Update 45: The Real Queen of Snakes (Nameless vs. Lamia)

Hey, Kaelin?
Yes, what is it, chil-- Mio?
Was, uh... Was that really sad crying I heard last night from...you?
M-most certainly not! I--
Don't kid yourself, dear, it totally was.
See, Mio, Smugboy here actually secretly has a soft spot for-- Uwah?!
I beg of you, do not reveal that to her, or I will never hear the end of it!
Dinner at The Golden Crayfish tonight sound fair for that?
Time to tackle the last quest of the game.

Note: I will be switching to official US skill names and enemy names from here on out.

One might notice that Cecil and Iseria's classes are different. Cecil is now an Impact Pugilist, because I decided arbitrarily that people voting for no specific class gave me right to show that off at least once, and Iseria is a Divine Punisher.

You might, rightfully, be asking "why the fuck is Iseria a Divine Punisher," and the answer lies in her weapon: the Assault Wand. What makes the Assault Wand special, you might ask? Well, it has +230 ATK, +1 MATK, and it has a special skill on it: Heavy Strike.

Heavy Strike hits one target for 950% STR-based bash damage. 50 TP, 90% base accuracy. I picked Divine Punisher because it's the only staff-wielding specialization that gives an STR bonus (even if it is pretty small).

Sound good to you? It sounds good to me. Let's go.

Iseria knows exactly two skills besides Heavy Strike: HP Up and TP Up. None of the Shaman skills really do much for her.

Cecil's build is also very one-track, although it's not complete here. He has all of his damage-boosting passives, one point in Blood Wrath, 3 (soon to be 10) in Overexertion...

...10 points in Fortitude, 10 points in Titan Killer, and 10 points in Status DEF Up.

When you approach the location Melina marked on your map, you find her waiting.

Good, you're here. I'll get right to the point. Will you let me join you to fight this monster? I feel partially responsible, and I can't ask you all to do this on your own. I may not look it, but I used to be a pretty talented Necromancer.
Something about Melina's confidence assures you of her claims. It's up to you whether to let her come or turn her down.
I don't see why not.
Thank you... Don't worry about me--I can hold my own.

Melina joined the party as a guest.
Well, let's stop standing around and get to work.
Melina's a Spirit Broker Necromancer, and she actually has a sensible build. She has Gates of Hell 10, Sacrifice 10, and Fair Trade 10--she has all of the skills needed for the standard rotation maxed out.

Alright, time for pain. Anyone here play EO1 or EOU? Remember B17F and B19F?

Yeah it's that nonsense again.

One-way shortcuts everywhere.

One-way shortcuts and purple worms everywhere.

Dread Worm

HP: 4731
STR: 146
INT: 127
VIT: 145
WIS: 142
AGI: 46
LUC: 116

Skills:Drops:Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
150% 0% 100% 100% 50% 50% 50%
100% 10%
50% 100% 150%
These things are basically just random encounter versions of the worms from the past that can disable/reduce evasion. Fun, and by fun I mean kinda boring.

"Ker-crush" seems...uncharacteristic for you.
For me, yes. For this staff, no.

Down the...down passage leads to an area that is pointless right now.

After all that nonsense in the 6th Stratum, I'm pretty happy to see these things again.

Might as well.

And the only spot I could move to got me immediately telported again.

Very well, where does this passage lead us?

We can't escape traps anywhere, I suppose.

It was at this point that I realized that Cecil did not actually have Overexertion maxed.

It's kinda annoying to document all of these passages.


Double no.

Triple no?
Tri-- Dammit.

Might as well go through the only passage that's open and doesn't take me backwards.

This was the only way forward. There was another teleporter crystal that would've taken me all the way to the start.

Aaaaaaaaaand that was pointless.

Well, with that nonsense mapped, lemme show you how to go forward.

Warp to this spot.

Then, warp thisaway.

Not clearly marking this passage and making it just randomly...here...is kind of mean.

I wonder where this leads?

Again, kinda mean.

Obtained Bind Charm.
Gives +50% resistance to all three bind types. Honestly? That's not terrible.
But is it worth it?

...Time to go all the way back there, I guess.

Anyway, off we go thataway.

Really not looking forward to documenting this nonsense, but on a bigger scale, in EOU.

At least I've got a shortcut now.

And that's the last teleporter we gotta take on this floor.

What is with all the larger humanoid monsters we keep running into?

Heh. Her hair reminds me of all the time Adrian and I spent doing each others' hair.
Is now really the best time to reminisce about that?
'Course it is. I'm sure you're being reminded of how you do Kaelin's hair right now, gyaha!
H-how do you-- I-I mean, of course not!

As you enter, you see a giant monster with a serpentine body instead of legs! This must be the monster that's been terrorizing the 4th Stratum! You swallow a knot as you sense the malicious intent radiating from her.
That's is not how I'd describe it, honestly.

