Update 13: Squirrely Dragon

...So, that's what happened on the day of your wedding, hm?
As best as I can summarize it.
You're certainly in some trouble, aren't you?
I am, according to my brother Gale, officially an outlaw...
Your parents declared you an outlaw?!
Sadly, yes.
Hmph. Despicable.

Oh, I hope that isn't--
No, it's...quite alright. I'd be hard-pressed to disagree.
Perhaps this calls for some diplomacy.
That's not a euphemism, is it?
No, no, no, absolutely not. Just... You know, Daemera is still a force to be reckoned with, even if we are still going through growing pains after the absorption of Arsland. I feel a declaration of the Queen of Daemera giving her support to you would carry at least some weight in Niveaulle.
...Permit me some time to think about it.
Absolutely, Prince Edelvale.

Hello, you two.
I suppose you two have come to share in our lunch?
Haha, well, at least you're quite forward.
If they wish to have what's left of my food, by all means. I'm feeling quite full.

I forgot to sell off all the materials I got last time. Whoops.
Aspis (+11 DEF, +3 MDF): Made from 2 Tiger Fangs (Barbed Tiger Drop 1). Costs 270 en.

I can hear noise from beyond these trees...

You carefully check your surroundings and find nothing, but you feel as if something terrible may be lurking nearby. You decide to remain cautious as you explore the area.
I don't like this. Not one crumb.

I wasn't expecting a Labyrinth master this early!
"Labyrinth master?" That's a bit clunky, isn't it?
Is now really the best time to question terminology?!

Before you have time to react, the Wyvern extends its giant claws!

Unhand me!
Lemme...go...or I'll drive your wings off!
My pack--!
Oh dear, oh dear, I hadn't anticipated this, don't you dare--
Excellent way to raise mor-- I'm doing it again, for the love of the gods, Nadym...

...It all happened so quickly, but it appears you were grabbed by the Wyvern and carried further into the forest. You check to see if anyone is injured. Thankfully, everyone is okay.

Dagnabbnit, that was my favorite pack, and-- Okay, not my favorite Thread, but we still needed that.
However, it's a small price to pay for making it through unscathed.
Lavi? Can you check my back, please?
Hm? Of course.

It looks fine to me.
Are you worried about your dress?
Given that it's the only magically-reinforced wedding dress I can think of, yes.
Entirely fair.
You study your surroundings to find the scattered belongings of soldiers and adventurers alike. Perhaps the missing woman was carried here as well. With that thought in mind, you get to your feet and begin exploring.
So, we're stuck on B3F without an Ariadne Thread. Thankfully, this isn't as bad as it sounds.
this part of the game is super super good and is what i've wanted ever since i played eo4
EON is like consistently surprising me with how much I love it
SURPRISE! ...if you're an anxious over-prepared adventurer who carries two or more ariadne threads, they're all gone. (hi, I'm Snacks, I'm the anxious over-prepared adventurer)

She seems to notice you and gives you a friendly wave.

You imagine she must have been lonely here. She quickly makes her way over to you and offers her hand.
My name's Shilleka. I'm a merchant from Etria.
Nice to see you again, Shilleka.
Those of you coming from EOU, mercifully, Shilleka's accent has been completely removed. Her dialogue is no longer impossible to read.
tbhpthbbthphpthphthphbtbhpht- wait so does this mean that shilleka's accent is maginian. does she have no written accent because that's the accent everyone has here
maybe she grew out of it? maybe the localizers decided they had enough? idk

also god damn it shilleka how do you not recognize me, you sold me wares years ago
next time y'should buy somet'in'
i hate how passive aggressive (and sometimes just aggressive) the EOU and EO2U voice clips are for when you don't do a thing in the building because you clicked in the wrong place

