Update 1: Tenebris

Okay. Okay, Etria. Finally here, all that...nonsense...is an ocean away, time to just...get exploring. Yeah.

For the sake of brevity, I'll skip over some of the stuff we already saw in Update 0.
A guild's basically an army, I'm used to them.

...Uh... Okay, army never needed a name, now I need a name for this thing...
Okay, hello, where did you come from?

Bit of a rude question to ask someone that just provided an excellent name for your nameless--
Please just get to the point. What does "tenebris" mean?
It is an ancient term, from an ancient language, lost to the--
The point, please.
Darkness, it means darkness.
Thank you. Now, erm, who are you?
I am Emmett, he who has the rare power to inspire allies and bolster their strength with song--trained in the ways of the Troubadour!
...Isn't that a fairly common thing over here?

Emmett there's got a thing for ego-boosting.
You can't deny it could be unique...
...Okay then. Now, you are...?
Momoe. You need monsters sliced open with a sword?
Having more combat-capable members wouldn't hurt, since it consists of...well, just me right now.
I'm your girl, then! Good to meet you.
Ah, yes, may I--
If you promise to cut back on the bragging and your music does what you say, then yes.
...I didn't even get to ask...

Hoho! Wahohoho! Do I hear some bright young upstarts, in need of The Hexer, Quixote?!
Bright, young, upstarts--yep, we're all of those. In need of a random asylum inmate? Uh, no.
"A random asylum inmate?!" Do you not see the magnificent monochrome metacarpi protruding from my cursed robes?! I have struck pure, primal fear into the hearts of all that cross me!
I cannot deny that I am terrified right now...
Aaaaaaand I've already lost control.

Okay, just...put that down for us.

Gonna need that.

This is all I need to join the guild, right?
I... I mean, I guess, but-- Where did--
Where're the rest of us? I need to...introduce myself.
Hello, yes, my name is Elowen. When do we go into the Labyrinth?
Well. Someone's up-front.
O-oh. Do-- Do guilds have to do other things before starting? A...sleepover, I think it was called?
...Okay, so, my name's Momoe, glad to meet you, and over here we have--

'Ey. Did someone call f'... Vicious Vinny?
No, but I've kinda given up on maintaining control over who signs up by this point. Welcome.
Vicious Vinny?! Ohhh, even my own chained heart is struck with terror at your mere presence! Regale the others with tales of yourself, for that they will know my terror!

Is everything...okay over here? I can hear people shouting from the plaza...
"Okay" insofar as "no-one's punching anyone." ...Judith's the name, by the way. I came here to start a guild, and look what it got me.
...Do you need help running this guild? I...might've been looking for a guild to sign up with anyway.
A-ah, good! Well, let's see... We don't have a Medic, do we?
I'm kinda wondering if anyone over there knows how to put a simple bandage on.
Then... Well, I kinda know this doctor who could use a job right now--
Hello, Sigrid.

Oh! Dr. Hawke!
Finally, a group of people acting like adults.
...Yes, it's nice to meet you too. I'm Dr. Thierry Hawke. I'm technically more of a general practitioner with some surgery experience, but converting to a field medic shouldn't be that difficult.
Wonderful. You've got a license, right?
Oh, uh, I can vouch for him! He's helped me a lot in the past!
With...what, specifically?
Confidential information. Patients should never have to divulge their history to anyone but their physician.
...Alright, you've convinced me.

Okay, lessee, if the information from Radha Hall was right--
You're here looking for a guild to sign up with, aren't you?
I'm going to guess you're an Alchemist, going by the gauntlets?
Gauntlets of Power. That's the official name! And yep, I'm also an Alchemist! Officially. Kinda the closest thing they had to an Elemental Kickboxer. ...Oh, crap, yeah, name's Katya!
Elemental...kickboxer. At least my time here won't be boring...

Is someone tapping on my-- O-oh! I'm sorry, I didn't hear you if you were talking!
...Do you need something?
...Uh. Yeah?
Hey! What's your deal?!
...What's my teal?
...Ah, I think I understand. [Hello.]
[Oh, hey!]
Uh... What are all those strange hand movements?
Etrian sign language. I believe this young lady here is deaf. [Are you hard of hearing?]
[Kinda. Sorta. Okay, my hearing's useless. But hey, who needs it?]
[Are you looking to join a guild?]
[Nope, came here, to the Explorers Guild, to learn how to become a lawyer. Of course I'm here to sign up with a guild!]
[You should introduce yourself to the purple-haired woman, then.]
...I'm-- I am Afon. Can I join the guild?
Oh, uh... Yeah, sure. You're...gonna be fine, right?
My textbooks on Etrian sign language are in my bags. If I give each member a day or so to go over the first few chapters, we should be good after a little more than a week.
....I'm glad to have a calm, rational doctor around.

