Update 14: The Most Tedious Camping Trip

Agggggh crap crap crap, Vince, you got the tents, right?!
Uhhhh I'm pretty sure these are tents.
You're only pretty sure okay yes those are tents they look fine don't scare me like that Sigrid what's the food situation?!
Ladette's still down on B5F hunting bulls but we've got a bunch of meat already and also Quixote's working on fishing rods!
FIIIIIIIIIISH are utterly non-terrifying.
I don't care, keep working on those! Momoe, how's keeping Momoe in check so that Momoe can keep track of--
Let me handle this.
It's time for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry, I meant Explorers Guild trial.

Five days?!
[Ooh, five day camping trip.]
...That's it? How is this a trial?
Yeeeeeeeeep. We have to stay on B8F for five days fucking straight. If we leave the Labyrinth, or even just go to another floor, we fail the quest, and have to retake it.

Alright, alright, five days is...manageable. Alright, so, we've got six tents, meaning we can have five tents with two people, and one--
Six? I only got two!
...I wasn't sure whether or not we'd all be stayin' down here.
Aaaaaaggghhh ffffffbbbbbbbbbbb. Okay, two tents...
We can have the tents split by gender. A men's tent and a women's tent. I'm assuming no objections? ...Okay.
...Oh, I brought a hammock.
What's that gotta do with tents?
Well, we need a lookout. Seems fairly obvious that I'd take watch duty.
...A-and it can fit another person too, if the two people involved are o-okay with--
Shall we go get our camp set up, then?

The easiest way to pass the time for this stupid quest is to just set an auto-walk path in the Wyvern room and let it run for about 25 minutes. You can't run into monsters in the Wyvern room, so the only thing you need for this is a lot of patience.
So. How's da fishin'?
...You need help gettin' out'a dat pond, Vicious Vinny?
N-nah, I'll--blub--be out in a--blub blub--bit...

HaaaaAAAAAAAGH! Bah-- Hah-- Hah--
Man. I expected more outta Vicious Vinny. Didn'tcha spend three hours underwater when you were bein' pursued by da Dostoyevskies, those Lagaardian idiots?
Ye-- Yeah, I did. I just wasn't wearin'-- Hah-- This stupid clunky armor. ...'Ey, 'Dette, what was the longest time you held y' breath?
...Thirty minutes. In that meat locker. The Capocinos got really close t' me, and I had t' stop breathin' for thirty minutes until dey left.
...O-oh. Y-yeah, I've h-heard about dat before.

Scene 1: Sigrid and Momoe

Scene 2: Vince and Afon

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeem, da-da-dum...
... [What're you saying? I'm having trouble reading that.]
[Oh, I'm simply singing.]
[Oh, right. Singing.] ... [When your ears are good-for-nothing, sometimes it's easy to forget that exists, y'know?]
[I suppose it would be.] ...Hmm, how can I adequately describe the beauty of music through writing...

Scene 3: Thierry and Ladette

Scene 4: Judith and Elowen

UUGGGGGGHHHHHHH can you please hurry this up, Thierry?
Health cannot be rushed, Katya. Especially when one has terrible blisters on their hands...
They're fine, they'll go away eventually, there's nothing wrong with my gauntlets!
The blisters say otherwise. Would you object to me at least adding some soft padding?
Yes! I'm used to exactly how much the things weigh!

Scene 5: Thierry and Emmett

OOF! ...Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow...
...For being a Protector, you sure aren't that great at protecting yourself...
I'm more used to bein' a meatshield...c-capiche?

Scene 6: Katya and Quixote

...O-okay, I-I think this was the path back to the--
Oh, dear gods, Vince, I'm so sorry, I thought you were-- Wait, where did you even...come from?
Afon...said...she might need...me...
[Sorry! I've been really bored, and giving someone a good scare seemed like it'd cheer me right back up.]
[...Please don't do that.]

...These are pancakes?
These...don't seem like they have much nutritional value.
But they're sweet. And they get sweeter when you put syrup on 'em.
...Did you get the syrup from a tree?
A lady never reveals her secrets. Look, Elly, I'm doin' this as a favor for Afon. Eat the pancakes.

Scene 7: Elowen and Afon

Is something the-- Oh, for the gods' sakes, Quixote.
I have learned something important: shouting at people while they're asleep is a perfect way to--
We can hear you guys all the way over here.

What an exhausting five days...
I can't wait to be back in a real bed...
Eh. I've had to go on worse statkeouts.

The whole town is talking about how Tenebris completed the challenge.
They'd fuckin' better be.
Keep it up.

Next time: we go back to the actual game.

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