Update 4: Useless Crayfish

...So, what's in it for me if I "charge" your... What were those bizarre devices, again?
My laptop and 3DS!
Yes, what do I get for exerting the effort to cast a held-back Lightning on them?
I'll, uh... Let you play hard games?
Hm... An opportunity to prove myself better than other challengers? Very well, I accept.
Eeeeeee, yes! Thank you thank you thank you!
Remind me, what were you playing when you got warped here?
Oh, I was playing Labyrinth of--
MIO. We're going.

(Floor subtitle: "Trapped by statues blocking the path")

As you walk through the Labyrinth, you find your eyes drawn by a hole in a large tree. Thinking that there might be something inside, you get closer to take a peek, but it's too dark to see anything. You can investigate the hole further, or return to exploring.
Well, what's the harm-- Ack!
You stick your hands into the hole and grope around. Monsters pop out and attack!
If we had a Lunarian that knows Night Vision, we'd avoid the battle.

Poison Leech
HP: 296
STR: 27
INT: 22
VIT: 24
WIS: 21
AGI: 25
LUC: 26

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 150%
100% 100%
150% 100% 100%
Poison Leeches can be pretty dangerous in large groups, since Leech Poison hurts quite a lot, and at our current max HP levels, even chip damage plus the poison can kill someone.

Their normal attacks hurt a little, too. Remember that Lanzon is in the back row and gets a 50% damage reduction.

(Leech Poison.)
Oogh... So this is what they mean by "a taste of your own medicine..."

But I don't even concoct medication...


(Mio used Therica B.)
Uh, um... I think this is the right potion?
Ah, much better... Ahem. Thank you.

(Refresh Herb.)
Now then, hopefully this doesn't cause you to vomit your innards...
It smells...foul... But 'tis better than being poisoned.

Oh dear, there's squishy leech bits left over on my coffins.

(Received 3 Spongy Skins.)

You've successfully dealt with the monsters lurking in the hole. Its residents now gone, you double check the hole and find moss-covered ore in the darkness.

(Obtained Mossy Ore.)
You place the Mossy Ore into your bag and move on.

What lurks in the darkness

You fumbled around in darkness, and received a rude welcome from its residents.

Ahh, these confections are delicious.
Weren't you the one telling us to provision them?
Berry Crepes restore a fairly decent chunk of HP and TP.

Oh, I've seen these things before.
Y-you've been up this high before?
Nope. We used to have giant crayfish like that thing as part of acts at the circus. Lunarian performers used to put their heads right between their claws, and then teleport out just before they got decapitated!
Wowwww... Did it always work?
Yep! ...Except for one time. We, um, don't talk about that.

As you open the 4th floor's first door, you confirm the presence of a large monster. Its deep red carapace appears quite hard, and it would surely be difficult to fight. Luckily though, it seems to have no interest in you, even once you've entered the room. It should be possible to observe its movements and figure out a way to avoid it. You keep this in mind as you return to exploring.
Red Iron Crayfishes (yes, crayfishes, EO4 veterans) just patrol a rectangular area back and forth. Their extra gimmick, however, is that they can enter water tiles at will!
fuck you


Walking through the sun-dappled forest, your steps carry you to a dead end. The path is blocked by a giant tree, atop which you see a single monkey. When you raise your heads to look at it, it puts on a bold expression and screeches loudly, as if to intidimidate you. Next to the monkey are countless ripe-looking apples. You wouldn't be able to reach them from the ground, but perhaps you could get them by manipulating the monkey somehow.
We can choose between walking away, or having someone mimic throwing an apple.
Magda makes a gesture showing the monkey how to pick an apple and toss it.
Okay, monkey, here's what you should do...
The monkey tilts its head, then nods and makes a noise.
Yes, good--
Then, it picks an underripe apple, and throws it at Magda with tremendous force!

...Whether out of malice or mischief, the underripe apple thrown by the monkey hits Magda square on the head with a dry thud. You can either try again with another party member, or give up.
If you'll let me take a shot...
Lanzon mimes tossing something underhanded. Seeing this, the monkey picks one of the abundant apples. It lowers its body and stretches out its arm for an incredibly flexible underarm pitch!
Ohoho, a tiny bit of pain befalls our ~perfect~ master.
I'm perfectly willing to use you for the next Fire Bomb, A, dear.
Go ahead. I'll be back anyway.
Callous, even 1000 years after death. I ended up with just the perfect partner for the eternal afterlife.
Look, lemme handle this. HEY, MONKEY! PICK AN APPLE!
Jana has had enough of this, and mimes throwing while telling the monkey to pick an apple. The monkey, also seeming to be tired of this, begins to grab an apple to throw it. But after being hit by countless apples, you were expecting this! This time the plan is to catch it! The only question is whether it's going to be thrown overhand or underhand!
I predicted overhand.
The monkey throws the fruit overhand with incredible speed! Jana was predicting this, however, and manages to safely catch the apple aimed for their face with both hands!

