The night of the 22nd, Marina came to see me.

Marina. To what do I owe the pleasure?

I already said hi to everyone else. We got the Imperial heart. Thank you, Chisa. That's two hearts now. I can complete it with just one more.


...I was having a nice dream just now.

And there were people like Unit 13 there, too. I was relieved, feeling like you all were next to me. Is that strange?

I don't think so. You're you, Marina, but you also carry the hopes of a whole race on your back. Even...



Even if those weren't 'your' memories... I think it's okay to be happy about them.

Do you have memories that aren't yours?

...Marina, I—

Could I say that I did? After all this time, I still hadn't come to that answer. It was true that after all this time, I'd begun to feel a sort of disconnect from those memories, as though I had someone else's memories in my head—but at the same time, if I said that, it felt to me as though... as though that act would kill Raven Hillshead. Could I really let him go so easily? Could I let him vanish into the ether like that?

But if I thought about it—really thought about it—Sumie was much more like what Raven could've been. A person out of time with the legacy of a far-off world brought into the modern era... challenged with the need to be both herself, and the image of the legacy she was carrying on. Sumie and SATSUKI—weren't they more like what 'Raven and Chisa' were supposed to be? But I was something else. I was the 7th True Dragon, a girl born into this world with the fury of a dragon burning within her.

So were those memories, this image of Raven Hillshead... did they not belong to me? Could I give her a 'yes' or 'no'?

I don't know. My situation is... it's complicated.

I know. Taichi is your brother, and he's human. That's complicated.


Taichi was my brother. That was a certainty. My life was my life. And yet, the purpose of that life, the reason I possessed it, always felt just out of reach. But... I knew I needed to protect the people I loved.

It's three to make the orichalcum and one for the forging process, right?

Mmhm. Saturner, Jigowatt, and Jabberwock. And one more.

'Saturner' was the codename we'd settled on for the nascent Imperial, seeing as it hadn't yet found its own name.

...Three Imperials and one child.

You all make me happy. I feel like I can rest easy when I'm with you. And... You use swords.



Uh... n-never mind.

A thought came to my throat, nearly exited, and was then clamped down on by my conscious mind before I could process I'd had it.

Sorry. I'm just... I'm always looking for something. I'm not sure what it is.

I'm sorry. I hope you find it.

Thank you, Marina.

Good night, Chisa.

You too.


Frail human beings. Do you not despair? Do you not seethe with fury? Do you not wallow in your sorrow? ...Immaterial, I suppose.

My wayward sister, VFD. Writhe in hopelessness, creature of concept. Submit to your all-consuming melancholy. I shall feast upon your carcass and all you hold dear. Your weeping, the gnashing of your teeth, shall fuel me for eons. Until the last gasping sob has been wrung from this world's neck, you will suffer.

Enter my abyss, child. I shall savor your tears.


September 23rd came and went. We were hesitant to make the first move against the Imperial at Shuto—who knew what its abilities were, what sort of nightmare it would inflict upon the populace? And yet, it was silent. Time was not our ally here, so on the 24th, we moved forward into the semifinal battle of our war with Fomalhaut.

Part 91: Seagull Flies

Good morning, everyone! Your temperature and pulse look to be good. Seems like you're in top condition! When you're ready, please head to HQ for a meeting about the Shuto Imperial.

Aww, she left us a bento. Morning, everyone!

good morning everynyan. it is me, sumie. i have awoken.

I really needed that day off. I feel a lot better.

Are we all ready for our rounds?


Lisa: The drinks I mixed during the quake were actually a hit. I thought I'd screwed up the mixing, but...

Lively Bartender: If only I were so lucky.

Hey, your normal stuff's good.

How ya doin', new kid

Look, quit grinning at me! I'm just not used to quakes, okay, I—Did it shake just now?! It shook, right?!

You're alright.

Oh man. Oh man... I've got a long way to go, Sho...