...An' he looks up at me'n says--
"Nice marmot," right?
Vicious Vinny, in the flesh! Amazing. It's nice to finally meet you! I've heard a lot about you from several mutual acquaintances. I've heard this story before, though. Sorry to spoil the ending.
Uh, yeah, who are you?
Ladette Monterey. I just signed up for your guild.
I beg your pardon, but... Monterey, as in the crime family Monterey?
No, as in the cheese. Yes, the crime family.
It's a pleasure to finally get to work with you, Vinny. You're a real legend over at family HQ.
Afon and Ladette's screens are just their Status screens because I had to do save editing to actually make them.

Okay, now that we...suddenly have eleven members... Okay, you five, go do the mission the Radha wants.
...You're pretty brave, telling a Monterey to do grunt work. I like that.
[Afon. I would advise staying away from Ladette.]
[You kidding me?! A crime daughter's, like, exactly my kinda friend!]
At least Dr. Hawke's here to keep us organized. I'll have to take notes...
...Oh, we're going now? Is that what everyone was talking about?
I literally formed this party just by picking random cells on the B1F row of my party tracker spreadsheet.
A highly effective strategy for planning your party composition.

outfitting party members with initial equipment yay

The only armor I buy for everyone is Leaf Boots. Leaf Boots'll give a boost to action speed. Incremental armor upgrades are very not worth it in EOU, due to the stupid way defense is calculated.

Sigrid, Afon, Elowen and Ladette all get outfitted with proper weapons--Sigrid gets a sword, Afon gets a spear, Elowen gets a bow, and Ladette gets a gun.
In the land where armor barely functions, the man with the stat gear is king.

Yadda yadda yadda you've already seen this

You haven't seen this yet, though!
Valerie. Valerie. You're joking, right?
This isn't just a place to eat. Adventurers can sign up to do quests here, too... Though you can't just yet. Every adventurer's got to go through Radha Hall before they're officially recognized. Until you get recognized by the Radha, I'm afraid I can't let you do any of the quests here. Once you're legit, come and see me again, all right? I'll be looking forward to it.
Can I at-- At least get a drink?
Why not just take a canteen and get some bottled--
[Too fast. Way too fast. Can't lipread at that speed.]
Oh, working out the logistics of this is going to be...something.
I hate to interrupt, but maybe we should get info from the people at the bar before we head out?
I'm gonna use the system portrait for bar patrons because of how I used portraits in this LP.

Adventurer in shiny armor:
You're new here, huh? Then let me tell you something! Newcomers should first fight a Tree Rat or Woodfly to build strength! The deeper you go into the Labyrinth, the tougher it gets... So fight weaker enemies to make yourself stronger! But those guys are tough enough to me...
Mild man:
Hey, you're a new face here, huh? Looks like you're ready to take on the Labyrinth. Have you been to Shilleka's Goods yet? Beginners should start by buying items there. Weapons and armor are a must, but you should also buy Medica, a medicine to heal your wounds. ...Though to tell you the truth, I've never set foot inside the Labyrinth myself. But I've learned a lot about the forest just by hanging around this pub, and I like giving people advice. If there's anything you don't understand, why don't you try asking around here?
Buying a few Medicas is a good idea normally. However, I have a Medic--I can get by without them.

Man of many piercings:
Hey, you! Yo! Have you heard?
An adventurer told me that there are doors down in the Labyrinth that don't open! Plus, the doors are different colors, so maybe there are different keys... But guilds are making sure to mark the doors on their maps, even if they don't have the keys. Adventurers are thorough! It's crazy, huh? Me, I'd mark the doors as walls and just forget about 'em...

Okay, let's actually move on now.

Much better. Now we're in my element.
Try not to get too far ahead of us, okay, Elowen?
Hm. Was kinda hopin' we'd get a monster ambush right off the stairs.
[Okay, Afon, we've got basic hand signals down, right?]
[Think so.]
[As a test, what's the "move up" signal?]
<Fuck you, move up!>
[Wrong finger.]

