

Again, we don't have any choice but to run. Fighting these things is absolutely out of the question.
The duplicates are just as strong as the original, and it'll keep making more until you kill the original.

That teleporter drops us off here.

Where we can safely get to the proper exit.

We can then head safely to this teleporter from the door.

Which goes right here.

Home free.

Shortcuts look like this in S6.

And finally, this teleporter...

Goes to 27F. Time to go back to town.
The fact that it's a teleporter rather than stairs is very interesting and will later be incredibly important.

Hey, you wanna hear something great?
I could do with something nice after what we just went through, yes.
Cats. Cats're greaaaat. They're super ultra cute. You've got the tiny eyes, the fluffy fur, their squishy little pawpads... Sigh. I wish I was a cat. I'd just leave the inn to my little sister and bum off of her earnings to eat whatever I like, goof around whenever I want, come home without caring if anyone is worried about me, sleep whenever and wherever I like, even all over my little sister's important family heirloom cookware... Oh my word! At some point I just started describing my older sister!
So if she's a cat, if I think of her like a cat, maybe I can find it in my heart to forgive her for being so insanely annoying, like, all the time! ...Nope. I got nothing.
And I thought I had complex family dynamics...

Whoa, you got to the 27th floor already? Everything you get from the 6th stratum is so exciting hours pass in the blink of an eye! Keep it coming, guys! This is good stuff!

Amrita II (Restore 150 TP to one party member) is made from 1 One-Blow Sugarstar (Stardust conditional). Costs 8000 en, sells for 3200 en.

I hear you've ascended to the 27th floor. Not that separating the sixth stratum into floors even makes all that much sense. ...No, I suppose Yggdrasil's never followed our idea of common sense in the first place. I wonder if a day will ever come when we fully understand it? Oh, right. Maybe that day will come when you're done with the sixth stratum.
Honestly, I doubt it.

Hansuke I'm getting real tired of your stupid face.

And by face I mean name because he doesn't actually have any graphics.

Oh boy, time for...this.

Genetta, making a friend:
That one comes from Genetta, the innkeep. Sounds like she's worried that she doesn't have any friends her age. If I were younger I'd love to volunteer myself but... Oh, let's not talk about my age. Just go talk to her at the inn.
If Genetta's involved, you know it's gonna be weird.
The Genetta guarantee

I didn't actually hit Talk on Edgar, but he would've just talked about the Crystal Dragon quest anyway. Here's his 27F dialogue.
Nameless. How're things?
We're up to the 27th floor. Or, uh, section maybe? It's kinda hard to tell with that place.
The 27th floor, huh? Sounds like they're alright, then. Hearsay tells me that the 6th stratum's monsters are real...weird. Can't think of a better word. So, don't get cocky, keep up the good work... How long am I gonna keep saying this crap?
Until we're done, I bet!

Aeolis has been receiving many tourists as of late.
Why? Well, because of you, of course. Word of your exploits has spread throughout the land, and many young folk who look up to you have been gathering here. Seeing them all, preparing their equipment and learning how to draw maps of the first floor, it reminds me of how you were when you first arrived. And just as you overcame the danger and matured, we, the Council, wish to support them all as well.

Alright, Genetta, what is it this time?
Welcome home, oh man, it's my favorite customers! After this long you'd think I would be able to recognize the way you walk in. Anyway, so you're here because of the request at the bar, right?
So, here's the deal. ...I've been worried because I don't have any friends my age. I mean, I've been working at the inn for as long as I can remember, and I can't even remember the last time I just hung out with my pals! I don't even remember if I have ever done that! It's tragic! So here's where you come in: My celebrity friends are going to help me make friends!
Ah, G-Genetta, dear, we're...explorers. I mean, I consider myself a bit of a social butterfly, but some of us...
...What do you mean, "how in the world are we supposed to do that?"
That's...not what I said, sweetie...
Uhhh, I guess maybe we should start by heading to the plaza and seeing if there's anybody my age hanging out, being chill and socially acceptably anti-establishment? Yeah! That's a great idea! I'll meet you at the plaza!
I actually rested up, saved, and quit immediately after doing that, so... We'll see that next time!

Believe it or not, Genetta is leading us right into a postgame boss. More on that in the boss update.

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