Morning, desk ladies!

Oh hi, yo, Mio-chan! It's hero-tachi, Shizuka-chan!

So it is! Good morning, everyone. You all look in high spirits.

At the very least, we're feeling much more confident.

Just so you know, the mess hall repairs we convened about yesterday are finished.

I bet Marina's jumping for joy.

Oh, yeah. At least twice. It was cute.

The breadline aide would like to say thank you. Oh, and the lounge repairs and artisan ward repairs are pending materials, but with you on the job I'm sure that will be quick.

Alright, thank you, Shizuka.

Ne, ne, hero-tachi, is it Miss Sharon's turn?

We would never leave you hanging, Sharon.

Yaho~! Let's Working!

A nazolling shadow lurks among us. Is it a haunted banana? Are yokai real? Minna's been arguing all night in the Mess Hall! Three off-duty Murakumo.

Oh my god, yes, of course ghosts are real. Do none of you remember the Yotsuya incident? Do I need to show these people a photo of a zombie to jog their memories?

Canned food keeps the tummy quiet. We're used to it here in Tokyo-to~


But you can't be genki or have a healthy Diet on a diet of canned food and MREs! Zealous Cook-kun mentioned that... 'Sai-ah-do'? Ne, Chisa-chan, how do you read this?

Oh, the 'Psyards'. I think we have some of their meat.

Then hayaku to the Mess Hall! I'm hara peckish myself!


This fucking guy!

Where there is hikari, there is kage... can kibou truly exist without a countering zetsubou? Either way, that Alan Smithee guy is giving me the kimochi waruis! Hayaku to Hiroe!

This time we're finishing this.

Nice mess hall. I could eat here.

Breadline Maid: Thank you ever so much! You have no idea what it means to have a proper Mess Hall at last. Now more and more people get to enjoy lovely meals here.

Oh, hey, Charlotte! I was wondering where you'd gotten off to.

Charlotte: Even after becoming a celebrity, you remember me, Mio? I'm so flattered! You're so kind to take notice of a humble servant like myself.

Have we met?

Charlotte: Only in passing, ma'am.

Charlotte worked next to the cook last time, too. You don't remember him? He's kind of a character.

Please tell us about this character's funny trait.

Well, he's a huge enthusiast about maids. I mean, like, huge. So with the domestic servant market pretty low, he's taken it upon himself to be the vanguard of a new generation of maids. We worked together pretty often back in City Hall.

Charlotte: In this brave new era, maids aren't simply specialists in housework. We also do first aid! And I've been practicing my right hook, too.

Forgive me for what may seem to be an obvious question. You are aware what the word 'maid' means, yes?

Charlotte: To your point, I would impertinently counter that in this brave new era, words can be redefined through hard work and guts.

An admirable answer. Proceed.

Huh? What's the problem with the definition of the word?

'Maid' originally meant an unmarried woman. As many such women worked in the force, the word kept its connotations. The word means 'female domestic servant'.


Oh, because he's a guy?

You're a guy?!

Charlotte: The aesthetics of a maid are important, too! I've worked long and hard on mastering them. My effete, feminine mannerisms are central to ensuring the good reputation of my profession!

Wow. You're gorgeous.

Charlotte: Thank you ever so much, ma'am. I love hearing it. But don't let me take up too much of your time—

A few neurons tickled in my brain, minor details from the 22nd connecting.

Can I ask you something?

Charlotte: I am at your service.

What, um... what's...


Have, um... have you...


...You're, um... you're Japanese, right? Charlotte's an unusual name.

Charlotte: I cast aside my previous given name for the aesthetic of my true self as a maid, naturally. With no disrespect to my dearly departed parents, of course.

I, uh... I see.

Charlotte: Are you okay?

Chisa, why are you acting so weird?



So your, um... your, uh... gosh, it's hot in here. Is it hot in here? Isn't it September? It should really be cooler by now!

