Update 7: Rockface Rumble

Um, Kaelin. I'm really, really, really appreciative that you charge my things... But, um, do you think it'd be possible to be...nicer to everyone else?
Hm? Why should I? Everyone is so very below me. I only rank you slightly higher because your "games" provide interesting ways to pass the time and ever-so-slightly challenge my wits.
If you look up "lost cause" in the dictionary, Mio, you'll see a picture of Kaelin.
Hm? Did I hear something? Perhaps a 15 year old farm boy expressing his invalid opinions about other people?
Uh... Okay, maybe "everyone else" is a bit much to start... How about Magda?
Her? That Herbalist wannabe who can only succeed by failing in rapid succession? Ha.

We begin today not with the 2nd Stratum, but with killing a crayfish.
i am vengeance

Those claws will make for an excellent trumpet!

Red Iron Crayfish

HP: 2153
STR: 44
INT: 44
VIT: 30
WIS: 27
AGI: 27
LUC: 25

Damage Resistances:
75% 75% 100%
100% 50% 150%

Disable Resistances:
50% 100% 50% 50% 50% 100% 50%
10% 50%
50% 50% 50%
Do you have some way to survive Ice Slicer? Good job, you can probably win against the Crayfish, as long as you have at least some non-physical damage.

Might as well have Alexis dodge Ice Slicer.

(Liver Blow.)
Ice Slicer uses the legs, so I want Cecil to bind those.

(Miasma Weapon.)
Gonna try to go for a paralysis on the crayfish.

(Magic Shield.)
I'd rather have Kaelin just get Amplifier out of the way, but I also kind of want my front line to, y'know, live.

(Prayer: Cold Rain.)
Same reasoning as Magic Shield. I'd rather have Mio use Prayer: Eradication, but that's secondary to making sure I still have a front line.


Protect us, Hitsugaya!
Uh... An...icy death god! Yeah.
"Japan" has quite the odd deities.

(Ice Slicer.)
Stacking both Magic Shield and Prayer: Cold Rain was the right call.

(Amplifier and Prayer: Eradication.)
NOW I get to use the fun buffs.

(Scythe of Numb Stasis.)
Ooh, first try.

(Normal attack.)
At least Ice Slicer is really the only dangerous thing that the crayfish can do.

If I may interrupt your blind, irrational rage for one second: How, exactly, do you plan to do that?

Now that I actually have the bind I really want, I might as well show One-Two. (It's level 1 right now, incidentally.)

The crayfish is weak to volt, so it only stands to reason that I'd use Lightning. You could use Ice Lance if you feel like losing, I guess.

And now Mio's run out of things to do.

This is below even child's play.

One-Two's initial hit sucks, but..

What you saw there was Arm Break. One-Two has a chance (34% at level 1) to use a basic bind punch (Flicker, Arm Break, Liver Blow) that corresponds to any binds the target doesn't have--for example, if the enemy has their head bound, One-Two could trigger either Arm Break or Liver Blow, but not Flicker.

It can ramp up pretty quickly.

6 turns in, and we're doing pretty well, given that we only have Kaelin for elemental damage.

(Red Iron Crayfish is observing the situation.)
Oh, yeah, the crayfish'll sometimes just skip turns. Fine by me!

(Defeated Red Iron Crayfish!)

Could you have perhaps cooked the crayfish, instead?
If you would consider extraneous food a priority over victory.
(Received 1 Crimson Carapace.)
Eh, whatever, I'll get the conditional later.

We got a Crimson Carapace, which we need for New menu development.

Looks like you got what the chef was asking for. Good work. Oh, is this it? It's huge... Just from the size alone, I can't really picture how it would be used in a meal, but maybe a pro chef knows what they're doing. Maybe I should pay their restaurant a visit to check it out? As always, I'll handle the delivery, so don't worry, it's getting to the client. I suppose I'd better also deliver your reward. Again, good work. Just keep it up and you'll do fine.