is that just me, or
We're Guild Aeon. Good to meetcha.
Shilleka tells you she was asked to enter the labyrinth and was caught by the Wyvern soon after.
And you are...? Oh, so you're Aeon Guild. If you plan on escaping this place, would you mind taking me along with you?
See, uh, we'd love to warp you out right now, but...
Put bluntly, we lost our Ariadne Thread.
I see... So you don't have any either...
Shilleka cheerfully tells you she doesn't have one either and proposes you make your way back to the city together.
Oh, that reminds me... There's somethin' else I need tell you.
Shilleka then points to a small room to the south.
I've a tent just down that way. I been waitin' there in hopes of being rescued. Feel free to use it if you get tired, all right?
At least we won't succumb to exhaustion. Thank you.

Shilleka continues.
Also, there's another adventurer what was brought here by the Wyvern after me...
A troubled look appears on Shilleka's face.
He been hurt, and somethin' seem to be troubling him...
Shilleka then asks if you'd be willing to heal him.

Hello again, Leo.
Leo looks up at you and continues speaking.
I was exploring with the soldiers the princess provided... Now look at me... We were also caught by that Wyvern... But once again, I'm the only one that survived... This always happens! Anyone I ever dare to call my companion dies and leaves me behind... At this point, I'd rather just be alone...
Leo seems deeply upset.
...I find myself at a loss for words, unfortunately...
Aw, c'mon, Leo. It's just a coincidence, don't let it get to you.
A coincidence...? This has been happening since the very first day I became an adventurer, and you're going to tell me it's a coincidence?
Yup. It's a coincidence, and I'm gonna keep insisting that.
If you stay with me, you're bound to meet the same fate. Or...are you not afraid to die?
We're explorers. Being prepared for death comes with the territory.
Some of us have already died multiple times by now.
The continued loss of his companions seems to have led Leo to distance himself from others... Regardless, you're certain the only way to get out of this situation is to work together. You decide to convince Leo to help.
...All right. I'll help out until we get out of here, but in return, I want you to stay safe. No matter what happens.
Leo's eyes tell you he's serious. He's truly worried about you. You respond with a sincere nod.
You have my word that none of us will be departing this world while you're around, Leo.

Shilleka turns to you and smiles. With another nod, you agree to accompany Leo and Shilleka in the search for a way out.
Leo and Shilleka join us now. Leo doesn't do anything, but Shilleka provides an instance of Monarch March. Given that Edel has Monarch March maxed out, we recover a lot of HP every 3 steps.
take that back leo does his best
leo you're my son and i love you but you are depressed while shilleka is being a literal ball of sunshine next to you
I always knew Shilleka was a princess Sovereign
Its easy to make jokes about EO1 Hallway Dungeons, but this whole floor works as a call back to the "spend five days in the labyrinth" quest from EO1/EOU - if you're not using the EXP up DLC item, it also makes a pretty good free inn to use while you level grind a little bit before the Labyrinth Master.

...What is that?
Won't know unless we venture.
You can't tell what it is from here. You'll have to venture into the brush if you want to find out.
...Be careful.
You finally reach the shiny object and pick it up. It's a knife.

Well, that's...worthless.
It's not very valuable, but having learned the cause of the shining, you return to your exploration. In that moment, you suddenly hear the thud of something at your feet!
Erk! What the...!?
You look down at your feet to find a large, sticky blob. Startled by the sight, you try to leave the area, but the blob prevents your escape!
W-Wah! Gross!
Nothing new for us!
Cut off from escape, more blobs fall in and surround you! The blobs wriggle toward you and attack!

Well, that's annoying.

Behold: an ancient Niveaullian incantation!


Are... Are they gone?
...Yeah. Looks that way.
Having repelled your attackers, you take a moment to catch your breath then resume exploring the forest.

So, we can use Shilleka's tent for a full HP/TP heal. It also advances the time to 7 AM, for whatever that matters beyond flavor.
i'm an elitist and i make constant attempts to clear EO games while advancing the calendar as little as i can

also see: my characters canonically get 1-2 hours of sleep every week

...if they're lucky
But all of the alternate dialogue options you've missed by not staying at the tent more! (there's barely any change in the dialogue you've missed)

Shilleka then decides to turn in for the night. You follow her inside and get some much-needed rest...