Why is Chisa acting so weird?

I'm not sure.

Is this your first time meeting a guy in women's clothes or something?

What?! No! I mean, I don't know, but that's not—that has nothing to do with—

What's your last name?

Charlotte: Eh? Mine, ma'am? Haishima.

Right. Okay. I thought so.

I said I wouldn't pry. But what am I supposed to do at a time like this? Just not ask? I'm terrible. The worst big sister in existence.

Big si—

Ohhhhh! Ohhhh.

Sorry for bothering you, Charlotte. You can get back to work now.

Charlotte: ??? Er, good luck out there, okay~?

ABC Manager: You look like you could use one of our hottest products, a Pop Candy! Only 5000 Az.

That's costly, but I understand. I'll take it. That sounds nice.

ABC Manager: It's also our only product right now, but hey.

The Pop Candy is an all-target item whose only purpose, as far as I can discern, is curing Confusion and Chaos. There is no dedicated status cure item for those two, so I suppose it's nice to have in your back pocket?

On-break Murakumo: You see those two eating over there, the soldier and the nurse? They're the cafeteria's odd couple. Togetsu from Unit 10 likes spying on them. It's weird. Can you tell him to knock it off?

Akino: All kinds of people show up at the Mess. Ordinary folks, SDF, Murakumo, SKY... I think I like it here.

Miyoshi: This floor rules! And the food's good, too. What a relief!

Spicoholic Soldier: Ah, nothing like tabasco sauce on pancakes! And some jalapenos on the side. ...What, is that weird?

Sweetheart Soldier: The guy sitting next to me is drizzling all sorts of weird stuff over his pancakes! That's what maple syrup is for, right? Plus whipped cream on the edges, honey, jam, molasses, and powdered sugar on top.

"Hey... give me all the condiments you have."


"But can you even taste it?"

Wanna help me here?

Sorry, I don't know this one.

As it turned out, Shichiro was one of the three members of the ghost coalition.

Off-duty Murakumo: We're all Murakumo members with a shared interest in the paranormal. On our off days, we get together and chat about extraordinary phenomena.

Shichiro: Two days ago, amidst the chaos in the Metro Ruins, I saw an image, clear as day... a girl, crying her eyes out. But as I approached the site, she vanished into nothingness. It was as if an occult hand had draped over my vision! Ah, Buddha have mercy...

Ghosts exist. We literally fought ghosts. What is so startling about this?

Skeptical Researcher: We can only conclude that this was mental interference, an optical illusion. Or plasma!

Shichiro: A spiritual plasma attack?! My elder brother Saburo was victim to one of those, you know. On the same day my elder brother Jiro fell from the side of a speeding train and lived, Saburo experienced a mental blast of unknown origins—

Should we tell these guys I died a few days ago?

Hold on, I'm interested in hearing about Shichiro's older brothers and spiritual plasma or something.

So you're saying you saw a ghost while we were out there? And you... didn't mention it?

Shichiro: I did! Off microphone. Asumu-san flicked me in the head and told me I was being stupid.

Off-duty Murakumo: I went yesterday to look for myself, and saw something similar, but this is starting to interfere with these two's work. Hope you can figure something out, ghost hunters!

Discerning Gourmet: *crunch, munch munch, gulp* Zounds! Is this... an Illusory Pancake?!

Cheery Girl: Um, Mr. Gourmet! Sensei! My donburi tastes marvelous as well!

Lucky for you, we have what you asked for already.

Zealous Cook: That aroma... By Jove, is that a Steely Steak?! Is it alright if this goes to the Mess Hall?!

Of course. That's why we brought it.

Zealous Cook: Alright! Time for you to see genius at work. Just a few minutes!

Zealous Cook: Alright, order up!

"Today in cooking self-study, we're making beef stroganoff~"

"You know it from anime and manga, it's beef stroganoff~"

I'm going to stop you two right there. We're in the presence of an actual chef. You'd probably hurt him. And Koron.