(Obtained 3 Boiled Crayfishes.)

Sylphid counterattacks now deal 71% damage, and Sylphid now has a 115% base chance to counter.

Feeble Miasma now increases infliction chances by 1.31x.

So close to Oracle: Dance.

Let's get back to it, then.

I'll need someone with Acrobatics if I want to actually make use of this event.

Hmm... You know, I've never actually tasted turkey before.
Ooh, I can cook something when we get back! Raven, you're gonna eat with us too, right?!
Um, s-sure.

Numbing Cicada

HP: 259
STR: 39
INT: 28
VIT: 26
WIS: 25
AGI: 33
LUC: 38

Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 50% 100% 150% 100% 100%
50% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Remember Yellow Gels from EO2U? They're back, and they're showing up much earlier in the game! I'd say kill these things last if at all possible, but as this formation shows, that's basically not an option a lot of the time.
ugggg death effects
You can also bind their heads.

Plump Turkey

HP: 370
STR: 38
INT: 33
VIT: 29
WIS: 26
AGI: 34
LUC: 26

Damage Resistances:
100% 150% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 50% 100% 150% 100% 100%
50% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Plump Turkeys are a nuisance and can drag fights out annoyingly long. They're not too bad on their own, but there's a few enemies later on where having their DEF buffed is a bad thing.

(Guard Wing.)
Does a feathered wing really guard that much?

Hmhm, try me.

A touch too slow.

Ho, that was a close--

But...I hadn't...exacted my revenge...
Ah, fuck. That's Predict's "each dodged attack lowers evasion" and damage amplification biting me in the ass.

Quoth the Reaper, "nevermore!"
...Um, is that one of those Japan things?
No what no shut up no what. No.


Murder is the wrong bird!
Um, never mind! Dumb joke! You probably don't get it!

Um... Flying's weak to electricity, right?
Ooh, you're learning fast!
I wonder if an animal that plump could actually fly...

(Received 1 Brown Feather and 1 Guardbird's Tailfeather.)

Pouncing Caracal

HP: 284
STR: 40
INT: 27
VIT: 30
WIS: 29
AGI: 38
LUC: 24

Damage Resistances:
100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 150%

Disable Resistances:
100% 100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100%
100% 100% 150%
Pouncing Caracals continue an EO tradition: early enemies whose only skill is a physical attack that hits harder.

...I kinda feel bad for--

(Dying Curse.)
H-h-ha. A-a-amateurs. A-a-a sk-sk--

(Received 1 Triangular Kitten Ear and 1 Brown Feather.)

(Received 1 Cecidium naturally, 1 Cecidium from Alexis, 1 Cecidium and 1 Aromatic Moss from Cecil, and 2 Cecidiums from Raven.)
6F, D2 Take Point
Having decent TP restoration this early in an EO game is refreshing after both of the Untolds.

This event happens automatically.
You stop as you come across a huge boulder stuck in a smashed wall.

It must have fallen down from the cliff top. On closer inspection, you can see that there's a small gap between the boulder and the ground. Is there something trapped in there? If you squint, you can almost make out some kind of animal, but it's too dark to tell for sure. You'd probably be able to see it if you had Night Vision. Alternatively, if someone was strong enough they'd be able to simply move the boulder. Either method would reveal the true identity of whatever's down there.
Anyone here capable of shoving that rock or seeing in the dark?
I would need quite some time to move that boulder.
If I had remembered to bring my wondrous self-invented night vision apparatus, I would be. But, alas, I did not think this party would be incapable of simply moving a boul--
Be quiet before I shove your cape in your nostrils. Whole.
No-one in this party is capable of learning Feats of Strength, nor does Kaelin know Night Vision, so we'll have to come back later.
Why does it take a skill point to use a racial advantage like night vision? It's really quite odd.