Filthy, filthy, filthy...
Worried about your dress?
Given that I lack the means to properly clean it, and that I was thrown down here with no warning, yes.
Oh, nothing, just... I might have gotten an idea for an invention once we're back in town.
Hm. Well, for now, please just rest. I'll be done shortly.

The next morning, you are awakened by Shilleka's prominent and energetic voice. Believing today is the day you'll finally find a way out, you confidently go forth.
I will say that it's sort of annoying to not be able to go at night if you have a Shogun with Avidya Sight. Also, it didn't come through in the screenshots, but on actual hardware (and I think you need to have the 3D on?), there's weird discolored green bars at the top and bottom of the black screen whenever you rest at this tent.

The tent also lets us save our game.

You. You. I'd hoped I'd never see one of you again.
that was really foolish of you


Level: 19
HP: 297STR: 27INT: 20VIT: 23WIS: 24AGI: 26LUC: 24
EXP Given: 163

Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
50% 100% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 150%
100% 100% 100%
  • Tail Swipe: Deals medium stab damage to one row of party members. Reduces hit targets' physical attack by 25% for 4 turns. Extremely slow, with average accuracy.
  • Tail Swipe: Deals 110% melee STR-based stab damage to one row of party members. Reduces hit targets' physical attack by 25% for 4 turns. Has a 40% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99%.
  • Longisquamas are likely to open with Tail Swipe.
  • When Longisquamas are at 50% HP or lower, they're far more likely to use Tail Swipe.
  • If this is the first turn, and the party was not blindsided:
    • 80% chance to use Tail Swipe.
    • Else, Attack.
  • If the Longisquama's HP is at 50% or lower:
    • 80% chance to use Tail Swipe.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Else:
    • 40% chance to use Tail Swipe.
    • Else, Attack.
  • Sharp Scale Tail. 70% chance. Sells for 28 en.
    • Omokage (+32 ATK, +16 MAT, TP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Laterite (Primitive Jungle Mine Item 2) and 1 Sharp Scale Tail. Costs 980 en.
    • Scale Lance (+27 ATK, +19 MAT, AGI Up Lv1): Made from 1 Sharp Scale Tail. Costs 670 en.
    • Plate Mail (+16 DEF, +10 MDF): Made from 1 Scrap Iron (Primitive Jungle Mine Item 1) and 1 Sharp Scale Tail. Costs 840 en.
  • Frozen Back Wing (Kill with ice damage). 100% chance. Sells for 51 en.
    • Squamapris (+13 DEF, +13 MDF, +3 AGI): Made from 1 Frozen Back Wing. Costs 620 en.
Okay, Longisquamas aren't as annoying as they were in the Untolds. Nowhere near that. But I still despise the sight of them.
ughhh everything hits like a wet noodle with these guys around. at least it's super easy to get shit like front command or cross counter to activate off of them, but. god and the conditional isn't even a weaknessssss
Bouncing from game to game, you might think "oh, I know how to get the conditional drop from you!" but you'll be wrong, which is EVEN MORE annoying!

Aw, beans, where'd my ammo go?

Well, here's some of it.
I respecced Sophian, since we have access to Veteran skills now.


A chilling effect!
Is it really, uh, safe to use a term designed to convey a creeping suppresion of speech by those in power in a pun?
That's... Hm.

Quit gumming up my Drive Blade with your stretchy skin, blech.

Leo sadly pauses.
Aw, you poor man.