But it's a secret that boys don't know!

It's surprisingly—




Beef stroganoff~

If you don't want yours, I'll have it. I'm hungry.

No no I swear I'll eat it now

if you don't know what this joke is referencing, do yourself a favor and remain ignorant

Ohhhhh this is good.

This is good. This is real fucking good.

Ah, what a meal!

I've never had beef stroganoff before. It's quite good.

Zealous Cook: Yes, yes, a pleasure to hear it! Finest ingredients used by the finest chef? Such a combination cannot fail to delight! Though maybe I'm tooting my own horn there, gahahahaha! Please, savor every bite, my friends! I'll be rolling this out to the main menu without delay—thank you for your assistance! It's on the house.

Now that we were fed, we headed to Residential C.

What's going on?

Hiroe: It's terrible. We thought we'd cut their access off, but Alan Smithee has revived the suicide forum.

Damn. What's happening?

Hiroe: The number of posts and logins is down, but discussion's become more polarized, and the people there are deep in despair. There haven't been any pacts yet, but I'm sure they've got something planned. Please, hurry and check.

There were many new posts since the last time we'd looked.

"Where're the next instructions?! I don't wanna miss out this time, too!"
"Grace us with your presence again, Sir Smithee! The end is in sight! I can't wait any longer!"

It's a constant call for their savior...

There! He just posted!

"Sorry to keep you waiting. Preparations are at last completed."

"Let us all depart together."

We have to hurry! Let's go, everyone!

This time you're not getting away, you bastard.

Wait, that's—?!


It was the quiet young man who had been present at both prior incidents. Utsurome was his name.

Utsurome: Welcome aboard our ark to Elysium! You'll be the first to board. Congratulations! It's such an honor to have you here.

So you're the one behind all this!

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Utsurome: What's wrong with me? That's funny, coming from you lot. I'd think you'd understand me better than anyone.


Utsurome: How many times have you witnessed the ends of human lives? I daresay I've witnessed more in my time.

Utsurome: The Dragon apocalypse was the best thing that ever happened to me!

You're doing this because you think it's fun?!

You're mad.

Four people arrived to Utsurome's latest gathering.

Utsurome: Oh, look at that. My wayward flock has arrived. Well, how about it? What's it gonna be, Murakumo Unit 13?

Is that a question? You're about to lose your head.

Just then, Jeanne called in.

This security breach and modus operandi—the culprit has to be Alan Smithee!

Utsurome held up the vaporizer and an empty vial of liquid.

That's VX?!

Utsurome: Yup, that's right. When I flip the switch on this vaporizer, this rooftop will be flooded with a deadly nerve agent.

Yomiko: As long as I die, I'm fine with whatever. Do it... do it now!

Utsurome: So, are we clear? Can you cut off my head faster than I can react? Because if I see you take even a step towards me, I'll hit this switch. So you're going to quietly watch, and if you're lucky, you might even get to go home with your lives intact.

So what, you're going to die along with them?

Utsurome: I'll take a pass on perishing with them. See, like yourselves, I have a slightly irregular constitution of my own.

Utsurome: So don't think I didn't consider the fact that you're psychic, miss. My clothes are currently contaminated. Burn me, and you might just release that toxin into the air. Alright, now, if you'll excuse me.

Utsurome sauntered past us, giving us a smug grin the entire time. My hand twitched on my sword, but I couldn't guarantee I could slice faster than he could see.

Damn it!

Unluckily for Utsurome, he hadn't considered one thing—

Even in a technically safe place, one is never safe from the Dragons.

Kusakabe: W-whaaaaaaat?! Dammit, get away, get away!

Yomiko: H-help! Why is a Dragon here? I didn't want this!

Utsurome: I-I didn't want this either! Damn it, where's the VX—?!

The dragon's colossal fangs took a chunk out of Utsurome's shoulder.