Build times!

Sigrid puts one point into Sword Mastery, and then her remaining two points into Nerve Bite, because frankly ailment choice doesn't matter that much this early on.

Afon puts one point into Spear Mastery, and then her remaining two points in Long Thrust. It's her best damage option at this early stage.

Same reasoning for Power Shot.

Cure level 1'll serve us for B1F, so I just dropped all of Thierry's skill points into Heal Mastery.

Oh, right, ig_cus_cha10 portraits bug out. I'll...have to find some way around that.

Anyway Ladette put her three skill points all into Gun Mastery.
Most initial SP allocation is fairly self-explanatory in this game. You need your initial "do thing" skills or else you have a Lv.1 dud that can only use ATTACK and DEFEND commands because you took a bunch of passives or something.

You must be the new guys... The Radha told me you'd be along. Welcome to the forest.
A few questions for the soldier spring to mind, but you wonder if you shouldn't let him be.
What're you here for? Reconnaissance? Animal trapping?
The soldier answers your question slowly.
My orders are to make sure no one--you, for example--gets in the forest without permission. If you want in, start the way everyone does. Make a map of the floor we're on. As I'm sure they told you back at the Radha, everyone goes through this initiation.
And then he gives the standard EO mapping tutorial. None for me, thank you.

Okay then.
I'm curious, do you have any details about the Labyrinth itself?
The soldier looks around him once before answering.
We call this the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. It's a pretty strange place... The ecology here is completely different than the one in the world above, where we live. It goes down so deep that no one has ever seen the lowest Stratum. If you plan on exploring down there, then make sure your guard is up at all times.
His speech delivered, the soldier loses interest in you and returns to his post. You hesitate, unsure whether to ask him another question or let the matter drop.
...Nothing I didn't already infer. Thank you, nonetheless.
Map the area in red. Pretty easy.

I'm not sure if I should be more concerned by the mole with very long claws, or the enormous rats.

Tree Rat

HP: 69
STR: 7
TEC: 6
VIT: 8
AGI: 6
LUC: 6

EXP Given: 35

Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100%
150% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 50% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
Tree Rats are the same deal as Clawed Moles--all they do is attack.
They're a fair bit less threatening than Clawed Moles mostly due to the slightly lower STR. These are probably the most basic enemy in the entire game.

Now let's see if I can't trim those!

No, no, don't hit the hands, hit the face. If you cripple a monster's sight and smell--
We get the picture!

Gunners get special particle effects over their UI element for basically everything they do. I'm not sure why.
More reasons to try and make Story seem more unique, I guess.

Trying to knock it out, hm? Efficient.

I feel this is the only time my ability to lightly toss a dagger will be useful.

Hrmph. Resilient bastards. Only takes one bullet in the right spot to kill a person.
First do no harm!
It's a core tenet of being a doctor. It's applicable to several professions, though.
Mhmm. Yeah, I'm sure shoutin' that philosophy's gonna get me real far when I'm in a shootout.

Hey hey, everyone made it out alive this time!

Never really understood why this outcropping existed in the original EO1.

So how come we're not taking shorter paths through the trees?
Do you want to become mole food?
Not especially.
Stay on the open path, then.

Of all the things...


HP: 66
STR: 6
TEC: 7
VIT: 6
AGI: 7
LUC: 5

EXP Given: 40

Grimoire Skills:
  • Harsh Buzz: Uses the arms. Attempts to bind one enemy's head. Has a 120% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
50% 150% 100%
Woodflies are a minor annoyance to parties with Alchemists in them. Otherwise, they just kinda exist. Head binds aren't a problem for most classes this early on.
These enemies are slightly more complex than Tree Rats, but head binds on a floor this non-hostile aren't really effective in the slightest. These things are a joke.

Yes! It worked!

How the heck...?

Dealing STR-based damage to an enemy that's asleep results in that damage being multiplied by 1.5x.
Sleep bombing can allow for some serious damage later on, but it's pretty tricky to pull off properly.

Disinfect the area, apply a bandage, my word this is much more complicated when the patient is in a combat-ready stance.


It's kind of a relief to see Woodflies in encounters, if I'm gonna be honest with you.