Shilleka's cheerful tone is met with a grim expression from Leo.
I wish I could, but... I can't let anyone else die because of me.
Perhaps you should offer Leo some words of comfort.
It is not your fault. Please stop ascribing blame to yourself when there is none...
One second...
Once again, my computer expresses my thoughts more eloquently than I can.
Yeah, you can count me in too!
Shilleka happily chimes in.
Leo seems a bit bewildered but responds in a relatively happy tone.
See, there you go!
C-Come on, let's keep going.
Embarrassed, Leo runs ahead. You follow his lead and continue your exploration.

Primitive Jungle B3F E5 Mine Point
If you have a Gunner, or are making early use of Silver Thrust or Helm Splitter, grab some Laterite.
Gathering here when you're trapped is weird because your pack could get overfull, but then I came in with too many supplies and made it out fine in my latest playthrough.

When we rest at the campsite, there's some new dialogue.
Leo then enters the tent.
Well then, we should probably get some sleep too.
...I hope Ashley and Cason aren't too worried about us.
I'm sure they know we can take care of ourselves.
Runa, Nadym, mind helping me clean my gear?
Oh, my ignition mechanism does need some dusting.
Curses, where was Magna-Calcula's light button...

They give off a sweet scent and have a soft, sticky appearance.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't.
You consider whether you should eat the fruit or just walk away.
Thanks, M-C!
It can't hear you.
I know.
You take the sticky fruit and stuff it into your mouth.

A rich sweetness erupts from the fruit and completely restores your energy!

The softness and stickiness were apparently signs of ripeness. It was ready to be eaten. Having eaten a fair share of fruit, you return to your exploration.

(for those wondering I'm pretty sure those are cherries)

With a nostalgic look in his eye, Leo speaks up.

Shilleka is surprised by this. It seems she was unaware.
Aren't you the primary supplier of equipment to Etrian explorers...?
The book on Etrian history I read did say you were the primary supplier of the Tenebris guild. And, well, most everyone.
When I was first starting out, some of my guild were regulars of yours. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who's still around...
You can hear the loneliness in Leo's voice. With a little persuasion, Leo eventually reveals he's joined a number of guilds in the past, but sadly, he's been the only one to survive.
I must be cursed. It's better if I act alone.
It seems this is why Leo insists on travelling alone.
Horseshoes. That's not your fault...
someone needs to give leo a headpat
pat-pat it's okay buddy, curse is a dealwithable status
Aw, Leo, you're doing your best, don't be down...

There's gotta be some scorpions lying in wait here.

Knew it.

You have no idea how hard it is to describe the solution to these rooms.

However, an animal trail continues from there and leads to a hidden cave. It looks like the perfect place for a monster nest. You consider whether or not to investigate the cave.
This merits investigation.
You step inside the cave to take a look around.

You progress through the cave without incident and eventually come to a fork in the path. It would be best not to linger and choose a path.

Towards the water.
You follow the sound of the water while keeping an eye out for monsters. Eventually, the sound of the water leads you to an underground lake within the cave. This hidden natural wonder is truly breathtaking.
As you walk along, entranced by the beauty of the lake, you slip on a wet rock and fall.

Bah, I was careless.

You continue walking alongside the lake, but don't find anything else of interest and decide not to overstay your welcome. You turn around and go back the way you came. However, you still haven't explored the other path in the cave.
It couldn't hurt to check the wind, I suppose.
You follow the direction of the wind while keeping a lookout for monsters. Eventually, you come to a spot where sunlight shines in from overhead. There appears to be an opening in the ceiling that leads outside. The light falls on a large pile of rocks and dirt. It appears the ceiling caved in at some point. Upon closer inspection, you find a reddish-brown ore nestled within the pile. You decide to take it as crafting material.

Looks like coming all this way was worth it.
Having checked both paths, you find nothing else that catches your eye. You depart from the dimly lit cave and head into the verdant forest once again.

Big room with two Moas.
Have some Moa.

There's a small room that you can access from the other side of the big room. It's worth your time to go there.