Utsurome: Aaaaaaaah!!

Utsurome: I-it hurts... I-I didn't want such a hideous end. Is this the agony of death? It must be...

The madman Alan Smithee perished at the teeth of a Dragon, his last plan remaining unfulfilled. It seemed VX didn't work on dragons—it certainly seemed to be enjoying the meal.

Good thing you showed up. You're much easier to deal with.

I've never been gladder to have a True Dragon as a friend.

What, you think I brought it here?

Seems as likely as anything.


With 4900 HP and a sturdy pile of stats, the quest Megamouth is pretty tough. It's the same as the previous Megamouths in moveset, just bulkier.

We need to take this Dragon out promptly! Those people are in danger!




I'm literally asking for it!

You'll die just like the rest of your kin!

Try not to die.

See, there you go!

This rooftop kinda hates you, huh, Richter?

I'll split you into pieces!

And I'll punch you into dirt!


Nice work, team!

Yes, quite. Now let's get these people to safety!

A quick call to Hiroe got the WRO's workers over.

Yomiko: Excellency... come back! Don't leave me behind!

Kusakabe: But we... we still...

Gouda: You blithering blockheads! What're you griping about?! Come back home on the double!

Hiroe: Unit 13, you can bring them back, and our WRO will take responsibility for them.

Hiroe: This... is the end, right?

It should be. I hope.

Yeah. I hope.

That's all we can do.

Hiroe: Anyway, thanks for your timely assistance.

And three Hypno Crystals.

But as long as these conflicts continued, who knew? Time and time again, torches had been held aloft. Maybe some new lunatic would eventually take up the mantle of Alan Smithee, and carry on Utsurome's will, too.

...People always yearn for a savior. Even an evil one.

Sorry. I know that's kinda depressing. All we could do was make it so that that didn't have the chance to happen.

Anyway, next we headed to the Ruins.

So did Shichiro mention where the ghost was?


Say, Miroku, did you overhear Shichiro talking about a ghost?

Huh? Wait, did he just say my name?

Yes, he did. It's about a ghost?

Oh, yeah. Middle-left, first floor, Shichiro freaked out about something.

This one, yes?

Yup, that one.

Well, it's certainly dark in here.

You see that over there?

A pair of ghosts appeared to harry a crying little girl.

What? There actually was a little girl there?!

Lifesigns seem normal for a human... But what's she doing all the way out here?

Who cares? I'd be a joke if I didn't help a crying kid.

The Lich Lords are internally 63, which is actually higher than the final Imperial for some reason? Anyway, they've got 594 HP each—not too sturdy, but by now you should know that Wraith-type enemies are status weirdos. ...this of course does not mean this fight is at all hard.

Alright, who wants a taste?

They're pretty weak.

Huh, yeah.

They both tried to use Cursed Surge on Youka here. It's a 75% chance. Simply get owned. Youka is too strong.

Oh hey, they know that trick too!


Youka, watch out! You've got a biokinetic feedback—

Who cares? They'll die in one punch.


Oh, yes. You're alright.

Alright, that's taken care of.

Now where's that kid?

When we turned to look, the child wasn't there anymore.

Huh. Where'd she go?

I'll, um, trace her signature! lifesigns within a kilometer radius? Let me, um, re-analyze the imaging data...

She was a ghost.

No, she wasn't!


Charlotte: Back already, milord and miladies?

Ah, no, easy mistake to make. It's 'miladies and milord'. I'm the one who gets the 'and'.

Charlotte: Oh, my apologies.

Yeah, we went on a ghost hunt. And stopped a murdering lunatic from killing people with vaporized nerve agent.

Charlotte: Exciting!

Off-duty Murakumo: Sure, I saw it first, but... it's gotta be a ghost, right? An uncommonly beautiful one at that!

Uhh. What?

...The ghost we saw was a child?

Wait, what?