(Obtained Moon Apple!)
Having safely obtained an edible apple, you wave goodbye to the astonished monkey and return to exploring.
Isn't thumbing your nose and sticking your tongue perhaps a bit childish?
You'll forgive me for taking out my anger and annoyance in my own ways.
No, that wasn't an Adventure Episode.

As you walk alongside the water, you step over countless flat pebbles. This reminds you of skipping stones. It's a game that been popular among the Earthrun recently. People compete to throw the stone that skips the most times. The current record for all of Arcadia is said to be 50 skips. This spot, with its wide open waterfront and abundance of stones, seems like it would be perfect for skipping stones. If you like, you can challenge yourselves here!
This is a pretty special event. The result changes based on the race of the character you picked to participate.

Earthruns result in this:
Alexis picks up a flat stone, narrows their eyes, and after taking a number of practice swings takes a deep breath and tightens their grip.
This seems like a relaxing way to pass the time. Hyah!
Making sure to keep their eyes wide open and their feet far apart, they make a graceful movement that sends the stone flying with impressive force! The stone flies over the water as if crawling, at first easily making giant leaps, which gradually become smaller until it sinks beneath the water. There's no doubt among you that this sets a new record within the party. Alexis themself has a refreshed look on their face.
Hm! That was quite the distance.

Yes, the target does restore 1 TP from this.

Lunarians and Brownies result in this:
Well now, this seems like fun.
Lanzon picks up a flat stone, and after a couple of practice swings, takes a deep breath, closes their eyes, and throws it! ...The stone bounces lightly off the water's surface several times before sinking.
...I-I've said before, my body's built for modeling, not for fighting...or feats of strength...
You realize that blushes stick out considerably more when you have blue skin, right?
Therians that don't know Feats of Strength result in this:
Jana grabs a flat stone, holds it up above themselves, and tosses it into the pond. It immediately sinks with a loud PLOP. Wondering if there's some sort of trick to it, they keep trying again and again with more stones, but each time it simply disappears into the water.
Am I not getting something here?
A...a lot, yes.
...What part of this do Earthruns find so fun, anyway? Left with this unanswerable question, Jana decides continuing would be a waste of time. After a short break, you renew your focus and return to exploring.
We'll be coming back here shortly, after Jana learns Feats of Strength.

EO5 does not wait very long before it starts tossing incredibly goddamn rude encounter formations at you. Remember Genetta talking about how Forest Monkeys can participate in Giganto Roper formations? That can happen. It doesn't here, because I immediately murder that goddamn monkey before it can do anything, but it can.
I wonder if I could do that. Become an acorn, I mean.
Do you want to grow up to be a tree, too? Acorn BECOMES A TREE, you know.

...Anyway, I'd argue that the monkey imitating Giganto Roper actions instead of being fused into it is worse, though. Two Cut Aways when your party's legs are bound is TPK territory.

We got a Thick Vine from that fight, so we can turn in The elusive Giganto Roper.

Good work. Looks like you safely brought back proof of a giant Roper. So how is it? Are you getting used to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth yet?
Despite the constant threat of an untimely end, I'm feeling quite used to it now.
*chuckle* How nice. I'm sure that must be pleasant for you. But isn't when you're getting confident the most important time to step back and exercise prudence? Plenty of my customers here start to feel good about their drinks and order something stronger, only to ruin themselves.
We're explorers, not drunkards who claim to be explorers, like those...idiots over there. We can exercise self-control.
...Oh, excuse me, you didn't need to hear that, did you? My apologies. Now then, here's your reward. Good luck, and stay safe.

(Obtained 3 Volt Jars.)

Lanzon puts a point in Grace of the Moon, since he has pretty bad TP issues.

Mio, meanwhile, puts a point into Defense Order, the first Union skill I've leveled up. Defense Order requires two people to use, and reduces all damage to the party by 50% for one turn. In the earlygame, where 50% is the difference between a light scratch and death, Defense Order is powerful, and it still has some uses late in the game.