I killed one of the Moas to proceed.
those thorn tiles are caked in the blood of FOEs

All of you are amazing. I can't believe you found a way through those monsters...
Killing them tends to make for a pretty good path.
Leo gazes off into the distance. He appears to be remembering something...
If I had been more like you back then...maybe my friends would still be here.
The past is past. It's better to look towards the future, and see who you can help now.
Yeah, you're right... Thanks. I guess things aren't like they were before...
Leo responds in a somewhat cheerful manner. Your words seem to have encouraged him. He seems to have cheered up quite a bit since joining you and Shilleka. Having avoided danger thus far, you continue in your search for an exit.

This'll take us back to the city?
It should.
You happily nod in response to both Leo and Shilleka. If you wish, you can head up these stairs and continue your search for an exit.

Primitive Jungle B3F D6 Mine Point

Here's the end-of-floor shortcut, by the way.


We're...right next to the Wyvern, aren't we?
We'd best tread lightly.

A quick look around tells you she's right. It seems you've made your way back to where you first encountered the Wyvern.
Well, I'm glad we were able to find our way back, but it looks like we're not out just yet...
Leo directs your attention to the menacing Wyvern in the distance!
You think it'll notice us if we get any closer?
I'm not particularly interested in testing that.

Here's the way out.

A group of Maginian soldiers approaches you.
Thank heavens you're safe! And I see you have Lady Shilleka with you as well!
He tells you that they've been searching for you on the princess's orders.
Her Highness became extremely worried about you after hearing of your disappearance... We were beginning to think we might never find you, so it's good to see you alive and well.
After expressing their relief, the soldiers offer you an Ariadne Thread.

Thank you.
They tell you they'll report back to HQ before promptly using an Ariadne Thread of their own and disappearing. You may use the Thread they gave you to return to the city immediately, or you can take your time and walk back.
Why the hell would you do that?
to be fair, you can
you can use the ariadne like a coward or walk like half a room's worth back to the exit
lady coward, reporting in nah, even i'm not that bad
Nothing stopping you from spending time level grinding a bit other than your bag space, and no reason to hold on to a lot of medica or consumables if you can just always buy more!

Godsdammit you have no idea how fucking worried I was you've been gone for a week I thought you all were dead--

Oh. Right. You're all...here too.

None of you saw this.
Okay, Mr. Dark Hero.
S-Shut it.
Ahahahahaha! Oh, I needed that...
E-Edel, you're wobbling.
Oh, so I am.
C'mon, I think you've earned some rest...

Man, he's really a big softie, isn't he?
The fact that he calls himself a hero even in spite of how he presents himself didn't clue you into that already?
It's cute.

We were truly worried when we heard you went missing.
However, seeing as how you've returned, it would appear we overreacted.
A smidge.
It would've been rather troublesome had that not been the case. I don't know what we'd do if we lost them.
I commend you for living up to my expectations, Aeon Guild. And of course, I'm incredibly relieved to see you're safe as well, Lady Shilleka. We're truly glad to have you back.

Oh, and Leo too!

Well then, Leo, I thank you for your efforts as well. It seems you and Aeon Guild made quite a team.
But, Your Highness, I wasn't able to protect the soldiers you sent with me... I let them die.
What are you saying? I sent those soldiers with you to ensure both you and Lady Shilleka would return safely. They were not yours to protect. It's true what happened to those men is a tragedy. However, we now know what we're up against.
You've done well in making it back alive. The intel you've brought us will undoubtedly prove very useful. Keep up the good work.
...! Yes, Your Highness!
Now then, Lady Shilleka, there's something I'd like to discuss with you. Leo, Aeon Guild. I've prepared a reward for the both of you, but first, I'd like you to get some rest. Report back to HQ once you've taken some time to recover.
it feels cold for persephone to treat these people like faceless soldiers. can you feel me lose respect for this woman who considers herself a princess. even kujura had the decency to personally address the wounded, and families of the deceased.
I honestly agree. It feels a bit callous of her.