Did she look... like she... might talk... like this...

Off-duty Murakumo: You've seen my ghost, too?!

You know, I was about to say she wasn't a ghost, but that's not a wrong way to describe Aitelle, is it?

What is Aitelle doing skulking around the Metro Ruins?

Least she could do is come say hi.

aitelle jumpscare count 1

Off-duty Murakumo: Glad we could settle this peacefully! Here's a reward from me. Please put it to good use.

And two SP Up 300s.

Shichiro: It must have been a month ago, in Roppongi... raining cats and dogs. I believe I had left my umbrella behind by mistake, so I thought I'd go look for it... but then, I heard a voice. I'm a kind man, and my older brother Rokuro always raised me to know that granting someone your umbrella is a great kindness, so I turned around to look, and... oh, Buddha have mercy!

Skeptical Researcher: It was definitely a form of plasma! And not 'spiritual plasma', whatever that is!

Please just make sure you come to work, Shichiro.

Oh boy! Meeting time!

Hey, team. How'd today's morning rounds go?

Well, we took care of that Alan Smithee business, and there's beef stroganoff in the Mess Hall now.

Beef what?

It's a secret boys don't know!!

I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but I'm going to trust Chisa on this one and tell you to stop.

But it's bursting at the seams! It's... it's surprisingly easy...

'Beef stroganoff' is sauteed beef served with a gravy made of mustard and sour cream, frequently with rice, noodles, or mushrooms.

Huh. That sounds good, can I go to the Mess Hall?

Once the meeting's over.

Aww. Wait, so can boys not eat it, or—

No, obviously it's a secret recipe that only ladies can learn.

Isn't the cook there a guy?

Do we know something about this guy he doesn't know?!

...How is that the conclusion you jump to?


Yes, anyway!

The final Imperial, as you know, has been pinpointed at the harbor shore, near the Shuto Expressway.

We believe that the Dragon is within, well-guarded and high above the sea.

We've had a lot of people go missing around the harbor shore, so probably not a coincidence.

It's worrying. Fomalhaut has been a very active opponent—Tiamat's crushing power, Oceanus's acid rain, the undead Imperials as a feint for Jabberwock's tectonic activity... but this last Imperial is just sitting there. It's like it's waiting for us.

That may be, but we won't get anywhere if we don't take the offensive.

Right. Charging in half-cocked is never good, but it seems like we might not have a choice.

Naturally, Unit 13. I wanna give this one to them—they're stronger than they've ever been, and last time there was an Imperial in the harbor, they took care of it all by their lonesome. We'll stay behind and defend the place. That okay with you guys?

What could go wrong?

A lot. A lot could go wrong.

Yeah, but we'll have each other.

Right. Together, the six of us can handle anything that comes our way.

The Dragonslayer is near completion, so above all, we have to defend against a sudden attack by Fomalhaut.

I get it, I get it! Daigo protected this place last time around, so I'm not letting those shithead Dragons onto our turf ever again, no matter what.

Alright. Everyone dismissed!

Masaki: Unit 13! Good to see you. I'm feeling much better now.

That's good. We were worried about you.

Masaki: Much thanks to your little friend for handling the debrief last time, Koron. She looking for a change in career? I could use her as my assistant.

Maybe later.

Masaki: Anyway. Now, one might think I've reached my limit with the lot of you—that you've become as mighty as you will, and there's no further boundaries for me to break in skill development. But with my fresh eyes and fresh head, I've taken one last crack at developing theories based on your combat data.

Masaki: But hear me out here—what if you not only had EX Skills... but SEX Skills?


Masaki: SEX, friends! SEX! Super EX! You've yet to allow your whole beings to become SEX, even if your body can't handle that level of power! In other terms, top secret skills only you in Unit 13 could master!

To be clear here. These are skills like my Midare Sanzan Sakura, right? Battlefield skills?

Masaki: Yes, I know. My genius astounds even me.