Another automatic event.
As you continue along the trail of bare rock, you notice that the ground seems strangely soft and stop. While there's been nothing but rock so far, there must be some sort of water source nearby, because the ground seems muddy. You can either stop to investigate, or ignore it and continue on.
Ignoring it leads to bad things--specifically, a character accidentally triggering a rockslide. Acrobatics lets them dodge it. Let's observe, shall we?
As you cautiously examine the area, you notice a number of rocks perched precariously at the top of a cliff. In the next moment, you feel a small tremor which knocks them down! You watch in astonishment as they rain down upon the path before you like meteorites! If you hadn't stopped when you did, you might have ended up in the middle of that. Once again reminded of the dangers that lurk in the Labyrinth, you resolve to keep an eye on the clifftops as you continue to explore.

The threat of falling rocks

Prudence pays off as you successfully avoid the falling rocks.

One random battle later:

The profundities are mine to ransack!

I decide to start having Kaelin level up Incantation: Compression Form. At level 1, it costs 5 TP, and multiplies the damage of Kaelin's next skill, in exchange for making it only hit one target. Yes, Compression got seriously nerfed from EO2U--it's a charge skill instead of a buff.
Longterm viewers may be surprised to learn I've never used an Alchemist in EO2U. As such, I'd only heard about the brokenness of Compression second-hand before Ragnar's LP of the game in question.

It's convinced me that I more than ever need to corner the market. If any of you guys submit Alchemists in any future LPs of EO games that have them, I'll cut you, don't disturb my monopoly.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I guess Kaelin is fine too.

There's a secret passage here.

(Obtained Miracle Ring.)
The Miracle Ring contains the skill Resuscitation, which revives a dead party member at 1 HP for 6 TP. Pretty useful, honestly, but I don't equip it.

Back to town to revive Alexis due to another ill-fated Predict.
Heper Ai (+34 ATK, +30 MATK, LUC Up 1, Bronze x3) is made from 1 Guardbird's Tailfeather.

Turkey Barrette (+13 DEF, +10 MDEF) is made from 2 Guardbird's Tailfeathers.

Hamao (Restores 100 HP and 25 TP to one party member) is made from 1 Cecidium.

Bravant (Increases one party member's attack by 40% for 6 turns) is made from 1 Aromatic Moss.

Paralysis Gas (60% base chance to inflict paralysis on all enemies) is made from 1 Brown Feather.

A boring encounter gives Cecil a level.

We also finished Loves monsters more than regular meals.

One-Two's initial hit now deals 103% damage, and has a 36% chance to trigger a basic bind punch.

Fish point here.

As you exit the narrow corridor through the door, you find yourself in a small room enclosed by wall and cliff. Having a good view of the surroundings, you feel this would be an excellent place to rest yourselves after the long trek. You can stop to have a meal and a break, or hurry on instead.
I could do with a bit of a rest.
Hmph. True pinnacles of fitness require no rest.
Good for you. I'd rather relax a bit, though.
Considering your fatigue, you decide to take a break. Leaning against the walls, you take off your heavy armor and enjoy the high altitude breeze.

How soothing.

...Please tell me that buzzing isn't--
However, while you're resting, you suddenly hear a loud noise coming from the cliff! Apparently it was naive to think you were safe here, as you seem to have been spotted by flying monsters who swoop down to attack!

Eh, whatever.

...You manage to repel the unexpected attack. Reminded to never let your guard down, you return to exploring.

A dangerous break

You took a brief break in the Labyrinth before being attacked by dangerous monsters!

Feeble Miasma now multiplies infliction chances by 1.34x.

And I finally have access to Oracle: Dance.

As you wind your way though the windy canyon, you come across a guard standing beside a fire, as if taking cover behind a rock.

When he see you, he raises a hand in greeting. He informs you that they take shifts patrolling the area, and take their breaks by this fire. He lets you know that you're welcome to rest here too, and begins roasting a lump of bacon over the fire. You're free to either rest like he suggested, or follow his lead and cook something.
Stopping to rest heals 25 HP and 15 TP. We don't need that right now, though.