I'll handle business in town. You three, go rest.

And, if people remembered to sign the guest book on their own, there wouldn't be any need for me here whatsoever! Great idea, right?
The inn would quickly become unlivable.
Whaaat? But, why? It's the perfect business plan for slacking off...

Rescued someone in the labyrinth, right? And what's more, she's a competitor of mine... You traitor.
I'm reasonably certain Shilleka does not operate in Maginia. I fail to see how we're "traitors."
Oh, you're not a traitor, eh? Well, actions speak louder than words, as they say. So... You know what you have to do in this situation, don't you?
Yes, but I refuse to do it.

Starting off strong, I see.
By the way, have people ever told you we look alike?
I would give a stern talking-to to anyone who would assert that.
They haven't...? I see. Guess we really don't look alike, then, huh! Dahaha!
Oh right, I heard rumors that you saved a young lady in a dungeon. You're doing such wonderful work out there! Bring her around next time and we'll all celebrate with a round of drinks! The bill's on her, of course!

Robin the Flee-Footed:
What a nightmare... Even for someone with skills as slick as mine, that was too close! I'm telling you, a Towering Ooze is serious trouble! They cast sleep and poison on the whole party... And on top of that, it tried to drain my health!
Yes, we're well aware of the perils of that slime.
Doctor Sibil:
Have you ever seen a Longisquama, the monster with peculiar wings growing from its back?
Yes. Quite a bit.
When it jumps down from the trees, the wings slow its fall so it can land safely. It's the same process that airborne birds use when landing. There is a method to obtaining those wings that improves their elasticity... If you ever find yourself confronted by a Longisquama, try vanquishing it with ice attacks. The elastic yet resilient wings you'll receive will, without a doubt, be of use to you.

Scourge of the Jungle:
Oh, that request? Hold on a second. I've got the request form right here.
Let's see, hmm... It's a request from some adventurers who are regulars here... It's so hard to read these tiny letters with my old eyes... Oh well, I'll just wing it!
So it seems there's been a sudden explosion in the population of lizard monsters on B1F of the Primitive Jungle. I wonder what happened. Maybe someone was catching them on the floor below and releasing them higher up?
I would hope not...
In any case, those girls can't kill the creatures themselves, so they want someone to kill all the lizards on B1F. I think that's what it was.
Sounds like they're just roaming around B1F of the Primitive Jungle, so just keep killing them until there are none left.
Don't go catching and releasing them, though!
Absolutely not.
...You won't? Well, you should! Dahaha! I'm just kiddin'!
Still Sleepless in Maginia:
Let's see about that one... Oh, right! This one!
Remember the apothecary who couldn't sleep? The one you gathered the goo for? Well, he's back! Apparently the draught he made from the goo didn't work at all! Boy, was he mad.
That's hardly our fault.
So I told him, well, you're the one who asked for the wrong item!
We got in a little fight, and he spent a bit of time unconscious on the floor. When he woke up, he said he felt well-rested, so I assumed that was the end of his request, but he's still got something to ask of us.
Wh-- Hold on, excuse-- Oh, forget it, go on.
He wants the materials to concoct an even stronger sleeping draught. So you'll need to bring back 2 bits of Rainbow Gel! They come from Towering Oozes, which live in the Primitive Jungle.
I'll keep him unconscious until you come back with the goods...though don't take too long, or his face will end up black and blue.
Please do not keep beating up the apothecary, Kvasir.
Lavi and I seem to be of one mind about Kvasir, it's refreshing.

Well, uh, we already got the materials for that, so...
It feels REALLY GOOD to take a quest and turn around like "PLOP" and dump all the asked for materials on the desk!