Uhhh... okay.

Masaki: I don't believe you're quite tough enough just yet, but soon, soon!

We unlock the SEX Skill quests here, but in order to learn them, we have to be at least level 65, which we won't hit until the final dungeon.

Masaki: Of course, you, Captain Inomiko, are about as much a foreign influence as you are traditional. I'm sure if you could find some kind of pizzazz to throw into your blade, you'd naturally unlock a frighteningly powerful technique. Of course, I'll fully admit that with regards to you, other than stabbing you with at least five syringes as large as your arm I'm not sure what to do. You have the potential, I'm sure of it, but I'm the least sure about you.

Please don't stab me anymore.

Masaki: With the knowledge that you're a Lucier under my belt, I'm certain you could pull off some feats well past the bounds of humanity, Agent Kazuki. If you'd like any inspiration, I recommend looking for issues of a magazine called Executions Weekly!


Masaki: Discontinued after three issues. Real pity, enthusiasts found it delightful. My own inspiration senses sense them about the Diet, so if you've got a moment, look about for them! You might learn something.

That does sound useful.

Honey your sadist is showing

Masaki: It is you, Miss Fudoji, so I know you're a proud martial artist—but if you could find a weapon that could make you stronger, hoo boy, that could really do some damage.

Hope you don't expect me to lug around a cement mixer.

Masaki: Now, between you and me, Kirino used to be working on a way to 'surpass the power of bare fists', and if anyone could help him with his research there, it'd be you.

Huh. Maybe if I feel the need.

Masaki: Your powers' ability for kindness is quite something, Agent Nagataka! Even if you have a hard time admitting it.

Ugh, don't make me sound so sappy.

Masaki: Now, the best thing for virtuosity is your stoic asceticism, your vows of poverty and all that, but we don't have time for that and you're not the type. So, second best thing to get spiritually rich quick would be to find a highly virtuous item! I'm sure the fates will chance upon your luck in the Res Wards at some point or another... even if you don't want it to.

Fine. I'll take a look.

Masaki: Now, over in the Laboratory, there's a computer nobody can access. Needs a passcode. I figure, if you can crack that one, it might lead you on a crazy journey of some sort to the highest peaks, eh, Richter?

Ah, I see. Very well.

Masaki: In olden times, top stars had managers who used the fabled "understudy" program to teach their talent to draw a crowd. Perhaps you, too, Mio, might benefit from learning from example. No shade on Miss Hatsune, of course, but she as a person lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

Yeah, she's great, but she's no Momo-chan for je ne sais quoi.

Masaki: Momo-chan! The legendary superidol who retired ten years ago at the peak of her fame! Quite! Perhaps if you learned from her—

Nuh uh, no way! I don't have the stuff to talk to Momo-chan, are you kidding?

Masaki: Alright, that's it from me. If you achieve these lofty peaks, remember—it's your buddy Masaki who's been helping you all along the way! Happy hunting!

Kirino, do you have a moment?

Of course. What's up?

Masaki tells us about some research you were doing on, uh... 'surpassing bare fists' or something.

Oh. That.

But... after my injury, I halted development. My arm, yes, but... it was my heart that was hurt the worst. ...But circumstances as they are, we can't just divert materials into a passion project.

We could just go get them at some point.

What, seriously?

Sure, sure. I get something to hit people with and you get your passion project. Not like we don't run errands for other people.

Then with your help, I could reboot the Megaweapon Project! Here, for when you've got a moment.

Those are at 218m in Ikebukuro, I think.

Before this is over, let's do it.

You're making me a happy man, Youka!

As we left the room, Izumi was in the way.

Whoa. Hi.

Hey. Uh... I just...

You need something?

No, not really. Guess I just wanted to say good luck out there today. And, uh... y'know. Yeah.

I think someone has a fan.

Another one?

Next time, it's time to approach our final Imperial Dragon.

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