As you continue into the forest, you reach a clearing. Squarish boxes are lined up before you. It's possible they were left by fellow explorers of the Labyrinth. Then, too, they may be part of the treasure rumored to litter the Labyrinth... The boxes sit ready to be opened, offering no clues to their nature.
Finders keepers.
No objections, I suppose.

Analysis Lenses add one enemy's information to the Monstrous Codex. These are supremely worthless.
These are more useful in the games after this one, since they added guidelines for ailment/bind efficacy to monster info during battles. This game is not those games, though.

Nectars revive a dead party member at 20 HP. These things are absolutely indispensable, even if you have a character that knows Revive.
Revive is very expensive for a good amount of the game, and you need these around anyways if your healer goes down.

Fire Talismans deal 180% ranged TEC-based fire damage to one enemy. This is equal to a level 5 Fire Formula, for reference.
I've never really gotten much use out of these, but I guess you could save some TP on an Alchemist with these? Or a Medic or Hexer.

The clear, cool water seems extremely tempting after your arduous hike. You hesitate, unsure of whether to slake your thirst or to pass by the water.
It's...water. I'm sure it's safe to drink.
Cupping your hands in the stream, you bring a sip of water to your lips... The clear, cold water quenches your thirst.

Orange numbers represent a TP heal.

10 TP's worth a lot this early on, so this is much appreciated.
This spot is a good pit stop to keep you going to the B1F shortcut or moving on to the southwest corner.
Feeling much better after drinking the spring water, you decide to move on.

Oh hey, our first levels.

I'unno, all three of the Bites are interchangeable this early.

Long Thrust is gonna stay there for now.

Same with Power Shot.

Working towards Delayed Heal for Thierry.

I don't necessarily need points in the Rounds yet, so I might as well work towards Recharge and Action Boost.
SP allocation isn't going to be terribly interesting for a good few levels.

Oh boy, locked doors.

This shortcut's kind of invaluable for early on.
This shortcut is the primary source for income for the first Stratum.

...Oh, crap, right, the gathering point.
Case in point.
B1F D3 Chop Point
Good luck ever getting gold materials without high-level gathering skills. I have a way around that tediousness that I'll demonstrate next update.
Getting an effective gathering setup can take a while in this particular entry, but it's pretty solid once you get it going.

I went back to town to save and heal.
Wakizashi (+47 ATK) is made from 1 Steel Snout (Woodfly rare). Costs 220 en.

Fang Whip (+25 ATK) is made from 1 Small Fang (Tree Rat normal). Costs 140 en.

Harpoon (+28 ATK) is made from 1 Hardwood (1st Stratum Chop 1). Costs 160 en.

Hide Boot (+3 DEF, +10 HP) is made from 1 Soft Hide (Clawed Mole normal/Tree Rat rare). Costs 50 en.

Theriaca A (Removes all binds from one party member) is made from 1 Bug Scale (Woodfly normal). Costs 150 en.

As you continue down the path, you find red fruit growing on the wall of trees. It hangs just within reach, seemingly daring you to pluck it and take a bite. You consider for a moment whether or not to eat the fruit...
Cowards, the lot of you.

Thierry, eat that fruit.
I-- What?
Eat it.
...Well, it doesn't look poisonous.
The fruit's sweet juices slide down Thierry's throat.

Not bad. Nothing special, however.

You step into a dead end at the forest's edge, covered with brush and brambles. An old rucksack, seemingly abandoned by a past explorer, is lying at your feet.
No monsters. Safe.
You peer inside the rucksack and find a number of coins inside.

This event happens as soon as we step on this tile.
The nameless flowers sway in the wind and you catch the scent of their fragrance... You contemplate whether to rest and enjoy their sweet smell, or leave immediately.
We need to leave.
What're you talking about? This clearing's safer than--
You decide to relax in the fragrant clearing. However, you aren't the only creature in the forest lured by the sweet floral scent. Before you can react, a pack of woodflies swarm around you. Woodflies...? Nay, these are the extremely poisonous breed known as venomflies! Knowing that escape is futile, you brandish your weapons and prepare for battle!
Listen to the Survivalist next time.


HP: 81
STR: 8
TEC: 9
VIT: 7
AGI: 9
LUC: 9

EXP Given: 60

Grimoire Skills:
  • Poison Dust: Uses the arms. Attempts to inflict poison on one enemy. Has an 80% speed modifier at all levels.
Drops:Damage Vulnerabilities:
100% 150% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities:
100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%
100% 150% 100%
Venomflies are super dangerous. 24-29 HP is most of our back row's HP, and Sigrid's too. That base chance is to be feared, too.
Hi there, out of depth enemies! Luckily, Venomflies aren't tremendously durable and this particular setup is quite effective at dealing with them.