Brownies get a lot of the defensive Unions. At level 15, they gain access to Hygieia's Cup, almost unchanged from EO4--fully heals the party, purges ailments and binds, revives dead party members. At level 20, they get Aegis Shield, which completely nullifies all attacks on the party for one turn.

Amud Staff (+23 ATK, +34 MATK, WIS Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 1 Bent Claw (Forest Monkey).

Leech Shortbow (+25 ATK, +24 MATK, TP Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 1 Spongy Skin.

Rib Coffin (+24 ATK, +31 MATK, WIS Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 2 Coiled Vines (1st Stratum Chop 1).

Rubber Dress (+13 DEF, +21 MDEF) is made from 2 Spongy Skins.

Rubber Shield (+14 DEF, +6 MDEF) is made from 1 Spongy Skin and 1 Ivy Covered Bark (1st Stratum Chop 2).

I bought a Rib Coffin for Lanzon, and forged it once.

Well now. This statue's different.

You come across a new kind of statue, unlike the ones you've seen before, facing south.

Following its gaze, you see a large stone wall with some kind of gem embedded in it blocking the path. Is this another of the magical glamours blocking your way?

Looking back at the statue, you realize that it looks like it turns left or right! Something might happen if you push it. You can either try to touch it, or do nothing and leave.
Lemme try!
...Sometime today, please?
It's...barely...budging... Wait, what the--

...I, uh, kinda missed the button at first glance.
As the statue turns, the wall to the south with a mysterious gem sinks into the ground right before your eyes, while a new wall appears to the west! It seems you can change the position of the walls by touching it. You keep this gimmick in mind as you continue exploring.
The rotating golem statues are our gimmick for 4F and 5F, although they're not really too complex or even that involved on 4F.

What the fuck

Jana learns Feats of Strength. Let's go back to the skipping stones event, shall we?

Jana picks up a flat stone, pulls back, and with a WHOOSH as air is pushed aside, lets loose! The atmosphere seems to tremble with the force of the throw, and when it hits the water it dives straight in, sending up an explosive column of water that rivals the surrounding trees in height.
Th... That's certainly impressive, but that's not quite how the game works...
...Anyone else hear a really angry fish?
While the rest of you wonder if this was how the game was supposed to go, Jana tilts their head and informs you that right before the throw, they felt the presence of a powerful opponent under the water. And indeed, turning back to the water you can see some kind of crayfish monster staggering towards you with unconcealed rage! If you had to guess, Jana must have hit it with the stone. Regretting your rash actions, you draw your weapons to deal with the approaching threat!

You and your carelessness...!
Maybe that thing just really liked the stone throw and wants my autograph?
You, um, just described it as "very angry."

This thing's not actually a real FOE, but whatever.

Injured Crayfish
HP: 984
STR: 33
INT: 33
VIT: 26
WIS: 24
AGI: 23
LUC: 22

Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 100%
100% 50% 150%

Disable Resistances:
50% 100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Basically a really toned down version of Red Iron Crayfishes. Nothing too bad here, although that doesn't mean you should get careless.

'Tis no smarter than a normal monster. It feels harder to actually damage, though.

...What did you ignorami do now?
Rabbit Ears threw a stone really hard, for whatever reason.

I think I just annoyed it...

(Smoke Rot. Not pictured: casting Dark Smoke on the previous turn.)

Sleep'll heal the shattered parts of your shell...carapace...yeah, carapace!

(Prayer: Cold Rain.)
I lay down Cold Rain to lessen Ice Slicer once it comes out.

That's how much actually decent equipment plus Smoke Rot helps, by the way. Remember that Fire Bomb dealt maybe 50 damage or so per cast before.

Perhaps you should've...evolved...a carapace for your...eyes...
I believe the term for that is "stretching it."

(Ice Slicer.)
That would've probably killed Jana if I hadn't put Prayer: Cold Rain down.

Behold: I somehow didn't cut into the carapace, yet the crayfish still died!

Skipping stones!

While skipping stones, you accidentally hit a monster, enraging it. Regardless, you defeat it.

Alexis learns Woodland Gathering Skills, while Magda learns Grace of the Wind.

The pillar is blocking our path, so we have to rotate the statue. Not really rocket science.