So that's the Lamia...
Even Melina seems a little shaken in the face of this slithering menace. That tells you everything you need to know about how she stacks up against the other monsters you've battled.
Can't back down now. Ready, everyone?
Nope! A big, solid nope!
There's no way I'm fighting this thing with a party that's not at full HP.

Before we fight the snake thing, here are these other things.
Yamato Scythe (+142 ATK, +177 MATK, HP Up 3, Silver x4) is made from 1 Demonworm Tailspine (Dread Worm normal). Costs 116000 en, sells for 46400 en.

Tunnel Armor (+135 DEF, +17 MDEF, +20 HP) is made from 2 Demonworm Tailspines (Dread Worm normal). Costs 141000 en, sells for 56400 en.

I reskilled Magda before heading out to fight Lamia. She now has Smoke Boost and Status ATK Up maxed out, as well as Paralyze Smoke, Chaos Smoke, Smoke Bomb, and Smokestone.

Okay, much better, let's go.

Heavy Strike is the only thing Iseria will be doing for the entire fight. Literally.

Cecil will use Overexertion on Iseria to massively buff up her damage.

Melina will slightly lower Lamia's defense with her level 2 Wraith Cry.

Gram will do the same, but with a level 10 Target Arrow.

Standard Ruinous Prayer opener from Mio.

Chain Blast from Magda...

As well as Chaos Smoke.

Okay, now, focus on the concept of Frolic...

I think you failed an affection check...
No head bind is concerning, but whatever.

Oh, the Lamia route's more forgiving than I thought.
Twenty-five floors, four...areas, I guess, of space, months upon months of cohabitation, and you are still the most confusing person I've ever known.
And that's the concern taken care of.

You must try harder, snake-woman.

Much like THIS!
That's So Iseria!

...Was the skeleton trumpet quite necessary, Cecil?
Very much so.

Yes, yes, smack, I guess.
You're somehow even less enthused than normal.
Lanzon just has this certain panache, you understand, that makes combat without his presence dreadful.

Aerial Talons is a lot less impressive than Sky Dive plus Million Shot would be.

I had Mio use Vitality Prayer almost entirely to make it easier for Cecil to get into Fortitude range.

Ah, yes, Magda, I have a message that Kaelin asked me to relay upon your first Smoke Bomb.
...Go on?
"Good job."
Magda, you're blushing hard enough that I'm worried you might not have enough blood elsewhere.
The most adorable kind of blushing!

...Is there something magical about that trumpet, Cecil?
Not that I know of.

That thing just played itself at you.
And you're sayin' you don't know if there's anything magic in that trumpet?

...I could've just had Cecil use Titan Killer there.

Not bad damage output, for a guest NPC. (This has Sacrifice in effect, by the way.)

Four turns in and I've already taken Lamia, the second-to-last boss of the game, down to less than half HP. For EO5, this is kinda bonkers.
I pretty much did the same thing with Zombie Powder cheese (to be fair, you only get three bullets with that). I guess I was getting sick of bosses who did things by this point.

(Emperor Strike.)
i somehow thought emperor strike was titan killer, when titan killer costs 7 TP and emperor strike costs 35 TP

oh well, that's not bad damage

plus a blood wrath proc

(Summon Familiar.)
Bullshit. The Summon Familiar action happens after the ailment recovery check happens?!

...Eh, doesn't matter.

Slither back into the darkness from whence you came.
Defeated Lamia!

As you deliver the finishing blow, the Lamia bellows her death cry. The yell shakes the walls with its intensity. When the sound subsides, you see the Lamia collapsed before you, motionless. You've successfully defeated one of the most powerful monsters in the labyrinth!

Great work. That was exhilarating--I can't remember the last time I risked my life like this!
Melina's smile slides away as she turns serious.
I really appreciate everything you've done. You've been such a huge help to me. Not just with this request, but with each one you handled. You always gave it your all. Not to say I'm not grateful to the other adventurers who take on requests here. Guess I'm not as level-headed and mature as I like to think. Still got a lot to learn.
Melina smiles with her usual brilliance. It's up to you how to respond.
We can joke about Melina's age, but no-one in this party really strikes me someone that'd do that.
Things got pretty hairy for a moment, but now we can both take a breather. Well, now that this is all over, it's time for me to head back. Don't forget to drop by the tavern so I can give you your reward.
With Melina gone, you prepare to leave as well. Just as you're about to depart, you feel an extraordinary power radiate within you. Fighting the Lamia must have pushed your bodies to a whole new level.

And now our level cap has hit the max.

Thanks for being so formal about this. Obviously I know what happened, but I still need to keep a record. I'm sure you want your reward, too. Thanks for helping me with this, Guild Nameless. *chuckle* I'm really glad you found your way to Aeolis. Here's your reward. I hope we get to work together again.
Well, this is the last quest...

Obtained 350000 en.

And with all the quests done, it is time to say farewell to the boring bartender lady.

Next time: 30F.

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