Well shot.
Um, how do you make the bullets spark like that?
Monterey family secret.

Am I immoo-- Immune to butterflies?

Flying enemies having weaknesses to stab attacks is a nice thing, especially when two of the big damage dealers in the game primarily deal stab damage.

B1F D1 Chop Point

We're almost done. Just need that small thing in the top-left. I'll do the event there off-screen, because you've already seen it.


Hypno Bite's the new target of focus.
You kinda want to avoid hitting Lv.5 breakpoints on skills for a decent amount of time, since doing that will murder your TP efficiency.

Afon has some options for encounter-clearing now.
This is gonna tear up most of S1's enemies alone.

Efficiency is so good I'm having Elowen beeline for it immediately.

Regenerate's completely useless, but I need to put points into it for Delayed Heal.

Gun Mastery level 5 unlocked Charged Shot. I'm not interested in it.

We're doooone!
Once he notices your presence, he hails you cheerfully.
Got your map all in order, have you? In that case, you've got my permission to proceed.
The soldier stands to one side and waves you through, as if passing the torch to you. You ought to report your success to the Radha, but the thought of going deeper is also tempting.
Play it safe.

We acknowledge and recognize your status as true explorers from this point on. You belong to the Tenebris Guild, correct?
Let me give you the standard reward. Take this to Shilleka's Goods. She'll sell you items necessary for your adventures. Stock up there and work hard to explore the Labyrinth for us from here on out.

500 en's quite a lot of money for now.
It's enough to sorta kit out at least one party at this point, which is typically what most people have.

Mission EXP tends to be very large. It's pretty satisfying.

Oh, right, the Talk button exists.
I wish you the best of luck.
Work on your fake enthusiasm.

I'm sure there are many obstacles while you explore, but we at the Rooster Inn will always be ready when you return.

...There's more?
There are certain monsters that only appear at certain times of day. Some guests use the Inn to kill time. You can use the Inn however you like. I'll always be behind the counter.
No? This isn't true? It was true in EO3 and EO4, but EOU just uses the default encounter table for a given tile at all times.
Oops, abandoned mechanics!

Right here. Signed by the Subaltern.
Even wit'out it, I wanted t'sell you my wares, but I promised t'Radha and I stick by t'at. Here, t'is is an Ariadne Thread. If y'lost, or about t'die, use it to warp outta t'Labyrint'. I tell everyone t'take some before t'ey leave for a trip down to t'Labyrint'. But don't go t'inking t'ey're free... How many y'want?
My god Shilleka's dialogue is a pain in the ass to read. I wonder what that Atlus employee who left an unused message in the English versions of EO4 complaining about Wynne's accent felt about this.

Anyway yeah always keep an Ariadne Thread on you at all times.
Threads start out useful and end up being critical to survival. Have one.

Baselard (+26 ATK) is made from 5 Small Fangs (Tree Rat normal). Costs 150 en.

Enamel Bow (+24 ATK) is made from 1 Enamel Leg (Venomfly rare). Costs 120 en.

Gem Ring (+3 DEF, +30% volt resistance) is made from 1 Pyroxene (1st Stratum Mine 1). Costs 1000 en.

Here at the Golden Deer, I hear all sorts of problems that only adventurers can solve. Gathering materials, wiping out monsters... You name it, I hear someone sobbing about it. And when I do, I pass the requests on to kids like you. You're welcome to take them on.
Quests are the same deal as any EO game from EO3 and on. A lot of the really irritating and annoying quests from EO1 have been reworked or taken out, mercifully.

It's always good to have more trustworthy guilds around here. Good luck.

Keeping the map safe when we're ambushed is slightly stressful. Other than that...
Listen, kids... I know you're eager for the fame and fortune, but don't get greedy. If you start to get tired, don't push yourselves. Come back here and rest awhile.

Bar patrons are always fun.