As you navigate the ancient contraptions, you feel a refreshing breeze and come to a halt. There seems to be a path for a gentle wind to blow through. The area is also open enough that it would be easy to keep watch, so it seems like a good place to rest.
Hey, I don't see why not.
You put down your heavy equipment and stop to stretch your wings. The cool breeze feels great on your sweaty bodies, so you spend some time relaxing.

Once you feel that the break has been long enough, you return to exploring with a revitalized expression.


You decided to take a break in a breezy location, and momentarily rested your weary bodies.

To finish the floor, we have to rotate this statue.

Then this one.

Then rotate this one back so we can get through.

And we're done.

Back to town.

I just realized you guys are already on the 5th floor... The end of the 1st Stratum is in sight!
I've got a dread sensation that breaking the glamour won't be easy.
I was thinking it's about time for me to finish up my baking training. Back in the Therian old country we had a saying: "Kohn lahk an ahroh."
Is that just a heavy accent, or are those bunny ears just for show?
Er... "Coin Like an Arrow". It means that masters can throw coins so fast that they're like arrows! If you guys're gonna be taking on the 2nd Stratum, then I need to have this mastered! Okay, first I need to find a thief...
...WHAT? Why? What does that have to do with...anything?
Huh?! What do you mean why? Who else am I gonna practice throwing coins at?!
Why are you practicing throwing coins?!

Golly, so you've made it to the 5th floor, huh guys? That's the last floor of the 1st Stratum, so I betcha the monsters are a bit tougher than the ones you've seen so far. You should make sure you're, ahem, properly prepared! Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
Yes, we understand your hint.

Scramasax (+32 ATK, +28 MATK, HP Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 2 Bent Claws (Forest Monkey).

Leather Shield (+10 DEF, +4 MDEF) is made from 3 Cold Wing Membranes (Ice Bat normal).

Alexis upgrades to a Scramasax.

Forging, too. Cold Wave now deals 6% more damage, putting it at 76% INT-based damage.

New quests.

#1: The house of Griffon:
...This request deals with a bit of a heavy topic. Is that still okay with you?
We dance with death on a daily basis. We're fine.
Okay then. This one is... Well, let's just call it a missing person request. If you want the details, you'll have to ask the gentleman with the monocle.
The monocle man is a bar patron. We'll get to him in a bit.

#2: Vermin extermination:
So you're taking that request? Great. I was just thinking that we should resolve that one as soon as possible. This one's from a craftsman's union. For whatever reason, furniture made with wood from the Labyrinth is apparently getting really popular. But lately, a group of monsters has appeared near where they gathers their lumber. Not only that, the monsters took the wood they chopped and made a nest out of it. They can't get any work done like this, so they came to me, begging to have their monster problem dealt with. So I came up with a way to get rid of a monster nest, but it's dangerous, so I convinced them to put it up as a request. The monster nest is in the southeast area of the 5th floor. Specifically, here.

I think you'll need these to destroy the monster nest.

(Obtained Explosive Gem!)
But you won't be able to just throw them in there and easily destroy the nest. You have to follow a very specific procedure. If you don't remember the instructions, this will go very badly, so listen really carefully. Now, before I begin the explanation, I'll give you the stuff.

(Obtained Monster Bait!)
The meat is meant to distract the monsters while you work, so place it on the ground a little ways away from the nest. The monsters should leave the nest for it. Once you've confirmed that, proceed to a pillar near the entrance of the nest. Once you're there, I want you to start a fire right in the middle of the pillar. Apparently it's made of a special kind of wood with an incredibly strong surface, so if you don't heat it up first, the bomb won't have much effect. Once it's been heated up for a while, the pillar's surface will start to fall off in chunks, so that's when you want to set up the bomb. And once that goes off, the pillar supporting the nest will be gone, and the whole thing should collapse in on itself. ...So that's your job. Did you get all that?
That's...a lot to remember. I think we've got it, though.
Good. I'll be looking forward to the good news.
#3: New menu development journal:
I know this is out of the blue, but do you cook very often?
It can be a relaxing way to pass time.
Starting a fire is easy when I have these three lovelies right here.
Tortured and exploded just to make a cooking fire...
Oh my. I know I asked, but I have to say I'm a bit surprised. But if you cook, then maybe this one will interest you. This one's from a chef in town. They want you to gather ingredients for their new menu. That itself wouldn't be a big deal, but they want to use ingredients from some of the larger monsters in the Labyrinth. Not only that, but a Crimson Carapace from a Red Iron Crayfish, one of the most powerful monsters in the 1st Stratum.
I mean, we fought an injured one already, but a healthy one?
I know, I was shocked at how lightly they were taking this too. This is an opponent that can seriously hurt you, so don't neglect your preparations, okay?
#4: Genetta's big adventure:
Oh my, this one's from an unusual client. It's from Genetta's older sister. Seems she wants you to help gather ingredients for a new bread they're going to be selling. Apparently, when left to her own devices, Genetta ended up going off into the Labyrinth by herself, so the request is for explorers to accompany her.
I'm a little surprised she got up to the 3rd floor on her own...
Incidentally, Genetta can't read maps at all, so it took her seven days to get back from the Labyrinth.
...Now I'm even more surprised...
Being her sister must come with all sorts of hardships... Anyway, first you'll need to confirm the details at the inn. Good luck.