Have you gathered what you needed for the Monster Research Society? Good work. Okay, I'll hold onto them for you, as always. They'll be expecting a delivery from me anyway. I suppose you'll be wanting your reward then. Keep it up, if you can.

(Obtained 2 Medica IIIs.)
Medica IIIs restore 200 HP to one party member. That is overkill for everyone right now.

Sylphid counterattacks now deal 75% damage, and Sylphid has a 120% base chance to activate.

Kitten Coffin (+32 ATK, +42 MATK, LUC Up 2, Bronze x3) is made from 1 Triangular Kitten Ear.

Sikhara Boots (+6 DEF, +16 MDEF) are made from 2 Brown Feathers and 1 Triangular Kitten Ear.

At this point, I also arbitrarily decide to take care of Hunter's pride.
You've arrived at the room with the traps, from the request. If the client can be believed, the traps will explode when stepped on. To avoid that, you've been entrusted with a Mana Detection Device to help you determine their locations. You could probably also make use of anyone who can detect mana naturally.
Kukuku, it would appear that you have need of my abilities.
This quest is basically Minesweeper: EO Event Edition. Every tile in this room is now considered an event tile. When we press A on one of them...

We're given this menu, where our options are: Mana Detection Devices suck. They only tell you how many traps are directly near you--not what direction they're in. When we use Sense Mana, we'll be told if there are any traps directly near us within one of the four cardinal directions (cardinal directions mean relative to the map, instead of where your camera is). Once we know where a trap is (they're always in the same three spots)--in this case, to the east of us...

Confident in your choice, you place the talisman in that direction... When you do so, a pale blue sigil appears and begins to fade, as if it's being absorbed by the talisman. Before long, the process is finished and the ground returns to normal. You've safely disarmed one of the hidden traps!
Whosoever stands against me, stands briefly.
They're inanimate, non-thinking mines. Get over yourself.
...Probably time to strike that one off the list...
For the sake of brevity, here's where the mine locations are:

Note that stepping on a mine damages your entire party for 100 HP, in addition to lowering the reward.

With that, all the traps are gone, so you've safely completed the request! All that's left is to report back to the bar.

So you're done with the hunter's request? Good work. From the lack of burnt hair, I assume you completed it without a hitch.
Yes, well, Mr. Ignorant Prince over there nearly stepped on--
Kaelin. It's not very nice to lie about others.
Put the rapier away, Alexis.
I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it. But you're not here for my praise, are you? I suppose you'll want the reward too. Well, here you go. I hope to see you again soon.

(Obtained 3 Panic Gasses.)

One-Two now deals 106% on the initial hit, and has a 38% chance to activate the basic bind punches.

Incantation: Compression Form now multiplies damage by 1.68x.

Finally put a point into Oracle: Dance. I should probably explain what it actually does. Firstly, it requires that the user have one of the elemental resistance buffs on them--Prayer: Blaze, Prayer: Cold Rain, or Prayer: Purple Lightning. When Oracle: Dance is casted, it purges the oldest elemental resistance buff from the user (in case they have multiple), and deals ranged INT-based damage of whatever element whose resistance was cancelled. What's more, though, is that it reduces all enemies' resistance to that element for one turn.
Yep, it's an offensive, heavily nerfed version of the Fantasias from EOU/2U. It has more generic utility than those skills ever did, since it deals damage, and it's actually a pretty meaningful way for a Shaman to contribute to a battle once they've thrown out all of their buffs (a longstanding problem with EO buff-based classes like Troubadour is that they'll eventually run out of things to do), but making use of the elemental resistance reduction takes a bit of forward planning on the player's part.
Okay, sure, I guess, if you say so?
In the interest of not releasing giant updates all at once, that's all for today. Next time: we finish up 6F.
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