Dang, this looks pretty crazy. These rainbow colors are out of this world. Psychedelic, even!
You know what psychedelic means, yeah? No?
No, I know.
...Well, you certainly aren't psyched up about it! Dahaha!
Guess youngsters nowadays don't know what that means. You could say it looks real trippy.
Man, if he puts this into his sleeping draught, he'll be flying high as a kite through a rainbow psychedelic world. Doesn't seem all that safe!
I...would hope that gel doesn't induce that.
I'm preaching to the choir, though. He asked for it, so it's up to him to use it responsibly. In any case, I'm glad you made it back quickly. My hands were starting to hurt. Here's your reward!

Volt Charm (+30% Volt Resistance): Made from 3 Gold Crests (??? Drop 1). Costs 2000 en.
Could be okay for putting on a high-HP class for the upcoming boss fight, I guess.
I wonder if there is something hint, hint coming up soon with volt damage attached hmmmmmm....

Taking down that same Wyvern is most likely the next mission we'll offer.

Lucky Choker (+20 TP, +12 LUC): Made from 1 Lucky Clover (??? Take Item 3). Costs 1500 en.
We get this for turning in all of the maps for Primitive Jungle. This is a pretty good accessory for Arcanists and Farmers, but attack-based inflicters probably want STR more.
On the other hand, it's less LUC than a Drop Brooch, so if you have the DLC you might not even use it.

I'm glad to see you've made a safe return, Aeon Guild. Lady Shilleka was most grateful. Please accept this as reward.

Judging from your path, the Wyvern's nest is the only place left to explore. There's no mistaking it. The way out is hidden somewhere in that nest. Why not press on and find it? However, doing so means you'll have to battle the Wyvern. If you're up to the task, accept the next mission.

Well said. I admire your determination. The goal of this mission is to investigate the untrodden territory that lies past the Wyvern.
However, stepping into its nest will no doubt stir the creature. It's in its nature to attack any and all who enter its domain. Therefore, we'll have to make the first strike. A unit of my soldiers will take formation before the Wyvern, draw its attention, and advance. Of course, the Wyvern will retaliate. It's then that you'll sneak up from behind. We'll attack it on both flanks and put it down. From what I've heard, those who face it head on are often captured and carried deep into the forest.
That's indeed what happened to us, yes.
This strategy should help us avoid that.

Your haircut looks quite nice.
I... I've lost many companions in the past and have even been branded a killer because of it. It's caused me great pain, and I used to believe it was true... Then I met the Aeon Guild. They weren't afraid to be my friend. If they're willing to put their lives on the line, then I want to be right there beside them.
...Thank you.
No, I should be the one thanking you, Aeon Guild.
If Aeon Guild permits it, then so will I. Leo, I'll leave you to lead the soldiers and act as our decoy.
Indeed. You should have more confidence in yourself. Haven't you learned that from Aeon Guild?
...Understood. I'll do everything I can!
We'll be counting on you, Leo. It's settled, then. Leo's unit will provoke the Wyvern from the front, and Aeon Guild will attack it from behind! One more thing... I ask that you all come back alive.

Lavi has Rouse now, which I might go for if she ends up in parties that can't support her War Edge effects.

Accursed lizards.
Hey, Lavi.
Hello, Abby. Here for a contest?
You'd best believe it, sister. What'd you just finish?
Slaying an endless swarm of Longisquamas.
...Y'know, how about I just...treat you tonight?
Oh. Well, thank you. I'm certainly not going to turn down free dinner.
You killed a bunch of lizards on your own, I think that deserves a reward.

Now those girls can finally walk around the forest without fear.
Boy, with you working so hard, your guild's likely to get a wonderful reputation, even amongst the other adventurers! It's almost enough to make me jealous! Maybe I should go rid us of some monsters, too.
I think the younger fellows would appreciate it if I rid us of the old men and women who get up so dang early in the morning! ...Yeah, I'll give that a try! Here's your reward. Come back again soon!

Before we go, items.
Omokage (+32 ATK, +16 MAT, TP Up Lv1): Made from 1 Laterite (Primitive Jungle Mine Item 2) and 1 Sharp Scale Tail (Longisquama Drop 1). Costs 980 en.