Onto the bar patrons.

#1: Silver-haired, monocled gentleman:
Gentleman: So, are you here about my request?
Gentleman: I see. Thank you. Getting right to the point, I have a daughter. I tried to raise her as a noble, but...for whatever reason, she rebelled, and ran away from home.
Gentleman: I later heard she became an explorer. The news came from a guild who happened to catch sight of an explorer who resembled my daughter, and was wearing one of our family treasures. A helmet with the symbol of a griffon. ...With that in mind, I'd like you to find my daughter. She was spotted on the 5th floor, so begin your search there.
...You okay, Alexis? You look really serious.
Weren't you listening when we started the 3rd floor?
#2: Dark-skinned male Dragoon:
Dragoon: *scoff* So you think you're gonna just waltz through the 5th floor and clear the stratum, easy as pie?
Dragoon: Ha! Ever seen one of those Giganto Ropers throw acorns at you? It freaking hurts! There's not much you can do about it but guard the attack, or try to kill the nut first...
Thank you for that unprovoked advice, you miserable drunkard.
You don't seem to really think too highly of bar patrons.
#3 is just Hansuke. I don't need his info.

Before we go, Melina's dialogue.
Looks like the end of the first stratum is finally in sight. But...be careful. This is when the real danger begins. On the final floor of each stratum, there's a fearsome opponent standing guard. You...probably won't be able to avoid it this time. If you wish to go further, you'll be forced to fight it. That's why you should double-check all your skills, equip all the latest gear, and generally just be prepared for anything. You won't have a chance to regret it if you're dead.

Well hell, you're on floor 5 already. Frankly, I thought you'd have cracked a while ago. But this is just the beginning. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you: the real Labyrinth starts here. The Labyrinth will pull you to your limits before you can even put your little toe in the next Stratum. ...So don't let yourselves die in vain out there.

Remus starts talking as soon as we enter.
Ahh, this one's come out looking lovely. What a nice coloration! I'm sure the nice lady at the inn will be surprised when she sees this. ...Oh, perfect timing, Nameless. The guards had brought me yet more berries today, so I tried baking them into a Pancake. I learned this recipe back in the Imperial Capital; a wandering Lunarian chef of some renown said that he "sensed the spirit of a true gourmet in me," and that he would "bequeath me the recipe of his ancestors." I've been taking cooking lessons from the sisters, but this is the first time I've managed to get it right. It's been a long time since I saw a proper one, but I think it turned out well!
Certainly! Here, have the one I just made. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Oh right, the recipe is surprisingly simple too. You should challenge yourselves to try making it on your own. I'll give you this as a gift, so please feel free to give it a shot.

(Obtained Custom Frying Pan!)

Remus asks us the same question as last time. We say no again.
Oh, I see. Then in that case, I'll give you a tip for the Labyrinth. On this floor, there's a golem left behind by a Lunarian Puppeteer. Chances are good you'll have to overcome it to progress further. But, I think you can handle it. Don't let fear overcome you. Just keep on trying.