One-armed drunkard:
...You wanna talk with me? Forget about it. After all, I'm just a liar.
Oh, come on, no you're not.
When you want to get someone to talk, you sit right next to them, right?
...Not that close.
...Hmph. From the looks of your gear, you're still new. You haven't run into the dangers of the forest yet, huh? When you're in the forest, you'll see enemies that you can tell are strong just by looking at 'em. If that monster's blocking your way, take a good look at how it moves. Whenever you take a step, so will it. Keep doing that and you can figure out the monster's patterns. If you're careful, you might be able to slip past without fighting... Agh, my drink's starting to get to me. I'm talkin' too much.

Leggy dark hunter:
Hey hey, is this your first time exploring the forest? Let me tell you something good, then. There are monsters that drop rare materials if you defeat them in a certain way. For example... If you defeat a Woodfly without weapons, you can get an undamaged Insect Eye. I love special stuff like this! Doesn't knowing that make you feel special? Heh heh heh...
The leggy dark hunter's our primary resource for learning about conditional drops.

Odd-clothed mixer:
Excuse me, good adventurer. I am a medicine mixer. I do business with the shop in town, making items for her. If you find Insect Eye, Bug Scale, and Red Fruit, please bring them to the shop. I will do my best to make Analysis Lenses, potions to lift binds, and oil to add elemental effects to your attacks. ...Oh, yes, the materials. You can get them by defeating monsters, but you can gather them in the forest, too. If you search those spots, you can get a whole bunch of materials. But they say that some rare materials require special skills to gather... I hope to do more business with you in the future.
Boy taking notes:
You're an adventurer, I see... Do you have some business with me?
Not particularly. We're just seeing what's the latest "buzz" around the bar.
...Dr. Hawke, that sounded so dorky! Hahaha!
C-cut me some slack. It's hard keeping up with slang these days. In any case, we are Guild Tenebris. Newly-established!
Hrm, hrm, I see... Tenebris... My name is Stuart. I'm a scholar, studying the monsters of the Labyrinth.
You look a hell of a lot like a little kid t' me.
...There's nothing keeping a child from being a scholar. All you need is a willingness to learn. Anyway, I am familiar with the monsters of the forest. Take the Claw Beetle, for example. With his rock-hard shell, he is literally the first wall beginning adventurers will run into. His shell may be strong against physical blows, but my studies show that he is weak to elemental attacks. A guild with an alchemist should have nothing to fear. And so ends my lecture.
Quest time!

The leathersmith's favor:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This job was posted by a leather-crafter who lives here in Etria. There's a high demand for leather goods in the city, so we can use all the leather we can get. You can obtain Soft Hides from the beasts that live in the Labyrinth.
Soft Hides have a 45% chance of dropping from Clawed Moles, and a 15% chance from Tree Rats. So, yay.
Trust me, this is pretty generous compared to some lategame item drop quests.
A certain shop's request:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. Adventurers can learn the techniques Chop, Mine, and Take to allow them to gather materials from the Labyrinth. Using those skills at various points around the Labyrinth will help you collect various useful things. One of the things you can obtain using these methods is Hardwood. If you all plan to make livings as adventurers, you'd do well to remember that.
To taste it once more...:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This job comes from a former adventurer. He wants you to bring him some Holy Water from the forest. He said that you can get some from a place on the far east side of B1F. Be careful not to lose your footing on the wet ground.
[The water we drank?]
[It would seem so.]
[How the heck is it "holy?"]
Request from the inn I:
Decided to take the request, have you? Good, I've been hoping someone would. This job is from the boy down at the Rooster Inn. He said he'll explain the fine details in person, so why don't you go see him and ask him about the request?
'Kay then.

Congratulations, Tenebris. You'd better not stop now!

Make sure to stop at Shilleka's Goods for any equipment. There's no such thing as being too prepared.
Armor's kind of ass in EOU, but I'd agree as far as weapons go.

The innkeeper starts talking to us as soon as we walk in after we've taken his quest.
Valerie said you've got some dirty work for us to do.
Huh? Quest? Ah, so you're doing it! Thank you very much! Now, down to business. Do you know that you can make fertilizer from beast fangs?
...I didn't mean that kind of dirty.
In any case, I don't think any of us knew that?
By heat-treating fangs of animals and then smashing them to little bits, you can make good fertilizer. I use that fertilizer to grow vegetables, but I'm almost out of it. So, I want you to collect three Small Fangs so I can make more. You can get Small Fangs from the Treerats on the 1st Stratum. I know, it's a hassle, but please get them for me.
Fun times ahead.

Next time: B2F.
And a slew of memetic enemies.

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