Scale Lance (+27 ATK, +19 MAT, AGI Up Lv1): Made from 1 Sharp Scale Tail (Longisquama Drop 1). Costs 670 en.

Plate Mail (+16 DEF, +10 MDF): Made from 1 Scrap Iron (Primitive Jungle Mine Item 1) and 1 Sharp Scale Tail (Longisquama Drop 1). Costs 840 en.

Squamapris (+13 DEF, +13 MDF, +3 AGI): Made from 1 Frozen Back Wing (Longisquama Conditional Drop). Costs 620 en.

Aim Goggles (+15 TP, +20/30% Base Accuracy): Made from 2 Laterites (Primitive Jungle Mine Item 2). Costs 700 en.
The Squampris is helpful if you have a support that you want to be faster, and Gunners and Imperials might get glued to some Aim Goggles. Also, the Omokage is helpful for Shoguns who maxed Great Warrior early or want to use Twin Swallows right away. Otherwise, just some incremental upgrades.
And that's it for now. Next time: Wyvern.
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Now, slow down. We're tired from that impromptu camping trip. You're saying... You fought the Berserker King.
Even after the rest of the guild killed it already?
Yes! I'm not lying! Look, Heath can corrabr-- Cor-
That! You were there, right Heath?
It's still incredible that you're so good at communicating.
Hrm. Even if I were to believe you, checking for signs of temporal or dimensional travel would take special equipment we don't have access to...
That sounds like a fun challenge to me.
W-wait, first we'd need to find a way to get a positive on said travel!
Are you kidding, Nadym? With the time bubble, this city's chock-a-pig full of temporal and dimensional anomalies!
...Fine. You're right. Runa? Your input?
Mm? Sorry, did you say something?
...Do you carry blueprint paper around everywhere you go?
D... Do you not?
I mean, maybe.
So you'll look into it? Because I think this could be something heroes like us should look into!
...I can't promise anything, but we'll do our best.
Yes! Thank you!
You're welcome. Now, I must go and fetch some penc--
...Feed the cat, is what I meant to say. Ehhngh...

Heyyyyy, Edelvale! Edel-baby!
Cas...on? Are you alright? Heath's right here, if you need some medicine.
Well, shit, I was hoping that'd seem more "confident" than "lumbering unaware doofus."
Haha. Well, was there something you needed?
Please go out with me.

Wait, no, shit. Shit. Shit. I didn't mean to just. Say that. I was going to lead up to it but then my brain just decided to spit the words out fuck.

I'm. I'm gonna be going n--
Wait, Cason, please!


I'm-- I'm very sorry, I-- I don't know what came over me, but tackling just...felt like the thing to do. I... Please, go on.

Oh dear, he...appears to have seized up? Do people do that...?
Arf. Ruff arf.
Let him rest on the bed, yes. That's a good idea.

W-What the--?!
Not...evil. Ah, I see.

Wait, Shadow... You can communicate?
Just now, hm...?
A long story? Yes, understandable.
πŸ—ΊοΈβ“β“β“β“ ➑️ ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ ➑️ πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ ➑️ πŸ’­ ➑️ πŸ’₯πŸ’­
Cason...realized something while I was missing.
πŸ‘ˆ πŸ’• πŸ‘‰
I...had assumed that, yes...

πŸ‘ˆ πŸ’• πŸ‘‰ ❓
...I'm...not ready to proclaim that it's eternal yet, but... I'm...

Bwagh, what the hell...
Ah, you've recovered.
Wait, Shadow, what the fuck, you can--
I'll...share that story later. Cason, I need to ask you something.
Did you truly mean to ask if we can date, or was that simply your brain acting impulsively on an infatuation?

...I... Yeah. I did mean to ask that. Stupid brain just--
Please, no perjoratives about your mind.
No apologies, either.

...Does that suffice as my answer?

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