Genetta starts talking as soon as we enter the inn.
Oh!! My favorite customers! Welcome home, all! Staying the night, or are you just breaking it off a bit?
We're, um, here for a quest?
Whaaaat, a request from the bar? Ah-hah, yes, there's a decent probability Sis might've said something about that!
...Do you need something?
Huh, oh, what do I need from the Labyrinth? Well you see, I'm developing this new bread for the store, and I seriously super ultra gotta have...Labyrinth Honey...for it...! And you can only get that from a certain spot on the 3rd floor, but the monsters around there are really beefy nowadays, so when I tried to go alone, my sister stopped me. Drrrffff!!
If I may speak my mind, perhaps that's for the best...
I keep telling her that I'll be fine on my own, but she just won't let me go... BUT! She told me that it'd be fine if you guys came with! So, are?! You!? With me?!
Y-yes ma'am!
For real?! Yaaaaay!! Just let me know when we're going! Miss Genetta is ready at all times!
Eh, let's go take care of it. When we leave the inn, Genetta says this:
Oh, are we going?! Roger that! I left some stuff in the workshop I need to go pick up first, so let's meet up on the 3rd floor!
Due to Clarste's absence today, I would like to crib from a note he left in the text archive and mention that Genetta literally says "roger" in English.

Heyyyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyys!" *pant* *pant* "Sorry for the wait! Let's go! The Labyrinth Honey awaits us somewhere on this floor! Miss Genetta's conscientiousness dictates that I'll be staying back here with my yap shut so as not to intrude on your way- as they say in the old country, "Out of all the flock / it is only the silent / who avoid the arrow."
A-a haiku?
Hm? What's a haiku?
Oh, it's, um, a form of poetry. You have three lines, and the first has to have 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the last one 5 syllables again!
5 and 7 syllables? That sounds...restricting.
It makes more sense in Japanese! I can give you lessons, if you'd like to! Please say you'd like to.
Hmm... That sounds quite nice, actually.
I'm interested in this "Japanese," as well. We all speak a common language here, so learning something else would be an interesting change of pace.
Yyyyyessss! H-how about the next time we're all not on active party duty?
If you three are done talking about poetry, we have some honey to retrieve.

(Genetta has joined your party as a guest.)
Genetta's basically just an extra target for Union skills. She has no weapon equipped, and her skillset makes no sense. She's a Hound, and knows Animal Therapy...but doesn't actually know Dog or Hawk Whistle.
Genetta is very strong.

Hey, you lot. It's dangerous in there.
A lone guard calls out to you. According to him, a brutal monster called a Raging Owlbeast is in the area.
Your average explorer ain't crossing swords with that thing and living to tell the tale, so I'd turn back if I were you.
We're on a request for honey, though.
You inform the guard that you're looking for Labyrinth Honey.
...What? Labyrinth Honey? All the more reason to stay away. I mean, the owlbeast is in the room with the honey. It's probably pregnant. They need all the energy they can get for childhood, so odds are it's hanging by the honey for that.
The guard kindly suggest that you give up on the honey and leave.
We'd be betraying our client if we didn't press onward!
Regardless, it seems the honey you seek is just ahead. You prepare to steel yourself and enter.

You ignore the guard's warning and enter the room. Before you stands one of the first formidable foes, the Raging Owlbeast. You need to do everything possible to gather what you need without provoking it. Or...so you think when the girl behind you, who had been trying her best to stay silent, suddenly runs straight up to it.
W... Wha...
Sh-she did mention feeling comfortable around animals...
That extends to just running right up to an FOE, I guess...
Taken aback by her unorthodox approach, you fail to stop her before she's right next to it.

Hello Mrs. Bear! Do you mind if we borrow some of this deeply excellent honey?! It's critical hit important that I get it to make some honey toast for the inn! If you have justice in your heart, please, let me reap of your bountiful honey!
Not only was her plea in vain, the owlbeast seems to consider her shouting at it to be a threat and bares its fangs to attack you!
I'm beginning to see why her sis didn't want her coming in here alone...

No... Mrs. Bear?! Is mortal combat the only way we warriors of Purgatory may walk...? If we must... Miss Genetta had dreams of being an explorer too, y'know! Only my sister's insistence that I not be allowed to hold sharp objects snuffed my candle... but I can do it if I really try! Oo-wah, come and get some, Mrs. Bear! ...Actually, I should probably speak Bear-ese. Gar! Rrrrar! Rar rar rar!

Monsters these days make no sense.
Oh? What makes you say that?
It's an owl with the body of a bear. Who came up with that?

Raging Owlbeast
HP: 2356
STR: 43
INT: 35
VIT: 32
WIS: 29
AGI: 24
LUC: 28

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
100% 150% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
10% 50%
50% 100% 100%
Owlbears are fairly manageable with a dodgetank Fencer and honestly fairly easy with a Dragoon. Just don't let Bear Hug stack up and you're fine. The fact that it's weak to Blind helps quite a lot.

Alexis's job is to use Predict until I blind the Owlbear.

Jana'll use Armor Penetrate to start, and then reapply it every 4 turns.

Lanzon'll spam Fire Bomb once I apply Smoke Rot.

Mio casts Prayer: Eradication. That's basically how she opens every fight.

And Dark Smoke for Magda.

Ahem... Yoo-hoo! Over here! Cough cough!
...I've never seen someone fail so badly at being an obvious distraction.
You actually said "cough cough" out loud.
I am a prince, not a thief!


...What is that...thing? Why did you just throw it out?
Okay, okay! Good gods, that's passion that could kill...
My my, but is he handsome.
Eh. A bit young-looking for my tastes.
Relative to before or after our untimely demises?

Admirable effort, pitiable result!

And for my next trick, I'll poke a hole in this thing's chest!


Might as well have him chip in some damage now.

Don't really want to override the blind with sleep, so I'm holding off on Mist Slice.

And now Mio spams Cold Wave.

(Bear Hug.)
And that is just one of my many agility tricks: dodging a monster that can't see!

And now it's Fire Bomb spam time.

Here's our average damage output per turn. Chewing through 2300 HP will take a bit.

Case in point.

Now that the blind ran out, I replaced it with poison.

Alexis switches over to Predict.

Slowly inching towards this thing's death.

Are you even trying?

Couple more turns of the same later, and the thing's near death. The blind accumulative resistance should be running out by this point.

Before that, though, Mist Slice.

...Am I boring you?
Huh. First try.

And now we're good.

Until that happens. That's one of the really serious weaknesses of dodgetank Fencer--they only help so much with splash damage, and do basically nothing against row or party target skills.

Oh, hey, thanks, Genetta!
Hold on, was that OUR Nectar?

Overgrown vermin!
Is "vermin" the right term? I think more...rats and mice when I think vermin.
That guild we've met previous spoke of a world where owls have supplanted mice and rats as common vermin!
I don't think they're talking about Japan, or 2016...
That same guild also loves getting plastered at the tavern. Please don't put much stock in what they say.

(Received 1 Owlbear Feather.)

You may be covered in wounds, but the owlbeast is dead.

Sorry, Mrs. Bear, but I really, really need this honey.
The girl gives the owlbeast a backwards glance, and behind it you can see a beehive hanging from a large tree. The original owners have vacated, so you're able to get it down without any trouble.
Wow, look at all this deeply excellent and yummy-looking honey inside! How's a girl gonna get this back waaait a minute! All the bees are gone! I can just take the whole hive!
That's certainly one way to do it. Or, perhaps, you could ask the slobs over here to do it, too!
A, dear.
Welp, your job here is finished, brave souls! Our time together was brief, but I had a ton of fun! And we got all the honey! I'm gonna be making SO MUCH TOAST. It's like I doubly benefit from doing one thing! There's a proverb for that, right? "Curses, like chickens, come home to roost?"
Pretty sure you just made that up.
Anyhoodle, I'll report this to the bar, so you crazy kids can go do whatever else it is you do up here!
But you're barely older than us. Actually, I'm pretty sure Lanzon and I are older.

Sounds like you've finished the request from Genetta's sister. Genetta herself came and told me about it. When I first gave you the request, I hadn't heard anything about fighting a Raging Owlbeast. It was supposed to be a simple job, just go gather some honey... But you opened it up and, suddenly, a Raging Owlbeast, right? They aren't paying you enough for that kind of work, so I tried to convince the girl to up the reward. And do you know what she said? "No good deed goes unpunished."
I had not pegged Genetta for the stingy type...
Well, she's right, but I don't want to hear that from her of all people. But I can't force her, so just think of it as charity work. Personally, I like the kind of kids who will risk their lives for someone else. I suppose I'd better give you your meager reward. Good work and keep it up, as always.

(Obtained Paralyze Mortar!)
Hey, look, garbage in artillery form. The Paralyze Mortar has a measly +10 ATK/MATK, and gives a 20% base chance for normal attacks to inflict paralysis. Into the dumpster it goes.
The reward was hanging out with Genetta.

Grace of the Earth and Grace of the Battlefield.

I decided to start leveling up Poison Bomb now. At level 1, it has a 60% base inflict chance, and 60 base poison damage.

Still working on Dance.

Smoke Rot now reduces magic defense by 7% without a Smoke debuff, and 34% with one.

That's all for now. Next time: 5F.
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